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                 Presentation and accessories

             Edited by HIRSCH Armbänder GmbH,
                           9021 Klagenfurt, Austria
                                   Text by HIRSCH
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                 Photos by Jost & Bayer, Klagenfurt
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                                       Austria 2011

    This catalogue is valid from April 2011 onwards.
       All previous catalogues expire by same date.
HIRSCH – Bracelets for watches
For generations, HIRSCH has been setting the international quality standard for bracelets for watches. Each bracelet is
made in original HIRSCH quality from precious materials, ensures aesthetic visual impression and durability and is a
pleasure to wear.

performance commitment

The bracelets developed and manufactured by HIRSCH are
the finest, the most advanced and the most richly detailed in
the world. The aim of all our development activity is to ensure
longevity, comfort in wear and aesthetic appeal in all the
situations in which a watch is worn by our customers.

Hirsch’s knowledge of and feeling for bracelets for watches
enables it to support the development activities of the watch
making industry and specialist watch retailers as a professional
partner. HIRSCH embodies a bracelet culture that is carefully
safeguarded and passed on from generation to generation.

    HIRSCH Quality system

    Strict selection criteria, precise checks of materials and assessment of suppliers, as well as stringent production
    inspections are the pillars of the outstanding reliability that has been HIRSCH’s trademark for generations. Both
    external and in-house inspections ensure the high quality of all HIRSCH products.

    The certification according to ISO 9001 is more than a compulsory exercise. Our customers worldwide justifiably rely
    on the quality standards that HIRSCH sets in the production of bracelets.

    Perfected production technologies and centuries of experience in the processing and refinement of leather are
    guarantors for quality and functionality that exceeds “conventional” bracelets by far:

    Every HIRSCH leather bracelet is ...


    ... remborded                                                                       ... sauna-tested
    The Rembordé technology invented, patented and continuously developed               Sweat is genuine leather’s biggest enemy! Conventional bracelets often
    further by HIRSCH, joins upper and lining leather without any seam. HIRSCH          become brittle after a short while or break even! HIRSCH bracelets, however,
    bracelets are thus perfectly protected from external influences, highly resistant   are sauna-tested. Even the combination of heat, moisture and perspiration
    to wear and very long-lasting.                                                      does not harm them. They stay in shape, remain supple and pleasant to wear.
                                                                                        A long-lasting adornment for any watch.

    ... water-resistant
    HIRSCH bracelets are not at all afraid of water! They are generally water-
    resistant and dry more quickly than conventional bracelets. Even if they get
    wet, their visual appearance, suppleness and functionality are by no means
HIRSCH Quality system

Many HIRSCH bracelet models have other extraordinary functionalities that make them ideal for very specific
occasions. The pictograms below help you find the perfect bracelet for every customer:

  100 m

HIRSCH 100 m Water-Resistant                                                         HIRSCH Alligator embossed
The models of the HIRSCH 100 m Water-Resistant range are the first leather           Perfect alligator effect – the alternative to genuine alligator! A very special
bracelets that can be worn in the sea, down to a depth of 100 metres, without        embossing process creates the natural Louisiana alligator grain on particularly
losing colour, shape, suppleness or visual appeal.                                   fine calf skin. The characteristic alligator grain effect is achieved with the
HIRSCH 100 m Water Resistant bracelets may get moist, but thanks to the              variation of dark and light shades between the scales.
HIRSCH Rembordé technology and water-resistant padding material made                 HIRSCH Alligator embossed is also available as 100 m Water-Resistant!
from leather fibre they absorb significantly less water and dry much more
quickly than bracelets made from conventionally tanned leather.


                                                                                     HIRSCH Aloe Vera
HIRSCH No Allergy System                                                             HIRSCH Aloe Vera bracelets are a veritable world novelty. The lining leather of
In 1980 – as a result of its cooperation with the 1st Vienna University Clinic for   the bracelets is treated with the pure sap of aloe vera; these bracelets gently
Dermatology – HIRSCH concluded the development of a No-Allergy coating               caress their wearers’ skin while soothing it with the essences of aloe vera at the
for leather bracelets. The result is sensational: With the No-Allergy coating        same time.
used by HIRSCH worldwide, nearly 100% of allergies caused by wearing
leather bracelets, can be prevented following medical criteria.
In addition, all metal parts of the bracelet – and the buckles in particular – are

                                                                                     HIRSCH Nature Line
                                                                                     HIRSCH Nature Line bracelets are treated with vegetable tanning agents only.
                                                                                     Suitable, sturdy types of leather are used for these bracelets that develop their
                                                                                     very own patina over time, reflecting the lifestyle of the wearer.

HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc
HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc is considered to be the best material for
functional bracelets anywhere! Only high-quality natural caoutchouc is
used and refined with HIRSCH-specific additives. The material guarantees a
considerably longer service life and makes the bracelets much more pleasant
to wear than bracelets made from conventional synthetic materials. HIRSCH            HIRSCH Scratch Resistant
caoutchouc bracelets are highly elastic, tear resistant, gentle on the skin (no      HIRSCH Scratch Resistant bracelets are highly resistant to scratches; particularly
allergy caused by latex) and resistant to external influences, such as water, UV     sturdy raw hides are given a special HIRSCH scratch-resistant finish that
light or chemicals.                                                                  protects the bracelet from abrasion.
    Leather care

    Leather is one of the noblest and at the same time most versatile materials. Man has been using it for thousands of
    years. As a natural product, leather is, however, subject to environmental influences and thus to an ageing process –
    even when treated with traditional procedures to make it durable.

    The Rembordé production technology patented by Hans Hirsch joins upper and lining leather seamlessly and ensures
    a quality standard for which HIRSCH leather bracelets are renowned the world over. This HIRSCH quality meets
    many physical requirements, such as tensile strength, suppleness, resistance to perspiration, colour fastness or water
    resistance and makes HIRSCH leather bracelets much more long-lasting than traditional watch straps.
    And yet – sweat, hand cream, perfume and other influences may wash out the tanning agents and thus reduce the
    bracelet’s quality.

    Protect your bracelet and give it a long life!
    Regular care of your bracelet can extend its life. Rinse the bracelet under lukewarm running water and then dab off
    the water with a cotton cloth. Or let the bracelet dry on your wrist.
    Please note. The hides used for HIRSCH bracelets do not require any application of grease – such as shoe cream, for
8   example. Using shoe cream or dubbin on your bracelet may trigger undesired chemical reactions with the tannins
    which could lead to a loss of quality.
HIRSCH warranty

HIRSCH is the only manufacturer of bracelets for watches to grant a one-year warranty for leather bracelets.

Leather is beautiful because it is a natural, living material. Over time, however, a natural product of this kind begins to
show signs of wear. If you wanted to avoid wear at all you would have to do without leather.

The precise leather working, the many years of production know-how and skills, the selection of particularly suitable
materials and the perfect craftsmanship and love of detail make it possible for us to offer our customers the following

HIRSCH will exchange each bracelet showing a manufacturing fault within one year of the date of purchase free of charge.

We are able to grant this warranty, because jewellers and watchmakers have the technical skills to precisely distingu-
ish between manufacturing faults and normal wear.

We are proud to have you as a customer and wish you every success in selling HIRSCH quality bracelets.

                                                   Yours, Robert Hirsch
     in alphabetical order according to models
     article number    product             page   article number    product              page

     404788            Accent               37    012060 / 012061   Merino                      29
     203027            Alligatorgrain       48    028900 / 028901   Milano                      45
     155028            Amazon               40    103028            Modena                      20
     102068            Aqualino             44    123502            Mustang                     45
     038280 / 038281   Aristocrat           18    283028            Nile                        48
     015750 / 015751   Ascot                27    034750 / 034751   Osiris                      33
     020750            Aviator              23    022080 / 022081   Prestige                    14
     113502            Buffalo              32    023280            Professional                17
     221002            Calf                 50    405388            Pure                        38
     222002            Calf Padded          49    036781            Pythea                      26
     209002            Calfskin stitched    48    123026            Rainbow                     21
     010090 / 010091   Camelgrain           30    123026-OE         Rainbow                     47
     025920            Carbon               29    144075            Rally                       28
     188008-OE         Certified Croco      47    041071            Regent                      13
     113405            Chrono Shark         42    101067            Reptile                     15
     029661            Cleopatra            39    012020            Rivetta                     23
     123028            Crocograin           20    040020            Runner                      26
     141002-OE         Diamond Calf         47    178520            Scandic                     30
10   010280 / 010281   Duke                 19    402181            Silicone                    49
     404988            Extreme              37    011020 / 011021   Softcalf                    31
     263702            Fashion Calf         49    033020            Trapper                     25
     179002            Forest               33    108002            Traveller                   27
     033950            Freestyle            24    137002            Umbria                      34
     019550 / 019551   Galuchat             41    021070            Venice                      39
     102007            Genuine Alligator    13    018901            Verona                      44
     189008            Genuine Croco        14    102707            Viscount Alligator          12
     102062            Genuine Ostrich      40    023210            Waterproof                  43
     155019            Golf                 41    175002            Windsor                     34
     032190            Golfer               25
     025280            Grand Duke           18
     027901            H                    42
     014750            Heavy Calf           24
     404588            Hevea                38
     043020            Highland             32
     238028            Hunter               49
     178020            Italocalf            35
     109028            Knight               17
     109002            Liberty              31
     017660 / 017661   Lizard               15
     238026            Lizardgrain          48
     131026            Lizardlook           35
     042070            London               12
     034270 / 034271   Louisianalook        21
     145021            Mariner              28
     013750            Memento              43

Elegance ... is good taste with a hint of adventure. Discover some of the most beautiful
bracelets in the world – from the precious skin of exotic animals.
     Viscount 102707                                                                       London 042070
     Alligator                                         $ 325.95                                                                            $ 285.95

                                                  NEW!                                                                              NEW!
                            GENUINE ALLIGATOR                                                                 GENUINE ALLIGATOR
                                  SEMI-MATTE                                                                        SEMI-MATTE
                                                                         HIRSCH 100 m
                                                                         Water Resistant

                               You don’t even have to take                                                       Precious Louisiana alligator
                                   it off to go swimming –                                                           skin, brushed to create
                                       the Viscount Alligator                                                           its silky shine. Just as
                                         is the first 100m                                                                 beautiful and applied
                                           water-resistant leather                                                           by hand, is the thin
                                             bracelet in the world.                                                           layer of contrasting
                                             The technology                                                                    edge finish and
                                             which ensures this                                                                the bar seam, also
                                             characteristic was                                                                made by hand,
                                             developed by HIRSCH                                                              on the buckle. The
                                            in cooperation with                                                               water-resistant and
                                           a specialist Italian                                                              sweat-resistant HIRSCH
                                          tannery. The hide of                                                              Oysterglove Supersoft
12                                      a genuine Louisiana                                                               lining leather ensures
                                      alligator was tanned to                                                          optimum comfort even
                                    be water-resistant and                                                            with the most exacting
                                  is seamlessly attached to                                                         demand.
                                the water-resistant lining
                              leather by means of the HIRSCH
                            Rembordé technology.

