Boy Scout Troop 476 Proudly Presents An Eagle Court of Honor Ruby Murugesan Michael Robertson Victor Shia John Wedig Jer

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					     Boy Scout Troop 476
       Proudly Presents
    An Eagle Court of Honor

         Ruby Murugesan
        Michael Robertson
           Victor Shia
           John Wedig
          Jeremy Weng

Good Samaritan United Methodist Church
        19624 Homestead Road
             Cupertino, CA
            June 30, 2007
           3:00pm – 5:00pm
     This Ceremony Dedicated to
        Honorary Eagle Scout
        Nicholas Patrick Kelly,
           Member of the
           Scorpion Patrol
            of Troop 476

                  1989 - 2001

  Invitations courtesy of Keith Emerson, Lightning Press,
1085 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050, 408-243-6253
                                                                   Troop 476 Eagle Court of Honor
mountain bike accident in Mount Whittsett; to Clarence Quah,
my good friend since childhood, who re-introduced me to Boy
Scouts and invited me to join Troop 476 with him;
to Pastor Tim Isbell, who sponsored and gave me the              Call to Order…………………………               Nick Guttadauro
wonderful opportunity to refurbish the planter boxes and the                                           Master of Ceremonies
church sign as my Eagle project; to my good friends from
Monta Vista who know how to be goofy yet serious; to all the     Opening Flag Ceremony ……………           Troop 476 Honor
leaders and parents of Troop 476, who cultivated in me a                                               Guard
passion for outdoor adventures and public services, and
instilled in me values that I will uphold for a lifetime; and    Escort Candidates & Families……….      Troop 476 Honor
lastly to God for His rich blessings and grace upon me and my                                          Guard
family. I share this special day with each one of you. Thank
you very much for being a part of my life.                       Invocation……………………………                 Elder L. T. Lin

John Wedig                                                       Welcome……………………………..                  Nick Guttadauro

I would like to thank everyone who helped me in my path          Call to the Eagles’ Nest………………        Niket Desai
towards Eagle Scout. The final review board, Mr. Gabriel and
Mr. Low, those who wrote my recommendations, and those           Eagle Rank Criteria…………………..          Mr. Mark Enright
who helped me work on my Eagle Scout project were all vital
to my achieving Eagle. Mrs. Fishler, Ms. Lyons, and the          Eagle Charge and Oath………………           Najib Hakim
school helped me plan and finish my project. I also wish to
thank my parents for supporting me throughout my scouting        Award Presentation………………….            Mr. Dave Low
career, especially for allowing me to do all of the outings,
which is what makes scouting fun and kept me involved.           Keynote Speaker…………………….              Mr. Brian Latona

