Put an End to Water Pollution by anamaulida


									Water is one of the most precious natural resource. 70% of the world
proportion is water. No one could ever imagine life without it and even
the land will turn into barren planet. Being the highest form of living
organisms it's the prime responsibility of humans to protect this
precious source of life from being contaminated. Water pollution is the
rising problem and needs to be put to an end immediately if one wants to
survive longer.       How to put and end to water pollution is the
question addressed to everyone. The very first reply that comes in mind
is that, suggestions and legal proceedings should be taken against
illegal disposal of wastes in water. Everyone should unite for a unique
and noble cause to maintain safe and potable water. It's the prime
responsibility of every single person to participate in all aspects of
saving water from being contaminated and destroyed by dumping the wastes
and toxics that may ultimately result in water pollution.

  Besides the responsibilities of citizens, the government and
environmental departments are equally responsible in imposition of laws
to create a pollution free environment. The petroleum litigations, legal
actions against the owners of companies dumping wastes without being
processed, use eco-friendly goods, use of organic products for lawns,
strictly enforced law, legal actions against violence of laws and
disposal of used oil and petroleum based products in a safe and specially
designed container as proposed by petroleum litigation law helps in
putting an end to water pollution.      Lexlaw.us experience in the area
of petroleum marketing law, Petroleum law and Petroleum litigation is
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