                                                  Black         Brown                                                     Black         Brown Gold Brown
                                                  mat            mat                                                      mat            mat     mat
                                                   59             19                                                       59             19      79

                                    mm            18      19   20   22                                                    mm               18   19   20
                                         Length                                                                                   Length
                                    mm            16      18   18   20                                                    mm               16   16   16


                        102707 19          L                                                                  042070 19             L
                        102707 59          L                                                                  042070 59             L
                                                                                                              042070 79             L
Genuine 102007                                                                      Regent 041071
Alligator                                                 M = $ 192.95                                                              $ 131.95
                                                          XL = $ 247.95

                                        GENUINE ALLIGATOR                                    GENUINE ALLIGATOR FLANK
                                              SEMI-MATTE                                                  SEMI-MATTE

                                              Classic, beautiful,                                           The unmistakable, small,
                                                  hand-brushed alligator                                       roundish scales give away
                                                     bracelet with typical                                       the noble origin of
                                                       grain. Upper and lining                                     this bracelet … the
                                                        leather are joined                                           best alligator flank
                                                         seamlessly with                                               leather. The greatest
                                                          HIRSCH Rembordé                                               wearing comfort is
                                                          technology. Not only                                          ensured by the soft,
                                                          is the bracelet                                               supple, water-resistant
                                                         resistant to heat, sweat                                      and sweat-resistant
                                                         and moisture, it is also                                     lining leather and the
                                                        extremely long-lasting.                                      nickel-free stainless
                                                       The older it becomes,                                        steel buckle. A bracelet
                                                      the more distinctive its                                    of timeless beauty, its            13
                                                    appearance. Depending                                        wearer will enjoy it forever.
                                                   on its wearer’s lifestyle and
                                                 habits, the precious alligator
                                               skin develops its very own
                                             distinctive patina over the years.

                                                    Black Brown Gold Brown                                            Black       Brown Gold Brown
                                                    mat    mat Brown mat                                              mat          mat     mat
                                                     59     19  mat    17                                              59           19      79

                          mm            12     14    16   18   19   20   22   24                                     mm              18   19   20
                               Length                                                                                     Length
                          mm            10     12    14   16   18   18   20   22                                     mm              16   16   16


              102007 17          M                                                                       041071 19            M
              102007 19          M                                                                       041071 59            M
              102007 59          M                                                                       041071 79            M
              102007 79          M
              102207 59          XL
              102207 79          XL
     Prestige 022080 / 022081                                                 Genuine Croco 189008
                                                            $ 115.95          Available in New “L” Length                                                        $ 104.95

                             GENUINE CROCO SHINy                                                                            GENUINE CROCO SHINy

                                     A shining example of                                                                              Genuine crocodile leather
                                         HIRSCH craftsmanship                                                                              – the timeless classic
                                             and one of the                                                                                   material for that special
                                               highlights of the col-                                                                           watch! Selected,
                                                lection in the truest                                                                            precious crocodile
                                                 meaning of the word!                                                                              skin is punched by
                                                  Made from genuine                                                                                hand with an agate
                                                  crocodile flank                                                                                  stone to provide
                                                  leather, this beautiful,                                                                         the surface of the
                                                 elegant and noble                                                                                 Genuine Croco with
                                                 bracelet is the perfect                                                                          its brilliant shine. The
                                                partner for classic ladies’                                                                      delicate body with the
                                               and men’s watches.                                                                               fine tone-on-tone seam
14                                            Following the old                                                                                and the supple Softglove
                                            leather-working tradition,                                                                       lining leather give this
                                         Prestige is produced without                                                                       bracelet a certain lightness
                                        a seam; the supple yet tough                                                                      and make it gentle on the
                                      Oysterglove Supersoft lining                                                                      skin, soft and supple.
                                    leather developed by HIRSCH
                                   makes it so gentle on the skin.

                                          Black Burgundy Gold-        Brown                                                                        Black         Brown Gold Brown
                                           50      60    Brown          10                                                                          50             10      70

                              mm             14   16   17   18   19    20                                     mm             12   13    14    15   16       17    18   19   20
                                    Length                                                                         Length
                              mm             12   14   16   16   18    18                                     mm             10   10    12    14   14       14    16   16   16


                      022081 10       M                                                           189008 10          M
                      022080 10       L                                                           189008 50          M
                      022081 50       M                                                           189008 70          M
                      022080 50       L
                      022081 60       M                                                                                                       mm                  18   19   20
                      022080 60       L                                                                                                       mm                  16   16   16
                      022081 70       M                                                                                           189208 10             L
                      022080 70       L                                                                                           189208 50             L
                                                                                                                                  189208 70             L
Reptile 101067                                                                           Lizard 017660 / 017661
                                                      $ 82.95                                                                                                          M/L = $ 52.95
                                                                                                                                                                        XL = $ 60.95

                        TEjUS REPTILE SHINy                                                                                                                   GENUINE LIzARD
                                                                     No Allergy System

                            Genuine Tejus lizard. The                                                                                                       Luxurious lizard leather
                               characteristic Tejus grain                                                                                                      with its typical small
                                 consisting of round                                                                                                              scales, tanned to a very
                                   and rectangular scales                                                                                                           special recipe and
                                    is underlined in this                                                                                                            seamlessly joined
                                      bracelet by a strong                                                                                                            to the delightfully
                                       padding. An impres-                                                                                                             soft lining leather
                                       sive proof of Hirsch’s                                                                                                          by means of the
                                       master craftsmanship                                                                                                            HIRSCH Rembordé
                                      in leather.                                                                                                                     technology. With
                                     Available with black                                                                                                             perfectly shaped
                                    No-Allergy Hi Tech                                                                                                               detailing, such as the
                                   lining leather!                                                                                                                  elegant buckle and the
                                                                                                                                                                   elegant round holes. A       15
                                                                                                                                                                 truly beautiful bracelet for
                                                                                                                                                                any elegant watch.

                                                   Black    Brown                                                                                              Black   Brown Gold- Burgundy
                                                    50        10                                                                                                50       10  Brown    60

                                mm            14     16    18   20                                              mm            08   09   10   11   12   13    14   15   16   17   18   19   20
                                     Length                                                                          Length
                                mm            12     14    16   18                                              mm            06   08   08   10   10   12    12   14   14   16   16   18   18


                    101067 10          M                                                          017661   10          M
                    101067 50          M                                                          017660   10          L
                                                                                                  017661   50          M
                                                                                                  017660   50          L
                                                                                                  017661   60          M
                                                                                                  017660   60          L
                                                                                                  017661   70          M
                                                                                                  017660   70          L
                                                                                                  017662   10          XL
                                                                                                  017662   50          XL

     Nature is full of unique masterpieces. Some of these masterpieces are HIRSCH embossed
     leather bracelets with perfect alligator, crocodile, lizard and python embossing.
Knight 109028                                                                     Professional 023280
                                                   $ 74.95                                                                            $ 71.95

                   ALLIGATOR EMBOSSED                                                                 ALLIGATOR EMBOSSED
                                                                       HIRSCH                                                                         HIRSCH
                                                                       Aligator                                                                       Aligator

                          Powerful men’s bracelet                                                             A bracelet of class from the
                              made from precious calf                                                            best calf skin in semi-matt
                                skin with perfect alliga-                                                           alligator grain. The
                                   tor grain effect – and                                                             special eye-catcher is
                                     with that variation of                                                             the distinct double
                                      dark and light shades                                                              bead padding along
                                       that is normally only                                                              the entire length
                                       found in genuine                                                                   of the bracelet that
                                       alligator hide. Knight                                                             gives Professional that
                                      combines modern                                                                    uniquely dynamic,
                                      design and the time-                                                               powerful and sporty
                                     honoured “belt look”                                                               character.
                                    that is underlined by the
                                  elaborate finish of the                                                                                                        17
                                edges which is applied by
                              hand three times. Pleasantly
                             soft and supple on the skin
                           thanks to waterresistant
                          HIRSCH Oysterglove Supersoft
                       lining leather.

                                                  Black        Brown                                         Black      Brown     Gold         Blue
                                                   50            10                                           50          10     Brown          80

                               mm            20   22      24    26                                                mm            18   20   22     24
                                    Length                                                                             Length
                               mm            18   20      22    24                                                mm            16   18   20     22


                   109028 10          L                                                               023280 10          L
                   109028 50          L                                                               023280 50          L
                                                                                                      023280 70          L
                                                                                                      023280 80          L
     Grand Duke 025280                                                              Aristocrat 038280 / 038281
                                                   $ 65.95                                                                           $ 59.95

                 ALLIGATOR EMBOSSED                                                                              CROCO EMBOSSED
                                                  HIRSCH          HIRSCH 100 m
                                                  Aligator        Water Resistant

                           100 m Water-Resistant sports                                                          Noble croco embossed
                              bracelet made from the                                                               bracelet in matt-finish
                                finest Italian calf skin                                                              design with fine grain
                                   with perfect alligator                                                               and unobtrusive
                                    grain. Flexible and                                                                   tone-on-tone seam.
                                      supple diving glove                                                                  The body with pad-
                                      lining leather which                                                                  ding from genuine
                                      keeps its shape,                                                                      leather fibre, and
                                      and waterresistant                                                                    the elegant buckle
                                      padding made from                                                                    with round holes
                                     leather fibre. The                                                                    add the final touch to
                                    coloured contrasting                                                                  this beautifully-shaped
                                   seam and the beautifully                                                              bracelet.
18                                shaped Active buckle with
                                oval holes underline the
                               powerful design of the
                             functional sports bracelet.

                                         Black    Brown Gold-                                                                    Black     Brown
                                          50        10  Brown                                                                     50         10

                                    mm             20   22   24                                                   mm            12   14   18   20
                                         Length                                                                        Length
                                    mm             18   20   22                                                   mm            10   12   16   18


                        025280 10          L                                                            038281   10      M
                        025280 50          L                                                            038280   10      L
                        025280 70          L                                                            038281   50      M
                                                                                                        038280   50      L
     Duke 010280 / 010281
                                                                              M/L = $ 40.95
                                                                                XL =$ 47.95

                                                          ALLIGATOR EMBOSSED

      Sheep 012060 / 012061                                                                                                                      Duke 010280 / 010281
                                                                                                                                                 (old # 102028)
                                                                One of the most popular
                                                                   bracelets in the world –
                                                                                                                                                 $ 36.95
                                                                     and justifiably so! The
                                                                        centuries-old craft of                                                   $ 42.95 = XL
      $ 42.95                                                            refining leathers of
                                                                          all types makes it
                                                                           possible for HIRSCH
                                                                           to treat par-
                                                                           ticularly sturdy natural
                                                                          leather in a way that
                                                                          combines the aesthetic
                                                                         characteristics of
                                                                        alligator leather with the
                                                                       extreme durability of the                                                                                                                                                                   19
                                                                     best Italian calf skin. The
                                                                    water- and sweat-resistant
                                                                  Softglove lining leather
                                                                 ensures the greatest comfort
                                                               even with heavy-duty use.

                                                       The feel of the softness, the silky touch and                                                                                           There are many reasons why Duke is one of
                                                     the inimitable slight sheen on the surface of                                                                                            the most popular bracelets in the world. The
                                                    sheep leather arouses in all of us pleasant                                                                                           centuries-old craft of processing leathers of all
                                                   memories that are associated with a feeling for                                                                                       types makes it possible for HIRSCH to treat
                                                   leather. HIRSCH processes this unusual                                                                                               particularly sturdy natural leather in a way that
                                                  material, which has always been traditionally                                                                                        combines the aesthetic characteristics of
                                              used by luxury watch brands, into a timeless                                                                                             alligator leather with the extreme durability of
                                              bracelet for watches.                                                                                                                the most innovative materials.

