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Volume 3, No. 5
November 2008

                                 Treasure is Where
                  by Terry McCormick
                  Stewardship Director
                                         YOU Find It
                       I have friends whose hobby is searching      care for it and be good stewards of all He
                    for treasure. They have the latest, most        had given them. The Bible doesn’t tell us
                    modern equipment possible to locate lost        how long they were good stewards, but
                    treasure. The machine involved can im-          we know that they eventually made a very
                    mediately determine the type and depth          poor decision regarding their stewardship
                    of the treasure. Often dimes, quarters,         in the garden. By that bad decision, sin
                    pennies, and fifty-cent pieces are found.       entered the world that God had given as
                    Some are old, some new, and some are            a gift to man.
                    more valuable than their face value. On
                    a very rare occasion one friend found an           Over this Holiday Season, let us rejoice
                    extremely unusual belt buckle from the          in the marvelous love of God that gave us
                    Civil War, which proved to be very valu-        the gift of His Son through whom we have
                    able.                                           the assurance of the forgiveness of sin
                                                                    and the assurance of eternal life. As chil-
                        There are other kinds of treasure too.      dren, once again adopted into His family,
                    The Bible is full of treasures worth many       we are called upon to be His stewards.
                    times more than any earthly treasure.
                    Just like the earthly treasure, the biblical         What kind of stewards are we of the
                    treasure is sometimes hidden and needs          gifts God has given us? When we search
                    to be searched for diligently. Time and         for treasure in our life – treasure of time,
                    effort is required. Yet the result of one’s     talents, children, spouse, money - are we
                    investment in spiritual treasure today can      making the good decisions that are nec-
                    yield dividends that will mature through-       essary for eternal life and showing God
                    out eternity.                                   that He can trust us with those things
                         In the beginning, Jesus created the
                    world and everything that is in it. He cre-          Before 2008 fades into history, would
                    ated animals, humans, water, soil, sun-         you take a moment to review your stew-
                    shine, gold, silver, jewels and everything      ardship record with God? Have you used
                    else. Over the intervening years, God           wisely God’s gifts of time, talent, and trea-
                    revealed to us His word and will. Some          sure? Are you square with God in your
                    men would treasure God’s words enough           tithes and offerings?
                    to write it down for the rest of us. That
                    was good stewardship.                               The greatest treasure or gift God gave
                                                                    us is His Son. What is our stewardship
                        Every good and perfect gift has come        of this Gift? Our acceptance of this Trea-
                    to us from Jesus. Following His creation        sure will enable Him to say, “Well done,
                    of our world, Jesus placed Adam and Eve         good and faithful servant, enter into the
                    in the Garden of Eden and asked them to         joy of thy Lord.”

  Evangelism Update                                                            by Dennis Shafter, Evangelism Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                             Shreveport Churches Join to Sponsor City-Wide Billboards
                                                                                                                                                                                    The Shreveport First and South SDA Churches made a decision to
                                                                                                                                                                               join forces and sponsor six billboards, strategically placed throughout the
   Minden, LA. David Farmer, pas-             conducted evangelistic meetings          New Orleans Metairie
                                              with the Fort Smith Church and local                                                                                             city. Three of the billboards say, "Which is it - Saturday or Sunday?" and
   tor of Minden and Shreveport First                                                  Spanish and New Orleans                                                                 then lists this web site www.biblicalsabbath.org/. The other three have the
   churches was the evangelist for a re-      pastor Bill Painter. Average atten-      Spanish Churches. Senior
                                              dance was 20 to 25 visitors nightly,                                                                                             words, "God Forgives Sin" with this web site www.godforgivessin.org.
   cent series in Minden. Normal chal-                                                 pastor, Roberto Eubanks and as-
   lenges included not only working in        even after the “Mark of the Beast”       sociate pastor, Ariel Acosta with the
                                              message. So far eight people have                                                                                                    We do not at this time know the impact it has had on the city, and we
   a small community, but having a Je-                                                 support of lay members have recent-
                                              joined the church by baptism or pro-                                                                                             may never know this side of heaven, but it has really inspired the mem-
   hovah Witness Church as a neighbor                                                  ly launched a new Spanish group in
                                              fession of faith and three others have                                                                                           bers of the two churches. The two churches planned a joint series which
   to the Adventist Church. However,                                                   Westbank, LA. They are currently
                                              made commitments for baptism.                                                                                                    ranNovember 3 - 22. Both Shreveport Pastors are preached the same
   this did not deter the members of the                                               renting a place to worship.                                                             series but in their respective churches. We prayed that these billboards
   Minden Church. Bible cards were
                                                                                                                                                                               have planted some seeds and piqued an interest so that some will desire
   distributed throughout the commu-          Metairie, LA.         Glenn Farinola     SHAREHIM Spanish Evan-                                                                  to attend church and learn more.
