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									                                   CAMBRIAN SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNING BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                          MINUTES OF REGULAR BOARD MEETING

                                                                October 14, 2010

1.   CLOSED SESSION AGENDA                                                                              Closed Session

     The Board convened in Closed Session at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the following:

     1.1     Negotiations with California School Employees’ Assoc., Local 641
     1.2     Conference regarding Anticipated Litigation (Govt Code 54956.9)(b)(1))
     1.3     Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release (Govt Code 54957)

2.   REGULAR SESSION                                                                                    Regular Session

     The president called the regular meeting of the Governing Board of Trustees to order in the
     boardroom at the district office at 7:36 p.m. Mrs. Pyne informed the audience that no action was
     taken in closed session.

     CALL TO ORDER                                                                                      Call to Order

     MEMBERS PRESENT:                            Mrs. Sue Pyne, President
                                                 Mr. Alan Baker, Vice President
                                                 Mrs. Karen Chung, Clerk
                                                 Mr. Donald Rocha, Member
                                                 Mr. Gary Chronert, Member

     STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:                      Dr. Deborah Blow, Superintendent
                                                 Lani Potts, Asst Supt, Educational Services
                                                 Julie Swanson, Chief Financial Officer
                                                 Wendy Corkery, Admin. Asst. to Superintendent
                                                 Kirby Fell, Technology Coordinator

3.   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                                                                               Pledge of Allegiance

     The president of the Board led the Pledge of Allegiance.

4.   ADOPTION OF AGENDA                                                                                 Adopt Agenda

     On a motion by Mr. Chronert, seconded by Mrs. Chung and carried unanimously the Board
     adopted the October 14, 2010, agenda.

5.   CONSENT AGENDA                                                                                     Consent Agenda

     On a motion by Mr. Rocha, seconded by Mr. Baker and carried unanimously the Board shall:
     5.1     Adopt Consent Agenda items as follows:
     5.2     Approve the minutes of the October 28, 2010, regular Board meeting
     5.3     Personnel Items:
                  Grant tenure to Brianna Chenevey and Christina Friemarck, effective 8/19/10
                  Ratify permanent status for Nancy Bendorf, Erica Bingham and Hillary George,
                     effective 8/19/20
                  Ratify the additional assignment for Matt Hill, Matt Jarrett, Wendy Olson, Erick
                     Porter and Erin Sagez, effective 2010-2011; and Lisa Isaacs, effective 9/1/10-
                  Ratify FTE increase from .8 to 1.0 for Ramon Segovia, effective 9/20/10
                               October 14, 2010

                 Accept the resignation of Jerri Frakes, speech therapist, effective 10/5/10
                 Ratify the resignation of Philip Moore, principal, effective 9/29/10
                 Ratify the short term employment of Phil Shoff, interim principal, effective 9/27/10
                 Ratify the limited term status of Samantha Altomare, effective 9/27/10-6/9/11; Jeff
                 Figone, effective 8/30/10-6/9/11; Paula Ford, effective 10/5/10-6/9/11; Sharon Gribbon
                 and Michelle Kelch, effective 2010-2011; Maria Harper, effective 9/14/10-6/9/11;
                 Michelle Heap, effective 8/23/10; Sheila Irish, Patricia Lee, Rhonda McCarthy, Valerie
                 Posey, Veronica Prislin, Kathleen Robb, Jolene Voss, effective 10/5/10-4/22/11;
                 Kimberly Kirchoff-Stein, effective 8/23/10-6/9/11; Erik Levine, effective 8/24/10-
                 6/9/11; Kim Masegian, effective 8/23/10-5/31/11; Dan Russie, effective 10/1/10-
                 4/30/11; Todd Sinclair, effective 9/1/10-6/9/11; Bonnie Rasser and Rose Marie Tucker,
                 effective 10/5/10-4/22/11; Monica Webb, effective 9/21/10-6/9/10 and Kristin
                 Zawacki, effective 9/17/10-6/9/11
     5.4     Accept monetary donations to Price School in the amount of $987.74

6.   ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                         Announcements

     Mrs. Pyne informed the audience that all schools would be closed on Friday, October 22.