                      Black               Brown           Gold-          Honey           Beige             Blue             Grey            Burgundy        Orange          Red                 White                                         Ice           Pink
                       50                   10            Brown           75              90                80               30                60             76             20                  01                                          Blue            22
                                                            70                                                                                                                                                                                82
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Royal Blue Ice Blue    Pink
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    85         82        22

                               mm             12     13   14   15   16   17    18   19   20   22   24                      mm               12    13   14   15   16   17   18     19     20     22   24                     mm              14   16    18     20
                                    Length                                                                                      Length                                                                                             Length
                               mm             10     12   12   14   14   16    16   18   18   20   22                      mm               10    12   12   14   14   16   16     18     18     20   22                     mm              12   14    16     18

                 010280   01          M                                                                        010281 70           M                                                                            010280 22            M

                 010281   10          M                                                                        010280 70           L                                                                            010280 82            M
                 010280   10          L                                                                        010281 75           M
                 010280   20          M                                                                        010280 76           M
                 010280   30          M                                                                        010281 80           M
                 010281   50          M                                                                        010280 80           M
                 010280   50          L                                                                        010280 90           M
                 010281   60          M                                  Black           Brown          Gold   010282
                                                                                                               Brown 50               Black      Brown Gold Brown Honey           Blue          Grey Burgundy Beige                 Red     White      Orange
                 010280   60          L                                                                        010282 80           XL
                                                                          50               10                  70                      50          10      70      75              80            30     60     90                    20      01          76
     Modena 103028                                                                                  Crocograin 123028
                                                                           $ 47.95                                                                                              M = $ 36.95
                                                                                                                                                                                XL =$ 40.95

                                        ALLIGATOR EMBOSSED                                                                                                   CROCO EMBOSSED

                                                    Calf leather of the highest                                                                              High-quality natural leather
                                                        quality is processed by                                                                                 with perfect crocodile
                                                           Italian master tanners                                                                                  grain – for all who love
                                                             and given a finish that                                                                                 classic watch bracelets.
                                                               would do credit to                                                                                     Soft and gentle on the
                                                                genuine alligator. The                                                                                  skin thanks to water-
                                                                 semi-matt design,                                                                                       and sweat-resistant
                                                                 full body, decorative                                                                                   Softglove lining
                                                                 block texture and                                                                                       leather. The light
                                                                powerful contrast                                                                                       leather fibre padding
                                                                stitching make this                                                                                    and the tone-on-tone
                                                               bracelet so unique.                                                                                    stitching add body
                                                                                                                                                                     to the masterful
20                                                                                                                                                                  embossing. Comes in
                                                                                                                                                                  many fashionable and
                                                                                                                                                                   elegant colours.

          Black   Brown      Gold-      Honey         Blue Royal Blue    Red    Yellow                                 Black    Brown     Gold Burgundy Blue             Green        Red         Gold
           50       10       Brown       75            80     85          20      72                                    50        10     Brown    60     80               40           20        Yellow
                               70                                                                                                          70                                                      72

                                               mm              18   19   20    22   24                                     mm            10   11   12   13    14    15     16    17    18   19     20
                                                      Length                                                                    Length
                                               mm              16   18   18    20   22                                     mm            08   10   10   12    12    14     14    16    16   18     18


                                   103028 10            L                                                      123028 10          M
                                   103028 20            L                                                      123028 20          M
                                   103028 50            L                                                      123028 40          M
                                   103028 70            L                                                      123028 50          M
                                   103028 72            L                                                      123028 60          M
                                   103028 75            L                                                      123028 70          M
                                   103028 80            L                                                      123028 72          M
                                   103028 85            L                                                      123028 80          M
                                                                                                               123228 10          XL
                                                                                                               123228 50          XL
Rainbow 123026                                                                                                                  Louisianalook 034270 / 034271
                                                                                        M = $ 36.95                                                                                                                  $ 29.95
                                                                                        XL =$ 40.95

                                                                        LIzARD EMBOSSED                                                                                           ALLIGATOR EMBOSSED

                                                                        A masterpiece of HIRSCH                                                                                              Selected calf skin of the best
                                                                           leather manufacture in                                                                                                quality with the grain
                                                                              a new design! With                                                                                                    of genuine Louisiana
                                                                                its light padding and                                                                                                 alligator and natural
                                                                                  enhanced lizard                                                                                                      two-tone effect. Flat,
                                                                                   embossed, the                                                                                                         semi-matt design.
                                                                                    elegant calf skin                                                                                                     The pleasantly soft
                                                                                    bracelet is scarcely                                                                                                  lining leather is
                                                                                    distinguishable from                                                                                                  seamlessly attached to
                                                                                   genuine lizard. The                                                                                                   the upper material by
                                                                                   silky-gloss finish and                                                                                               means of the HIRSCH
                                                                                  the wide range of                                                                                                    Rembordé technol-
                                                                                 colours that this popular                                                                                            ogy and thus perfectly
                                                                               bracelet comes in give it                                                                                             protected from external                       21
                                                                             its name - Rainbow.                                                                                                   influences such as heat
                                                                                                                                                                                                  and humidity.

                                 Black    Brown         Gold Burgundy Blue         Royal        Red        White                                         Black     Brown Gold-        Blue    Ice Blue   Red        Pink        Beige
                                  50        10         Brown    60     80          Blue          20         00                                            50         10  Brown         80        82       20         22          92
                                                         70                         85                                                                                     70

                     mm              08    09     10     11   12   13    14   15   16      17   18    19     20                       mm            12   14   16   18   20              mm               12    14   16     18     20
                          Length                                                                                                           Length                                              Length
                     mm              06    08     08     10   10   12    12   14   14      16   16    18     18                       mm            10   12   14   16   18              mm               10    12   14     16     18


         123026 00          M                                                                                               034271   10      M                               034271   70         M
         123026 10          M                                                                                               034270   10      L                               034270   70         L
         123026 20          M                                                                                               034271   20      M                               034271   80         M
         123026 50          M                                                                                               034270   20      L                               034270   80         L
         123026 60          M                                                                                               034271   22      M                               034271   82         M
         123026 70          M                                                                                               034270   22      L                               034270   82         L
         123026 80          M                                                                                               034271   50      M                               034271   92         M
         123026 85          M                                                                                               034270   50      L                               034270   92         L
         123226 10          XL
         123226 50          XL

     Premium calfskin, processed with great attention to detail.
     It is the small differences that make HIRSCH bracelets the best in the world.
Rivetta 012020                                                    Aviator 020750
                                                   $ 109.95                                                     $ 69.95

                     STRUCTURED LEATHER                                         STRUCTURED LEATHER

                            A masterpiece in                                             The icon of the “Active”
                               function and design!                                         product world is a unique
                                  The distinctive feature                                      combination of design
                                    of this bracelet is                                          in perfect form and
                                      its characteristic                                           future-oriented
                                        leather texture                                             leather processing
                                         that resembles                                              technology.
                                         the surface of                                              Exceptionally robust
                                         wood. Resistant to                                          calf leather, perfect
                                        water and sweat and                                         HIRSCH quality
                                       particularly gentle                                          workmanship and out-
                                      on the skin thanks to                                        standing design set new
                                     HIRSCH Oysterglove                                           visual standards.
                                   Supersoft lining leather.                                                                     23
                                  A truly unique bracelet
                                for classic to avant-garde

                                      Black    Brown     Gold-                                          Black Brown       Blue
                                       50        10      Brown                                           50     10         80

                                mm            18   20   22   24                                   mm            18   20    22
                                     Length                                                            Length
                                mm            16   18   20   22                                   mm            18   20    22


                    012020 10          L                                              020750 10          L
                    012020 50          L                                              020750 50          L
                    012020 70          L                                              020750 80          L
     Heavy Calf 014750                                                                    Freestyle 033950
                                                              $ 69.95                                                                       $ 65.95

                        UNTExTURED LEATHER                                                                           HI TECH MATERIAL
                                                              HIRSCH 100 m                                                                                 HIRSCH 100 m
                                                              Water Resistant Resistant                                                                    Water Resistan

                                Heavy Calf is as strong and                                                          Resistant high-tech textile
                                   hardwearing as the top                                                               material and a special,
                                     quality calf skin it is                                                               high-quality water-proof
                                       made of. The water-,                                                                  lining leather
                                        sweat- and scratch-                                                                    ensure extreme
                                         resistant bracelet with                                                                water-resistance
                                          strong padding made                                                                    (100-m-WR). The
                                          from genuine leather                                                                   bracelet’s high
                                          fibre and with distinct                                                                functional appeal, the
                                         contrasting seam                                                                       noble design and its
                                         offers perfect fit for                                                                 powerful body with
                                               every sports watch.                                                             coloured contrast stitch-
                                                                                                                              ing make Freestyle the
24                                                                                                                          ideal bracelet for people
                                                                                                                           doing extreme sports and
                                                                                                                         seek the extraordinary.

                                               Black        Brown         Gold                                                          Black     Blue
                                                50            10         Brown                                                           50        80

                                    mm                 18    20     22    24                                             mm            18   20   22   24
                                         Length                                                                               Length
                                    mm                 16    18     20    22                                             mm            16   18   20   22


                        014750 10          L                                                                 033950 50          L
                        014750 50          L                                                                 033950 80          L
                        014750 70          L
Golfer 032190                                                              Trapper 033020
                                                        $ 65.95                                                          $ 65.95

                    STRUCTURED LEATHER                                                  STRUCTURED LEATHER
                                                                                                                         HIRSCH HIRSCH
                                                                                                                         No Allergy Nature Line

                           The perfect symbiosis of                                               Soft cow hide with distinct
                              the finest calf leather and                                             padding made from
                                punched holes results                                                   genuine leather
                                   in a bracelet in typical                                               fibre and prominent
                                    golf design. The                                                        contrast stitching. A
                                     attractive and sporty                                                    bracelet from the
                                      bracelet is lined with                                                  HIRSCH Nature Line:
                                      rubber and adds the                                                     untreated, natural
                                      right drive to every                                                    materials and the new
                                     wrist.                                                                   black No Allergy lining
                                                                                                             leather ensure the
                                                                                                            greatest comfort even
                                                                                                           for people with sensitive
                                                                                                         skin.                              25

                                Black       Blue        Red        White                  Black       Brown     Gold Brown Honey
                                 50          80          20         00                     50           10          70      75

                               mm                  18   20    22     24                                    mm            18   20   22
                                    Length                                                                      Length
                               mm                  16   18    20     22                                    mm            16   18   20


                   032190 00            L                                                      033020 10          L
                   032190 20            L                                                      033020 50          L
                   032190 50            L                                                      033020 70          L
                   032190 80            L                                                      033020 75          L
     Pythea 036781                                                      Runner 040020
                                                       $ 54.95                                                              $ 54.95

                             ExOTICS EMBOSSED                                       UNTExTURED LEATHER
                                                                                                                                         HIRSCH 100 m
                                                                                                                                         Water Resistan

                                Python embossed leather                                       Elegant, sporty bracelet
                                    in elegant, shiny patent                                      from supple, yet strong
                                       leather finish: With                                          calf skin. Thanks to the
                                         PYTHEA, glamorous                                             HIRSCH Rembordé
                                          women can make a                                               technology and the
                                           fashion statement.                                             unique, high-tech
                                            The bracelet follows                                           lining material
                                            the phyton embossed                                            with rubber-like
                                            trend in the world of                                          surface, RUNNER
                                           fashion accessories.                                           scores highest marks
                                           The graceful, flat body                                        when it comes to
                                          with the tightly arranged                                      durability both on
                                         “scales” caresses the                                          land and in water. The
26                                      wrist and together with                                       distinct buckle made from
                                      the nickel-free Catwalk                                        nickel-free stainless steel
                                     buckle it underlines the                                      and the beautiful HIRSCH
                                   feminine character of this                                    Sportivo tip complete the
                                 bracelet of exotic beauty.                                    superb design of this sporty

                                                   Brown         Blue                                  Black         Blue          Red
                                                     10           82                                    50            80            20

                                    mm            14   16   18    20                               mm                   18    20    22
                                         Length                                                                Length
                                    mm            12   14   16    18                               mm                   16    18    20


                        036781 10          M                                               040020 20             L
                        036781 82          M                                               040020 50             L
                                                                                           040020 80             L
Ascot 015750 / 015751                                                                     Traveller 108002
                                                                       $ 52.95                                                                      $ 52.95

                                   UNTExTURED LEATHER                                                                  STRUCTURED LEATHER
                                                                                                                                                                   Nature Line

                                            Very British! English leather is                                                  Extremely pleasant to
                                               a must for everyone who                                                            wear thanks to the soft,
                                                  loves the typical British                                                         naturally tanned cow
                                                    way of life. The tasteful                                                        leather with light
                                                      design combines the                                                              padding. Treated only
                                                        centuries of HIRSCH                                                             with natural tanning
                                                        leather-working                                                                  agents, each Traveller
                                                        tradition with English                                                           bracelet acquires its
                                                        tailor-made leather                                                              mature, individual
                                                        accessories, such as                                                            patina over time by
                                                       the beautiful yoke                                                               wind and weather.
                                                      seam, to create an
                                                     outstanding bracelet
                                                   for true ladies and                                                                                                     27

