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									                                        Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association
                                                                          2011 Community Data Profile

                         Van Buren County

                    QUICK FACTS
County Seat: Spencer                Year Incorporated: 1846
Area in Square Miles (County): 274 Latitude: N35° 44.85'
Elevation: 1,820’                   Longitude: W85° 28.00'
Market Region: Cookeville
                                                                             TAX STRUCTURE
Distance From Nashville: 94 miles; Chattanooga 60 miles
City Email Address: spencertngov@blomand.net
County Email Address: wdrakevbcm@hotmail.com                                               City               County
Additional Incorporated Cities within County: None            Property Taxes:
                                                               Rate per $100 value          $ 0.00           $ 1.4304
                                                              Ratio of Assessment:
                                                               Residential and Farm          25 %                25 %
                    POPULATION                                 Commercial/Industrial         40 %                40 %
                                                              Personal (Equipment)           30 %                30 %
                                                               (Inventory Tax) Raw Materials Only:
                          City           County               Bonded Debt             $ 5,863,000         $ 1,589,605
2000 (Census)             1,713         5,508                 Assessed Valuation     $ 17,322,081      $ 140,309,757
July 2009 (Estimates)     1,693         5,480                 School Tax                      0%                  0%
Percent Population Change                                     Hotel-Motel Tax              7.00 %              7.00 %
        2000 – 2009        -1.2 %        -0.5 %
                                                              Sales Tax 5.5% tax on food and food ingredients; 7% on all
                                                              other tangible personal property unless specifically exempted.
                       CLIMATE                                Local Sales Tax Rate 2.75 %

                                                              Income Tax
Annual Average Temperature: 56.0°
Average High Temperature: 85.7 °
                                                                  • Personal: 6 % on Interest & Dividends
Average Low Temperature: 45.0°                                    • Corporate Excise Tax: 6.5% of Tennessee taxable
Annual Average Precipitation: 53.4"                                  income
Annual Average Snowfall: 8.0"                                     • Franchise Tax: .25% of the greater of net worth or real
Prevailing Winds: South, Southwest                                   and tangible property in Tennessee. The minimum tax
Mean Length of Freeze-Free Period (days): 180-220                    is $100.
                                                                  • Unemployment Tax: New Employers 2.7% of first
            COMMUNICATIONS                                                               TRANSPORTATION
Post Office Class: First                                                  AIR SERVICE:
  Newspapers:                    Frequency:                               Nearest General Aviation:
  Mountain View                  Weekly                                       Upper Cumberland Regional
  The Tennessean                 Daily                                    Location Identifier: SRB
  Chattanooga                    Daily                                    Distance from City: Sparta (9 miles NW)
                                                                          Runway Length: 6,000 feet
Telephone Companies: Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Coop.                     Surface: Asphalt
Radio Stations: 7 local                                                   Lighting: MIRL/PAPI
Television Networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS                                   Fuel: 100LL/Jet A
Cable Companies: Yes    Channels: 67                                      Repair: Major
                                                                          Transportation: Taxi, Rental and Courtesy Car
                                                                          Nearest Commercial Service:
                                                                              Nashville International Airport
                     EDUCATION                                            Location Identifier: BNA
                                                                          Served by 13 airlines; operating 346 average daily flights to
                # Local                          Pupil/Teachers           62 markets and 42 non-stop markets (as of January 2011).
                Schools        Enrollment         Ratio
Elementary         1             345              16:1
Sr. and Jr. High 1               400              16:1
                                                                          U.S Highways:
                                                                          State Highways: 30 & 111
Private/Parochial 2              50
                                                                          Nearest Interstate: 44 miles to I-24; 28 miles to I-40

Technology Center: Tennessee Technological Center-                        COMMON CARRIERS:
McMinnville                                                               Air Freight Companies: 0
Colleges: Motlow State Community College-McMinnville                      Motor Freight Companies: 0
          Tennessee Tech University-Cookeville                            Terminal Facilities: 0
Other:                                                                    Bus Services – Inter-City:
State Industrial Training Service Available: Yes                          Local:            Carrier Service:
Type of Public School System:
                                                                          RAILROADS SERVED BY:
                   GOVERNMENT                                             Caney Fork & Western & Nashville Eastern Railroad