   nity, and initially over 65 responses      began his evangelistic meetings for
   were returned with more continuing
                                                                                       gelistic Training Boot
                                              the New Orleans First Church and
   to come in. In addition to the mem-        was challenged by the impact of two      Camp.    New Orleans Metairie
   bers, approximately one dozen visi-        hurricanes, Hurricane Gustoff and        Spanish Church hosted a Spanish

                                                                                                                                                     ARKLA Shares Him in AFRICA
                                                                                       Boot Camp for South Louisiana

   tors attended. At the conclusion of        Hurricane Ike. Although this inter-
   the meetings it was exciting when all      fered with the overall attendance,       November 21-22. Two other Span-
   the visitors indicated a desire to study   the Lord blessed with good support       ish Boot Camps have already oc-
                                                                                                                                                               by Dennis Shafter, Evangelism Coordinator
   more and move toward joining the           from the church and community. Five      curred. One was held at Ozark Ad-
   church by baptism. Pastor Farmer           have already been baptized and oth-      ventist Academy and the other at
   continues with follow-up meetings.         ers are continuing to study.             Camp Yorktown Bay. There were
                                                                                       more than 100 in attendance at each
                                                                                       of these respective Spanish Boot
   Hardy, AR. The newly renovated             Northwest         AR     Spanish.
                                                                                       Camps. Several attendees of the
   Spring River Church is very small          Andres Portes, senior pastor for the
                                                                                       Arkansas Boot Camps have already
   and in a rural community. Evangelist       Northwest Arkansas Spanish church-
                                                                                       begun evangelistic meetings in their
   Tommy Blount conducted a series of         es is conducting meetings at the
   meetings in neighboring Hardy, with        Springdale Spanish Church with the
   guest appearances by musician,             support of the associate pastor and
   Melody Rainwater. At the conclu-           lay members. The Lord has blessed        Jonesboro, AR.            Evangelist
                                                                                       Jerry Mayes and local pastor Elroy
   sion Spring River welcomed two new
   members who joined by profession of
                                              with good attendance and with bap-
                                              tisms. Several of the lay members        Tesch are conducting an evangelistic        I  have read and watched videos       illiteracy. One in ten of its citizens are          Despite equipment problems,
   faith. Others continue to study with                                                series at Jonesboro, AR. Eighteen       about Africa throughout my entire life,   infected with HIV and tuberculosis.          God richly blessed in ways we had
                                              attended the recent ShareHim Span-
   local pastor, Bill Sorenson, who as-                                                strong decisions have been made         but never envisioned that God would       Most of the African pastors are each         not anticipated. Despite Satan’s nu-
                                              ish Evangelism Boot Camp and are
   sisted Tommy Blount.                                                                for baptism as the meetings will be     some day send me there on a short-        assigned between 7 and 15 churches.          merous interferences, including de-
                                              either already doing evangelism or
                                                                                       closing in the next week, but the en-   term mission trip. During August 27       Few, if any, have a computer or vehicle      mon possession of some attendees,
                                              are making plans for future cam-
                                                                                       thusiasm will remain with the Jones-    - September 14, ten pastors and lay       for evangelism or pastoral visitation.       God blessed and many were set free
   Little Rock, AR. Ken Cox and               paigns.
                                                                                                                               persons from Arkansas-Louisiana
                                                                                       boro members. “It was wonderful!”                                                                                              from Satan’s iron grip. Although we
   team arrived in Little Rock in August
                                                                                                                               Conference joined oth-                                                                               had days of rain, God
   to proclaim the Three Angels mes-          Alma,      AR. Ramiro Alvarez,
   sages. They found much preparation         pastor of Fort Smith and Van Bu-
                                                                                       Numerous Net 2008 series                er teams from Share-           8 7 1        w e r e              b a p t i z e d                     kept the rain away at
                                                                                       and local ShareHim campaigns are        Him for a three-week                                                                                 the time of the evening
   and pre-work had been done by the          ren Spanish has been training his
                                                                                       being conducted throughout the          evangelistic      event:                                                                             meetings.