                                                        Black        Brown         Gold                                     Black    Brown       Gold     Honey
                                                         50            10         Brown                                      50        10       Brown      75
                                                                                    70                                                            70

                              mm              12   14    16     17    18     19     20                                 mm            14   16   18   20   22   24
                                   Length                                                                                   Length
                              mm              10   12    14     16    16     18     18                                 mm            12   14   16   18   20   22


                015751   10          M                                                                     108002 10          M
                015750   10          L                                                                     108002 50          M
                015751   50          M                                                                     108002 70          M
                015750   50          L                                                                     108002 75          M
                015751   70          M
                015750   70          L
     Rally 144075                                                             Mariner 145021
                                                             $ 47.95                                                           $ 47.95

                      STRUCTURED LEATHER                                                    STRUCTURED LEATHER
                                                                                                                                             HIRSCH 100 m
                                                                                                                                             Water Resistan

                                Powerful and elegant                                                 Highly durable 100 m
                                   bracelet as a perfect                                                Water-Resistant sports
                                     association of motor                                                  bracelet with soft and
                                       sports! The natural                                                   supple Diving Glove
                                        cow leather bracelet                                                  lining leather. Thanks
                                          with distinct padding                                                 to a special finishing
                                          and sporty contrast                                                    process, the leather
                                          stitching attracts great                                               of the Mariner model
                                          attention with its                                                     is water-resistant and
                                          perforation inspired                                                  dries quickly. This
                                         by the racing glove                                                   beautiful and functional
                                        look.                                                                 bracelet can therefore
                                                                                                             even go swimming and
28                                                                                                          diving with you.

                                         Black      Brown        Gold Brown                                    Black       Brown Gold Brown
                                          50          10             70                                         50           10      70

                                         mm                 18    20   22                                     mm              18   20   22
                                                 Length                                                            Length
                                         mm                 16    18   20                                     mm              16   18   20


                             144075 10             L                                              145021 10            L
                             144075 50             L                                              145021 50            L
                             144075 70             L                                              145021 70            L
Carbon 025920                                                                      Merino 012060 / 012061
                                                  $ 47.95                          formerly known                                             $ 47.95
                                                                                   as “Sheep”

                  STRUCTURED LEATHER                                                                         UNTExTURED LEATHER
                                                                 HIRSCH 100 m                                                                            HIRSCH
                                                                 Water Resistant                                                                         Nature Line

                          Carbon is understatement                                                                  A bracelet that not only shines
                             in its purest form! The                                                                    like silk but also feels like
                                bracelet is 100 m                                                                          silk. Soft nappa leather,
                                   Water-Resistant,                                                                           known for its supple-
                                    available in trend                                                                         ness and velvety finish,
                                     colours and comes                                                                           and skin-friendly
                                      with sporty square                                                                         Oysterglove Supersoft
                                      padding and distinct                                                                       lining leather are
                                      contrast stitching. It is                                                                  seamlessly joined by
                                     made from high-tech,                                                                        means of the HIRSCH
                                     carbon fibre-look                                                                          Rembordé technology.
                                    leather developed by                                                                       A bracelet of timeless
                                   HIRSCH. The lining                                                                         beauty from the HIRSCH
                                  material is made from                                                                      Nature Line.                      29
                               rubber and makes Carbon
                              one of the most durable
                            bracelets in the world.

             Black       Grey       Blue    Orange         Red                                                            Black       Brown Gold Brown
              50          30         80       76            20                                                             50           10      70

                              mm            18   20   22    24                                                           mm              16   18   20
                                   Length                                                                                     Length
                              mm            16   18   20    22                                                           mm              14   16   18


                  025920 20          L                                                                       012061 10            M
                  025920 30          L                                                                       012060 10            L
                  025920 50          L                                                                       012061 50            M
                  025920 76          L                                                                       012060 50            L
                  025920 80          L                                                                       012061 70            M
                                                                                                             012060 70            L
     Scandic 178520                                                                              Camelgrain 010090 / 010091
                                                        $ 47.95                                                                                                              M/L = $ 47.95
                                                                                                                                                                              XL =$ 52.95

                  UNTExTURED LEATHER                                                                                                                  STRUCTURED LEATHER
                                                                    HIRSCH                                                                                                                              HIRSCH
                                                                    No Allergy System                                                                                                                   No Allergy Sys

                            A purist, beautiful bracelet                                                                                                        Made from carefully
                               in the style of modern,                                                                                                            selected supple leather
                                  Scandinavian design:                                                                                                               with natural grain. The
                                     deliberately minimalist                                                                                                           Camelgrain model
                                      in form thanks to                                                                                                                 owes its fame to
                                       the extremely flat,                                                                                                               the revolutionary
                                        modern parallel                                                                                                                   HIRSCH No
                                        design and                                                                                                                        Allergy finish, using
                                        characteristic, round                                                                                                             skin-friendly high-tech
                                       tip. Soft calf skin                                                                                                               lining leather. Together
                                       with No Allergy lining                                                                                                            with the nickel-free
                                      leather – also perfect                                                                                                            No-Allergy buckle, it
                                     for people with sensitive                                                                                                         ensures the greatest
30                                 skin!                                                                                                                              comfort even for people
                                                                                                                                                                    with sensitive skin!

                                                Black     Brown                                                                                                 Black    Brown Honey             Blue
                                                 50         10                                                                                                   50        15   10                80

                                     mm             22    24   26                                              mm            08   09   10   11   12   13   14     15    16   17   18   19   20     22
                                          Length                                                                    Length
                                     mm             22    24   26                                              mm            06   08   08   10   10   12   12     14    14   16   16   18   18     20


                         178520 10          M                                                    010091   10          M
                         178520 50          M                                                    010090   10          L
                                                                                                 010091   15          M
                                                                                                 010090   15          L
                                                                                                 010091   50          M
                                                                                                 010090   50          L
                                                                                                 010092   50          XL
                                                                                                 010091   80          M
                                                                                                 010090   80          L
Liberty 109002                                                                      Softcalf 011020 / 011021
                                                      $ 40.95                                                                                                        $ 40.95

                   STRUCTURED LEATHER                                                                                             UNTExTURED LEATHER
                                                                      Nature Line

                           A masterpiece of the                                                                                             Softcalf, made from
                              HIRSCH Nature Line.                                                                                               wonderfully soft French
                                Following the tradition                                                                                           calf skin and refined
                                  of the old saddler’s                                                                                               at Italian tanneries,
                                   craft, the bracelet is                                                                                              is the epitome of
                                     made from one piece                                                                                                 noble elegance.
                                     of leather and treated                                                                                              The distinct flat
                                     only with natural,                                                                                                  design, the absence
                                     vegetable tanning                                                                                                   of stitching and the
                                     agents. External                                                                                                    clear embossing
                                    influences such as                                                                                                  line give this bracelet
                                   sun, wind and water                                                                                                 in the best HIRSCH
                                  add a unique patina to                                                                                              leather tradition its air of
                                 this bracelet, reflecting its                                                                                      understated style.               31
                                wearer’s lifestyle.

                                       Black        Brown     Gold                                                                                               Black    Brown
                                        50            10     Brown                                                                                                50        10

                               mm              18    20     22   24                                            mm            12   13   14    15   16   17   18      19   20   22
                                    Length                                                                          Length
                               mm              16    18     20   22                                            mm            10   12   12    14   14   16   16      18   18   20


                   109002 10          L                                                          011021   10          M
                   109002 50          L                                                          011020   10          L
                   109002 70          L                                                          011021   50          M
                                                                                                 011020   50          L
     Highland 043020                                                 Buffalo 113502
                                                      $ 36.95        Available in New “L” Length                                          $ 36.95

                  STRUCTURED LEATHER                                                                    STRUCTURED LEATHER
                                                                                                                                                         Nature Line

                            A bracelet of classic beauty                                                           The coarse leather structure
                               made from the finest                                                                   and characteristic grain
                                  Italian calf skin. The                                                                 is reminiscent of the
                                     discreet tone-one-tone                                                                 wild, untamed leather
                                      seam and the strong                                                                    of saddle straps.
                                       padding made from                                                                       Buffalo is a deliberate
                                        genuine leather                                                                         tribute to the beauty
                                        fibre accentuate the                                                                    of riding. As part of
                                        natural grain of the                                                                    the HIRSCH Nature
                                       leather. The supple                                                                     line, the naturally
                                       and moisture resistant                                                                 tanned calf leather with
                                      Softglove lining leather                                                               discreet padding and
                                     makes the bracelet a                                                                   contrast stitching will
32                                  pleasure to wear.                                                                      develop its individual
                                                                                                                        look over time.

                                                   Black    Brown                                                                      Black    Brown
                                                    50        10                                                                        50        15

                                     mm              18    19   20                                                 mm             16     18    20   22
                                          Length                                                                         Length
                                     mm              16    18   18                                                 mm             14     16    18   20


                         043020 10          L                                                          113502 15           M
                         043020 50          L                                                          113202 15           L
                                                                                                       113502 50           M
                                                                                                       113202 50           L
Forest 179002                                                                        Osiris 034750 / 034751
                                                        $ 29.95                                                                                                   $ 29.95

                        STRUCTURED LEATHER                                                                                   UNTExTURED LEATHER
                                                                       Nature Line

                                   Forest is made from soft calf                                                                          The leather for Osiris
                                      skin that is left untreated                                                                            is rolled by hand
                                         and only given delicate                                                                                 according to old
                                            contrast stitching.                                                                                    Italian craftsmanship
                                              The Softglove lining                                                                                   tradition to give the
                                               leather is seamlessly                                                                                   leather that particular
                                                joined to the upper                                                                                     shine. Add to that
                                                material and makes                                                                                      the flat body and
                                                the bracelet                                                                                            discreet tone-on-tone
                                               particularly soft,                                                                                      stitching which give
                                               supple and gentle                                                                                      the bracelet even more
                                              on the skin. Over the                                                                                  shine. Pleasantly soft
                                             years, Forest will show                                                                                and supple thanks to
                                           its typical character and                                                                              HIRSCH Softglove lining          33
                                         reflect its wearer’s lifestyle.                                                                        leather.

                                           Black   Brown      Gold                                                           Black        Brown         Mid Burgundy        Blue
                                            50       10      Brown                                                            50            10         Brown   60            80
                                                               70                                                                                        15

                              mm              12   14   16   18   20                                           mm            12      13    14     15    16   17   18   19    20
                                     Length                                                                         Length
                              mm              10   12   14   16   18                                           mm            10      10    12     14    14   14   16   16    16


                  179002 10            M                                                           034751 10          M
                  179002 50            M                                                           034750 10          L
                  179002 70            M                                                           034751 15          M
                                                                                                   034750 15          L
                                                                                                   034751 50          M
                                                                                                   034750 50          L
                                                                                                   034751 60          M
                                                                                                   034750 60          L
                                                                                                   034751 80          M
                                                                                                   034750 80          L
     Windsor 175002                                                                       Umbria 137202
                                                                         $ 29.95                                                       $ 29.95

                                          STRUCTURED LEATHER                                         UNTExTURED LEATHER

                                                   Strong cow skin with                                        Classic calf skin bracelet,
                                                       timeless and elegant                                        tanned and finished ac-
                                                          leather texture. The                                        cording to the age-old
                                                            simple tone-on-tone                                         Italian art of tanning.
                                                             seam and powerful                                            The fine, delicate
                                                               padding add a very                                          grain with discreet
                                                                special appeal to                                           silky shine adds a
                                                                this classic, beautiful                                     touch of lightness to
                                                                bracelet. A symbol of                                       this bracelet which is
                                                               imperishability and                                         obvious the instant
                                                              tradition.                                                   you put it on: The
                                                                                                                          patented HIRSCH
                                                                                                                         Rembordé technology
34                                                                                                                     and the pleasantly supple
                                                                                                                     lining leather make for
                                                                                                                    unique comfort even with
                                                                                                                  the most exacting demand.

