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									                         Missing, Late Work, and Absences

                                                                   August 25, 2011

Dear Parents,

       There has been an excessive amount of late and missing work for our
students. We are writing this letter to inform you and your child about the policy
that will be implemented starting Monday, August 29, 2011. Beginning Monday, if
your child’s work is considered “late” it will be an automatic 5-point deduction to
their grade for that assignment. If the work never appears and is considered to be
“missing” and hasn’t been made up by Progress Report time (every 4.5 weeks) or
by Report Card time (every 9 weeks), whichever timeframe is closest, they will
receive a zero for that assignment.

      We understand that some occasions call for your child to miss school. Once
your child returns back to school they have 3 days for each day missed to
complete all make-up work for it to be considered “on time.” Once the 3 days
have passed, the above policy will then be in effect with late work receiving a 5-
point deduction for each assignment and if it is never made up, a zero.

       Please talk with your child about the importance of turning their work in,
and turning it in on time. If you have any questions regarding the implementation
of this new policy please feel free to contact us.

                    Thank you for your help with this situation,

_____________________ ____________________ ______________________

      Mrs. Jowers                   Ms. Neal               Principal James Bryan

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