What are the features of Colour Laser Multifunction Printers by anamaulida


									Printers have been around for a very long time. Unlike some of the other
types of computer peripherals, they haven't really evolved all that much
in terms of technologies and features. But that doesn't mean that
printers lack variety because there are certainly plenty of types of
printers to choose from. Essentially, cheaper printers have a few select
features while the pricier multifunction printers go beyond printing by
adding other related functions like scanning. Some printers are coloured
while others print output faster by utilising a laser and toner. If you
want to combine all of the good features of a printer, you will probably
end up looking for a colour laser multifunction printer. These types of
printers are very versatile because of these common features.High Speed
Colour PrintingAll laser printers are faster than the inkjet printers
because the printer does not have to move an ink cartridge back and forth
to spray and mix the different ink colours. The precision of the laser
greatly assists when it comes to printing speed. Depending on the colour
laser multifunction printer that you choose, you may be able to notice
some extra speed benefits because of processor and RAM specifications.
Manufacturers openly show their processor clock speeds, available RAM,
and estimated number of printed pages per minute to show just how much of
an advantage you get over using a standard inkjet printer.Multifunction
CapabilitiesColour laser printers can be faster than inkjet printers as
well, but colour multifunction laser printers have key multifunction
benefits that can save you time in doing repetitive tasks and can save a
lot of office, home, or desk space. Even if the colour laser
multifunction laser printer is large in size, having a separate laser
printer, scanner, and fax machine each consume power and take up a
connection port. A single multifunction printer gives you all the
controls over one cable. Many of these models can function by themselves
too. It is already getting more common for colour laser multifunction
printers to have USB ports for flash drives and external hard drives
and/or memory card slots so you can copy recognizable files like PDFs to
these external storage devices so the printer can read them..Enhanced
Paper ManagementMany multifunction printers have a rather boxy look
because they need to store more paper. Multifunction printers is all
about having the convenience of printing documents at high speeds so
having a lack of paper management pretty much defeats the point. The
exact number of sheets can vary but it usually involves over 200 sheets.
Some of these printers have different trays for different paper sizes
making them much better in terms of paper management.Printer
UpgradabilityNobody likes to buy a new multifunction printer just because
their existing multifunction printer simply isn't performing fast enough
especially when trying to print very large documents. Fortunately, many
of the multifunction colour laser printers offer some expansion options
such as the ability to add RAM. Other printers that lack networking
functionality may offer an upgrade for adding wireless capability. Some
printers may support additional trays if these trays are purchased.These
are just the basic features that are found in most multifunction colour
laser printers available today. Be sure to check the features list of
other models that fall in this category as you may discover something

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