   excited Little Rock Church members!        members in evangelistic outreach
                                                                                       conference. Only a few of the cam-      Steve and Judy Evenson, Sam and              Each of our team members preached
   Opening night found 360 in atten-          and has recently planted a Spanish
                                                                                       paigns have been covered in this        Carlene Whatley, Glenn and Mary Al-       simultaneously, holding ten evangelis-            On the final Sabbath, 871 were
   dance with an average of 170 non-          group in Alma, AR. We actually have
                                                                                       article. Between now and the end of     ice Hill, Jimmy Brown, Britt Doze, and    tic SHAREHIM campaigns, covering             baptized in three different locations.
   members. At the end of the meetings        two groups in Alma - one English and
                                                                                       the year several more full campaigns    Dennis Shafter. Marian Parson asked       all the major biblical doctrines. The        These new members of the worldwide
   24 were baptized and 2 came in by          one Spanish. Elder Alvarez and the
                                                                                       are planned. Please keep the entire     friend Wanda Hanson from Michigan         majority of sites were in outdoor ven-       Seventh-day Adventist Church were
   profession of faith. There are several     members have seen the tremendous
                                                                                       conference in your prayers as we        to join her.                              ues. Many had to use generators or           well-discipled before they entered the
   who were not baptized, but continue        impact that God is having on their
                                                                                       reach out to Share the good news!                                                 batteries for power; a few sites actu-       baptismal waters.
   to study. Several of these are now         communities.                                                                        Our team traveled to Tanzania, Afri-   ally had electricity. Every site experi-
   attending church.
                                                                                                                               ca, and worked in the city of Mwanza.     enced power outages, but our speak-             For all of us this was an opportunity
                                                                                                                               I focused on the city of Magu about       ers chose not to be dismayed, even at        to see the world church at work and
   Fort Smith, AR. Tommy Blount                  To God be the glory for the great things He has done!                         25 kilometers away. These cities are      times preaching in the dark, and God         have a life-changing experience.
                                                                                                                               in an area of severe poverty and high     blessed!
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Africa Stories...                                                                                                                           Pastor/Of fice Appointments and Updates
                                                                                            by Glenn Hill, pastor Decatur, AR SDA Church
                                                                                                                                                                  The newest member of our pastoral               The six churches of north central Arkansas that previously
                                                                    us an example of how excited        Ephesians 6 for our church                                team is Elder Daniel Kaffenberger,              were configured into two districts – Conway, Clinton, Batesville,
                                                                    we should be over possess-          and school children.                                      who along with his wife, MaryAnn, just          Mountain View, Heber Springs, and Searcy – have now been
                                                                    ing God’s Word in written                   Pastor Zacharia with                              recently returned from mission service          reconfigured into three districts. Elder Richard Hall serves the
                                                                    form.        We gave our lap-       whom we worked, wants me                                  in Armenia where he served as Director          Conway-Clinton District; Laurie DeWitt serves the Batesville-
                                                                    top computer, video projector,      to return soon to present                                 of Global Mission, Ministerial Director,        Mountain View District; and Tommy Blount serves the Searcy
                                                                    new car battery with Inverter       ten meetings on the Sanctu-         and Publishing Director. Elder Kaffenberger will serve the De-        and Heber Springs District along with doing evangelistic meet-
                                                                    to produce usable energy in         ary message in the first SDA        Queen-Mena-Umpire Churches as district pastor. The Kaffen-            ings in our conference.
                                                                    the bush, DVD player, Kiswa-        church in Tanzania, to spark        bergers have five daughters, the youngest of which is a student
                                                                    hili sermons and Jesus video        a revival for the pastors and       at Southwestern Adventist University.                                 The Magnolia Church has been added to the Texarkana District
                                                                    to empower them to attract          members under his care. We
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  where Elder Reggie Phillips serves as Pastor; and the El Do-
                                                                    larger audiences. They gave         prayed for God’s guidance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  rado Church is now being covered by C. B. Shepherd, who is
                                                                    us deep appreciation and a          about responding to that need                               We are grateful that Pastor Sorin Mun-        serving as lay pastor. Pastor Shepherd is a faithful layman who
                                                                    better understanding that we        and ended up booking tickets                                teanu and his family have received ap-        previously served as head elder of the Minden Church.
