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									Chicago Trust & Title specializes exclusively in vacation property
closings. We have professionals in every area of the closing process. Our
job is to transfer the property from the seller to the buyer as quickly
and efficiently as possible.We have built our reputation on reliability
and exceptional service. International Title and Transfer continue to
exceed our clients´ expectations.The services provided are as
follows:Estoppel Certificate/Resort Disclosure PacketPreparation of
Estoppel documents based on information provided by the individual
timeshare resort . We will investigate the timeshare's status with your
individual resort as it pertains to back taxes, maintenance fees paid to
date, and any outstanding charges or special assessments that may
occur.Preparation of necessary documentsWe will prepare the appropriate
documents, whether a Grant Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Membership Transfer or
Warranty Deed. All of these documents are attorney-reviewed in the states
requiring same for accuracy and correctness. We bring our full powers to
bear, with diligence and expertise.Working with both the buyer and
sellerWe will keep both parties informed of every development throughout
the timeshare closing process, from start to finish. Through their best
efforts, our team safeguards the relationship between buyer and seller.
We know what it is like to go through the process of buying timeshare and
selling timeshare, so we have the ability to make it a refined and
painless procedure.Timeshare escrowWe will hold funds used for timeshare
purchase in escrow until the timeshare deed is successfully
transferred.Recording fees and other aspects of timeshare deed
recordingWe take care to file all of the correct documents.Payment of
funds to the timeshare sellerWe will disburse the proceeds of the
timeshare sale to the seller, following sound business protocol in a
professional manner. Both buyer and seller benefit from the added
security of a third-party closing company.Providing resorts with notice
of change of ownershipWe will be in direct communication with your home
resort (or resorts) regarding the transfer of ownership or membership,
and we will provide all resorts with a copy of the deed as recorded, or
other legal proof of ownership or membership.For information regarding
existing Chicago Trust & Title accounts or to initiate a new closing,
please call 1-866-978-8231A successful timeshare resort closing company
provides attention to detail, security, professionalism, and fast
service. Our goal at ICC is to expedite the timeshare sale closing
process while providing both buyers and sellers with rock-solid
security.ICC was initially formed in order to meet the growing need for a
reliable online timeshare transfer service. Due to the rapid growth of
the timeshare industry's resale sector, timeshares began selling so fast
that most timeshare resort closing companies could no longer keep up with
the workload. It soon became evident that much work was needed in order
to improve customer satisfaction throughout the sale closing process.By
bringing together timeshare industry insiders, real estate attorneys and
customer service specialists, a solid partnership was formed. Today, this
partnership remains the living, breathing core of ICC. The effectiveness
of our business model is proven time and again by the efficient and
thorough manner in which we handle all of our resort closings.Working
with a select handful of timeshare resellers, timeshare brokers and
timeshare-for-sale-by-owner advertising companies, ICC focuses on
cultivating a positive relationship with our customers. We believe that
our long-term success depends on our ability to act as an effective
intermediary between buyer, seller, and resort.MissionTo provide
efficient escrow services, competitive and functional, based on a
philosophy of service, prudential criteria, innovation, a strong code of
ethics and technology, as well as the integration of the expertise and
experience we have acquired over the years. The human factor, however,
remains our most definitive and strongest quality as well as our
commitment to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and
profitability.VisionBe the best option in the provision of specialized
and consolidated closing services, with a leadership position between the
major institutions of niche in the country, in terms of efficiency,
profitability and administration of the resources of our customers and
investors, with an approach toward the satisfaction of their needs.We are
able to complete transactions large and small within 15 working days.
This helps with cash flow, use of valuable time and enables you to have
certainty knowing you have a trusted 3rd party administering your
transaction, leaving you to develop further business interests.When you
need a neutral third party, look to ICC and the services we provide for
you. With the expertise and resources required to deliver in a market
filled with uncertainties, closing agreements are an easily acceptable
and versatile tool for assuring the safe, fair and efficient completion
of transactions. A closing agent will hold assets, invest funds, oversee
distribution of funds and may handle tax reporting duties so conditions
of a closing agreement can be met.

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