                                                  Black   Brown Gold Brown         Blue                                            Black    Brown
                                                   50       10      70              80                                              50        10

                               mm            12      14   16   17   18   19   20     22                                     mm             18   20
                                    Length                                                                                       Length
                               mm            10      12   14   14   16   18   18     20                                     mm             16   18


                   175002 10          M                                                                         137202 10          L
                   175002 50          M                                                                         137202 50          L
                   175002 70          M
                   175002 80          M
             Italocalf 178020                                                                                      Lizardlook 131026
                                                                                           M = $ 27.95                                                                          $ 19.95
                                                                                           XL =$ 29.95

                                                                 UNTExTURED LEATHER                                                                   LIzARD EMBOSSED

                                                                           A tribute to the traditional                                                The grain of genuine lizard
                                                                               Italian art of processing                                                   skin with its character-
                                                                                   leather that has always                                                    istic round scales is
                                                                                     used only the finest                                                        transferred in an
                                                                                      Italian calf skin for                                                        elaborate embossing
                                                                                        the manufacture of                                                          process to minerally
                                                                                         leather watchbrace-                                                         tanned calf skin. The
                                                                                         lets. Italocalf, too,                                                       resulting finish gives
                                                                                         is made from the                                                            the bracelet its natural
                                                                                        best Italian calf skin.                                                     two-tone effect and
                                                                                       Behind its discreet and                                                      well-balanced shine
                                                                                      elegant beauty hides                                                         and colour. HIRSCH
                                                                                     state-of-the-art HIRSCH                                                      Rembordé technol-
                                                                                    quality: Italocalf is sauna-                                                ogy and Softglove lining        35
                                                                                  tested, water resistant and                                                leather make the bracelet
                                                                                a pleasure to wear thanks to                                                a pleasure to wear and
                                                                              Softglove lining leather.                                                   resistant to heat and moisture
                                                                                                                                                        at the same time.

                                                                  Black    Brown      Blue        Grey    White                                                              Black    Brown
                                                                   50        10        80          30      00                                                                 50        10

                     mm            08   09   10   11   12   13   14   15    16   17   18     19    20    22   24                                mm            10   12   14     16    18   20
                          Length                                                                                                                     Length
                     mm            06   06   08   08   10   10   12   14    14   14   16     16    18    20   22                                mm            08   10   12     14    16   18


         178020 00          M                                                                                                       131026 10          M
         178020 10          M                                                                                                       131026 50          M
         178020 30          M
         178020 50          M
         178020 80          M
         178220 10          XL
         178220 50          XL

     Caoutchouc – Nature’s stroke of genius and refined
     by HIRSCH to serve as the best raw material for functional bracelets.
Extreme 404988                                                           Accent 404788
                                            $ 145.95                                                                   $ 135.95

                                        NEW!                                                                    NEW!
          PREMIUM CAOUTCHOUC                                                       PREMIUM CAOUTCHOUC
                                                             HIRSCH                                                                   HIRSCH
                                                             Kautschuk                                                                Kautschuk

                      Extravagant styling with                                               The sporty bracelet in
                          overlapping segments                                                   “automotive” square
                              that ensure extreme                                                   look! High-quality
                                extendibility. The                                                    natural caoutchouc
                                 perfect bracelet                                                      has been refined by
                                   for diving! The                                                      HIRSCH to create
                                    natural rubber                                                       the ideal material for
                                    undergoes a special                                                  functional bracelets:
                                    finishing procedure                                                  Extremely durable,
                                   and is completely                                                    completely waterproof
                                  waterproof, dimension-                                                and considerably more
                                 ally stable, tear-proof                                               pleasant to wear than
                                and resistant to external                                             conventional, synthetic
                               influences, such as UV                                                bracelets. The slightly                 37
                             light and chemicals. Intel-                                            concave bracelet ensures
                           ligent detail: The integrated                                          that sufficient air gets to
                         loop stopper secures the loop                                          the skin, thereby reducing
                       and prevents the bracelet from                                         moisture. The integrated loop
                     twisting and slipping.                                                 stopper secures the loop and
                                                                                          prevents the bracelet from twisting
                                                                                        and slipping out of the loop.

                                Black       Blue    Orange                                                          Black    White
                                 50          80       76                                                             50       00

                           mm                20    22   24                                               mm            20   22   24
                                  Length                                                                      Length
                           mm                18    20   22                                               mm            18   20   22


                   404988 50            L                                                    404788 00          L
                   404988 76            L                                                    404788 50          L
                   404988 80            L
     Hevea 404588                                                            Pure 405388
                                                   $ 87.95                                                                 $ 71.95

               PREMIUM CAOUTCHOUC                                                      PREMIUM CAOUTCHOUC
                                                                 HIRSCH                                                                     HIRSCH
                                                                 Kautschuk                                                                  Kautschuk

                         High-Tech in elegant design:                                             For all who love simplicity
                             HIRSCH caoutchouc is                                                     of form and the highest
                                 completely waterproof,                                                  functionality!
                                   resistant to external                                                   Made from
                                    influences and                                                           high-quality HIRSCH
                                      considerably softer                                                     caoutchouc – the
                                      than conventional,                                                       high-tech material for
                                      synthetic materials.                                                     functional bracelets
                                      The underside of the                                                     of the luxury watch
                                      bracelet is arched                                                      industry – Pure is
                                     inwards so that it does                                                  extremely durable and
                                    not fully cover the wrist                                                completely waterproof.
                                   and that air can circulate                                               PURE boasts a longer
38                                between the wrist and                                                   life-span and noticeably
                                the bracelet, ensuring                                                  greater comfort than
                              the greatest comfort. The                                                conventional synthetic
                            integrated loop stopper keeps                                            bracelets. The integrated loop
                          the loop in place and the                                                stopper ensures the bracelet’s
                        bracelet always perfectly closed;                                        perfect fit. Only the edges touch
                      a detail that is not only useful but                                    the wrist so that sufficient air
                   also pleasant to the eye.                                                gets to the skin, thereby reducing

                                                        Black                                                                       Black
                                                         50                                                                          50

                                    mm            18   20   22                                              mm            20   22     24
                                         Length                                                                  Length
                                    mm            16   18   18                                              mm            18   20     22


                        404588 50          L                                                    405388 50          L
Venice 021070                                                       Cleopatra 029661
                                                     $ 288.95                                                          $ 170.95

           GENUINE ALLIGATOR SHINy                                                                    SNAKE / LIzARD

                    The perfect embodiment of elegance                                The unique combination of materials
                 and style. Luxurious alligator skin,                               – snake and lizard leather – and
               skilfully combined with stunning                                   the extraordinary shape make for
             steel-leather loop design, elegant silk                            the exclusive appeal of this bracelet
           lining and elegant HIRSCH Elegance                                 of mystic beauty. Cleopatra is a very
         clasp. An extraordinary bracelet for very                           special bracelet for a very special
        special watches.                                                    woman.

                                          Black   Burgundy Brown                                                                Brown
                                           50        60      10                                                                   10

                                     mm              18   20   22                                                 mm            20
                                            Length                                                                     Length
                                     mm              16   18   18                                                 mm            06


                         021070 10            L                                                       029661 10          M
                         021070 50            L
                         021070 60            L
     Genuine Ostrich 102062                                                Amazon 155028
                                                           $ 137.95                                                                     $ 109.95


                        Genuine finest ostrich leather with                                     A blend of alligator grained calf
                     typical naps and striking sporty                                        leather and a rubber core that
                   contrast stitching. Ostrich leather,                                    fully accords with the HIRSCH specific
                 which originates from South Africa,                                     concept of the Corvette Collection. The
                has long been considered the best and                                  sporty, elegant stainless steel folding
               most exclusive freely tradable leather                                clasp has the advantage of individual
              material.                                                             length adjustment in the clasp area, a
                                                                                   unique piece of jewellery that hugs the
                                                                                  wrist like a true bracelet.

                                                                   Gold-                                        Black      Brown     Gold         Blue
                                                                   Brown                                         50          10     Brown          80
                                                                     70                                                               70

                                                mm            18    20                                     mm                16    18   20   22    24
                                                     Length                                                       Length
                                                mm            16    16                                     mm                16    16   18   20    22


                                    102062 70          M                                       155028 10         Gents el
                                                                                               155028 50         Gents el
                                                                                               155028 70         Gents el
                                                                                               155028 80         Gents el
Galuchat 019550 / 019551                                                                            Golf 155019
                                                            $ 109.95                                                                                            $ 109.95

                                                                                Scratch Resistant

                      The samurai have known about the                                                                   The combination of the finest calf
                    special properties of this fine pearl                                                              leather with punched holes giving
                  ray skin for decades and use it for                                                               it the typical golf design, the rubber
                crafting the handles of their swords.                                                             core, a top quality lining material
               Because of its hardness and resistance,                                                           and the sporty, elegant stainless steel
             HIRSCH uses laser technology for                                                                  folding clasp allowing individual length
           cutting this noble material and turning                                                            adjustment creates a unique piece of
          it into one of the most beautiful luxury                                                           jewellery that exudes sporty elegance.
         watchbands in the world.

                                                Dark        Wine        Slate                                                           Black       Blue        Beige        Red
                                                Grey         20         Blue                                                             50          80          90           20
                                                 50                      80

                                  mm            12     14   16     18    20                                                        mm                16    18    20     22    24
                                       Length                                                                                            Length
                                  mm            10     12   14     16    18                                                        mm                16    16    18     20    22


                    019551   20          M                                                                             155019 20         Gents el
                    019550   20          L                                                                             155019 50         Gents el
                    019551   50          M                                                                             155019 80         Gents el
                    019550   50          L                                                                             155019 90         Gents el
                    019551   80          M
                    019550   80          L
     H 027901                                                               Chrono Shark 113405
                                                           $ 98.95                                                               $ 93.95

                                                                                                              GENUINE SHARK
                                                                                                                                                   HIRSCH 100 m
                                                                                                                                                   Water Resistan

                          For many people all over the world,                                 The look is sporty and wild, the
                        the HIRSCH logo is a guarantee                                      functionality is ensured by the
                      of quality, perfection in processing,                               absolute strength and resistance of the
                    elegance and high fashion appeal. The                              material, Genuine exotic sharkskin, 100
                  famous H symbol now provides the                                    m Water-Resistant, in three-dimensional
                 perfect design adornment for a HIRSCH                               design with striking contrast stitching.
                product that is clearly extravagant. And
               because HIRSCH is always good at
              creating surprises, genuine alligator
             leather is concealed on the underside,
            as an exclusive lining leather for this
            unusual bracelet.

                                                          Black     White                                                        Black     Royal
                                                           50        00                                                           50       Blue

                                                     mm               18                                           mm            18   20    22
                                                           Length                                                       Length
                                                     mm               18                                           mm            18   18    18


                                         027901 00            L                                        113405 50          L
                                         027901 50            L                                        113405 85          L
Waterproof 023210                                                                         Memento 013750
                                                      $ 76.95                                                                                     $ 69.95

                                   SHARK EMBOSSED                                                                                           LEATHER
                                                                        HIRSCH 100 m
                                                                        Water Resistant

                    100m Waterproof is a feature                                                             This product combines many
                  that has been specially developed                                                        elements of the traditional craft of belt
                by HIRSCH. Combined with a                                                              making in perfect harmony. Strong
              leather which is based on the genuine                                                   stitching, the combination of two-colour
             shark look, not only is this product                                                   material, and the precise shaping and
           physically strengthened by two parallel                                                graining has their origin in the ancient
          double beadings, but also these give                                                   craft of saddlery.
         the bracelet the shape that makes it a
        typical watersports bracelet.

