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									  First United Methodist Church                                                                      Vacation Bible
                                                                                                      School 2011
                                 DOG DAYS
                                OF SUMMER
                                FAMILY                                   We had 185 children and youth participate in VBS
                               FESTIVAL                                  and over 70 volunteers!

             FREE!!! COME JOIN THE FUN!!!                                A special thank you to all who participated and
     LIVE Music, BINGO, Water Slide, Bounce House,                                        volunteered!
        Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Snow Cones, and more!
           FUN for the whole family!                                     Please note that extra “Bible Buddies” are available
                                                                         in the CLC Welcome Center. Please take what you
                   Sunday, August 7th, 2011
                                                                         need to complete your set.
                       4:00 to 6:30 pm
        218 Pratt Street—FUMC Christian Life Center

                                                                                                The Men of the Church is
                                                                                                becoming an active
Beginning July 1st, you can go online at our                                                    group. All that fish they ate
website to make your appointment to have                                                        on May 17 must have in-
your picture made for the church directory.                                                     spired them to get to
We will be taking pictures here at the church     work! Greg Poirier reported on the successful work day that was held
in the Christian Life Center through the month    on June 4 with 15 men showing up on a HOT Saturday morning to ac-
                                                  complish a lot of work around the Church. The Child Development
of August. The dates are online and at your
                                                  Center has a project for the men that will most likely be scheduled for
convenience you can choose the time best for      August. Stephen Harrison is finalizing plans for a trip to North Little
your family. If you do not have access to a       Rock for a Travelers baseball game on Tuesday, August 2. Stay tuned
computer, please call the church office and we    for details about that fun trip for the Young Men of the Church.
can make your appointment. We hope every-
one will be able to find a time that is conven-   A message has been sent to all those who attended the fish fry seek-
ient and we are able to have all our members      ing volunteers for leadership roles. Men, prayerfully consider how you
                                                  can use your talents to support our Church through the men's pro-
represented in the directory. If you have any
                                                  gram. Let Chuck Dudley know how you are willing to make a positive
questions, call Candy Poirier at 623-6668 ext.    contribution.
117. Website:
                 IN THE HOSPITAL                                                                    BABPTISMS
St. Joseph--Paul Blackman, Sadie Wingard
Elmo Hancock, Janice Carhart
Bill Bohlen, father of Jeremy Bohlen; Carl Own-
bey, Sr., father of Carl Ownbey
Grace Bennett Foreman, daughter of Trent and                                  Lucas Long, son of Angela and       Lucy Moyle, Daughter of Ryan
Stephanie Foreman, born June 18                                                        Mike Long                   and Alison, Granddaughter of
                                                                                                                    Charles and Robin Steigler
JUNE 11, 2011           Danielle Streepey and Dr. Steven                                                      NEW MEMBERS

          JUNE 19                                       JUNE 26
    ATTENDANCE RECORDS                            ATTENDANCE RECORDS

  8:15 Service…….…192                         8:15 Service………....190
  ConneXion…….…..242                          ConneXion…...……..193
  10:55 Service….…. 227                       10:55 Service………..204
  Nursery……….……...28                          Nursery…………...…...29
  Total………….……..689                           Total………………….616
                                                                                        Chuck McConnell,                  Doris Beatrice Johnson
                                                                                         Rebecca Gray