                                                                    are all brothers and sisters        from frequent flyer miles to do                             propriate visa papers to enable him to
                                                                    working together to reach           more evangelism, sanctuary                                  begin ministry as associate pastor for
    M y Tanzania experience             The pastor baptized 300     God’s people and prepare for        seminars and Revival series                                 the Hot Springs Church and pastor for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Elder Marc Lien has just assumed responsibility for the Siloam
was one of giving and receiv-      in the last two months before    Jesus’ soon return.                 in February in several Tanza-                                                                             Springs Church in addition to the Springtown Company, which
                                                                                                                                                                    the Malvern Church. Pastor Munteanu,
ing. We wanted to give our un-     we came. We and our church           I acquired a Masai warrior’s    nia locations. Pastor Zacha-                                                                              he has already been serving. We congratulate Marc and his
                                                                                                                                                                    his wife, Corina, and their two boys,
derstanding of God’s great gift    gave them money to buy a         outfit, partly as a purchase        ria says there are very few                                                                               wife, Danielle, on the addition of their little girl, Megan Eliza-
                                                                                                                                                                    Elias and Mario, came from Romania to
in Jesus along with a sample       choice piece of land to build    from a Masai who wandered           among our Tanzania pastors                                                                                beth, who was born August 28!
                                                                                                                                            Andrews University where he earned the MDiv degree. A sig-
of His love in our relationships   their new church which will be   near our evangelism site, (a        who understand the Sanctu-          nificant part of the Hot Springs Church family is of Romanian
with them. They gave us an         central to the scattered mem-    school playground) and part-        ary message so central to our                                                                             Wiley Lovejoy was just recently introduced at the Lincoln
                                                                                                                                            decent and greatly appreciate the impact of his ministry.
example of living without the      bership, and helped the pas-     ly as a gift from our African       SDA faith. We willingly gave,                                                                             Church as their new lay pastor. Pastor Lovejoy was a pastor in
many things we deem neces-         tor get a small motorcycle to    church members who knew of          but we received so much                                                                                   another denomination prior to becoming a Seventh-day Adven-
sary here and of doing effec-      better serve his 13 churches     my interest in the brave Masai      more in the things that really                              We welcome to our conference of-              tist. He has preached at several of our churches throughout
tive evangelism with simple        (plus 2 new ones to be orga-     who face lions fearlessly and       matter.                                                     fice staff Wirmin and Yanil Alcantara.        NW Arkansas over the past number of years and has been
tools by organizing the church     nized soon). We gave them        are always prepared for battle.                                                                 Wirmin is serving in Treasury as accoun-      greatly appreciated.
members for service.               Swahili Bibles and they gave     I plan to use it in illustrating                                                                tant and payroll clerk; Yanil is serving as
                                                                                                                                                                    secretary in the Planned Giving/Trust
The Reluctant Evangelist                          by Mary Alice Hill        Protect Your Retirement Assets                                  Services Department. They have recently moved to Shreve-              We also say “congratulations” and “farewell” to Elder Ross
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Harris who was accepted into Loma Linda Medical School. El-
                               On September 21, 2008, I went to Tan-                  In these uncertain times, when the economy of         port from Cleburne where they both served as teachers in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  der Harris served as district pastor for nine years in the Benton,
                            zania to present health talks for my hus-         the world is in chaos, invest in God’s church. If you         public school system. Wirmin and Yanil have both served in
                                                                              feel your retirement assets are in jeopardy, we might         denominational employment in Puerto Rico where Wirmin was             Pine Bluff, Monticello District. It has been a life-long dream for
                            band’s Share Him meetings. During the
                                                                              be able to help.                                              Financial Analyst for the West Puerto Rico Conference and Ya-         Elder Harris to serve as a pastor-physician and we wish him
                            orientation Duane McKey, coordinator for
                                                                                 * Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity. It is a tax ad-      nil worked for the Puerto Rico Union office.                          God’s blessing as he pursues his course of study.