Jeremy Weng                                                      Trail to Eagle Slide Show …………… Created by Jeremy
I want to thank Mr. Gabriel for providing guidance during        Eagle Minute(s)……………………… Scorpion Eagle Scouts
much of my scouting career. Without Mr. Gabriel’s directions I
would not have such a smooth sailing through my trail to         Scoutmaster Minute………………….            Mr. Dave Low
Eagle. I want to thank the Scorpions for all the wonderful
memories during the past 8 years, I could not have asked for a   Closing Flag Ceremony……………… Troop 476 Honor
better patrol. I want to thank my Mom for introducing me to                                  Guard
Scouting and encouraging me to continue Scouting, her words
of encouragement have gotten me through several tough times.     Benediction…………………………... Nagy Hakim
Finally, I want to thank God for everything he has blessed me
with. He had been there all along, even when I didn’t believe    Troop 476 Honor Guard: Nick Fishler, Scott Gibes, Zahi
he was.                                                          Hakim, Mark Iskarous, Robert Nessler, Jacob Spence
                                                             Thank You from the Scorpion Patrol
      Ruby Murugesan’s Trail to Eagle
                                                             Ruby Murugesan
Joined Troop      5/20/2000    Chaplain Aid   11/01/2001
Scout Rank        5/20/2000    OA ordeal      9/06/2002      To all our family, friends, and fellow scouts. I would like to
Firem’m Chit      7/14/2000    OA Election    9/06/2002      sincerely thank you for attending this event. Although this
                                                             moment has been a highlight of our achievements in scouting
Totin’ Chip       7/14/2000    Star Rank      8/28/2003      for the past seven years, rather it is truly a ceremony expressing
                                                             our gratitude for all the support we have received through the
Tenderfoot        10/05/2000   Quarter-       11/01/2003
                                                             years. Thank you again and it is a pleasure to have all of you
Rank                           master                        present today.
Den Chief         11/01/2000   Instructor     5/01/2004
Troop J.L.T.      1/06/2001    Life Rank      4/06/2006      Michael Robertson
2nd Class Rank    4/05/2001    Instructor     5/01/2006      Along this journey there have been so many people that have
Patrol Leader     5/01/2001    World          7/07/2006      contributed to my success in Boy Scouts all the way to my
                               Conservation                  Eagle Scout Rank. First and foremost, my parents and brother
                                                             have been there for me all the way and have always given me
1st Class Rank    9/13/2001    Eagle Rank     5/17/2007      the strength to persevere and stick to my goals, both in scouting
                                                             and in life. Also, I would like to thank and recognize all the
                                                             scoutmasters that have contributed to my success on my path to
                                                             Eagle Scout: Mr. Latona, Mr. Gabriel, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Wedig,
                                                             and Mr. Anderson. Also I would like to give a special thanks to
                 Merit Badges Earned                         Mr. Enright for his much appreciated assistance with my Eagle
                                                             Scout Project. Last, but not least, I would like to thank my own
Swimming*, Art, Canoeing, Lifesaving*, Basketry, Wood        patrol (the Scorpions), my troop, and my Philmont patrol (the
Carving, Camping*, Leatherwork, Environmental Science,       Cheesemonkeys) as well as my friends inside and outside of
Forestry, Mammal Study, Indian Lore, Metalwork, Fish         scouting.
and Wildlife, Wilderness Survival, Soil and Water, Cit. in
                                                             Victor Shia
Community*, First Aid*, Communications*, Citizen in
                                                             I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my family and
Nation*, Citizen in World*, Climbing, Personal Fitness*,     friends for their strong support on joining the BSA and on my
Personal Management*, Family Life*                           trail to Eagle. Thanks to my parents for believing in me and
               *Eagle Required Merit Badge                   supporting me in all my endeavors even though they might not
                                                             have always agreed; to Mr. Gabriel, the scoutmaster for most
                                                             of my scouting days with Troop 476, who inspired me to do the
                                                             best and took good care of me during the unforgettable
                 The Scout Oath
          On my honor I will do my best
       To do my duty to God and my country
            and to obey the Scout Law;
         To help other people at all times;
         To keep myself physically strong,
       mentally awake, and morally straight.

