In present scenario it is very difficult to search the job of your
choice, which gives you 100% job satisfaction, good salary package and
joy of working at the work place, altogether what I mean is -œA PERFECT
JOB-• and all these things become more difficult, if you are fresher.    A
Job Portal Site proves to be very helpful in such situation especially
for freshers, because through it one can know about the various job
responsibilities, which could help in the preparation for applying for
the job. Although we all know the fact, that one can find jobs on
numerous online job portal sites but still it is very tough to find one
good job, and some of the reason behind this are:   ·    Competitiveness
in the industry because of the increasing number of job seekers ·    -
œUnpublished-• or -œHidden-• jobs ·     Searching a good job site So,
one should be very clear and specific while searching the job. Following
points can be helpful to grab your dream job:JUDGE YOURSELF: Nothing is
better than self-judgment, so make yourself calm, and discover your
strength and weaknesses, try to overcome your weakness and increase your
strength. This will boost your confidence, and will also help you to
decide what you want, and thus you will have a goal in your life to work
for.MAKE YOUR RESOURCE STRONG: Always remember that your resume is the
only resource that matters for your online job search, so make your
resume effective and strong as much as possible. It's also true that
making a unique resume of its kind is little difficult, but still try to
make the resume which is catchy, and puts you above all your competitors.
. And attracts the attention of the employers and compel them to
shortlist your resume..KEEP ON UPDATING:Never leave your resume un-
updated for long period of time, as the job portal sites consider those
resume as idle, and seldom promote it to the employer. So, keep on
updating your profile in terms of your skill, areas of interest, your
achievements etc. This will also show your alertness and promptness to
employer and will put positive impact on the employer..YOUR PRESENCE:
Never stick to a particular site, as this will keep your network very
limited, so get yourself enrolled or register with as many job portal
site as possible, this will keep you updated about all the relevant job
that are available in the market, and you will have more options to
choose from..RIGHT APPROACH FOR JOB SEARCH:Remember,searching your job
depends a lot on your approach to search it. This includes the very first
word that you type in a search engine for the job search. It means that
the your approach should be very clear, for example; if you want to
search for -œjobs in Infosys-•, then your query should be Infosys jobs or
-œlatest Infosys Jobs-• in a search engine search box.

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