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					                                           SREEDHAR SAMBANGI
                                          5370 Toscana Way, Apt 103
                              Cell: (619) 315-4379, Email:

    Experienced in Design and Integration of System level Software Architecture for Linux based Embedded devices.
    3+ years of Experience in porting Various Kernel Modules, Device drivers, Base Libraries and Open Source tools.
    Troubleshooting exposure to Linux kernel, user space components and system libraries.

Technical Skills
     Operating Systems: - Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X
     Programming: - C, Shell Scripting, Mat Lab and VHDL
     Development Tools: - Eclipse, Slick Edit, Lauterbach-Trace32, QXDM, GDB
     Build and Release: - Perforce, Git, SVN and Hudson build scripts
     Hardware: - TI-OMAP2430, OSK5912, MSM7200A, MSM7225 and MSM7627

Professional Experience
        Novatel Wireless Inc. Jun-2009 to Current                Hardware: - MSM7627
    Summary: -
    Responsibilities: -
        Novatel Wireless Inc. May-2008 to Jun-2009               Hardware: - MSM7225
    Summary: -
    Responsibilities: -
        Qualcomm Inc. Oct-2007 to May-2008                       Hardware: - MSM7200A
    Summary: -
    Responsibilities: -
        Kyocera Wireless Inc. Mar-2007 to Oct-2007               Hardware: - OMAP2430 & OSK5912
    Summary: - Worked as Consultant to Support Kernel Drivers porting and Linux System Integration for OMAP2430 based
    Mobile device.
    Responsibilities: -
              o   Integration of boot loaders (x-loader and u-boot), kernel and busy box on OMAP2430 and OSK boards
              o   Ported MMC/SD drivers from 2.6.14 kernel to 2.6.24 kernel for OMAP2430 platform used SD Card
                  Protocol analyzer for debugging.
              o   Integrated and supported NFS file system, JFFS2 file system on OMAP and OSK boards
              o   Worked on QEMU integration for development purposes on ARM9
              o   Ported and supported PPP daemon and utilities for data call on OMAP over serial interface to Modem.
              o   Ported Bluez base libraries and utilities on to OMAP to support Bluetooth device over USB.
              o   Supporting PAN connections on GN (group network) and NAP (Network access modes).
              o   Testing the Data throughput performance on OMAP devices over Bluetooth

    Indian Project: Integration of Kernel and Linux Application Stack for MSM7627 to make a CDMA based WIFI Router.
    USB: - Working on USB Interfaces according to the Customer Requirements and configurable Product ID for the device.
       Ported AICD Drivers for supporting Auto Installation CD drive.
Open MiFi Project: Integration and Development of Linux Kernel and Device drivers for MSM7225 to make a MIFI device,
which is capable of 3G router.
    Application Support: - Ported Boost Libraries, IPSec-tools, Encfs, THTTPD with PHP, SQLite etc. for Supporting Web-UI
        and Third party Applications.
    Build Design: - Designed and Supported build structure for developers with Open source tools and Custom make files,
         Separating the custom source code as well as patch generation for Open Source Code. Work involved in resolving
         compilation issues for Internal as well as Third Party developers.
    SAMBA API: - Ported SAMBA to the Open MiFi and developed SAMBA API’s for Third party developers for supporting
       Web based File sharing.
    SMD: - Supported PPPD Calls and DIAG Requests from ARM 11 over SMD Ports worked in debugging SMD channel
       issues related to data throughput, DIAG requests and Modem Crash issues. Used tools like QXDM and JTAG to
       debug these issues.
ALU Project: Development and Integration of Linux Firmware for Alcatel-Lucent Customer for supporting their NLG (Non-
Stop Laptop Guardian) Application on Mifi Device
    Data Throughput Issues: - Debugged the data throughput issues for the device from ARM 11 and from Host, Used tools
        like QXDM, iperf and FTP.
    USB: - Worked closely with Qualcomm to fix USB Enumeration issues, Changed the Kernel code to notify the
       Application interface about the state of the device (connected/disconnected) and to whom the device is connected
       (Charger/Host) by using proc interface.
    System Design: - Designed and Integrated the Linux System for Alcatel-Lucent for Supporting their requirements to run
         their NLG Application. Work involved in finalizing the RPC Calls and System level requirements.