                            the Mwanza series, told of six churches still
                            needing speakers. My husband kept sug-            vantaged gift that gives you a guaranteed income for
                            gesting that I should volunteer even though       life. You receive a quarterly payment for the rest of
                                                                              your life.                                                                                                                                               Charles (Chuck) Crum has assumed
                            we had only brought one computer and one                                                                                               Congratulations are in order for Dr. Ray
                                                                                 * Any remainder in the fund at your death benefits                                                                                                    the responsibility of lay pastor of the
                            video projector. We prayed about it and                                                                                                House, Gentry Church Pastor, who has
                                                                              the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the way that you                                                                                                     Zachary Church where he has been
                            I felt led to respond and embark on a new                                                                                              successfully completed work on his DMin
                                                                              designate.                                                                                                                                               enthusiastically received. He has been
                            adventure. We had brought a DVD player to                                                                                              Degree, and Pastor Travis Walker who
                                                                                * If you are younger than 65, you can defer the payout                                                                                                 an active layman in the Baton Rouge
                            use as backup in case the computer failed.                                                                                             has just completed his work at the Semi-
                                                                              to that age or older for a better rate of return, or if you                                                                                              Church for many years and has served
                            Duane McKey talked with the local Confer-                                                                                              nary and earned his MDiv Degree! Pas-
                                                                              are older than 65 you can defer it to an even later date                                                                             as deacon and an adult Sabbath School teacher.
                            ence about loaning their projector to be used                                                                                          tor Walker is now serving as district pas-
                                                                              to maximize your return.
                            with it. The local church elder and pastor                                                                      tor for the Benton, Pine Bluff, and Monticello Churches. We’re
                                                                                 * This plan is available for one or two people. For a
                            were overjoyed to be able to have a meeting                                                                     glad he is back “home.”
                                                                              two person annuity, the same payment continues even
                            and were very supportive of their inexperi-                                                                                                                                                                   The Conference Executive Committee
                                                                              after the death of your husband or wife.
                            enced speaker. In spite of many difficulties                                                                                                                                                                  has asked Marian Parson to serve
                                                                                       For an appointment, or additional information,                             Pastor Jaime Rodriquez and his wife
                            with the equipment and electrical failures,                                                                                                                                                                   as a Chaplain alongside the pasto-
                                                                              please call the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Office                                Jenny have joined our ministerial team
the Lord blessed with 13 people being baptized. My husband told me            at 318-631-6240 and ask for Terry McCormick, or Ken                                                                                                         ral staff of the Gentry Church. Sister
it was an opportunity for a personal growth spurt as well as reaching                                                                                             from Andrews University where Pastor
                                                                              Simpson. You can also reach us by e-mailing to tmc-                                                                                                         Parson has been strongly endorsed
people who might otherwise be missed. The Lord provided the cour-                                                                                                 Rodriquez attended the Seminary and
                                                                              cormick@arklac.org or ksimpson@arklac.org.                                                                                                                  by the church and is also serving as
age to speak and strength to climb the rocky trail to the hilltop where                                                                                           earned his MDiv degree. He is serving
                                                                                  Thank you for your consideration in protecting God’s                                                                             the Prayer Ministries Coordinator for the Arkansas-Louisiana
the meetings were held. (It was just six months since I had double knee                                                                                           as pastor of the Gentry-Siloam Springs
                                                                              church and your family by considering this plan.                                                                                     Conference.
replacement surgery!) It was a wonderful and richly rewarding experi-                                                                                             Spanish District and giving wonderful
ence. If I can do it, you could do it too.                                                                                                  support to the Spanish work in NW Arkansas.
 Page 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 5
                                                                                        by Brandon Westgate, Youth Director
                                                                                                                                       What is Literature Evangelism?                                                                     by Conrad McKnight, LE Coordinator

                                                                                                                                           Are you a pastor looking for a more effec-           the right training, attitude, and desire most any-     ·A couple who offer health lectures and then
                                                                                                                                       tive method of personal evangelism or search-            one can be successful in their own way. Below          share health related literature at the end of
                                                                                                                                       ing for a way to do pre-work for an evangelism           you will find just a few of the many ways you or       their presentations?
                                                                                                                                       effort? Or maybe you’re a church member                  your church can get involved!                          ·A person who signs up their family members
                                                                                                                                       wanting to get involved in personal ministry or            When you think of a literature evangelist what       to receive our various outreach and health
                                                                                                                                       seeking training to do outreach — we here in             do you think of?                                       publications?
                                                                                                                                       the publishing department would like to help.            ·A man who carries tracts and shares them                 All of the above are examples of literature

                 rned at
                                                                                                                                       We have something to meet everyone’s talent,             when presented with opportunities?                     evangelism. All are doing their part to share

       ngs I lea
                                                                                                                                       desire, budget, and lifestyle.                           ·A woman who gives away religious books for            the message of the gospel through books,
                                                                                                                                          Not everyone is called to be a full time litera-      birthdays and Christmas gifts with a personal          tracts and magazines.

