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BL13.4(OW)                                                                                               LICENCE APPLICATION
                                                                                                             OPEN WATER

It is recommended that the Guidance Notes on Page 3 are read        LICENCE NO.
before completing this form
PART A: To be completed by the Organising Body        (See attached guidance notes).
1.      NAME OF ORGANISATION                          Body      _______________________________________________
2.      NAME/ ADDRESS/ TEL No.                        Name      _______________________________________________
        OF APPLICANT                                  Address   _______________________________________________
                                                      P/Code    ________________         Tel No. __________________(day)

                                                                                         Tel No. _______________(evening)

PART B: Category of Licence applied for: (Please tick  appropriate box for particular choice)

3.      Level 1                     International, National & District Meet.
4.      Level 2                     Other Meets

PART C: Details of Meet for which Application is made (by Applicant).
5.      TITLE OF MEET                     _________________________________________________________________

6.      DATE(S) OF MEET                   _________________________________________________________________

7.      VENUE OF MEET                     _________________________________________________________________

        E.g. Age categories,
        distances, course details,
        eligible swimmers

9.      PLANNED RACE TIMES                1.   Event(s)   _______________      Briefing Time   _______    Start Time   _______
        (all race times must be shown)    2.   Event(s)   _______________      Briefing Time   _______    Start Time   _______
                                          3.   Event(s)   _______________      Briefing Time   _______    Start Time   _______
                                          4.   Event(s)   _______________      Briefing Time   _______    Start Time   _______
                                          5.   Event(s)   _______________      Briefing Time   _______    Start Time   _______
                                          6.   Event(s)   _______________      Briefing Time   _______    Start Time   _______

I can confirm that a checking process will be carried out ot confirm that all competitors have a current and valid
Membership number
I also confirm that the meet will be conducted under FINA Open Water Swimming Rules and SASA Open Water Swimming
Regulations, and will follow SASA Open Water Swimming Safety Guidelines.

      Signature: …………………………….………..………. Print: …………………….…………………………………………

PART E: to be completed by the National Open Water Swimming Convenor.
11.     LICENCE APPLICATION FORM RECEIVED                             Application Accepted/Refused*
                                                                      Date:    ____/____/____         Initials:   ____________

                                                                      * Delete as applicable

 May 2006
PART F : Meet Licence Facilities Check
 tick to confirm which facility requirements are being met
                                                                                     Level 1        Level 2
(12) Programme

(13) Printed Results

(14) Results in Electronic Format

(15) First Aid Supplied by Qualified Agency

(16) First Aider(s)

(17) Drug Testing Facilities

(18) Safety Arrangement (fast rescue boats, escort boats, canoes, throw lines etc.

PART G: MEET REPORT: (Please ensure that the list of officials is attached)

a)   Was the meet held under FINA rules and SASA Open Water Swimming regulations?              Yes/No

b)   Did the meet run to time?                                                                 Yes/No

c)   Did you have the minimum requirement of officials?                                        Yes/No

d)   Were you satisfied with the meet organisation?                                            Yes/No

e)   Were Health & Safety Guidelines observed?                                                 Yes/No

PART H Meet Referee’s comments

Referee’s Signature ………………….……………………

May 2006
                                               LICENCE APPLICATION
                                                 GUIDANCE NOTES
In accordance wuth Company Rule13.4.1 “All competitive aquatic meets in Scotland, involving members from two or more clubs,
require to be licensed by the Company”.
Club Championships and Time Trials do not need a licence.

All Licensed Meets are required to satisfy “minimum standards” as set out in Open Water Regulations.

All aspects of Licensing are defined in SASA Open Water Swimming Regulations OW2.4, the latest version of which can be
downloaded from the Scottish Swimming website or obtained, on request from the Scottish Swimming
It is essential that the Regulation requirements are read and understood before an application is made.

Every effort must be made to have the full complement of officials on duty at all times. The number of officials on duty must be in
accordance with Open Water Regulation OW2.10.

It is the responsibility of the organising body to ensure that all participants comply with the current SASA and venue Health & Safety

Prior notice of intent to hold a Meet can be included in the National/District Calendar, but the Meet cannot be advertised
otherwise, without the appropriate License Number.

Any queries regarding the Regulations should be directed to the National Open Water Swimming Convenor.

What to do :
Making an application
a) Complete parts A to D on page 1
b) Send completed form along with the proposed programme of events to the National Open Water Swimming Convenor in
    accordance with Reg OW2.4 a minimum eight weeks prior to the event. The Convenor will issue a Licence number and return
    the form to you.
c)  Confirmation that a License has been granted will be advised in accordance with Reg OW2.4.6
d) On receipt of the License Number, then and only then, can arrangements be made to advertise the Meet

After the Meet
a) Ensure the Referee has completed the Meet Report (parts F G & H on Page 2)
b) Ensure the Referee has signed the front sheet of the result sheets
c) Send the original License Application with Parts F, G, and H completed to the National Open Water Convenor accompanied by a
     list of the Technical Officials a consolidated list of all participating athletes and result sheets as follows:
     Level 1 – one complete signed set plus computer files in accordance with Reg OW2.4.7
     Level 2 – Two complete signed sets of as Level 1
    d) Confirmation that the licence has been endorsed will be advised within 14 days of receipt of the Meet Report, results etc

Notes :

1    License applications will not be issued for meets outwith the months of June – September or, except under extraneous
     circumstances, on dates which clash with a national championship event or a district championship in the same district as the
     venue for the meet.

2    It is the responsibility of the Organising Body to ensure that all participants comply with the current SASA Open Water Swimming
     Safety Guidelies.

May 2006

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