SQLSTAR Intl. Inc. May-2008 to Sep 2008                             Hardware: - MSM7x25
Project: Development of Embinux Platform for Desktop and Arm Based platforms, supporting the technology Services to the
    SDK: Review of Novatel Wireless Linux SDK and Giving Support on Functionalities and Bug Fixes for their customers on
       PPC, ARM and X86 processors.
SQLSTAR Intl. Inc. Oct-2007 to May-2008                             Hardware: -MSM7200A
Project: Work Involved in Supporting the Qualcomm for developing Board Support package (BSP) to the MSM Boards.
    MMC: - Worked as Team Member on Debugging and Testing the MMC driver with the MMC, SD and MoviNand Cards.
      Debugged and tested the Device driver code and its functionality.
    U-boot:-Involved in the Development and Integration of the Boot loader (UBOOT) with the Qualcomm's MSM Build. This
        Includes Understanding of the MSM Boot Architecture and Modifying the T32 Scripts For Integrating the Uboot with
        the MSM Build.
    Bluetooth:-Supported the Bluetooth Team in the Integration of Bluez Libraries, utilities and Sleep Mode Driver for the
        Bluetooth Chip (BTS 4020) with Serial Port Interface on the MSM Board.
    MTD: - Tested the MTD Sub System and captured the coverage (GCOV, LCOV) Reports using Open source flash utilities
       and Customized Test Cases to check the Performance of the Driver Code.
Kyocera Wireless Corp. Apr-2007 to Oct-2007                                   Hardware: - SDP2430, Osk5912
Project: Work Involved In Supporting the Kyocera Team For developing and Testing Radiation Detection and Tracking
Devices with Linux Platform.
    MMC: - Worked on porting the MMC/SD Device Controller Driver for the OMAP 2430 Board. This involves in
      supporting the Driver for the Latest kernel by adding the Depended drivers, Understanding the hardware Structure,
      Testing the MMC Driver, Used SD/MMC protocol analyzer in debugging the Driver.
    RFS: - Integrated Busybox and Minimal RFS scripts, applications on JFFS2 Root File System. With Nor and Nand Flash,
        Tested the Performance of the Root File System (RFS).
    PPP: - Ported PPP libraries and utilities on to the OMAP Board and was able to establish data calls through the serial port
    Bluez: - Ported Bluez base libraries, utilities on to the OMAP and was able to build the PAN connection between X86 and
        Target board (OSK5912).Tested the Performance of Data Transfers between the Host and target.
SQLSTAR Intl. Inc. Mar-2007 to Apr-2007                   Hardware:-LDK5912, Osk5912
    Training Includes Understanding of the Linux kernel, Tool chain and Boot loader customization, Usage of Emulator
    (QEMU) and Building User land Applications for ARM based Platforms.
    QPSK: - Design of QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift keying) and OQPSK (Offset-QPSK) Modem. In this the transmitter
       consists of data generator, shaping filter, and up-sampler. The data is passed through channel with phase and noise
       addition. Data is recovered at receiver which consists of carrier recovery (using Band Edge filter), timing recovery
       (using PLL, Matched filter) and an Equalizer (using LMS Algorithm).
    OFDM: - Generation of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) signals using MATLAB. The generated
       OFDM packet is demodulated with guard band and without guard band, with cyclic prefix and without cyclic prefix.
FFT: - Designed an 8-point FFT, Using Radix-2 Butterfly structure in each stage using Xilinx tool. Modified Booth
    Algorithm is implemented for a multiplier and carry look a head adder as an adder for each stage in Radix-2 structure.

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