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Ed Board Activities


									Ed Board Activities
Ed Board Activities

 Eydie Lawson, Ed Board Member
                    NCAA Issue
   For students first entering NCAA institutions on or after
    August 1, 2005, computer science courses cannot be
    used to meet initial-eligibility requirements.

 Letter to NCAA
 Work collaboratively to identify
  problems and develop solutions
Modernizing the Education Board
   Responsible for leadership and
    oversight of ACM educational activities
   Membership and future leadership
    – Add younger members
    – Modify structure to widen participation
       • Include other constituencies
       • Education Council
              Curriculum Initiatives
   Curriculum guidelines
    – Volume revisions more frequent
    – IT new addition
    – CS, IS, MSIS, CE
   TYCEC SE transfer curriculum guidelines
    – SE track in 2-year CS
    – Promote articulation agreements
   Overview volume (SE, IS, CS, CE, IT)

   Ontology project
    – Ed Board supports non-US members
   Java Task Force (Eric Roberts)
    – Materials for first-year computing students
    – Final report due June 2005
   Great Principles of Computing project
    – Committee of 20
    – Define computing field beyond programming
Build International Relationships

   British Computing Society
   Expand membership to other
    international organizations
   Joint meeting with BCS
   Conference presentations
                Other Issues

 Accreditation
 Certification
    – (ICCP) Institute for Certification Computing

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