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					                                                                                                                   P E N N S Y L V A N I A

                                                                                                                   ATTORNEY GENERAL
     Insomnia
     Addiction
Crimes Related to OxyContin:
    Most illegal drug use involves criminal
activity apart from the illegal possession and        For additional information related to the contents of this
                                                       brochure, please contact the Office of Attorney General
                                                                                                                              of Abuse
sale of the drug. When OxyContin is illegally
                                                                     Education & Outreach Unit.
diverted, related crimes can include:
     Armed robbery                               Truth & Choices
     Burglary                                    The Office of Attorney General has created this
     Shoplifting in drug stores                  new anti-drug program to introduce middle
     Health care fraud                           and high school students to Shane. A popular
                                                    kid from a suburban Pennsylvania school,
      Insurance fraud                             Shane shares this true story of hard choices
      Obtaining illegal prescriptions             and near death experiences due to drugs and
                                                    alcohol. The presentation features interviews
                                                    with Shane (from prison), his family, law
Street Names and Prices:                            enforcement and the medical community. It’s
                                                    a reality check for all students and will open a
    OxyContin is known on the streets as:           unique dialogue about the realities of substance
     OXY                                        abuse. There is also a program for parents.
                                                    Both programs are available on DVD and can
     OC                                         be ordered free-of-charge from the Office of
     KILLER                                     Attorney General Education & Outreach Unit.
     OXYCOTTON                                         To order a copy of the DVD and/or to request a
     HILLBILLY HEROIN                             “Truth & Choices” school or community presentation to be
                                                     given by the Office of Attorney General, please contact our
    A single tablet usually sells for $1 per          Education & Outreach Unit toll-free at 800-525-7642
milligram. The retail cost of a 100-tablet bottle    or via email at education@attorneygeneral.gov.

You may have heard news reports         What is OxyContin?
about a prescription drug called
OxyContin. Although OxyContin is            OxyContin is an opiate derivative available    Effects:
                                        by prescription and is used to treat moderate
a highly effective drug for treating
                                        to severe pain, especially the chronic pain            When chewed, snorted, or injected,
patients with chronic or severe pain,   associated with debilitating conditions and        OxyContin produces a high similar to that
it is being illegally obtained and      diseases like cancer. It comes in tablet form      of heroin and can be just as dangerous
sold on the streets of Pennsylvania.    and has a time-release effect that gives relief    and addictive. OxyContin suppresses the
When this drug is abused, it can        over a 12-hour time period. When used as           respiratory system. If used with alcohol or
cause serious problems - severe         prescribed, OxyContin helps cancer patients        other depressants, it can be deadly. If the
                                        and chronic pain sufferers manage their pain       abuser goes to sleep, his respiration can
respiratory depression, addiction
                                        and add quality to their lives.                    decrease until breathing actually stops.
and even death.
                                            OxyContin’s active ingredient - oxycodone         Withdrawal from OxyContin is similar to
OxyContin is illegally diverted or      - has effects similar to heroin, making it more    withdrawal from other opiates.
stolen from doctors, pharmacists        attractive to some drug abusers. Normally, the
and hospitals by individuals who        OxyContin tablet would be swallowed whole.
                                        But people abusing it will chew on the tablet,
want to abuse it or sell it on the
                                        crush it and snort the powder, or even dissolve
street for profit. Drug addicts will     the powder in water and inject the solution.              Nausea/Vomiting
steal or forge prescriptions and even   Crushing the tablet destroys the time-release              Sweating
rob pharmacies to get this drug.        properties of the drug, making the effects
                                                                                                   Irritability
                                        quickly felt.
                                                                                                   Abdominal Cramps
We all need to work together
to prevent the illegal use of
                                             OxyContin is usually prescribed in 10                 Diarrhea
                                        mg, 20 mg, 40 mg and 80 mg tablets. Many
OxyContin and the crimes related        people mistakenly believe that medicines in
                                                                                                   Chills/Goose Bumps
to its diversion. Please take a few     pill or tablet form are less dangerous than
minutes to read this pamphlet.          street drugs. The stigma of using needles,
Educating ourselves against the         buying from dealers in unsavory places and
dangers of illegal drug use is the      other perceived dangers are not associated with
                                        abusing legal drugs obtained from a legitimate
first step toward preventing abuse
                                        source. But OxyContin is a potent pain
and drug-related crime.                 reliever and, if not taken as directed under the
                                        supervision of a doctor, serious problems can

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