Governing Body:                                                           NAVIGABLE WATERWAYS:
 City: Mayor and Aldermen                                                 River: Tennessee River
 County: Mayor and County Commissioners                                   Channel Depth: 11 feet
                   Meets: Last Thursday of Month                          Nearest Port Facility: Chattanooga
                   Time: 5:30 p.m.                                        Miles: 60
                   Place: Municipal Building
Fire Department:
  full-time fire fighters in city: 0
  city volunteers: 23
  full-time fire fighters in county: 0                                      INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT SERVICES
  county volunteers: 55
  fire stations in city: 1          city fire trucks: 3
  fire stations in county: 5        county fire trucks: 10                Service              Town              Distance (Miles)
                                (includes tankers, rescue, trucks, etc)   Tool & Die           McMinnville
Law Enforcement:                                                          Heat Treating        Local
  full-time police officers in city: 3                                    Foundry              McMinnville
  full-time police officers in county & sheriff: 9                        Heavy Hardware       McMinnville
  city patrol cars: 5           county patrol cars: 8                     Sheet Metal          McMinnville
                                                                          Lubricants           Sparta
                                   City:            County:               Welding Supplies
Insurance Rating:                      8              9                   Abrasives
Zoning Regulations:                 Yes              No                   Other:
Planning Commission:                Yes             Yes                   BDS Disposal Service     Local
Industrial Development Corp:        No              Yes
        COMMUNITY FACILITIES                                               SELECTED ECONOMIC INDICATORS

Health Care:                                                              2009 Annual Average
   Hospitals: 0           Beds:                                                                        County       Labor Market Area*
   Clinics: 1             Beds:                                           Labor Force:
   Doctors: 1             Dentists: 1                                      Civilian Labor Force         2,550             79,850
Nursing Homes: 1          Beds: 70                                         Employment                   2,170             69,540
Retirement Homes: 0       Beds:                                            Unemployment                   380             10,290
Residential Care/Assisted Living: 0                                        Unemployment Rate           15.0 %             13.4 %
Full Service Pharmacy: 1                                                   HS Graduates (2008-09)          55              1,869
Religious Organizations:                                                  All Industries in Area (Annual Averages 2009):
   Protestant: 24        Catholic:      Other:                            Number of Units:                   54
   Jehovah's Witness:    Seventh Day Adventist: 1                         Ann. Avg. Employment:              909
   Latter Day Saints: 1

                                                           Day            Per Capita Personal Income
Recreation:                                                Care           Year: 2008              Amount: $ 26,534
  Libraries: 1           Parks: 2                          Cen-
  Golf Courses (Public & Private): 2                       ters:          Retail Sales
  Swimming Pools (Public & Private): 3                     2              Year: 2009                 Amount: $ 13,588,044
  Country Clubs: 0       Theaters: 0
  Bowling Alleys: 0                                                       Estimated County Available Labor:
                                                                          Date (month): December 2010
Hotels & Motels: 5         Rooms: 180
Bed & Breakfasts: 2                                                                              County         Labor Market Area
Largest Meeting Room Capacity: 300
Restaurants: 7                                                            Total:                    320             9,710
Other: Fall Creek Falls (144 rooms, 30 cabins); Rocky                     Male:                     170             4,970
River Cabins (32); Final Touch Shopping                                   Female:                   150             4,740

                                                                                      County 10-Year Growth Report
          NATURAL RESOURCES                                               Years: 2001-2010    New Plants     Expansions
                                                                          Number Projects:             1              6
Minerals: Crushed stone                                                   Job Opportunities:          30             75
Timber: Oak and Hickory                                                   Total Investments:   $ 300,000   $ 23,958,154

      AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS                                               * Labor Market Area is defined as Bledsoe, Cumberland,
                                                                          DeKalb, Grundy, Sequatchie, Van Buren, Warren and White
Crops: Hay and tobacco                                                    Counties in Tennessee