                  The Scout Law
                        obedient,                                       Ruby Murugesan’s Eagle Project
                                                                  At St. Joseph's Cupertino, there were once various
                                                                  plants near the St. Joseph of Cupertino School’s Office;
                                                                  they did not complement each other well, which made
                       clean, and
                        reverent.                                 the area look a mess. I proposed to have new plants
                                                                  planted and have mulch distributed throughout the area.
                                                                  On paper the project seemed very simple and self
                 The Eagle Oath                                   explanatory, but during the actual project, there were
                                                                  many rigorous obstacles that had to be overcome such
I affirm my allegiance to the three promises of the Scout Oath.
I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself the obligations     as a broken pipe that took a day to fix. Seven days and
and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout. On my honor, I   478 hours later, the volunteers and I were able to
will do my best to make my training an example, my rank and       achieve a beautiful landscaped area. As pompous as it
influence, count strongly for better Scouting and for better      may sound, I must say we left the area better than we
citizenship in my troop, in my community, and in my contacts      originally found it.
with other people. To this I pledge my sacred honor.
     Michael Robertson’s Trail to Eagle                                           Troop 476 History
Joined Troop      5/19/2000    OA Ordeal         6/07/2002
                                                              Boy Scout Troop 476 has been in existence since 1957. It has a
Scout Rank        6/29/2000    Star Rank         9/05/2002    strong emphasis on instilling self-sufficiency, leadership skills, and
                                                              moral values into young boys. The troop is a team that partners with
Troop JLT         1/06/2001    Den Chief         10/01/2002
                                                              parents to help their sons develop into men of character -- active
                                                 - 11/01/03   parent participation is key to the success of the troop operation and
Patrol Leader     11/01/2000 Life Rank           7/17/2003    each parent is expected to have a role in the support of the troop.
Firem’m Chit      7/12/2001    JLT Instructor    10/18/2003
                                                              The troop has monthly camping activities all year round. There are
Totin’ Chip       7/12/2001    Sr. Patrol Ldr    11/01/2003   beginner campouts and backpacking trips designed to teach basic Boy
Tenderfoot        7/19/2001    Bristlecone       01/11/2004   Scout skills to the newer, younger boys. For the older boys, there
                                                              are 50-mile backpack treks in the Sierras, and canoe, whitewater
Rank                           JLT
                                                              raft, and bike trips. Week-long highlight trips include summer camp
2nd Class Rank    9/20/2001    Den Chief Award   4/29/2004    at Hi Sierra (near Sonora), an additional summer camp at Emerald
1 Class Rank      11/28/2001 Troop Guide         5/01/2005    Bay on Catalina Island or at other out-of-council locations, Philmont
                                                              Scout Ranch in New Mexico (most recently in 2005), and the
Ad Altare Dei     4/21/2002    Philmont          7/30/05      Northern Tier High Adventure Canoe Base in Ely, Minnesota (in 2003
Chaplain Aide     5/01/2002    World             7/08/2005    and 2006).
                  11/07/2002   Conservation
                                                              The foundation of the troop's outdoor program was developed by
OA Election       5/18/2002    Eagle Rank        6/01/2006
                                                              early Scoutmasters, notably Dick Trevisan, and refined by
                                                              subsequent Scoutmasters and other troop leaders. Dick's love of the
                                                              outdoors and his ten-year tenure combined to formulate an exciting
                 Merit Badges Earned                          year-round camping program with themes appealing to both the
Swimming, Rowing, Wood Carving, Canoeing, Leatherwork,        novice and older boys. The hallmark of the troop's outdoor program
                                                              is preparing Scouts to lead high adventure treks (backpacking,
Aviation, Reading, Geology, Mammal Study, Indian Lore,
                                                              canoeing, climbing, rafting…) by teaching them the full range of skills
Citizen in Nation*, Camping*, First Aid*, Cit. in             needed and by giving them steadily increasing leadership experience.
Community*, Lifesaving*, Scholarship, Art, Oceanography,      The troop uses the 'trek' concept to teach life, leadership and social
Small Boat Sailing, Wilderness Survival, Env. Science,        interaction skills. Scouts choose the troop's calendar, and each trek
Family Life*, Communications*, Dentistry, Forestry,           is a project, with a Scout trek leader being the project manager.
                                                              Scouts either enjoy the fruits of being prepared or they suffer the
Veterinary Medicine, Archery, Citizen in World*, Personal
                                                              consequences of being unprepared, in an unthreatening and protected
Management*, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Soil and       environment. As the boys progress through the program, they take
Water, Personal Fitness*, Emergency Prep*, Nuclear            on more and more demanding treks, culminating in high adventure
Science, Music, Fire Safety                                   trips, which require a significant amount of skills, planning and
               *Eagle Required Merit Badge                    preparation.
                Eagle Scouts of Troop 476
Ruby Murugesan      May, 2007         Richard Wildman     October, 1996
Roark Burney        March, 2007       Michael Pettibone   May, 1996
Lawrence Lee        March, 2007       Ashwin Gokhale      March, 1996
Jasper Wan          January, 2007     Darren Wall         August, 1994
John Wedig          January, 2007     Bryan Wall          August, 1994
Harold Pan          October, 2006     Christopher Pierce August, 1994
Jeremy Weng         October, 2006     Michael Oravec      July, 1994
Kevin Doherty       October, 2006     Daniel Hill         July, 1994
Victor Shia         July, 2006        Matthew Hurley      June, 1992
Trevor Gabriel      June, 2006        James Pierce        October, 1992
Marshall Darr       June, 2006        Andrew Grillo       January, 1992
Michael Robertson   June, 2006        Donald Clark        July, 1991
Mark Anderson       May, 2006         Timothy Maguire     May, 1991
David Endo          January, 2006     Robbie MacIntyre    March, 1991
Niket Desai         January, 2006     Christopher Sheehan March, 1991
Jonathan Yee        December, 2005    George Clark        March, 1990
Matt Shannon        June, 2005        James Soboleski     October, 1988
Alex Chu            May, 2005         David Hudnut        August, 1988
Eric Liaw           November, 2004    Steve Hudnut        May, 1987
James Hung          October, 2004     James Reilly III    May, 1987
Victor Wei          October, 2004     Scott Evans         April, 1985
Jonathan Wan        August, 2004      Jeffrey Keck        March, 1985
Steve Parker        July, 2004        Bruce Draper        October, 1983
Pei Kuo             June, 2004        Tom Egan            September, 1983
Kevin Tsui          May, 2004         Ken Nishimura       September, 1983
Henry Teng          March, 2004       Michael Maguire     October, 1981
Ronald Lee          February, 2004    Brian Maguire       October, 1981
Vik Lal             December, 2003    Gerald Litzelman    February, 1980
Kevin Le            November, 2003    William Murphy      October, 1979
Danny Latona        July, 2003        William Callen III  February, 1979
Tom Chin
Komron Rahgozar
                    April, 2003
                    April, 2003
                                      James Gerlack
                                      Keith Murphy
                                                          January, 1979
                                                          September, 1978      Michael Robertson’s Eagle Project
James Schramm       March, 2003
                                                                            My Eagle Scout Project was to construct an in-ground
                                      Chris Trevisan      January, 1974
David Guthrie       November, 2002    Jim Puzar           January, 1974