The Thi mer Camp
                                                                                                                                       ture evangelist. However, we believe that with           note written in the cover to the receiver?

                                                                                                                                       “Be Still and Know that I AM God” by Marian Parson,
                                                                                                                                                                         Prayer Ministry Coordinator

                                                                                                                                                I have enjoyed being the                     paved roads, primitive conditions and               He hears me and that He cares for me…
                                                                                                                                       conference Prayer Ministry Coordi-                    smiling, gentle people. I preached                  that is where my life really lies. I am as-
      We had an incredible summer at                                                                                                   nator for several years, but much of                  each evening to about 300 people                    sured that He is by my side, strengthen-
                                            While I cannot be real specific about         other’s faith when the temptations
 Camp Yorktown Bay. A great staff                                                                                                      my time has been spent caring for                     and at the end of the meetings, 12                  ing me, teaching me, and leading in the
                                            the issues, I will say that many of them      come. Do not fool yourself into be-
 of young adults came together as a                                                                                                    my dear husband, Roland. During                       were baptized with many more con-                   paths that He has planned for me. Life is
                                            could be prevented if we would just in-       lieving that your child will be able to
 team and ministered to the nearly 400                                                                                                 that stressful time I learned even                    tinuing Bible studies.                              never boring with Him in control. I am only
                                            vest our most precious resource in our        stand up to their friends, if their circle
 children that attended camp this year.                                                                                                more deeply to depend on my Lord                                I came home energized, ex-                waiting for “tomorrow” to see what He has
                                            children.                                     of friends contains no one who shares
 Fifty of those who came to camp re-                                                                                                   and Father to give me strength;                       hilarated, and ready to actively enter              planned.
                                                The best gift you can give your child     the values that your child possesses.
 quested studies for baptism and many                                                                                                  and I learned how wonderful it is to                  into the Lord’s work. On September
                                            is not sold at Wal-Mart. You cannot find      Our young people need to spend time
 others recommitted their lives to Je-                                                                                                 have friends that daily lift you up in                30 I noticed my eye was blurry. Clean-
                                            it in a mail order catalogue, nor can it      with each other in Bible study and
 sus. I have heard from many parents                                                                                                   prayer. God has been so good!                         ing my glasses didn’t help and finally
                                            be purchased on the internet. The             prayer and at social events so that
 who were praising the difference that                                                                                                          I was excited to begin a                     I made it to the doctor’s office where
                                            most valuable gift you can give your          they will be able to talk about the is-
 they saw in their children. One said                                                                                                  new phase of my life when I joined                    I found out I was experiencing a de-
                                            child is your time. As I visit with the       sues that are impacting their lives with
 they noticed even on the ride home,                                                                                                   a ShareHim team and made plans                        tached retina. By Friday afternoon
                                            young people, this is one of the things       each other. This is why it is so impor-
 as their child opened the Bible and                                                                                                   to preach an evangelistic series in                   the doctor hurried me into surgery.
                                            that I hear quite often from those who        tant for you to make sure your child
 began to read to the family. They had                                                                                                 Tanzania, August 25-September                         At the moment, I am sitting with my
                                            are having a difficult time of things.        attends Sabbath School and Youth
 to check and make sure it was their                                                                                                   15. My knees went weak when I                         face turned down, I am instructed not
                                            Their parent(s) or guardian(s) do not         Rally weekends and summer camp.
 child. Was this the same child who just                                                                                               found out I was going to be alone,                    to look up and jar my retina. Immedi-
                                            spend any time with them. Even the                 These allow opportunities for net-
 a week before had shown no interest                                                                                                   with a translator that I didn’t know,                 ately, my mind and heart reached out
                                            ones who appear to have it all together       working and developing trusting rela-
 in spiritual things? Sure enough it was                                                                                               but the Lord helped me to accept                      to my Father, “Why, Lord? Why now,
                                            on the surface, (some of our children         tionships which will foster growth in
 the same child, but with a new and dif-                                                                                               that HE would be with me; then                        when I was so energized to do your
                                            are great actors/actresses) are feeling       your child in a positive direction. This
 ferent perspective.                                                                                                                   He surprised me with a dear friend                    work? And His words came to me, “Be
                                            neglected by the ones who love them.          adds friends in their circle with like
    Yes, it was a great summer, and the                                                                                                who came along to do my “Health                       still, and know that I am God”. Know-
                                            Sure, they have an I-pod and an X-            beliefs and shared values who will                                                                                                                         Marian Parson preaching in Tanzania
 Lord blessed abundantly. I praise Him                                                                                                 Talks”. It was a wonderful three                      ing God, and Jesus Christ whom He
                                            Box, but what they do not have is U-          strengthen them to stand against the                                                                                                                       with translator.
