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                 <p>The Acai Berry, a wondrous fruit, gives you a wide
range of health benefits. Lots of people admire this little purple-black
berry and have it in the form of either raw berries, capsules, juices or
powder.<br><br><em>The origins of acai berry</em><br><br>This little
berry is centuries old and grows mainly in the South and Central
America.<br>Here it has the ideal environment for growing, in the swampy
and wet lands.<br>Brazil is one of the places where the Acai Berry can be
found.<br>The Acai palm tree produces these little miracles. It can be
harvested in bunches of 600 berries per palm.<br>The Acai Berry only
contains one seed and has the size of a small grape. It's dark purple-
black color makes it easy to recognize.<br>The Acai Berry can be
processed into a powder. That can be used in creating supplements, drinks
among others.<br><br>The Amazon rainforests been producing the Acai Berry
for thousands of years. The local inhabitants of these rainforests have
been reaping the health benefits for a long time.        <!--

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Now they are exporting the berries since more and more people learn about
them and their benefits.<br><br><em>Why are these berries
<p>The Acai Berry is called a wonder fruit for several reasons,
including:<br><br>* Significant reduction in signs of aging.<br>*
Promotes ideal balance in the body.<br>* Improves the overall digestive
system.<br>* Rich in antioxidants.<br>* Consumption results in
significant weight loss.<br><br>Antioxidants keep the body energetic. And
it so happens that the Acai Berry is rich of these antioxidants.<br>When
the body has more and more energy, it will increase the metabolic rate.
<br>With the increased metabolic rate you will burn excess stored fat
more easily, thus losing weight.<br><br>On top of that the Acai Berries
are rich in oils that will help keep the skin rejuvenated and
hydrated.<br>You will start looking younger with a vibrant skin. Age-
related wrinkles will start disappearing.<br>The benefits of the Acai
Berry don't stop there. It also has a lot of fibers, which will help in
regulating the bowel movements. Improving the overall digestive system by
detoxifying the body.<br>When looking for a way to lose weight quickly
and naturally, there is nothing better than Acai Berries.<br><br><em>If
you:</em><br>* Need to lose weight quickly?<br>* Tried every diet out
there without any results?<br>* Want to start losing weight and stop
losing money?<br>Visit this <a rel="nofollow"
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read more on the Acai Berry Select diet program and order your own Acai
Berry Select Diet Program.</p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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