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					                                                                       CV – Richard Browning, QUB
                                     RICHARD BROWNING - CURRICULUM VITAE

Name:               Richard Robert Browning                              DOB: 28/11/88
Address:            4 Moylena Park,
                    Co. Antrim,                                          Telephone:    02894466652, 07739967707
                    Northern Ireland  BT41 4AD Email:          

   I consider myself to be a very hardworking, committed young adult, with many key skills that are suited to
both team and solo projects. I work well within a team or as a leader and have never experienced any problems
with meeting required deadlines for any projects e.g. completing bugs assigned to me so my team could make
code complete when I was an intern at Microsoft. These team situations have given me excellent communication
skills that include being able to put forward my own ideas but listen to others to resolve tough situations.

09/2007 Queen’s University Belfast
               MEng Computer Science
                    Level One                                                  Level Two

    Fundamentals of Programming                     91               Data Structures and Algorithms           97
    Programming Challenges                97                         Computation Theory                                 79
    Introduction to Multimedia 1                    75               Games Programming                                  67
    Introduction to Multimedia 2                    72               Networks and Communications                        84
    Introduction to the Science of                                   Multimedia Systems                       93
          Computing                                 91               Professional Practice                              57
    Computer Architecture                 92                         Software Engineering and Group Project             85

08/2007 A levels:               Maths, A; Technology, A; Physics, A;
08/2006 AS levels:              Psychology, A;
08/2005 GCSE:                   Maths, A*; Advanced Maths, A*; Double Award Science, A*A*; Technology, A*; History, A*; English, A;
                                English Literature, A; German, A;

Operating Systems
    I can readily use Mac OS X version 10.5.5, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7,
Windows Server 2008 operating systems and easily use software on these operating systems.
Development Languages
    I have learnt to program many different applications in C# ranging from games to internet explorer
toolbars. Through my placement year I developed good SQL skills as well as how to use the jQuery library,
AJAX and web service development. I also have experience in Java development. In all programming languages
I try to adopt the 3 tier model and follow DRY and KISS approaches to development.
    Through all of my education career I have been using Microsoft Office and in level one I learnt how to use
Macromedia Director MX 2004, PaintShop Pro, J Creator, NetBeans, Macromedia Fireworks, Safari, Firefox and
Internet Explorer. During my placement I learnt how to use Visual Studio 2008, 2010, SQL Server 2008.
    Level One Multimedia 1 team project required us to design a music kiosk interface using Marcomedia
Director, allowing the user to access information about the bands. We decided to do 5 bands, one for each team
member who could work on their band section individually. We agreed on deadlines and individual jobs early on.
I was responsible for collecting the report and making sure it was all present and correct, as well as creating a help
page for the project. I used a range of photo editing software, PaintShop Pro etc, to develop my required images
and buttons for the interface.
    Level One Multimedia 2 project required me to develop an online game and I used HTML and Lingo to create
movement, a good scoring system and the trajectory of the bullets in the game. All required images were created
in Fireworks. Both these projects helped me receive the mark in the corresponding module. Whilst working on
both of these projects I used both Mac OS X version 10.5.5 and Windows XP. I also created a basic game in
level one using Java to construct it on JCreator.
    Level two I am taking it one step further and using NetBeans to write a more complex game using much more
advanced Java programming. I also partook in a group project where we developed an online multiplayer air
hockey game using C# and the XNA Framework.
    Whilst on my placement year I was part of a dynamic team that helped develop a localization website that
received an honourable mention in 2010 Engineering Excellence awards inside Microsoft. We used the
ASP.NET framework to create our web application as well as console and toolbar components. We had a SQL

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                                                                                   CV – Richard Browning, QUB
Server for the back end, which we all developed stored procedures for. Client side we used AJAX, jQuery and
Telerik library to create our interface for the web application.
   During level three I have completed a scrum management system, developed using WPF following the MVVM
structure whilst using Scrum/Agile techniques to manage the project. This gave me a great chance to be part of
an agile team and to design a project from beginning. I am also challenging myself technically having never used
WPF before.
   In my spare time I have also done some web development. I helped design and implement during level two and have also begun designing my own website using the ASP.NET
MVC platform. This gives me a great opportunity to be creative and improve my web development skills.

05/2008 – 09/2008             Servisair, Belfast International Airport      Loader/Driver
                              I worked in teams to offload and load domestic, international and freight flights.
                              Worked to strict deadlines or company would incur penalty.
06/2006 – 06/2007             International News and Media, Belfast Telegraph,       Despatch Operator
                              I worked in a team to help despatch Sunday News papers to all over Ireland.
08/2004 – 05/2009             Hugh Wallace, Pizza the Action, Railway Street, Antrim          Caterer
                              I am a key holder of the establishment and often given the responsibility of dealing
                              with money for wages etc.
06/2009 – 06/2010             Microsoft, European Development Centre, Dublin         Intern SDE
                              I was asked to extend my placement by over a month to help train the new interns
                              coming in.
    I see myself as an extremely useful and versatile person. In all my jobs I have been involved in teams having
to work together to achieve a goal. This has been extremely useful as I feel completely comfortable working in a
team environment and working together to achieve our goal. However I have still maintained a good self-
discipline to be able to tackle solo projects successfully in my educational career.
    I have been given many leadership roles. I was Head Boy in my grammar school and was in charge of 50
prefects making sure that they were fulfilling their duties to the school. I was also Captain of school Rugby
Teams including Medallion for 5 years and Junior Boy Captain of Ballymena and Antrim Athletic Club for 2
    From working in the variety of businesses that I have been employed in, from a single shop franchise to an
international company, I have been exposed to different business aspects and I am well aware of what working for
a large company requires.
    I have excellent communication skills, from making speeches in front of an audience to communicating to team
members everyday about what I am doing, what is required etc. I believe that my communication skills are an
excellent characteristic to have, as every business requires good communication amongst its employees.
    Through my placement at Microsoft I was able to develop my time management by being made responsible for
a lot of different tasks that had very similar deadlines. This experience will help me perform brilliantly in any
situation as the ability to perform tasks well and deliver on deadlines is crucial in any company.
    I was awarded Head Boy at my grammar school in my last year which enabled me to take part in fundraising
events as well as helping out at a wide range of events and venues.
    I was awarded a scholarship by Queen’s University Belfast in my first year for my A level results together with
a bursary for achieving such a high standard.
    I have competed in international athletics competitions representing Ulster in a 4 x 100m relay at the Celtic
International in 2005 when I was 16. I have also competed in the 100m finals Irish National Juvenile
Championships. During that summer I was awarded my Coaching Level One which enabled me to assist at
Ballymena and Antrim AC to coach junior athletes.
    I am a holder of a clean full U.K. Driving Licence.
    I have always had a keen interest in sports; especially athletics and rugby as I have trained for these sports. I
still occasionally play for my local rugby club at the weekends and train with them during the week. I thoroughly
enjoy my music as I used to play bass guitar and participated at school concerts. Thus I am still very interested in
the music scene and any new and up coming bands.
    Throughout my education career I have always had to use computers for word processing etc. never fully
understanding what the computer was doing. This made me curious as to what is actually needed to produce the
desired program at the end. This interest in how to create such software helped me decide what I would enjoy
doing at university and as a long term career. As the more I learned about the IT industry the more I was sure I
would enjoy working for it.
Dr. Philip Hanna; Senior Lecturer; Queen’s University Belfast; ECIT, Queen’s University Belfast, NI Science Park, Queen’s Road, Queen’s
Island, Belfast, BT3 9DT; 02890971779;

Mr. Laurence Meyler; Senior Program Manager; South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18;+353 1 7065676

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