             THE CELEBRATION OF THE GOSPEL                                                 THE CELEBRATION OF THE GOSPEL
                       JULY 3, 2011                                                                 JULY 10, 2011
                 8:15, 9:30 AND 10:55 AM                                                       8:15, 9:30 AND 10:55 AM
                              Sermon                                                                          Sermon
       “Holy Spirit Acts: Who Gets Invited to the Picnic?”
     Thesis: Everyone can be included in the celebration of                                          "Wanna get away?"
                           God’s grace.
                         Acts 10:1-11:18                                                                 Jonah 1:1-3
                    Dr. William O. (Bud) Reeves
          Hymns : “America (My Country, ‘tis of Thee)”                                                Rev. Carl Ownbey
                   “One Bread, One Body”
   Holy Communion will be celebrated in each worship service. In the tradi-
           tional services, we will receive communion at the altar rail.
                                                                                            Head Ushers: Paul Dahl, Brooks Clem
    Head Ushers: Paul Dahl, Robert Woodall, Brooks Clem                                   Acolytes: Micayla Landry, Scarlett Gooch
               Acolytes: Laura Carter, Jake Tester
                                                                                             Latt Bachelor             Joyce Whitfield
              Ron Muse                         Sharon Anderson                               Steve Burns               Byron Jackson
              Sheree Tilley                    Janice Carhart                                Jim Shultz                Karolyn Fankhouser
              John Poe                         Ron Bynum                                     Mable Ross                Louanne Louden
               Pam Waltman                     Ronnie Twyford                                Reba Nickels
              Ann Algee                        Ellen Bynum                                   Eardie Stadler
              Martha Burch                     Julie Twyford                                 Ralph Stadler
              David French
                   HOW CAN UNITED METHODISTS                          mans must choose relationship with God. God’s grace
                                                                      is primary, but we are justified by our faith. We are for-
                           BELIEVE IN HELL?                           given by God’s mercy, but we are responsible for good
 (Reprinted from my Arkansas United Methodist column, June 3, 2011)   works. (Ephesians 2:8-10) The continuing relationship
     Isn’t it supremely ironic that the ones who preach on            between God and a person is the process of sanctifica-
hell shouldn’t, and the ones who have the theological                 tion, a particular emphasis of Wesleyan Methodism.
basis to do so don’t?                                                      However, being endowed with free will, humans can
     The conservative evangelical world, most of whom                 choose not to relate to God or to stop relating to God.
derive their theological heritage from Reformed theology              We can turn away and even fall out of a relationship with
(also called Calvinism), has recently been set on its ear             God. Unfruitful branches are cut off and thrown into the
by Rob Bell’s book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven,                    fire, Jesus said. We can persist in our resistance
Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. Bell               against grace until we die, at which point we will experi-
is the pastor of Mars Hill Church, a large, multi-campus              ence the judgment of God. In addition to the quality of
ministry based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The book                    love, God is also just and holy, and these attributes do
argues for universal salvation—that a God of love would               not allow a relationship with sin. If we turn to God in
not consign anyone to eternal punishment because it                   faith, this is not a problem; God forgives us. But if we
would be against God’s nature. Bell says the belief in                persistently choose badly, we will be separated forever
conscious, eternal torment is “misguided and toxic and                from God.
ultimately subverts the contagious spread of Jesus' mes-                   Separation is not God’s choice or desire, quite the
sage of love, peace, forgiveness and joy that our world               opposite. As C. S. Lewis said, the doors of hell are
desperately needs to hear." He has been criticized by a               locked from the inside. (The Problem of Pain) For one of
number of conservative scholars and theologians.                      God’s children obstinately to refuse God’s grace must be
     But Bell has the logic right. Reformed theology em-              very sad and painful for God, like a father with a prodigal
phasizes the sovereignty of God. The Almighty is all-                 son. God is always open to our return, but if there is no
powerful. Salvation is accomplished by God’s action in                turning, God must let us go.
Jesus Christ and by God’s election of those who are to                     So as a Wesleyan Christian, I believe hell is real.
be saved. God chooses the elect.                                      The Biblical imagery conveys the horror of separation,
     If God is a God of love, and God has ultimate power,             and to use Niebuhr’s phrase, it should be taken seri-
then everyone should get saved, because that’s what                   ously, but not literally. Indeed, a “lake of fire” and “outer
God wants. Not to do so would be contrary to the loving               darkness” are mutually exclusive. But you get the point.
nature of God. Therefore judgment and subsequent                           However, as a United Methodist, I do not preach
punishment are meaningless. Hell is not an option.                    about hell. I emphasize the good news of grace and
Everybody wins!                                                       love. Wesley himself only had a couple of sermons on
     The problem with universal salvation is that it is not           the subject. My lack of attention to eternal judgment is in
consistent with Scripture. Jesus spoke many times                     part a reaction against the emotional manipulation of
about the judgment of God and the fate of the wicked.                 “hellfire and damnation” preaching. It is also a choice to
The Book of Revelation describes a lake of fire reserved              focus on the positive aspects of faith.
for the Devil, his angels, and sinners. Universal salva-                   If salvation is relational, there are two implications for
tion historically has encouraged antinomianism, the re-               Christians: (1) We are responsible for our relationship
jection of morality in the light of irresistible grace, an atti-      with God. (Philippians 2:12-13). Prevenient grace ulti-
tude which was anathema to John Wesley.                               mately should lead to holiness. (2) There should be an
     Once again, I am glad I am not a Calvinist! Those of             urgency in our witness. It is critical that we share the
the Wesleyan heritage, sometimes called Arminians,                    good news of Jesus, because those who do not turn to
emphasize human free will in partnership with a loving,               God can be lost from God forever.
yet powerful God. Salvation is not totally God’s choice;                   Romans 6:23 says, “The wages of sin is death.”
faith is a human response. Therefore salvation is not a               That is the tragic possibility. But the rest of the verse is
divine decision but a relationship between God and peo-               good news: “the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ
ple.                                                                  Jesus our Lord.” Eternal separation from God is possi-
     God is love, so God limits divine sovereignty in order           ble, but by the grace of God and our responsible wit-
to allow the human response of faith, hope and love.                  ness, nobody inevitably has to go there.
This divine self-limitation enables a relationship through                 Not going there,
the incarnation of Jesus Christ—God made human.
     Salvation as relationship allows human choice and                    Bro. Bud
also requires responsibility. God loves us first, but hu-
                                                                                Michelle Wilkins,
                                                                                                             623-6668, Ext. 127

