Put Water In Its Place With Sprinkler System Pumps

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					If you live in a rural area and are having a hard time getting water
where you need it, you may want to think about sprinkler system pumps. If
there is a natural water source, such as a lake or river, you may be able
to use it to water that lawn or garden. Using sprinkler system pumps is a
much better idea than hauling one bucket of water at a time. You should
always check with the local authority to determine if your area is
subject to water restrictions. You need to be following regulations so
that you don't end u with a fine or heavy penalty. Once you have the
green light to use the natural water source near you, it is time to
determine which type of sprinkler system pumps will meet your needs. It
can be helpful to do some research on the different sprinkler system
pumps that are available so that you will know what is important and what
you need. Durability is definitely one of the biggest factors when
looking at sprinkler system pumps; no matter how well a pump works, if it
is not built to last, you won't be able to use it for very long. There
are sprinkler system pumps with all kinds of features and accessories and
there are sprinkler system pumps that are considered basic models that
have no added features. One feature that may be considered an add-on but
that most people will tell you is extremely important is the self-priming
feature. This feature can help you eliminate a number of problems that
come along with priming the pump. Narrowing your choices of sprinkler
system pumps down to a few brands that are known to be durable and long-
lasting is a beginning step. Next, you need to decide exactly what your
needs are so that you can get the right pump. Most sprinkler system pumps
are designed to handle a lift of about 25 feet. You will need to
determine the altitude difference to make sure that know the actual
amount of lift you will need. Lift is the vertical height between the
highest point on your system and the level of the water at the source. If
your lift is 30 feet and you only get a pump that is rated for 15 feet,
your pump will be working extremely hard and will wear itself out before
its time. Horsepower is another factor to consider when looking at
sprinkler system pumps. You want a pump that has enough power to push the
water through your system. In order to make this determination, you will
need to know the size of your system in acres as well as the number of
sprinkler heads on the system, the diameter of the pipe that is being
used, and the length of the longest run in the system. In general 1
horsepower will handle 1 acre. By determining the brand you want based on
durability and features, you can then determine your actual needs and
select one of the sprinkler system pumps that meet those needs.

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