                                                      Black     Royal                                                                            Black        Brown
                                                       50       Blue                                                                              50            10

                                   mm            18   20   22    24                                                                   mm                 18     20
                                        Length                                                                                             Length
                                   mm            16   18   20    22                                                                   mm                 16     18


                       023210 50          L                                                                               013750 10          L
                       023210 85          L                                                                               013750 50          L
     Aqualino 102068                                                        Verona 018901
                                                             $ 52.95                                                              $ 47.95


                        Exoticism and mystique – two words                                   Perhaps the most elegant model for
                     that represent essential characteristics                              lovers of textile bracelets. The fine
                   of today’s catwalk. In the Aqualino                                   structure makes the silky sheen of this
                 product, HIRSCH combines these                                        noble bracelet palpable so that many a
                qualities by the choice of genuine snake                             leather bracelet may be envious.
              material in surprising fashion colours,
             creating a piece of jewellery that will be
             much talked about in the fashion world.

                 Black Brown Violet         Pink     Beige   Ice- Orange                                                         Black White
                  50     10   86             25       90     Blue   22                                                            50    00

                                       mm               14   16   18   20                                mm            12   14   16   18   20
                                            Length                                                            Length
                                       mm               14   16   18   20                                mm            10   12   14   16   18


                           102068 10          M                                              018901 00          M
                           102068 22          M                                              018901 50          M
                           102068 25          M
                           102068 50          M
                           102068 84          M
                           102068 86          M
                           102068 90          M
Milano 028900 / 028901                                              Mustang 123502
                                                    $ 36.95                                                              $ 29.95


                 Top-modern textile bracelet with                                    The character of this bracelet does
               elegant flat body and pleasantly silky                              justice to the name: powerful, sporty,
             touch. The extraordinarily soft velvet                              dynamic with a three dimensional
          lining ensures the highest wearing                                   design. Pleasing cow leather with
         comfort.                                                            traditional surface and striking
                                                                            embossed line in stitched design.

                                  Black    Beige    Pink Ice Blue                                              Black    Brown        Blue
                                   50       90       22     81                                                  50        10          80

                                      mm            14   18   20                                          mm             16     18    20
                                           Length                                                              Length
                                      mm            14   18   20                                          mm             14     16    16


                        028901   22          M                                                123502 10          L
                        028900   22          L                                                123502 50          L
                        028901   50          M                                                123502 80          L
                        028900   50          L
                        028901   81          M
                        028900   81          L
                        028901   90          M
                        028900   90          L
         How to attach the                                                                                               Certified Croco 188008-oe
         Open End Bracelets                                                                                              Open End            $ 108.95

         2 HIRSCH Clips                                                        FAQ s
         1 bottle HIRSCH Fix                                                   There are certain exceptional situ-
         1 Fitting Tool                                                        ations; but even they will not have
         1 support                                                             any influence on any reduction in                                            GENUINE CROCO
                                                                               durability or adhesion. HIRSCH
         Bend the dry flap that is to be                                       recommends, however, observing
         glued. Place adhesive-covered                                         some rules:
         surfaces precisely upon each other.
         Press firmly with thumb and index                                     Too much HIRSCH Fix applied
         finger. Pull the bracelet through                                     Let dry until the liquid has evapora-
         under the spring pins. Attach buckle                                  ted and the gluing process can be
         part at 12 and hole part at 6 o’clock                                 continued. In such a situation, leave
         position. Check fit.                                                  the clamps slightly longer on the
                                                                               bracelet, since the glue will take lon-
                                                                               ger to harden due to the excessive
                                                                               amount of HIRSCH Fix.

         Activate the adhesive-covered sur-                                    Opening the glued flap 2 or 3 times
         faces at the end of the bracelet with                                 If the flap has been incorrectly
         original HIRSCH Fix. Do not use                                       positioned, open the activated
         any other activator. Apply activator                                  flap again, bring it into the correct
         evenly on the entire surfaces. Make                                   position and press it together. If
         sure to cover the front edge and                                      the surface is too dry, apply more
         the two side edges. Let HIRSCH                                        HIRSCH Fix. Continue the gluing
         Fix evaporate if you have applied                                     process.
         too much. If HIRSCH Fix penetrates
       lining leather
         through seam holes, again, allow it                                   Repeated activation of the glue
                            Put HIRSCH-Fix
                            on outside only!                                                                                                 Classic genuine crocodile leather,
         to evaporate.                                                         It is no problem whatsoever to
                                                                               activate the glue repeatedly with                            with an elegant shiny surface and
                                                                               HIRSCH Fix. If a wrong bracelet                           delicate stitching. A traditional and
                                                                               has been selected and the surface                       exclusive piece of jewellery for the
                                                                               already been activated, let it dry and
                                                                               start again.
46      lining leather                                        linin
                                                                   g leat

      lining leather                       Put HIRSCH-Fix
                                           on outside only!
                                                                               Glue not activated
                                        Put HIRSCH-Fix
                                   inside outside only!
                                                                               across the entire surface
                                                                                       Put H

                                                                               If theougluelyixdoes not adhere to the
                                                                                      on IRSCH-F
                                                                                    e                !
         Above: Futterleder = lining leather,                                  entire surface after the clamp has
         Innenseite = inside. Put HIRSCH Fix                                   been removed (due to incorrect
         on outside (Aussenseite) only!                                        activation), reapply HIRSCH Fix
                                                                               where needed and press the flap
         Align surfaces precisely and press
     lining leather
                              Put HIRSCH-Fix
         them together. Press the area
                              on outside only!

         around the spring pin with your                                       Special information

         thumb nails to avoid any space.                                       If too much HIRSCH Fix is applied
                                                                               repeatedly, the glue may come off
                                                                               or penetrate the lining and upper
                                                                               leather and hence damage the
                                                                               surface of the bracelet.

                                                                               Do not put HIRSCH Fix on the
         Place HIRSCH Clip closely to the                                      inside but only on the outside of
         watch case, press the two glued sur-                                  the adhesive coat (see illustration).
         faces together and let the activator
         dry. Remove clip after approximate-                                   HIRSCH Fix may, under certain
         ly one minute and check the fit of                                    circumstances, harm watch cases
         the bracelet. The bracelet can now                                    and glass made from plastic.
         be put on the customer’s wrist. The
         body heat of the arm makes the                                        Close the bottle of HIRSCH Fix
                                                                                                                                                                               Black Brown
         HIRSCH Fix dry even faster.                                           carefully after use and observe                                                                  50     10
                                                                               instructions on the bottle.
         The adhesion is now so strong that
         the leather would tear before the
         adhesion separated.

                                                                                                                                                       mm            16   17   18   19   20
                                                                                                                                                       mm            14   14   16   16   18

                                                                                                                                             188008 10 OE     M
                                                                                                                                             188008 50 OE     M
Diamond Calf 141002-oe                                                                                      Rainbow 123026-oe
Open End            $ 36.95                                                                                 Open End                                                                $ 36.95

                                                           CALF LEATHER                                                                                        LIzARD EMBOSSED
                                                                                        Scratch Resistant

                                       Fine elegant calf leather bracelet                                                                         Calf leather bracelet with lizard
                                     without stitching but with a special                                                                       grain and in flat design. Modelled
                                   scratch resistant surface developed                                                                        by master tanners on the “look” of
                                 by HIRSCH. The absence of stitching                                                                         genuine lizard.
                                and the clear lines are an example of
                              traditionality and luxurious understate-

                                                                          Black Brown                                                                                                    Black Brown
                                                                           50     10                                                                                                      50     10

                        mm            08   10   12   14   15   16   17   18   19   20                                             mm            08   10   12    13   14   16   17   18     19   20
                             Length                                                                                                    Length
                        mm            06   08   10   12   14   14   14   16   16   18                                             mm            06   08   10    10   12   14   14   16     16   18


             141002 10 OE      M                                                                                        123026 10 OE     M
             141002 50 OE      M                                                                                        123026 50 OE     M
     Alligatorgrain                       $ 43.95              Nile                               $ 32.95

     203027 10 brown                                           283028 10 brown
     203027 50 black     EMBOSSED                              283028 50 black   CROCO EMBOSSED

                         18, 20, 22 mm                                           18 mm or 20 mm

                         Fashionable semimat Louisiana-                          Shiny Louisiana-Crocograin in flat
                         Crocograin with bombèe padding                          design and in a variety of fashionable
                         and contrast stitching. Perfect for                     colours.
                         sporty chronographs.


     Calfskin stitched                    $ 43.95              Lizardgrain                          $ 30.95

     209002 10 brown                                           238026 10 brown
     209002 50 black     CALF LEATHER                          238026 50 black   LIzARD EMBOSSED

                         18, 20, 22 mm                                           12, 14, 16, 18, 20 mm

                         Fashionable, robust but attractive                      Lizardgrain leather in a flat, elegant
                         natural calf leather with contrast                      design and in a variety of colours
                         stitching.                                              and sizes.
Fashion Calf                         $ 25.95            Hunter                              $ 21.95

263702 10 brown                                         238028 10 brown
263702 50 black   CALF LEATHER                          238028 50 black   CROCO EMBOSSED

                  12, 14, 18, 20 mm                                       12, 14, 16, 18, 20 mm

                  Fashionable, flat calf leather with                     Crocograin leather strap in a flat,
                  round Tipp. Also available in                           elegant design.
                  fashion colours.


Silicone                             $ 23.95            Calf padded                         $ 17.95

402181 50 black                                         222002 10 brown
                  SILICONE                              222002 50 black   CALF LEATHER

                  18, 20 mm                                               12, 14, 16, 18, 20 mm

                                                                          Natural calf leather with stitching
                                                                          and a light bombée padding.
     Calf                                                          $ 14.95                       Hirsch Infopack
     221002 10 brown
     221002 50 black                             CALF LEATHER

                                                 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 mm
                                                 Natural calf leather with a flat

                                                                                                  1   product name

                                                                                                  2   retail price            3

                                                                                                  3   attachment width
                                                                                                                              4                                             6
                                                                                                  4   item number

                                                                                                  5   buckle color

                                                                                                  6   bracelet length

                                                                                                  7   SKU-Code

                                                                                                  8   moment


     HIRSCH Length Specification
      Declaration                         hole part/mm           buckle part/mm     total length in mm *   hole part/inches       buckle part/inches   total lenght in inches
      S = Ladies Small *                  100.5mm                59.5mm             160mm                  4                      2 1/4                6 1/4
      M = Ladies Regular or Gents Small   110.5 mm               69.5 mm            180 mm                 4 1/2                  2 7/8                7 3/8
      L = Gents Regular or Ladies Long    120.0 mm               80.0 mm            200 mm                 4 3/4                  3 1/8                7 7/8
      XL = Gents Long                     120.0 mm               100.0 mm           220 mm                 4 3/4                  3 15/16              8 5/8
     * S-length (extended range only)
Small Corniche                                       Free Standing Corniche*
9015 10 10 Alu                                       9015 10 34
9015 10 11 Special Colour*                           Display for 69 presentation trays
9015 10 12 Standard Colour                           Dimensions:
                                                     H: 1770 mm
Display for 11 presentation trays                    W: 336 mm
Dimensions:                                          ø: 640 mm (incl. base)
H: 302 mm
W: 336 mm
ø: 471 mm

Counter Corniche
9015 10 14
Display for 23 presentation trays
H: 558 mm
W: 336 mm
ø: 471 mm


Combi Corniche
9015 10 95*                                          Metal Pedestal Corniche
Display for 34 presentation trays
                                                     9030 20 00
H: 865 mm
                                                     Stand 92 cm
W: 336 mm
ø: 471 mm
                                                     H: 1505 mm
                                                     W: 336 mm
                                                     ø: 471 mm (without stand)

* extended range order – 6 to 8 weeks for delivery
     Promotion Display Infopack                                                  Display Cube Infopack
     9015 20 19                                                                  9015 20 13
     For exclusive presentation of HIRSCH bracelets                              Display for single bracelet presentation