 that He was able to use Camp York-                                                                                                    weeks—with erratic electricity, un-                   sent—who He really is; knowing that
                                            there. So, who do you suppose they            peer pressure of the other friends in
 town Bay and the staff to make a dif-      turn to when they have an issue, or           their circle. It may even make them
 ference in the lives of young people in
 just eight weeks. I also learned some
                                            when they have a question that needs
                                            an answer? They turn to their friends,
                                                                                          bold enough to witness to their non-
                                                                                          churched friends and introduce them          Finances                            by Edwin Romero, Treasurer
 things in the process. I learned that      because their friends will take the time      to Jesus. Remember, the best people
 things are not always as they appear.      to listen to them. Their friends will         to reach out to young people in the
     There is a lot going on in the lives   give them advice. Will the advice of a        name of Jesus will always be young
 of our young people. When they show        non-churched adolescent be the same           people who are in Jesus.
 up for camp on Sunday afternoon,           counsel that you would give your child?           As parents we want what is “best”
 they all seem like they do not have a      Perhaps, but most likely it will not.         for our children. I hope that as parents
 problem in the world. But as the week            This reminds me of another thing        we are willing to spend time with our
 progresses, and they begin to bond         I learned at summer camp. Our Sev-            children as readily as we are to spend
 with each other in the safety of their     enth-day Adventist young people need          money on them. Invest time in your
 cabins and they pray together and talk     to be around other Seventh-day Ad-            child, it will yield great dividends. In a
 together, issues begin to be revealed      ventist young people, and they need           time of economic uncertainty, it is one
 that make you realize that there are       to have the time to network with each         investment that you can count on.
 a lot of hurting kids in our churches.     other so that they can lean on each
Page 6
Arkansas-Louisiana Conference
         of Seventh-day Adventists
         P.O. Box 31000
         Shreveport, LA 71130

   The “New”                                Ozark Adventist Academy
        Visitors to the Ozark Adventist Academy campus         available online at www.ozarkacademy.org on how
   have noticed something different this school year. In       students and adults can participate in the blessings
   previous years remodeled dorms, a new cafeteria or          of music.
   computer upgrades made needed physical improve-
   ments. This year, though, the students and staff are            Easter Pageant On Saturday, April 11, the Acad-
   rejoicing over a new spirit and sense of mission that is    emy will host its first interactive, walk-through Easter
   sweeping the campus.                                        pageant for NW Arkansas. Students, staff and com-
                                                               munity will partner to make the story of Christ’s Pas-
      Academy students and staff are leading out in com-       sion come to life. If you would like to participate, con-
   munity service events, students are helping to lead         tact Kase Vunileva at tvunileva@ozarkacademy.org.
   Bible studies in both dorms, and a joint worship is held
   every weekend. Even experienced staff are humbled              Ozark Spirit Fest Consider it a Camp Meeting and
   by the personal decisions for Christ, victories over de-    Youth Rally all rolled into one glorious time of worship
   structive habits, and close bond between students and       and spiritual renewal for all ages.
   the staff.                                                  Held April 8-12, this event will feature the preaching
                                                               of Bill Kilgore, professor of religion from Southwestern
        Ozark is eager to share this renewed spirit with       Adventist University. Watch online for more details.
   parents, alumni, church members and young people.
   Several events are planned for this school year that           Please remember Ozark Adventist Academy in your
   will allow young and old to experience firsthand the        prayers and gifts. Please pray that as faculty, staff and
   blessings being enjoyed on campus this year. Several        students, we will honor God in all that we do. Our sin-
   dates for consideration include:                            cere desire is that our journey, like yours, will lead to
        Ozark Music Festival The December 3-7 choral
   music festival, designed for 5th-9th graders, will cul-
   minate in a Holiday concert on Saturday, December
   6, at 8 p.m. Students will learn vocal skills, experience
   life at Ozark, and worship with new friends. Details are

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