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					                             DTCC Alumni Association Board of Directors (BOD)

                                            Board Meeting Minutes

                                         Submitted by Sharon Mossman

                                                 May 23, 2011

Present: Sharon Mossman, Heather Brown, Dennis Harris, Ron Medykiewicz, Robin Burke, Jason Aguila,
Connie Jordan and Fran Leach.

Call to order was at 1800.

Minutes: Minutes from October 20, 2010 were reviewed, previously approved via email.

Treasurer Report: Disbursements included newsletter cost $5,200 with a newsletter postcard cost $2,600;
scholarship award $1,000. Income reported from 2010 Alumni 5K approx. $9,000.


Alumni Newsletter: The newsletter draft was emailed to BOD members. Revised newsletter was provided in
the minutes’ packet.

Alumni 5K: Heather reported on the 2010 5K successes. Race date for this year is Wednesday, October 5,
2001. Sharon requested BOD members to support the college by considering possible business sponsors and
volunteering at the race. The Alumni 5K sponsorship packet will be provided to BOD members at the June

Alumni & Friends Scholarship: The deadline for applications is May 31, 2011. Heather reported the new
marketing tool for advertising the scholarship. Potential applicants can scan the code on the postcard to obtain
scholarship information. Currently no applications have been received in the Financial Aid office. Board
members were encouraged to help with advertising the scholarship. Pending applicant response to this
semester’s scholarship, the Board may consider revising the criteria to attract more applicants in the future.

Sharon and Heather will compile the application data for the Fall semester and email to BOD members in order
to select the Fall recipients.


New Board Members: Mark Brainard, Campus Director, welcomed potential new members to the meeting.
He explained the new structure of the Board. Two internal College Alumni will be appointed as voting
members to the Board. These BOD members will promote current faculty/staff Alumni to support the Board’s
efforts. These efforts are hoped to broaden internal and external support for Alumni functions.

Distinguished Alumni: The collegewide criteria for the Distinguished Alumni Award was distributed to Board
members. The College is initiating plans for the Fall Awards ceremony. Board members were encouraged to
recommend potential recipients to the College Administration.

Alumni Association By-Laws/Mission: Sharon reviewed the need to update the By-Laws/Mission to reflect
the development of the Board since its original formation in 2005. Heather will email the By-Laws to Board

members for review. Members were requested to contact Sharon/Heather if they are interested in working on a
committee to revise the By-Laws/ Mission.

Meeting was adjourned at 1930.

Next Meeting: June 22 at 1800 in the Campus Director’s conference room, Stanton Campus.


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