                 Don’t Miss De’ Fun Man!
                   July 11th– 15th
                   9:00am – Noon                                               July 11th-15th, SIGN UP NOW!!!
                   First United Methodist’s                               Please be sure to sign up (below) for Camp
                     Camp Jam-A-Lotta                                     Jam-A-Lotta now. Our music camp is always a
                                                                          blast and this year will be no different. It’s for
                      Music Camp 2011                                     children going into 1st through 6th grades. 9am
    FUN!    Musical Games! FUN! Special Events! FUN!                      to Noon!
           Music sections on Rhythm, Boomwhackers,
             Recorders, Theory/Melody, HandBells,                                  JAM-A-LOTTA YOUTH HELPERS
                Kid’s Choir and whole lot more!!!
                                                                                       and SNACKS NEEDED
             Camp Jam-A-Lotta Registration                                 We would love to have a big group of youth
Jammer's Name                                                              helping with Camp Jam-A-Lotta again this
                                                                           year. A lot of you have said you would like
Age/Grade going into                                                       to help again. If you’re going to be able to
                                                                           be there, please contact Mike Lovelady at
                                                                           623-6668 ext. 107. You’re a BIG part of
City/State/Zip                                                             the fun that goes on!

Home Phone                                                                                  ATTENTION:
Parents Name(s)                                                                  SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES!
                                                                          If you would like to donate cookies or snacks
Parents Work or Daytime Phone numbers                                     for our camp please let me know. This would
                                                                          be a great opportunity to show off your home-
                                                                          made cooking skills with some your famous
Emergency Contact Person and Phone:                                       Chocolate Chip cookies. It would be awesome
                                                                          to have a different class do it each day. Con-
Special Needs or Allergies                                                tact Mike Lovelady to volunteer!
T-Shirt Size: (Specify adult or youth)

          *Must be going into 1st thru 6th grade to be eligible

                       Our Child Development Center does a wonderful ministry with Children from infancy to school age. Like the
                       church, they have been going through some restructuring, as new director Mrs. Terri Helms gets things in
                       order. To support their ministry, the Child Development Center has made a wish list of items that may be do-
                       nated. On behalf of the children, we thank you for your support!
   For Children                                              For Staff Development
       Cot sheets and light blankets – Someone to hem sheets     Computer to place in employee workroom/lounge so staff
            and blankets                                             can participate in on-line training
       Donation of fabric for sheets and blankets                Computer table or desk
       Woodworking – Someone to make replacement pieces for      Computer chair
            wooden puzzles                                   For Enrichment of Curriculum
   For the Office                                                Someone who enjoys children, knows children’s music
       File cabinets that lock (2)                                   and has time to have fun singing, moving to music and
       Office chair that rolls                                       playing rhythm instruments with children
       File folders (letter size)                                Someone who can involve children in stories, music and
       Hanging files (letter size)                                   activities that introduce them to the Spanish language