     Buckle Box
     9036 40 09 filled                                                                      9036 40 09
                                                                                Elegance    Classic      Active      Catwalk
     For maintaining a compact and accessible selection of No Allergy buckles   BC1031      BC1030       BC1032      BC1033
                                                                                14 mm       14 mm        16 mm       14 mm
              HIRSCH                                                            Gold (1)    Gold (1)     Gold (1)    Gold (1)
              No Allergy System                                                 2 pieces    1 piece      1 piece     1 piece
                                                                                Steel (2)   Steel (2)    Steel (2)   Steel (2)
                                                                                1 piece     1 piece      2 pieces    1 piece

                                                                                BC1031      BC1030       BC1032      BC1033
                                                                                16 mm       16 mm        18 mm       16 mm
                                                                                Gold (1)    Gold (1)     Gold (1)    Gold (1)
                                                                                2 pieces    2 pieces     1 piece     2 pieces
                                                                                Steel (2)   Steel (2)    Steel (2)   Steel (2)
                                                                                1 piece     2 pieces     2 pieces    2 pieces

                                                                                BC1031      BC1030       BC1032      BC1033
                                                                                18 mm       18 mm        20 mm       18 mm
                                                                                Gold (1)    Gold (1)     Gold (1)    Gold (1)
                                                                                2 pieces    2 pieces     1 piece     2 pieces
                                                                                Steel (2)   Steel (2)    Steel (2)   Steel (2)
                                                                                1 piece     2 pieces     2 pieces    2 pieces

     * extended range order – 6 to 8 weeks for delivery
HSL Buckle                                           Deployment Buckle Sport*
BC 1000 1 – Gold                                     BC 1009 1 – Gold
BC 1000 2 – Steel                                    BC 1009 2 – Steel
Width: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 mm   Width: 16, 18, 20, 22 mm
         HIRSCH                                              HIRSCH
         No Allergy System                                   No Allergy System

HCE Buckle                                           Corvette Buckle*
BC 1001 1 – Gold                                     BC 1025 1 – Gold
BC 1001 2 – Steel                                    BC 1025 2 – Steel
Width: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 mm                     Width: 16, 18, 20 mm        53
                                                             No Allergy System
         No Allergy System

Titanium Buckle                                      Pusher Buckle*
BC 1015                                              BC 1024 1 – Gold
Width: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 mm
                                                     BC 1024 2 – Steel
limited quantities
                                                     Width: 16, 18, 20 mm
         HIRSCH                                              No Allergy System
         No Allergy System

* extended range order – 6 to 8 weeks for delivery
     No Allergy Watch Bottom                                                        HIRSCH Scissor
     9036 40 02 – punched „small“                                                   9013 40 00
     9036 40 03 – non-punched                                                       For cutting off leather bracelets
     Specially coated No Allergy leather to be used for covering the watch bottom

              No Allergy System

                                                                                    Fitting Tool
                                                                                    9014 40 00
                                                                                    For changing buckles and for removal and fitting of bracelets.

54   Bracelet Tag
     9045 600 2
     To point out to the customer that the bracelet should be renewed
                                                                                    Fitting Tool Traveller*
                                                                                    9014 40 02
                                                                                    For changing buckles and for fitting of bracelets.

     Lug End Ruler
     9013 50 04
     Rule for measuring watch attachment and bracelet width
                                                                                    Hirsch Bank
                                                                                    9030 90 00
                                                                                    For collecting the infopack slips or H-points of sold bracelets

     * extended range order – 6 to 8 weeks for delivery
                                                                                                            General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
                                                                                                                              Hirsch Armbänder GmbH
                                                                                                                         Hirschstrasse 5, A-9020 Klagenfurt

