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									CommentID CommenterName      Subclause Page    Line   CommentType   Comm     Respo
                                                                    entSta   nseSta
                                                                    tus      tus
       12 PAINE, RICHARD H 11.10          85   35     TR            D        W

      105 Hart, Brian D     15   1      TR            D        W

      118 Ecclesine, Peter      11   33     TR            D        W

      126 Ecclesine, Peter   83   17     TR            D        W
141 Ecclesine, Peter      13   35   TR   D   W

144 Ecclesine, Peter   11.10-11.13 85         TR   D   W

148 Ecclesine, Peter   61   22   T    D   W
164 Ecclesine, Peter   14   50   TR   D   W

171 Geipel, Michael D    11   31   T    D   W

179 O'Hara, Robert    11   24   TR   D   W

180 O'Hara, Robert    11   33   TR   D   W
187 O'Hara, Robert     14   50   TR   D   W

197 O'Hara, Robert   83   15   TR   D   W

210 Myles, Andrew F   11.11.1      98   3    TR   D   O

241 Palm, Stephen R   11.1         99        TR   D   O
Comment                           SuggestedRemedy                    Response                      Topic

LB96#25-Palm:There are too        Add a capabilities field so that   PROPOSED ACCEPT IN            Ganesh
many varied procedures here.      each procedure/report may be       PRINCIPLE. Assigned to
It is unlikely that               seperately indicated and           Ganesh. Similar to expanded
implementations will implement    negotiated                         capability bitmask.
all of the procedures. Each of
the supported
procedures/reports should be
seperately indicated and
Max TX power is the min of        Define correctly                   PROPOSED ACCEPT IN            Ganesh
device capability, regulatory                                        PRINCIPLE. Since changes in
and policy ; and is superseded                                       the draft as a result of
by reg class anyway                                                  modifications to Measurement
                                                                     Pilot includes removal of Max
                                                                     Tx Power from Measurement
                                                                     Pilot, the definition is now
                                                                     moved to Clause
                                                                     Document 07/2314r0 has a
                                                                     more accurate definition of
                                                                     Max Tx Power.

Text removes constraint from      Change text so that legacy         PROPOSED ACCEPT IN            Ganesh
base standard for ordering IE     STAs can Probe Serving APs         PRINCIPLE. Doc 07/2314r0.
in Probe Response, by             and receive all requested
duplicating requested IE          information elements.
appearance to be both
numerical and requested
First inserted paragraph should   Qualify the paragraph like the ACCEPTED IN PRINCIPLE.            Ganesh
be restricted to STAs with        next paragraph is qualified    Doc 07/2314r0
dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl        "when
ed set to true, as legacy STAs    dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl
have different behavior.          ed is true,".
The various Radio                    Create 11.10 Radio             ACCEPTED IN PRINCIPLE.     Ganesh
Measurement procedures of            Measurement, add text          Doc 07/2314r0
11.10, 11.11, 11.12 and 11.13        requiring
should all be subheads under a       dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl
single 11.10 Radio                   ed to be true, and when
Measurement clause, and all          dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl
procedures cause B12 in the          ed is true, then
Capability Information field to      dot11RegulatoryClassesRequir
be set to 1. Annex A.4.3 CF13        ed is true,
should point to 11.10, not           dot11SpectrumManagementIm                              plemented is true,
                                     abled is true. Renumber
                                     existing 11.10, 11.11, 11.12
                                     and 11.13 as 11.10.1, 11.10.2,
                                     11.10.3, 11.10.4 and change
                                     Annex A.4.3 CF13 References
                                     to add 11.10.

The various Radio                    Create 11.10 Radio            ACCEPTED IN PRINCIPLE.      Ganesh
Measurement procedures of            Measurement, add text         Doc 07/2314r0
11.10, 11.11, 11.12 and 11.13        requiring
all depend on MultiDomain            dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl
Capability, Spectrum                 ed to be true, and when
Management Capability and            dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl
Regulatory Classes, yet no           ed is true, then
statements about related MIB         dot11RegulatoryClassesRequir
entities are made. Such              ed is true,
statements should be made at         dot11SpectrumManagementIm
a higher level than each             plemented is true,
procedure or within each             dot11MultiDomainCapabilityEn
procedure.                           abled is true. Determine when
                                     equired should be true.
                                     Renumber existing 11.10,
                                     11.11, 11.12 and 11.13 as
                                     11.10.1, 11.10.2, 11.10.3,