                               Contact Terri Helms, CDC Director, at 318-1377 for additional information.
                                                                                 Teresa Holt,
                                                                                                   623-6668 Ext. 116

                                                      EXTENDED STUDIES REGISTRATION
                                          Name ____________________________________________

This fall we will begin our 18th          Telephone #_______________________________________
year as a DISCIPLE congrega-
tion! Based on a model of Jesus           Please Check One:
and the Twelve, our Extended              ____ Disciple I,    Mondays, 9:30 a.m. (Max Wittman/Sally Crain)
Study Groups consist of approxi-
                                          _____Disciple I,    Mondays, 6:00 p.m. (Karen Reeves/Karen Green)
mately twelve persons and a
leader/co-leaders       meeting           _____Christian Believer, Sundays, 5:00 p.m.
weekly for about two and a half                   (John Homer Wright/Bob Draper)
hours for 28-34 weeks. Our Ex-            _____Companions in Christ I, Mondays 6:00 p.m. (Jerry/Marlene Bush)
tended studies have transformed
lives! Most who participate in a          _____Wesley Ministry Network, Mondays, 5:30 p.m. (tba)

Disciple, Jesus in the Gospel,
Companions in Christ, or Chris-                   The following classes have a prerequisite of Disciple I
tian Believer study, end up tak-
ing all seven! Learning about             _____Disciple II,    Mondays, 5:30 p.m. (Carolyn Watts/Tracy Keaton)
and becoming a better disciple            _____Disciple III, Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. (Candy Poirier)
through God’s Word is exciting
when you are among friends
who share the journey with you.                The following class has a prerequisite of Companions in Christ
If you would like to know more
                                          _____Covenant Discipleship Group, Mondays, 9:00 a.m. (Julie Holt)
or have questions, contact the
Discipleship office at 501-623-                    Will Need Childcare                Will Not Need Childcare
6668, ext 116.
                                          Registration deadline is August 8th and classes begin late August- early October.
                                          To register, complete this form and place in offering plate, register online at
                                , e-mail , or call 623-6668, ext. 116.
                                          Please note that classes are limited in size, so register early!

                                                                              Candy Poirier,
                                                                                                   623-6668 Ext. 117

                             “NACHO ORDINARY WEDNESDAY NIGHT”
   Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 20th at 5:30pm for our 2nd Annual “Nacho Ordinary Wednes-
   day Night” in the Christian Life Center’s Cupp Hall. We will be showing “Despicable Me” at 6:00pm. We
   will have hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and other munchies for you to enjoy with the movie. Bring your lawn
   chairs and blankets to stretch out and enjoy the movie. The cost will be $2 or any donations would be appre-
   ciated. The money is to support the back to school “Project Backpack”. This is a family fun night, so bring
   the kids, neighbors and yourself to have an evening of fun and fellowship.
In memory of Winnie Goodrum Greutter, mother of Buddy                 In memory of Damon Roper, brother of Dr. Kyle Roper
Goodrum                                                                     Sonny and Neva Gaston
      Elizabeth Woodcock
In memory of Barney Elias, husband of Carolyn Elias                   In memory of Trice Ellis, husband of Dora Jane Ledger-
      David and Melinda French                                        wood Ellis
      Marian B. Hill                                                          Van and Wini Lyell
      Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Shull                                                Joseph and Gretta Kaufman
      Joe and Alice Ann Watkins                                               Agnes Mathis
      Agnes Mathis                                                            Kay Provus
      Fred and Cary Hunt                                              In memory of Dr. Mike Gidcomb,
      Gip and Patsy Robertson                                         Son of Ann Gidcomb
      Loren and Barbara Mahoney                                               Louise Cain
      Mildred Smith                                                           Karen Lee
      Seekers Sunday School Class                                             Mildred Smith
      Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Tillman                                             Hot Springs Debutante Sponsors
      Fred and Jane Arnold                                                    Weenie French
      Herschel and Sara Meeks                                                 Century Club
      Clay and Nina White                                                     Joseph and Gretta Kaufman
      John and Karen Poe                                              In memory of Frances Ranson, mother of Wayne Ranson
      Brenda Pratt                                                            John and Karen Poe
      Bill and Shannon Ahlbrandt                                      In loving memory of Jack and Jill Caruth, father and sister
      Joseph and Gretta Kaufman                                       of Suzi Irwin
      Larry Derby                                                             Suzi Irwin
      Cecil and Gwen Cupp                                             In memory of Carl Ownbey, Sr., father of Rev. Carl Ownbey
      Weenie French                                                           David and Rynne Belk
      Al and Ann White                                                        Inquirers Sunday School Class
      David and Rynne Belk                                                    Reba Nickels
      Kay T. Belew                                                            Irwin and Priscilla Cook
      Kay Provus                                                      In memory of Martha Mizelle, daughter of Margaret Clark
In memory of Ann Twedt                                                        John and Karen Poe
      Clay and Nina White                                             In memory of Jane Draper’s father
      O’Biran Thornton Circle                                                 Inquirers Sunday School Class