1.      Applicability and binding effect:                                                                                                         9.      Warranty:
1.1.    The following terms and conditions shall apply to all orders accepted and fulfilled by us and shall be deemed accepted by the             9.1.    The warranty period shall commence at the time the risk passes until six months after delivery.
        contracting party and legally binding upon placing of the order even if we do not expressly object to conflicting terms and               9.2.    As resellers, we shall only warrant to the extent of the scope of liability of the manufacturer, supplier factory and/or producer.
        conditions.                                                                                                                                       We shall not assume any further warranties and/or compensations.
1.2.    Unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing, by telex or fax, telecopy or e-mail upon conclusion of a contract, the following         9.3.    Warranty shall apply to expressly ordered qualities of our products or qualities usually assumed, but shall not extend to specific
        terms and conditions shall constitute a supplementary part of each contract concluded between us as seller/supplier and our                       procedures or purposes of the contracting party.
        customers as contracting party.                                                                                                           9.4.    Warranty claims shall in any case expire immediately upon resale, further processing or repair by the contracting party.
1.3.    Our terms and conditions shall in any case prevail over general terms and conditions and/or general terms and conditions of               9.5.    We shall only accept returns if they are free of charge for us and are either in the original packaging or a correspondingly safe
        purchase, if any, of the contracting party.                                                                                                       substitute packaging. As a matter of principle, customised products shall not be taken back.
1.4.    Modifications of and/or amendments to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery or promises differing from the
        same shall require confirmation in writing, by telex or fax, telecopy, or by e-mail sent in accordance with the Signature Act             10.     Defects:
        [Signaturgesetz] and duly signed in order to be legally binding.                                                                          10.1.   The goods delivered by us shall immediately upon delivery be inspected by the customer for defects and any defects identified
2.      Offer and Conclusion of Contract:                                                                                                                 shall be notified to us immediately. Such notice shall be made in writing, by telex or fax or telegram not later than 8 days after
                                                                                                                                                          delivery (by e-mail only as a pdf file).
2.1.    Any and all offers shall be non-binding unless expressly agreed otherwise by us and shall, as a matter of principle, be placed in         10.2.   In case defected goods are delivered which can be repaired we may, at our option, either improve or replace the goods or grant
        writing.                                                                                                                                          a price reduction.
2.2.    A contract shall be deemed concluded upon our issuance of a written declaration of acceptance (also by fax, or e-mail as a pdf            10.3.   In case of irreparable defects we may, at our option, offer either replacement of the goods or a price reduction. Any further claims
        file) in the form of an order confirmation.                                                                                                       against us, in particular rights to cancellation of contract, damages and/or substitute performance shall be excluded.
2.3.    The product data contained in catalogues, brochures, mailings, advertisements, illustrations, price lists and the like shall only be      10.4.   We shall not accept any notices of defects if the goods are not at their place of destination or in the state of dispatch.
        relevant if explicitly referred to the order confirmation.                                                                                10.5.   The products delivered shall only offer the degree of security which may be expected on the basis of licensing provisions,
2.4.    We reserve the right to subsequently correct any mistakes and/or errors.                                                                          operating manuals, regulations of the manufacturer, etc. and other information given.
2.5.    We shall be obliged to render the ordered services once all technical, contractual and packaging details have been clarified and
        the contracting party has fulfilled its obligations and has brought about the legal prerequisites for performance.                        11.     Trademarks and industrial property rights:
3.      Performance, delivery periods and dates:                                                                                                  11.1.   The names "Hirsch" and "Hirsch-Armbänder" are registered trademarks and are subject to trademark protection.
                                                                                                                                                  11.2.   In connection with ordinary business transactions we grant the customer permission to use the registered trademarks Hirsch and
3.1.    The delivery date shall be deemed observed upon issuance of a notice that the ordered goods are ready for shipment even if                        Hirsch-Armbänder in business.
        dispatch is not or not timely possible with no fault of ours or of the supplier factory.                                                  11.3.   Any detrimental use of our registered trademark and/or word-picture mark (logo), and any infringement of our trademark right
3.2.    Fixed delivery dates shall be subject to separate agreement.                                                                                      shall result in claims for damages on our part. No trademarks of Hirsch, be they registered or not registered, shall be used in
3.3.    In case that a delivery date or delivery period is exceeded we shall not be held liable in any way for any damage suffered or profit              advertising materials or other publications in connection with distribution of information to third parties without our prior written
        lost.                                                                                                                                             consent.
3.4.    If delivery dates or delivery periods cannot be complied with for reasons for which the contracting party is responsible (e.g. late
        clarification of details, late receipt of documents and the like), the delivery date or commencement of the delivery period shall be      12.     Samples and copyright:
        postponed by the period of time the contracting party is in delay plus four weeks. We shall in any case be entitled to carry out          12.1.   The samples provided to us by the customer are models and we shall realise the same to the best of our knowledge and belief.
        partial or advance deliveries.                                                                                                                    In this respect, we would like to point out that leather is a product of nature.
3.5.    In case of a delay for which we are responsible, the contracting party shall have to grant us a reasonable grace period. Only after       12.2.   Consequently, we shall not be liable for any differences in colour and/or print or for particular properties, provided that such
        an unsuccessful expiration of such period shall the contracting party be entitled to rescind the unfulfilled part of the order, unless            differences occur in a form that is customary in trade and even if they do not occur on the basis of the same technical documents
        the goods have been notified to be ready for shipment before expiration of the grace period.                                                      as the models. We shall be liable for proper manufacturing, but not for the correctness of the samples provided to us.
        This shall, in particular, apply if independent institutes identify defects of the goods or we are hindered to timely deliver the goods   12.3.   Hirsch is the sole owner of the displays (wristwatch strap sales displays) developed by Hirsch and the pertaining intellectual
        due to other executive measures (such as, e.g., seizure by customs authorities) and such measures that have not been caused                       property rights (protection of registered designs, trademark protection, patents, etc.), of the know-how, design, technology and
        by us and are not due to our fault.                                                                                                               technique of the said displays.
3.6.    If the contracting party fails to accept the goods made available in accordance with the contract at the place agreed in the contract     12.4.   The technology developed by us in connection with the development and production of the displays, as well as, the know-how is
        or at the time contractually agreed, our performance shall be deemed rendered; and if the delay has not been caused by an act                     protected for us (Hirsch) on a worldwide basis. The said displays may only be put up on the premises of the contracting party at
        or omission on our part, we may either claim performance or rescind the contract after having granted a reasonable grace period                   the place determined by us and must be equipped by the contracting party fully and exclusively with our high-quality products,
        for acceptance.                                                                                                                                   in particular with Hirsch wristwatch straps in original design.
4.      Delivery:                                                                                                                                 12.5.   A one-off fee for use of the displays, which shall remain our property, shall be paid by the contracting party, which shall be due
                                                                                                                                                          for payment upon acceptance of the displays by the contracting party.
4.1.    Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery made by us shall be deemed sold "ex works" and our performance shall be deemed                      12.6.   If such displays are not fully and exclusively equipped with our high-quality products, we shall be entitled to immediately collect
        rendered. We shall be free to choose the route and means of transport (delivery at the risk of the contracting party) and any liability           the said displays and in this case, the contracting party shall be obliged to immediately return the said displays to us.
        shall be excluded.                                                                                                                        12.7.   In case of damage to, loss of and/or use of the displays not in accordance with the agreement the contracting party shall be
4.2.    Events of force majeure (Article 14.) shall entitle us to delay performance of orders for the duration of the impediment without                  obliged to pay a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 500, which shall not be subject to a judicial right of reduction. We
        the contracting party being entitled to timely delivery or damages.                                                                               reserve the right to assert any claims exceeding the aforementioned amount.
4.3.    Excess or short deliveries due to production technology shall be accepted by the contracting party and shall not be considered            12.8.   If Hirsch constructs customised solutions or develops plans and/or models, they shall be intellectual property of Hirsch and may
        inadequate delivery.                                                                                                                              not be made available to other manufacturers without Hirsch's express consent. In particular, patented processes and protected
4.4     The contracting party shall be entitled to demand of us evidence of delivery until four weeks after the invoice date. Evidence of                 designs, which are marked as such, shall be subject to international protection regulations. Hirsch shall take legal action for
        delivery requested later on shall not be provided by us and the goods shall be deemed received by the contracting party and the                   infringement thereof.
        invoiced amount shall be deemed due.
                                                                                                                                                  13.     Liability and damages:
5.      Delivery and acceptance
                                                                                                                                                  13.1.   We shall only be liable for damage to items belonging to the contracting party which has occurred directly in the course of
5.1.    As a matter of principle, benefit, risk and accident shall pass to the contracting party upon dispatch of the shipment "ex works"                 performance and which was caused by us by gross negligence or intent. Any other claims of the contracting party, in particular
        (place of performance) unless expressly agreed otherwise on a case-by-case basis (e.g. by INCOTERMS).                                             for any additional damages, including any consequential damage caused by a defect, shall be excluded.
5.2.    In case we ship the sold goods to a different place than the agreed place of destination at the request of the contracting party, risk    13.2.   The products delivered by us shall only offer the degree of security which may usually be expected on the basis of licensing
        and accident shall pass to the contracting party as soon as we have made available the goods to the freight forwarder, carrier or                 provisions and other information.
        to the other person or undertaking commissioned to ship the goods unless otherwise agreed (Clause 4.1.).                                  13.3.   The right to tolerances customary in trade with regard to quantities, measurements, form and design (leather is a product of
5.3.    Claims vis-à-vis us for performance or damages or lost profit including deviations in colour and design which are customary in                    nature) shall always be reserved.
        trade that are raised on grounds of failure to timely deliver the goods or in case of mass shipments (see Clause 12.2) shall be           13.4.   Both liability for negligence and compensation for consequential damage and pecuniary loss, as well as, compensation for savings
        excluded.                                                                                                                                         not made or lost interest and/or for damage due to third-party claims vis-à-vis the contracting party shall be excluded.
6.      Prices:                                                                                                                                   13.5.   The obligation to compensate for property damage according to the Product Liability Act [Produkthaftungsgesetz/PHG] shall be
6.1.    Prices shall be net without any deductions and, unless agreed otherwise, shall be considered "ex works" exclusive of packaging,           13.6.   In case of non-fulfilment of obligations imposed on the contracting party under these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and
        loading, and transportation costs.                                                                                                                Delivery as well as in case we are held liable with regard to damage caused by such products which have been put into the market
6.2     Additional costs including transportation costs (CITES costs) which arise from a specific mode of shipment requested by the                       by the contracting party, the contracting party shall in any case be obliged, irrespective of fault, to fully indemnify and hold us
        contracting party shall in any case be borne by the contracting party.                                                                            harmless (including any costs of legal counsel or proceedings). If the contracting party has paid compensation to a third party
6.3.    Ancillary costs, such as official charges, customs duties, price-adjustment levies, import and export duties and fees shall be borne              under product liability law with regard to a product delivered by us, any right of recourse to us shall be excluded.
        by the contracting party unless otherwise stated or agreed.                                                                               13.7.   We shall only be liable for damage to items which belong to the contracting party and were taken over by us in the course of
6.4.    The term "as before" ["wie gehabt"] and other similar terms used in orders shall only refer to the workmanship of our performance                 performance for processing and if such damage was caused by gross negligence on our part. Any other claims of the contracting
        but not to prices and ancillary costs.                                                                                                            party, in particular claims for compensation for any further damage, including consequential damage caused by a defect, shall be
6.5.    We shall be entitled to additionally invoice costs of taking back and/or disposing of packaging material and batteries. Waste                     excluded except for cases of gross negligence or intent on our part.
        disposal charges shall be excluded from regulations concerning rebates or cash discounts.                                                 13.8.   We shall, in principle, be liable for loss of or damage to an item to be repaired by us, however such liability shall be limited to
6.6.    Tool costs shall be borne by the contracting party. The relevant tools will be used by Hirsch exclusively for execution of the orders             repair and/or compensation for the value of the item to be repaired or the delivery item. We shall be liable for further claims only
        placed by the contracting party. However, the tools shall remain the property of Hirsch.                                                          in case of intent.
7.      Payment:                                                                                                                                  14.     Force majeure:
7.1.    The place of performance concerning payment to us shall be Klagenfurt.                                                                    14.1.   Upon occurrence of events of force majeure, such as strike, lack of raw materials or fuel, disturbance of transports and the like,
7.2.    Unless otherwise agreed, payments shall be made immediately upon issuance of the invoice without deductions and excluding                         we shall be entitled to postpone shipment for the duration of the impairment and a reasonable start-up period, or to rescind the
        any right of the contracting party to retention or offsetting against any counterclaims which we have not expressly accepted in                   contract in whole or in part. This shall not give rise to any liabilities on our part vis-à-vis the contracting party, in particular not to
        writing.                                                                                                                                          claims for damages vis-à-vis us.
7.3.    In case the price is stated in hard currency (EUR, USD, SFR), default interest in the amount of 10% shall be payable for delay in         14.2.   Non-delivery or not timely delivery by our suppliers shall rank equal to force majeure provided that the cause lies not within our
        payment, in case of all other currencies, default interest in the amount of 20% p.a. shall be payable. In addition, we shall be                   scope of responsibility.
        reimbursed for all costs of dunning, collection, investigation and obtaining of information, as well as, the costs of legal counsel
        called in by us.                                                                                                                          15.     Data protection:
7.4.    Payment by bill of exchange shall be subject to our express consent. We shall accept bills of exchange and cheques as payment             15.1.   By means of our data protection information we shall inform our contracting parties about
        only subject to receipt of the counter-value.                                                                                                     - the nature, scope, duration and purpose of collection, processing and use of personal data necessary for processing of orders
7.5.    Unless a special purpose is indicated, payments shall be credited to the oldest outstanding account receivable; for each individual                   and accounting;
        claim payments shall be credited first to costs, then to interest and finally to principal.                                                       - their right to object to the creation and use of their anonymised user profile for the purposes of advertising, market research,
7.6.    Payment shall be deemed made at the date at which we are able to dispose of the same in the agreed currency.                                          and design of our product range in accordance with demand;
7.7.    In case of non-compliance with the agreed terms of payment or in case of delay in payment by the contracting party, we shall be                   - the passing on of data to undertakings commissioned by us which are subject to statutory provisions of data protection, for
        entitled to grant a grace period. In case of an unsuccessful expiration of such grace period or in case the contracting party declares                the purpose of evaluation of credit standing and shipment of goods and for the duration of the same;
        not to pay, we shall be entitled to declare all claims vis-à-vis the contracting party due for immediate payment (acceleration                    - their right to receive information on their personal data stored by us free of charge;
        occurs) even if some claims are not yet due; furthermore, we may rescind the contract and/or request additional security.                         - their right to correction, deletion and blocking of their personal data stored by us.
        Agreed price reductions (in particular, discounts) shall lose their validity thereby and we shall be entitled to claim the full           15.2.   Any collection, processing and use of personal data going beyond that described in Clause 15.1. shall be subject to the consent
        invoice amount. Our right to claim damages including reimbursement of all expenses already incurred in connection with the                        of the contracting party. The contracting party shall have the possibility to give such consent prior to placing its order. The
        contracts which we rescind in such a case, independent of whether the contracting party is at fault or not, shall not be affected                 contracting party shall have the right to revoke its consent at any time with effect for the future.
7.8.    In case circumstances occur due to which doubts regarding the creditworthiness of the contracting party arise, we shall, in               16.     Rescission of the contract:
        addition, be entitled to declare all our accounts receivable due for immediate payment and to rescind all pending purchase and/or         16.1.   We shall be entitled to rescind the contract if
        supply contracts as well as to claim damages on grounds of non-performance.                                                                       - despite granting of a grace period execution of the delivery and/or commencement or continuation of performance is further
7.9.    In case of delay on the part of the contracting party we shall also be entitled to a self-help sale in accordance with the provisions                  delayed for reasons for which the contracting party is responsible;
        of commercial law.                                                                                                                                - doubts concerning the liquidity of the contracting party exist and if upon our request the contracting party neither makes any
        From exercise of our rights provided for in this Clause, no liabilities on our part vis-à-vis the contracting party, in particular, no                 advance payment nor furnishes appropriate security prior to shipment (see Clause 7.7.);
        claims for damages vis-à-vis us, shall arise.                                                                                                     - an extension of the delivery period due to the aforementioned circumstances would in total be longer than half the delivery
7.10.   If the contracting party's registered office is situated outside of Austria, the contracting party shall be obliged to comply with EU                  period originally agreed.
        regulations on turnover tax on imports. This shall include, but not be limited to advising the VAT number to us without separate          16.2.   For the aforementioned reasons rescission of the contract may also be declared with regard to an outstanding part of the delivery
        request. The contracting party shall be obliged, upon our request, to provide us with the necessary information on its capacity as                and service.
        entrepreneur, on use and transport of the goods delivered, as well as, regarding the obligation to submit data for statistical            16.3.   If insolvency proceedings are opened over the assets of a contracting party or if a petition for initiation of insolvency proceedings
        purposes.                                                                                                                                         is dismissed for lack of sufficient assets, the other contracting party shall be entitled to rescind the contract without granting a
7.11.   The contracting party shall be obliged to reimburse us for any expenses, in particular for handling charges, which are incurred by                grace period.
        us due to insufficient or incorrect information provided by the customer in connection with turnover tax on imports.                      16.4.   Notwithstanding our claims for damages, partial services or services already rendered shall be accounted for and due for payment
8.      Retention of title:                                                                                                                               in case of a rescission of the contract.
                                                                                                                                                          This shall also apply to the extent the delivery and service has not yet been accepted by the contracting party and/or to preliminary
8.1.    Until full payment of the purchase price and of all of our ancillary claims, in particular, interest and costs, the sold goods shall              services already rendered by us. We shall, however, also be entitled to claim return of items already delivered.
        remain our property. Retention of title shall extend also to by-products resulting from processing
8.2.    Claims of the contracting party under a resale of goods the title to which is retained shall be assigned to us in the amount of the       17.     Place of jurisdiction:
        invoice for the goods subject to retention already upon conclusion of individual contracts. They shall serve as a security for us to      17.1.   The place of jurisdiction concerning all disputes shall be Klagenfurt.
        the same extent as the goods the title to which is retained. Despite such assignment, the contracting party shall be entitled to
        collect the assigned accounts receivable for us in escrow. In case of delay in payment of his contracting party, our contracting          18.     Applicable law:
        party shall be obliged to make available to us the documents necessary for collection of the assigned claims and we shall be
        entitled to revoke our contracting party's power to collect claims in escrow.                                                             18.1.   All purchase and service contracts shall exclusively be subject to Austrian law.
8.3.    As long as we retain title to the goods, the contracting party shall be obliged to store them properly and to maintain insurance          19.     Other provisions:
        against loss and depreciation, fire and theft, storage damage and water damage and to restrict transferability of such insurance
        policy in our favour.                                                                                                                     19.1.   If individual provisions of the contract or of these General Terms and Conditions Sale and Delivery should be ineffective in whole
                                                                                                                                                          or in part, the remaining provisions shall remain effective. The parties undertake, in case of partial ineffectiveness, to replace the
8.4.    The contracting party shall be obliged to make entries into the books which show the retention of title and to notify us of                       ineffective provisions by provisions which come as close as possible to the purpose of the ineffective provision.
        third-party seizure (in particular, attachments and the like) to goods the title to which is being retained or to assigned
        accounts receivable without delay. Likewise assignment of accounts receivable of the contracting party from us shall also                 19.2.   In case that contracts or the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery are drawn up in German and in a different
        be documented in an appropriate form (if appropriate, by means of an entry into the books) and notified to the customer of                        language, the German version shall prevail. Our English-language General Terms and Conditions shall apply to contracts drawn
        the contracting party not later than upon issuance of the invoice. In such a case, the contracting party shall be obliged to                      up in English.
        notify third parties of our rights and reimburse us all costs related to safeguarding our rights, including costs for legal counsel,
        if applicable.                                                                                                                            Klagenfurt, February 2008                                                                                              Hirsch Armbänder GmbH
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