PARKING by wanghonghx


        Southside High School provides parking space for student automobiles on its two parking lots.
Students driving cars to school must obey the following regulations. Failure to abide by these
regulations will result in disciplinary action ranging from warnings to suspension, or suspension of
parking lot privileges, or both.

- Students must register their vehicles with the school each year. Failure to do so or giving incorrect
  information may result in disciplinary action.
- Students must park their vehicles only in the student parking lots when they arrive on campus and
  cannot “cruise” the lots. Do not sit in parked vehicles or loiter in the parking area.
- Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces and not in unauthorized areas.
- Do not park on any of the islands in front of the school.
- Do not “jump” any curb to park.
- Do not park in grass areas or in “No Parking” areas.
- Abide by the posted speed limit signs.
- Do not block aisles, entrances, exits, service roads or other cars.
- Do not park on the service road, in front or back of the school or in either numbered “Faculty”
  parking lots.
- Large east lot is reserved paid student parking.
- Small north east corner lot and all of the large West lot is free parking.

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