 Ron’s Ramblings . . .                                               gregation. The next day we were off to FUMC of Roswell, Geor-
                                                                     gia, making our ‘home’ in the beautiful “Building D,” which
          Previous to Audience of One’s tour to the Atlanta area on
                                                                     housed a very elaborate place for youth ministry. From there we
June 12 – June 17th, our youth worked diligently to achieve the
                                                                     made trips to Atlanta everyday, where the group interacted with
unity of sound that was needed to present the Good News to all of
                                                                     organizations dealing with the problems experienced by those liv-
those listening to their message. We all worked hard on the logis-
                                                                     ing on the street or who lived in low-income and assisted housing.
tics of the travel and finding places to present the music. (Special
                                                                     Several have told me that what they experienced by being a part of
kudos to Mike Lovelady and E g Bradley for their hard work on
                                                                     each organization’s “mission” had impacted their own lives and
the latter!) But once we arrived at our destinations, our eighteen
                                                                     strengthened their desire to help the needy. Their final perform-
youth and adult chaperones were pretty unified in every aspect of
                                                                     ance was to those at the mall in underground Atlanta.
the performance. Everyone pitched in with the loading and
                                                                              Thank you, church, for contributing to this group’s ability
unloading of the equipment, with the set up, and with staying fo-
                                                                     to do a tour every year which makes us all aware of the importance
cused on the most important aspect of this entire trip—sharing
                                                                     to help others receive spiritual help, as well as help with missions
Christ with all there!
                                                                     which provide assistance with the basics of life. All of the money
          Our first stop was on Sunday afternoon at First United
                                                                     spent on the car wash, the Mother’s Day roses, the Fall Festival’s
Methodist Church of Tupelo, Mississippi. Though a quick trip, we
                                                                     food, the sale of the candy, and the donations you gave are the rea-
were able to present the gospel in music to those involved in their
                                                                     sons we can take youth on mission trips like
Vacation Bible School preparations, as well as others from the con-
                                                                     this. Thank you so much for your help!!          Dr. Ron
Wednesday, June 29                                           Monday, July 4
8:30 a.m.                              Pilates                Facilities and Church Office Closed in observance
9:00 a.m.   Ho Hum Low Impact Exercise Class                                 of Independence Day
11:00 a.m.         Retired Old Men Eating Out                Tuesday, July 5
3:30 p.m.           Intercessory Prayer Group                5:30 p.m.                            Spanish Class
6:00 p.m.             Wednesday Night Youth
6:30 p.m.                       Chancel Choir                Wednesday, July 6
                                                             8:30 a.m.                             Pilates
Thursday, June 30                                            9:00 a.m.   Ho Hum Low Impact Exercise Class
6:00 p.m.                 Love Languages for Singles         11:00 a.m.        Retired Old Men Eating Out
6:30 p.m.                        ConneXion Practice          3:30 p.m.          Intercessory Prayer Group
                                                             6:00 p.m.            Wednesday Night Youth
Friday, July 1                                               6:30 p.m.                      Chancel Choir
8:30 a.m.                                Pilates
9:00 a.m.      Ho Hum Low Impact Exercise Class              Thursday, July 7
                                                             6:00 p.m.                Love Languages for Singles
Sunday, July 3                                               6:30 p.m.                       ConneXion practice
8:15 a.m.                                     Worship
9:30 a.m.                               Sunday School        Friday, July 8
                                       The ConneXion         8:30 a.m.                                Pilates
10:45 a.m.                             Connect Groups        9:00 a.m.      Ho Hum Low Impact Exercise Class
10:55 a.m.                                    Worship
5:00 p.m.                                        UMY

