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					Modifications / Additions to Electronic Data Transfer                                            03.01.2007

1. <VEHICLES> sub-segment for Pedalcycles

   Nothing has changed regarding the processing of Pedalcycles. Just to clarify what is in the
   manual…Pedalcyclists will be coded in the <RELATED_INDIVIDUALS> sub-segment under a NULL
   <VEHICLES> sub-segment. Although ‘Pedalcycle’ is listed as a valid Vehicle Type Code
   (<VEHICLES.cde_veh_type> = 13), NJDOT will only keep data on Motor Vehicles.

2. <VEHICLES.cde_situation> – New Code for Parked and Driverless/Moving Vehicles

   Some issues arose regarding PARKED Vehicles and DRIVERLESS MOVING Vehicles. The
   concerns were entering the following types of information for the above-mentioned vehicles:

      Pre-Crash Action Code
      Apparent Contributing Circumstances Codes
      Occupant / Passenger Information
      Charge / Summons Information
      Information regarding the person that parked the vehicle
      Info regarding the person that had been driving the vehicle that becomes a driverless moving

   SEGMENT> for these situations.

   In an attempt to simplify the most common situation (a legally parked vehicle with no passengers /
   occupants)…we have added a new tag in the VEHICLES level…<cde_situation>. This field will have
   the following values:
   o ‘P’ for Parked Vehicle
   o ‘D’ for Driverless Moving Vehicle
   o Null for all other situations.

   The thought was that since the majority of parked vehicles have no occupants, this flag would take
   the place of PRE CRASH ACTION which is on the RELATED INDIVIDUALS level.

   Below are examples of common situations that occur involving Parked or Driverless Vehicles:

   PARKED / DRIVERLESS VEH…NO Occupants/Passengers…NO Charges/Summons, etc.
   Example: An empty MV legally parked and getting hit by a moving MV.

   1. Set VEHICLES.cde_situation = ‘P’ or ‘D’.
   2. No <RELATED INDIVIDUAL> sub-segment is needed.

   PARKED / DRIVERLESS VEHICLES with Occupants/Passengers
   Example: Persons waiting in a parked MV (while someone runs into a store) and the Parked
   Vehicle gets hit by a moving MV.

   1. Set VEHICLES.cde_situation = ‘P’ or ‘D’.
   2. A <RELATED INDIVIDUAL> sub-segment is needed for each occupant/passenger. Please
      remember… that there is no driver for a parked vehicle. If someone is in the driver’s seat, their
   <cde_person_type> should be a Passenger, but their <cde_position_in_veh> will be ‘01’
   (Driver’s seat).
3. PRE CRASH ACTION is not for Passengers, therefore it should be left Null.

PARKED / DRIVERLESS VEHICLES with Charges and/or Summons, etc.
Example: An empty, illegally parked MV getting hit (and the officer issues a summons to the
person who parked the MV).

1. Set VEHICLES.cde_situation = ‘P’ or ‘D’.
2. One Null RELATED INDIVIDUAL record will be allowed for a Parked or Driverless Vehicle so
   that other information may be entered for the person who parked or abandoned the vehicle. A
   NULL Related Individual will have the <num_person> and <cde_person_type> tags set to Null.

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