; Benefits of Excel Invoice Template
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Benefits of Excel Invoice Template


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                <p>An invoice is a legal document which is formulated by
vendors for the companies to whom they provide services. In commercial
businesses it would be very tedious to create and maintain the records of
the large number of invoices manually. To overcome this problem several
companies have designed blank invoice templates which are simple and easy
to use. One of such templates is the excel invoice template. They can be
freely downloaded from the internet and they contain all the particulars
that are needed for an invoice. Â <br><br>An excel invoice template is
customizable depending upon the requirement of the person. Various
attributes like color, font style, text style, company logos etc can be
easily changed. The template has space for the following items- quantity
of units purchased or sold, description of item, amount per unit and
taxable status. Ultimately the software calculates the total amount and
applicable taxes. However if you know how to use excel then you may
easily operate on excel invoice template.      <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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<br>Excel Invoice Manager Platinum<br><br>This new version of excel
invoice template works with Microsoft office 2000/XP/2003/2007, vista and
windows program. This software provides you connectivity with back end
databases. Other than the fields available in the template you also have
the option of including new fields. An excel invoice template forms a
highly systematic billing system that eases up the task of keeping track
of payments made, products sold, and invoices created. The layout of the
template can also be changed simply by its drag and drop feature. It
computes the taxable amount, created customer statement report and the
supports payment report.<br><br>Excel Invoice Manager Express<br><br>This
new version 2.9.1013 is suitable for small home business enterprises. The
software keeps track of the expenses, purchases, bills and taxation
amounts. You may comprehensively redesign the formula as per tax system
of your state. Outstanding invoices, multiple payments, partial payments
etc are all taken care of by this new software.</p>                <!--

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