                                                                                                  623-6668, Ext. 123

 SUNDAY NIGHT SUMMER                  WEDNESDAY NIGHT                 Financial Update by Joyce Whitfield
         SCHEDULE                     SUMMER SCHEDULE                     Chair of Finance Committee
June 5 Acts 6:1-7                 June 1 leadership/volunteer        Wow! It's so good to be      funds coming into the fi-
June 12 Acts 9:1-31               training                           able to report progress in   nance office at any time
June 19 Exodus 20:1-21            June 8 Decorate For VBS            solving the issues in our    during the week. It is
June 26 CCYM CHOIR TOUR           June 15 AOO Tour                   financial office! Things     quite surprising how many
July 3 CCYM CHOIR TOUR            June 22 MISSION WORK &             are moving along. We are     different sources of funds,
July 10 Exodus 20:1-21            LAKE DAY                           so pleased to have been      each with its own purpose,
July 17 YOUTH 2011                June 29 CCYM CHOIR TOUR            able to find a top notch     there are coming into our
July 24 CCYM ASSEMBLY             July 6 MISSION WORK &              candidate for our Finan-     finance office on any
July 31 Exodus 20:1-21            Prayer Walk                        cial Assistant posi-         given day. Control
                                                                     tion. We want to transi-     and accountability: two
                                  July 13 LAKE DAY
                                                                     tion Janell Williams into    keys words for any busi-
                                  July 20 ASSEMBLY &                 the position as soon as      ness office and two words
                                  NACHO ORDINARY                     possible and continue to     you can rest assured are
                                                                     update and improve our       now a part of our daily
           CCYM Jr. High & Sr. High ASSEMBLY                         financial control proce-     procedures. Great strides
Our Purpose this year is to seek out our Spiritual gifts and learn   dures. New procedures        have already been made
how we may take them out into the world.                             are being developed for      and you will continue
Relationships are the key to this event. You will experience the     our Sunday morning col-      to hear more improve-
powerful presence of God through the relationships you build         lection, Monday morning      ments as we complete this
with youth from all over Arkansas. Registration forms are avail-     deposit preparation, and     total revamping of our
able online at our website under upcoming events!                    vault procedures along       finance office. Thank you
                                                                     with proper documenta-       for your support and pa-
                                                                     tion and handling of any     tience.
                                                Periodicals postage paid at Hot Springs, Arkansas. The First United Methodist Church Messenger
                                                [USPS 198-840] is published bi-weekly by First United Methodist Church, 1100 Central Avenue,
                                                Hot Springs, AR 71901. Subscriptions are 50 cents per year. POSTMASTER: Send address
                                                changes to First United Methodist Church, 1100 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901.

                                                                PHONE: (501) 623-6668
                                                                FAX: (501) 623-2293
                                                                Editor - Janell Williams

SENIOR MINISTER………………………………………………..….Dr. William O. “Bud” Reeves,, ext. 100
EXECUTIVE MINISTER……………………………………….……..….......Rev. Carl Ownbey,, ext. 103
VISITATION MINISTER……………………………………………..……………….....Rev. John Polk ,
DISCIPLESHIP MINISTER………………………….…………….…………….…....Rev. Teresa Holt,, ext. 116
OUTREACH MINISTRIES……………………………………………….…...….….….Candy Poirier ,, ext. 117
YOUTH MINISTRIES…………………...…………..………………...…….……..Bill Skaggs,, ext. 123
MUSIC MINISTRIES…………….………..………..………………...…………….…….….…Dr. Ron Hall,, ext. 118
                 ……………..………..………...…………….…...…..……..Mike Lovelady,, ext. 107
CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES……….……..…...…………………….…..…….…………....Michelle Wilkins, cminister@fumchs, ext. 127
PHYSICAL PLANT MANAGER…………………………………...…...………..Tom McCarver,, ext. 112
MEMBERSHIP ASSISTANT ………………………………………………….....Cory Cox,, ext. 105
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT………………………………………......Janell Williams,, ext. 104
CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER……………………………………………….....Terri Helms, 318-3977
THE CARING PLACE…………………………………………………......Lynn Reeves,, 623-2881

           Listen to our 10:55 am service every week on F.M. Station 104.5 “The Bull”

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