                                                                                             The Industrial Advantage
       FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS                                                            In addition to its strategic location, Middle
                                                                                         Tennessee offers other advantages to a
Name of Banks:            Number of Branches:     Deposits                               wide variety of industries:
Citizens Tri-County              1            $ 40,911,000                               ♦ Cap on franchise/inventory tax for distri-
                                                                                              bution/warehousing facilities.
                                                                                         ♦ Tax incentives on machinery, manufac-
                                                                                              turing, and distribution equipment/
                                                                                              racking systems.
Commercial Banks:1                                                                       ♦ Jobs Tax Credit Program
Savings Institutions: 0                                                                  ♦ Abundant workforce in “Right-to-Work”
Credit Unions: 0                                                                              state
Total # of Institutions: 1                                                               ♦ Reliable TVA electric power
Total # of Branches: 1                                                                   ♦ Highly-developed transportation system
Combined Deposits: $ 40,911,000            (Deposits for June 30, 2010)
                                                                                                 And a climate that supports
                                                                                                   business and growth.
 GAS                                                                          ELECTRICITY
 Local Distributor: Middle Tennessee Natural Gas                              Source Company: Tennessee Valley Authority
 Phone: 931.836.2825
 Website: http://www.mtng.com/                                                          Local Distributor for City and County:
         Source Company: East Tennessee Natural Gas Company                   Electric Power System:
         Fuel Oil Suppliers:                                                       Caney Fork Electric Cooperative
         Suppliers of LP Gas:      3                                          General Manager: William Rogers
 SEWER                                                                        Address:           Post Office Box 272
 Sewer Provider: Spencer Utility Department                                                      McMinnville, Tennessee 37111
 Phone: 931.946.2351                                                          Phone:             931.473.3116
         Type of Treatment:                                                   Fax:               931.473.4939
         Capacity: 250,000 GPD                                                Website:           www.caneyforkec.com
         Current Usage:          GPD
         City Sewer Coverage: 100 %                                           Electric Power System:
         Storm Sewer Coverage: 0 %                                                 Sequatchie Valley Electric Cooperative
         Solid Waste Disposal Type: Contracted                                President/CEO: Robert Matheny
                                                                              Address:          Post Office Box 31
 WATER                                                                                          South Pittsburg, Tennessee 37380
 Water Supplier: Spencer Utility Department                                   Phone:            423.837.8605
 Phone: 931.946.2351                                                          Fax:              423.837.1768
         Source: Spencer impounded reservoir and Caney Fork                   Website:          www.svalleyec.com
         Capacity: 1,250,000 GPD
         Current Consumption: 400,000 GPD                                           MTIDA works closely with the Tennessee
         Storage Capacity: 1,000,000 Gallons                                        Valley Authority, which supplies electric
                                                                                    power to Middle Tennessee through 27
 Water Supplier: Fall Creek Falls Utility District                                  distributors.
 Phone: 423.881.5065

Firm                               Product or Service               Total Employees                 Union       Phone Number
Acument Global Technologies        Fasteners & auto specialty parts        145                      None        931-946-2291
Sullivan Lumber & Logging LLC      Logging camps & contractors             15                       None        931-946-2356
SunKote Plastic Coating Corp.      Plastic coating                         15                       None        931-946-3271

       For information on industrial sites and available industrial buildings contact:
 Mr. George W. Shuff, III, Executive Director                              Herbert Davis, County Mayor
 Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association                       500 College Street, Administration Building
 2108 Westwood Avenue                                                      Post Office Box 217
 Nashville, Tennessee 37212                                                Spencer, Tennessee 38585-0217
 Phone: 615.269.5233       WATS: 800.227.6628                              Phone: 931.946.2314            Fax: 931.946.2388
 Fax: 615.269.5184                                                         Email:
 Email: mtida@mtida.org Website: www.mtida.org                             Website: none at this time

                                                                           Shirley Hitchcock, President
 Greg Wilson, City Mayor
                                                                           Van Buren Chamber of Commerce
 City of Spencer
                                                                           Post Office Box 814
 Post Office Box 187
                                                                           Spencer, Tennessee 38585-0814
 Spencer, Tennessee 38585-0187
                                                                           Phone: 931.946.7033          Fax:
 Phone: 931.946.2351        Fax: 931.946.2349
                                                                           Email: vbchamber@blomand.net
 Email: spencermayor@blomand.net
                                                                           Website: www.vanburenchamber.com/
 Website: none at this time

                 The information contained herein was obtained from sources we consider reliable.
                     We can not be responsible, however, for errors or change in information.                   Updated March 2011

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