                                                                            12’ x 16’ sandbox at Brookglen Park in Saratoga, CA.
Nick Guttadauro     September, 2002   Steve Rakich        January, 1974
James Pettibone     June, 2002        Larry Ochoa         January, 1974
Andrew Tsui
Matt Endo
                    April, 2002
                    March, 2002
                                      Mark Early
                                      Mike Trevisan
                                                          September, 1973
                                                          September, 1972
                                                                            Planning, excavation, construction and filling (with 10
Ben Guthrie
Bryan Campbell
                    November, 2001
                    November, 2001
                                      Steve McKenzie
                                      Brian Boyle
                                                          September, 1972
                                                          September, 1972
                                                                            yards of sand) took place over two weekends with help
Tim Fleshman        November, 2001    Dave Biasotti       December, 1969    from multiple scouts and several adults. A special thank
Joe Lee             September, 2001   Clyde Morris        June, 1969
Matt Doherty        June, 2001        Clark Gessner       June, 1969        you to the support of Mr. Enright. This project came in
Scott Anderson      September, 2000   Mike Martinez       June, 1969
Junshen Lau         May, 2000         Pat Sazama          June, 1969        on budget and took roughly 180 hours to complete.
                                                                            Immediately after completing the sandbox, it was put to
Leon Wei            April, 2000       Chris Meyer         June, 1969
Trygve Koren        June, 1999        Dave Anderson       August, 1968

                                                                            use by local neighborhood children. A plaque has been
Kevin Wang          November, 1998    Bill Meyer          October, 1967
Christopher Noone   September, 1998   John Parrish        December, 1966
Tim Oravec
Justin Rahn
                    April, 1998
                    April, 1998
                                      Tom Martinez
                                      Paul Holnan
                                                          August, 1966
                                                          December, 1963
                                                                            installed in commemoration of the project led by
Christopher Carr
Jonathan Sclar
                    March, 1998
                    March, 1998
                                      Bernie Fitzgerald
                                      Gene Fitzgerald
                                                          December, 1963
                                                          December, 1963
                                                                            Michael and the Troop 476 scouts.
Andrew Schramm      December, 1997    Mickey Roa          October, 1961
Craig Wildman       July, 1997        Greg Burke          September, 1961
           Victor Shia’s Trail to Eagle
Joined Troop      4/18/2002    Patrol        11/01/2003
Scout Rank        4/18/2002    JLT           11/22/2003
Totin’ Chip       8/15/2002    Star Rank     12/04/2003
Troop JLT         10/26/2002   Bristlecone   1/11/2004
Tenderfoot        11/14/2002   Instructor    5/01/2004
2nd Class Rank    2/20/2003    Life Rank     6/24/2004
Firem’m Chit      4/03/2003    Asst. SPL     11/01/2004
1st Class Rank    4/03/2003    Eagle Rank    7/08/2006
Quarter-          5/01/2003

