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					                     BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA – Antioch, CA
                            TROOP and CREW 153
                         Sponsored by the Antioch United Methodist Church on the Rock

                              Membership Renewal for 2010
Your son is currently registered with Troop or Crew 153 through December 31, 2009. Every Scout
who wishes to continue to participate in the troop or crew program for calendar year 2010, must
re-register with the Boy Scouts of America and pay their 2010 membership fees. In order to meet
the BSA re-chartering deadline, the Membership Committee requests that the attached Family
Information Sheet be up-dated; and the Membership Registration Form (with the appropriate
fees) be received by November 16, 2009, at the Special Parent’s Meeting.

Renewal fees for calendar year 2010 are $120.00 for the first Scout and $108.00 for each
subsequent Scout registration. These fees include the National Registration fee ($15.00), one
copy of Boy’s Life magazine per family ($12.00). The unit re-chartering fee ($1.00), and
Troop/Crew incidental fees ($40.00) goes for awards, insurance, and training materials. It also
includes the weekly dues payment of $1.00 x 52 weeks. For Crew members 18-20 years of
age the fee is $35.00 (Senior Crew Members do not pay dues or incidentals). Scouts 14-17 years
of age are automatically registered in the Crew at no additional cost.

Each Scout should have two Troop t-shirts. Scouts are encouraged to purchase at least one
NEW Troop t-shirt each year during registration at $15.00 each. This provides each Scout with a
presentable t-shirt that fits and is in good shape for troop or crew events where the uniform is not
needed. Troop Sweat Shirts are also available for $35.00 each.


Parents are encouraged to register with the Boy Scouts of America and Troop/Crew 153 for
$15.00 per year. This fee covers each adult with secondary liability insurance for any official
scouting event; and subscription to Scouting Magazine and Smoke Signals for the up-coming year.
In addition, registration will give you access to all adult training events being sponsored by the
Council. All Committee Members, the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Crew Leaders and
other adult officers are required to register with the BSA in order to hold these positions. Those
adults that have gone through the basic leader training will automatically be registered with the
BSA, with the $15.00 fee being paid by the unit. Merit Badge Counselors not affiliated with a troop
may also register for free.

Yours in Scouting,

Wayne L. Butler
Committee Chairperson

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