Put the Breaks on SEO Companies When TheyThe Top 5 by anamaulida


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                <p>To begin with, let me just say that I didn't realize
there were so many unscrupulous people in the marketplace who had the
ability to get my attention. After all, I thought I was above the fray,
considering I'm well beyond the age of gullible. Well, perhaps not.
Here's what the SEO industry is going to be selling you and how you break
it down so that you receive value and not fluff!</p>
<p>My top 5 Abused SEO Services:</p>
<p>Â Â 1. <strong>The Analysis Package:</strong> Any SEO company that's
worth their salt will insist on first doing a complete and thorough
onsite evaluation to bring your site up to "best practice standards." Now
to do that, they need to sell you a complete "Initial Analysis Package".
The one I received from <strong>SEO Company</strong> consisted of:</p>
<li>Up to 300 Keywords &amp; Keyword Phrases Reported</li>
<li>Initial Web Site SEO Analysis Report</li>
<li>Initial Ranking (Benchmark) Report</li>
<li>Initial Competitive Intelligence Analysis Report</li>
<li>90 minute Telephone Consultation</li>
<p>Keep in mind that all of the above is compiled with the aid of
automated programming that takes just a few minutes of their time to run
so a majority of expense for them comes in the 90 minute phone
conference. The cost of this package is about $900</p>
<p>Done correctly, the analytics package should be about identifying the
best key works or phrases, (probably 3 or 4 tops) and then using the SEO
companies analytics to determining what assets the top positioned
companies have in links and content compared to you. Knowing this will
allow you toestimate how long it will take to catch up, or if it is even
possible. Unfortunately it seldom gets done this way because few SEO
companies want to tell you bad news right off the bat. For them it's
better to let you spend $12k first.</p>
<p>Â Â Â Â 2. The<strong> "Strategic Internet Marketing and Search
Engine Optimization Consulting Agreement</strong>." Wow, sounds
impressive doesn't it? This where the SEO Company (yes, that's their
name) really made their money, which cost me $1,995 per month ($199.50
per hour). The key here is they require a 30 day notice of cancellation,
so if you're unhappy, you end up paying for another month that you don't
want unless you give them a cancellation at the beginning of each month
and then void it in 30 days later if you're pleased with their results.
That's always appeared to me to be an odd way of doing it.</p>
<p>Within this Consulting agreement, you get 10 hours a month, but
unfortunately they count the time that the computer takes to run the
reports (and for me it was considerable since I already had quite a few
back links) as hours that come off the clock and reduce your consulting
time, time to fix problems, or link building. It also includes writing a
long report to summarize what's been said and what's been done for the
past week. Thus, after 6 months of this nonsense, we were moving at a
snails pace and we never able to get to what was really need which was
quality link building.</p>
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<p>Remedy? First of all, the time it takes to run an automated report
shouldn't come off your allotted time for the month; especially at
$199.50 per hour. There's no rule in SEO that says that you can't do some
on page optimization and link building at the same time, but that never
seems to happen either. It becomes an either/or scenario and tends to
stretch out the project timeline indefinitely.</p>
<p>Â Â Â Â 3. <strong>Quality Link Building</strong> for the lesser
talented SEO companies is definitely not their favorite activity, because
to do it right, it takes a lot of extremely difficult work, effort and
time, and when compared to the money they can make running analytic
reports all day long, it's so much less profitable. It takes someone who
can go web site by web site, to related site owners and develop
relationships with each of them so that when you have some content worth
adding to their site, they'll be happy to oblige. You can't push a button
to accomplish that, which is why SEO companies falter at this stage.
Also, true professional companies have built enough relationships that
they should already know the names on a number of doors that they can
open to get the process started. They shouldn't be starting at square one
each and every time.</p>
<p><strong>Example of Bad Link Building:</strong> At the beginning of our
stint with one SEO Company called the <strong>SEO Company</strong>, we
were advised to create new content rich blog articles, and then utilize a
program to spin the articles to make each of them at least 50% unique
from each other, after which we then disseminated them in another program
they told us about which increased our back links by the hundreds, if
not thousands in no time. Wow, it worked till Google noticed and
slapped us down big time for 6 months. That advice might not have been
"black hat" but it was sure enough "grey hat." Of course, they had their
butt covered in the liability clause and weren't responsible.</p>
<p>Â 4. <strong>On Page Analytics</strong> is the process whereby you
look at how the entire web site is linked and how items of importance
emphasized; from home page to all the different levels of the web site,
with attention paid to:<br> a. Title Tags<br> b. Meta Descriptions<br> c.
H-1 tags<br> d. Key word frequency<br> e. Outbound links<br> f. Content
so all pages are indexes by Google</p>
<p>The above is something that all good SEO's know about, but for heavens
sake get it done and stop making a big mystery out of it when it's
basically nuts and bolts stuff. Either you've done it or you haven't, so
just do it. Much of the time this is where an ongoing stream of cash
comes from for the SEO company as they string it out for months when it
should take weeks. If the client is performing the work, all the client
needs is a blueprint of how each page should look in terms of the items
listed above. Then if they're available to answer few questions along the
way, somebody can be turned lose and just get it done!</p>
<p>5. <strong>Strategic Plan reviews:</strong> Sure you need to do this,
but I'm looking at reviews that instead of seeing a check mark in the
margin of the initial plan, each week get re written which in and of
itself takes hours to complete and digest and regurgitate. You've been in
front of people who seem to love hearing themselves talk; well these
people just like to admire the encyclopedia they re wrote each week.</p>
<p>Another typical comment that you'll get from SEO companies is to
remove all inbound links of no value. That's nice, but how do you do that
since sending an email to the webmaster will probably result in hearing
him laugh all the way to the end of cyberspace and back. Most of us know
that once something gets out into cyber space that it's gone for good,
and viewable forever. Ask many an aspiring actress in Hollywood about how
that happens! But SEO companies will make requests like that as though
all you had to do was to get busy and it would just happen.</p>
<p>Hopefully when you see topics such as the ones I've listed above
appear in front of you in the form of a SEO proposal, that you'll think
back on this article and begin asking questions to determine if the
relationship that you're beginning is going to be a good one or one that
should be avoided. For me, the jury is still out with regard to whether
SEO company sales guys really believe all the crap they tell you, or if
they're just an empty suit parroting the company line.</p>
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