                                                                   Jeremy Weng’s Eagle Project
                                                            For my Eagle Project, I installed a security system for
                 Merit Badges Earned
                                                           the Chinese Church in Christ in San Jose (CCIC-SJ).
Swimming*, Mammal Study, Metalwork, Geology,
Leatherwork, Canoeing, Lifesaving*, Citizenship In         The project consisted of 9 security cameras, a central
Nation*, Citizenship In Community*, Rifle Shooting, Art,
                                                           surveillance system, and two recording VCRs. The
Motorboating, Indian Lore, Wilderness Survival,
Forestry, Environmental Science*, Personal Fitness*,       project helped out CCIC greatly, as they were
First Aid*, Citizenship In World*, Personal
                                                           experiencing several burglaries in which several
Management*, Archery, Climbing, Communications*,
Aviation, Camping*, Family Life*                           thousand dollars were stolen from the donation box.
               *Eagle Required Merit Badge
        Jeremy Weng’s Trail to Eagle
Joined Troop     3/08/2001    Historian     11/01/2003
Scout Rank       3/01/2001    Star Rank     10/02/2003
Tenderfoot       1/21/2002    Troop JLT     10/22/2003
2nd Class Rank   12/12/2002   JLT           10/10/2004
1st Class Rank   1/16/2003    Bristlecone   12/12/2004
Patrol Leader    5/01/2003    Life Rank     5/20/2004
World            8/06/2003    New Patrol    5/01/2005
Conservation                  Instructor
T50 –            8/18/2003    Eagle Rank    10/26/2006
50 Miler
                                                               Victor Shia’s Eagle Project
                              Jr. Asst.     11/5/2006
                                                          My Eagle Scout Project was to restore New Life
                                                          Church’s outdoor sign and rebuild the three large
                                                          planter boxes by the playground where the Church
                 Merit Badge Earned                       shares with the Little People Christian Daycare.
                                                          Planning started in spring of 2005. It included
Swimming*, Rowing, Canoeing, Citizenship in Community*,
                                                          writing the proposal and project plan, meeting with
First Aid*, Whitewater, Lifesaving*, Camping*,
                                                          the Church Board to present proposal and seek
Environmental Science*, Motorboating, Citizenship in
                                                          approval, procuring materials and setting up the
Nation*, Leatherwork, Forestry, Basketry, Indian Lore,
                                                          logistics and work schedule. The project was
Wilderness Survival, Soil and Water, Citizenship in
                                                          completed with the help of Scouts from Troop 476
World, Climbing, Communications*, Horsemanship,
                                                          and friends during the summer of 2005. The
Mammal Study, Family Life*, Personal Fitness*, Personal
                                                          Church now has a more readable sign, and new
                                                          planter boxes populated with new plants. The entire
              *Eagle Required Merit Badge
                                                          project took approximately 300 hours to complete.
            John Wedig’s Trail to Eagle
Joined Troop      3/9/2000    OA ordeal     6/7/2002
Scout Rank        3/23/2000   Den Chief     10/1/2002
Firem’m Chit      7/13/2000   Star Rank     1/30/2003
Totin’ Chip       7/13/2000   Quarter-      5/1/2003
Tenderfoot        1/4/2001    T50 –         8/18/03
Rank                          50 Miler
2nd Class Rank    11/1/2001   Life Rank     10/30/2003
Patrol Leader     11/1/2001   Bugler        11/1/2003
1st Class Rank    1/31/2002   Instructor    11/1/04
Ad Altare Dei     4/21/02     Patrol        5/1/2005
Librarian         5/1/2002    Mile Swim     7/7/2006
OA Election       5/18/2002   World Consv 7/7/2006
Mile Swim         6/1/2002    Eagle Rank    1/18/2007

                                                                  John Wedig’s Eagle Project
                                                          My Eagle project was to renovate “Mary’s Garden” in
                 Merit Badges Earned                      the upper grade courtyard at St. Joseph of Cupertino
Swimming*, Basketry, Rowing, Canoeing, Geology,           School. The project was carried out in June, 2006
Camping*, Citizenship in Nation*, Indian Lore, Soil &     and benefited the school by providing a more
Water Conservation, First Aid*, Lifesaving*,              esthetically pleasing garden for the school children
Oceanography, Small Boat Sailing, Environmental           when they hold their prayer circle each school morning.
Science*, Climbing, Archery, Personal Fitness*,           The project was performed by both scouts from Troop
Citizenship in Community*, Family Life*, Personal Mgt*,   476 and some school friends. It took 455 man hours
Citizenship in the World*, Communications*                to plan, demolish, lay pipe and wiring, plant bushes and
               *Eagle Required Merit Badge                trees and lay mulch.

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