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                <p>A General Surgery EMR/EHR may have inbuilt features
content and workflows specifically for surgeons but it may not be
designed to work in the same way as you do, so customizability is
critical when it comes to meeting the goals for your anticipated workflow
after the EMR implementation.</p>
<p>For general surgeons, it is vital that the EMR solution they use
offerrs secure portability of valuable data such as patient histories,
SOAP notes, consultations and referrals whether they're in the operating
room or at the office. Other data such as radiographic imagery as well as
clinical laboratory values, trending data and critical value alert also
need to be readily available</p>
<p>With the advent of modern Healthcare-IT systems, the industry is
rapidly moving towards electronic solutions for medical billing and
health records. The federal government has set up a program that rewards
healthcare professionals with ‘Stimulus' packages who successfuly
demonstrate "Meaningful Use" of EMR technology in their practices.</p>

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<p>HIPAA compliance and patient record security is a significant part of
any surgery practice, particularly since you will routinely be bringing
confidential healthcare information out of your office. The patient's
data and it's securty need to be guarded by the software design within
the general practice <a rel="nofollow"
href="">EMR software</a>.
This will not only ensure that your patient's data is protected, but will
also make your practice HIPAA-compliant, which is obligatory in order to
claim stimulus.</p>
<p><strong>General Surgery EMR Features</strong></p>
<p>Bubble Sheet intake forms<br> Inventory and DME Management<br>
Radiology Interface<br> Referral Letters<br> X-Ray Analysis</p>
<p><strong>General Surgical EMR Templates</strong></p>
<p>Abdominal<br> Abscess<br> Anal Fistual<br> Axillary Adenopathy<br>
Breast Nodule Biopsy and Aspiration<br> Burn Care<br> Colon<br>
Constipation<br> Debridement<br> Diverticulitis<br> Flex
Sigmoidoscopy<br> Gall Bladder<br> GERD<br> Gynecomastia<br>
Hemmorrhoids<br> Hernia<br> Incision Drainage<br> Infusaport<br> Lap
Band<br> Lipoma<br> Liver<br> Pancreatic Conditions<br> Perirectal
Abscess<br> Pilonidal Cyst<br> Rectal<br> Rectal Bleeding<br> Sebaceous
Cyst<br> Suture Removal<br> Thyroid<br> Wound<br>
Wound/Ulcer<br><br><strong>About Us:</strong> You can get Allscripts
MyWay, a free EMR-EHR solution that is both CCHIT certified (which means
that the healthcare professionals may claim the Stimulus package by
utilizing it) as well as fully featured. You can get Allscripts MyWay
EMR- EHR for free by signing up for EMR Workforce's <a rel="nofollow"
href="">medical billing</a> services.</p>

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