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					Everyday the issues pertaining to the procedures and policies of this Administration led
by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” should be made into a new
fall television show, which would far exceed all expectations in the Nielsen ratings.

The theme could be of one of these two categories, a “Situation Comedy”, with the leader
of the free world having “No Clue” and the other, which would offer unfair competition
to “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. This would almost guarantee our President winning
another trophy to place on his mantel right next to his unearned, undeserving, ludicrous
recipient of the Nobel Pease Prize. At least, this time, The President’s recognition, would
be well earned and deserved.

His nomination and acceptance, together with Al Gore’s, bad imitation of a sidewalk
preacher, screaming and yelling that the world is coming to an end, by Global Warming
with he, himself as the biggest offender, is a travesty. This compounded with Jimmy
Carter, Yasser Arafat, to name a few, basically humiliated this high prestige and honor,
into the gutter, compared to the outstanding achievements of Mother Teresa, is a
mockery. It seems as though the winning qualifications are only political in nature, with
unjustified credentials and characteristics with fantasized glorifications.

The main habitual problem we face as a society is not our elected officials that are slowly
suffocating our rights as free human beings, and reducing our very existence into a
zombie state of obedience. On the contrary, the enemy lies within us, “We the People”.

What’s said about an electorate that displays the same sad idiocies, together with a
mindless clueless hypnotic state, which accurately reflects the mentality of the general
population, who constantly and repeatedly make the same mistakes? Individuals who are
willing to sell their souls and freedoms, in electing false Prophets of grandeur? What’s
said about a civilization that places an unqualified arrogant masked Socialist “Snake Oil
Salesman” into the Office of the Presidency?

The security and welfare of this great Nation has been compromised ever since the
conception of this Administration. We witnessed the Attorney General, Eric Holder, and
Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano attacking the great State of Arizona, for
taking pertinent, essential steps in developing a righteous front line of self defense,
preservation, and protection, against the unwanted, uninvited, advances and mass
invasion of illegal aliens, drug cartels, kidnapping, robbery, violent crime, vandalism,
deviants, and murder.

These steps enacted were actually enforcing establish immigration laws, and performing
the job of the Federal Government, which is to protect America, against all her enemies
foreign and domestic. This includes all American property and lives, which are totally
ignored and left, hung out to dry, by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, who had
full Federal control over this situation, for the past two years

Our citizens are suffering needlessly at the hands of these illegal foreign invaders, with
constant pleas from the American people to secure our boarders, yet this Administration’s
only answer is betrayal and procrastination.

We witnessed the disgrace of the United States Congress that performed vicious act of
disloyalty, selling out and choosing sides against the Great State of Arizona, in favor of
President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, who stood up and spoke in front of a joint session
of Congress, with complete arrogance, dictating to America, while condemning and
denouncing Arizona, one of our own fifty States as profilers and racist. He was given a
standing ovation by most of the weak, cowardice yellow belly Representatives and
Senators of the Liberal Socialist Democratic Party. Each one who stood and applauded
should be indicted and convicted of treason. We must give some credit where credit is
earned and commend members of the Republican Party, and some Democratic stragglers,
who sat, expressed their outrage and showed their contempt and irritation.

We are accepting unfair searches and seizures, for a false sense of security, by the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at our airports, while well known safety
loopholes in the system go undetected and uncorrected.

We are seeing all terrorist given the same Miranda rights as any legal American citizen
convicted of a common crime. These individuals have no rights; any rights given should
be through the articles of the Geneva Convention, because they have declared war on the
United States and the American people. They are enemies of this Country and must be
labeled and documented as soldiers of war. We have no alternative but to judge these
unconscionable mutants by a Military tribunal, instead of a civilian court of law.

Yet this ludicrous policy is endorsed by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The
Chosen One”. This would also increase unnecessary added risks to ours lives and
residences, escalating vulnerability, with constant fear of potential attacks, during these
hearings, with the taxpayers paying the enormous added costs. They are not entitled to
have their final verdict of innocence or guilt judged by a jury of their peers. These rights
are only reserved for all legal Americans, not combatants of war.