Is the amendment text                Determine whether                ACCEPTED IN PRINCIPLE.   Ganesh
complete if                          dot11MultiDomainCapabilityEn Doc 07/2314r0
dot11MultiDomainCapabilityEn         abled is false and
abled is false and                   dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl
dot11RadioMeasurementEnabl           ed is true is a normal operating
ed is true? I don't think so - see   condition, and if not, then
my comments on and           remove this change.
11.10. If setting
ed true also sets
abled true, then this change is
not necessary.
Max Transmit Power definition   Add normative text in 11.13       PROPOSED ACCEPT IN               Ganesh
is incorrect, as it does not    about use of multiple             PRINCIPLE. Text inserted in
include multiple power limits onemissions masks on the same See Doc 07/2314r0.
the same frequency, e.g.        frequency, or remove
4.9425 GHz.                     measurement pilots (as
                                specified in e.g. 07/2158r1).
"A STA shall return only the    Add a statement to clarify the    PROPOSED ACCEPT IN               Ganesh
information elements that it    response behavior when none       PRINCIPLE. Doc 07/2314r0.
supports."                      of the requested IEs are
Suppose that the STA does not supported by the STA.
support any of the IEs in the
Should it generate an empty
response? Or ignore the entire
I believe that the empty
response is the correct
[The statement that was
removed from this paragraph
assumed that a response
would still be required. By
removing the last line of the
paragraph (lines 33-34), the
paragraph seems to be more
about ignoring IEs.]
The change to the use of the    Remove the change that            PROPOSED ACCEPT IN               Ganesh
Request IE in the probe         allows duplication of IEs other   PRINCIPLE. Doc 07/2314r0.
response is incorrect. The      than those specified in the
change allows the response to original text that is marked to
include "any" IEs in two        be deleted.
locations in the response. This
is a significant change to the
material added by 802.11d and
duplicates a number of IEs that
were not previously duplicated.
This change can lead to two
APs, one of which implements
802.11k, to respnd to the same
Request IE in very different
ways. This has the potential to
break previously compliant
implementations of 802.11d.

The deletion of this text leads    Reinstate the deleted text.    PROPOSED ACCEPT IN               Ganesh
to potential interoperability                                     PRINCIPLE. Reinstate the
problems with previously                                          deleted text and moved the
compliant implementations of                                      text to clause See
802.11d.                                                          Document 07/2314r0.
Clause 7 is not the place for     replace "shall be" with "is"       PROPOSED ACCEPT IN            Ganesh
normative language in the                                            PRINCIPLE. Doc 07/2314r0.
description of the frame                                             Definition moved to
The duplication of information    Delete the paragraph               PROPOSED ACCEPT IN              Ganesh
elements is not necessary, as     specifying the duplication of      PRINCIPLE. Move all
they can already be found in      information elements in the        normative paragraphs from
the probe response.               probe response            to 11.1.3 (Move P11,
                                                                     Lines 19-34 to 11.1.3). Add
                                                                     text to indicate that if the
                                                                     Requested Elements IE in the
                                                                     corresponding Probe Request
                                                                     includes elements that are part
                                                                     of the Probe Response (listed
                                                                     in Table-15), the Probe
                                                                     Response will not duplicate
                                                                     them. See Doc 07/2314r0.

The text explains how an          The text should be changed to                                    Ganesh
"associated STA" requests a       remove "associated" from
neighbour report.                 11.11.1, and rely on 11.3 to
However, it does not address      limit use to associated STAs
the case of an unassociated
STA, although I suspect the
intent is that an unassociated
STA should not be able to
make a request. This
assumption is consistent with
the text in 11.3

There are too many varied         Add a capabilities field so that                                 Ganesh
procedures here. It is unlikely   each procedure/report may be
that implementations will         seperately indicated and/or
implement all of the              negotiated. For negotiation, I
procedures. Each of the           envisioning an AP with limited
supported procedures/reports      resources (e.g. memory)
should be seperately indicated    where the client could pick
and negotiated                    which few values to have

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