The perfect example of a potential tragedy, in which the federal prosecutors actually
dodged a legal bullet, was with Ahmed Khalfan Ghailanito the first Guantanamo detainee
who was tried in a civilian court. Different forms of essential evidences were thrown out,
because it was considered illegally obtained, which would have been accepted in a
Military Tribunal.

He was acquitted with charges of conspiracy and murder in the 1998 terrorist bombings
of the United States Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He was
only convicted of one count of conspiracy to destroy government buildings and property.
He was acquitted of conspiring to kill Americans and using weapons of mass destruction.

This is a disgrace, especially to all the victims and their families who suffered through his
evil actions. When the jury and the civilian judiciary system refused to convict and
acknowledge any of his responsibility towards the brutal deaths and unmerciful killings
of these innocent victims, it must show reasonable doubt to all, with a minimum amount
of intelligence, on its creditability.

Our unique judicial system has been established for all legal Americans. Downgrading
their terrorist actions of planned intentional mass murder and destruction, showing their
vile condemnation, of our way of life, is a useless attempt in futility. These are vicious
cold hearted animals; unconscionable murders, and must not be offered in any way,
shape, or form our sacred rights and privileges.

Now the Country is held hostage with the further humiliation of a website, which posted
secret government documents associated with our National Security. “Wikilecks” held in
their procession and announced to the world, thanks to the prime suspect in all this mess,
Private First Class Bradley Manning, a 23-year-old military intelligence officer.

The unbelievable disclosure in all this fiasco was that Mr. Manning was arrested back in
June for his treasonous actions. This happened almost (6) months ago, in which our
Government knew that Mr. Manning gave these documents to “Wikilecks”. Why didn’t
the Obama Administration initiate a well thought out aggressive plan of attack against
this website and its creator? Why didn’t they issue an all points bulletin to arrest its
founder Julian Assange or attempt to plug up the leaks by eliminating this website?
Limiting the amount of damage to our National Security? Instead the Government did
what they do best, nothing.

The day this became news, we heard from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and
Attorney General Eric Holder condemning these despicable actions of stolen State
Department documents. They promised America and the American people that they will
tighten all aspects of national security eliminating another situation of this caliber from
ever happening again, but surprisingly nothing was said at that time from our President
Barack Hussein Obama, :The Chosen One:”.

This only proves that we are definitely not in good hands and shows the lackadaisical
attitude towards our safety relating to the escalated ineptness of this Administration.
Their policies and procedures concerning National Security are non-existent. Their
projected idiocy and naive behavior proves that they actually have no clue. No matter
what happens to this “Wikilecks” website, or any potentially alleged arrests or
prosecutions, this Administration has displayed a sad bungling lack of expertise in
National Security. The stakes are too high to have an unacceptable useless inept policy of
closing the barn door after the animals have left the building.

The tragedy we as American are presently facing with the needless slaughter in
Arizona has nothing to do with an individual’s right to peacefully, without any
violence, to voice or express, their Constitutional rights. Certain Political
demigods and the unsympathetic bought and sold idiots of the Press, have no
shame or compassion as to use this misery and senseless act of violence as an
offensive maneuver to illegally limit and induce forced government intervention
on our precious Right to Freedom of Speech, as long as it is acceptable to the
Progressive Puppet Masters. Their bigotry reeks with the stench of hypocrisy.
This act of unnecessary violence, which took the lives of innocence, which
included a nine year old child was not only despicable, but beyond any human

This was obviously, and you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to realize that this
was enacted by an unstable, mentally deranged individual, which unfortunately
resurrects its ugly head, with no limitations or boundaries, until it’s too late, within
our society.

We must always defend our valued God Given Unalienable Rights. We must
never be intimidated or stymied by illogical accusations with no substance, which
forces to impose a muzzle on the voices of the opinionated righteousness. The
predetermined unsubstantiated guilt to silence the populous must always be
eliminated. We are Americans and all expressions of non violent, peaceful
protest and dialog must forever be preserved.

William P. Frasca

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