     Dr. Blow stated that she attended Santa Clara County’s Teacher of the Year celebration where Ms.
     Imelda Wong was recognized. It was a really great event and many of Ms. Wong’s Farnham
     colleagues were there to show their support. Dr. Blow also visited Sartorette and Farnham
     Schools where she walked the classrooms which she enjoyed very much She also visited Price
     School with Mrs. Chung and Mrs. Negrete and was impressed with what was going on in the

7.   RECOGNITIONS                                                                                          Recognitions

     7.1     Individuals who have gone “the extra mile” for the students of our District were recognized
             by the Board for their hard work and dedication. Mrs. Pyne presented them with Good
             Apple Awards and lapel pins while Dr. Blow told the audience of their good deeds. The
             recipients were Christie Styer and Dana Lancaster, parent volunteers from Bagby School,
             and Shauna Gibbons, staff member at Bagby School.

     7.2     Students of the Month were recognized for being exemplary students. Dr. Blow read
             commendations from each student’s teacher and Board members presented certificates to their
             buddy school students. The Students of the Month were:
                 Alexa Gatiss, Bagby School
                 Colby Lepore, Fammatre School
                 Scott Sunseri, Farnham School
                 Jacklyn Siagatonu, Sartorette School
                 Jenika Oliva, Price School
                 Sam Craig, Price School

8.   PUBLIC COMMENTS                                                                                       Public Comments

     Mrs. Sparagna addressed the Board concerning kindergarten registration at Bagby.
                                October 14, 2010

 9    INFORMATION AND STUDY ITEMS                                                                           Information/Study

      9.1     Mrs. Potts provided an update on the new Common Core Standards. They were adopted              Common Core
              in August 2010 by the California Department of Education. This will ultimately change          Standards Update
              our standardized assessments and instructional materials. The overarching goals were
              reviewed. The focus is now on results rather than the means. They are aligned in large
              part with existing California Standards. Our state joined a consortium of 26 other states.
              A common national assessment will not be in place in the near future. There are wo
              consortiums and each will have their own assessments. There is a rather aggressive
              timeframe in place to pilot in 2011-12; field test in 2012-13 and 2013-14 with implement-
              tation in place by 2014-15. The new standards will be much broader and based on higher
              level thinking skills.

      9.2     Mr. Slone, Mrs. Negrete, Mrs. Lagarde, Ms. Moussa, Mrs. McNamara, and Ms. Smith               Price Sp Ed Pres
              provided an overview of the special education department at Price Middle School. The
              Core Academic success for All (CASA) program is new this year and it is still evolving.
              Ms. Ali Smith’s efforts are making it a great success. Academic interventions through
              Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI2) are in use daily. The staff at Price try to
              individualize instruction as much as possible to ensure success by the students. RSP
              classes include instruction in English/language arts, social studies and math, and the
              students are mainstreamed in elective classes the rest of the day. The special day class at
              Price is conducted by Mrs. McNamara. This class integrates social thinking with
              academic curriculum.

      9.3     Dr. Blow stated that this item was brought to the Board in the past. The Silicon Valley       Silicon Valley
              Education Foundation has evolved a lot since that time. It now provides collaboration         Educ Foundation
              between businesses and schools. They can help with professional development for
              teachers and administrators. Teachers can search for lesson plans and share their plans
              with others on their website. Our teachers have received a number of these grants in the
              past, and one of our teachers was honored by the Foundation last year. We must now
              have a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the Foundation before teachers can
              apply for grants and several have expressed interest in applying.

              On a motion by Mr. Rocha, seconded by Mrs. Chung and carried unanimously, the Board           ACTION
              approved the Memorandum of Understanding with the Silicon Valley Education

      9.4     Dr. Blow stated that we are required to file the Williams Quarterly Report and that no        Williams Qrtly Repprt
              complaints were received.

              On a motion by Mr. Chronert, seconded by Mr. Baker and carried unanimously, the               ACTION
              Board approved the Williams Quarterly Report.

10.   COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                        Communications

      Dr. Blow remarked that we are having the first Strategic Planning meeting next Thursday, Oct.
      21st. She asked that two board members join community, teacher, and parent committee members.

      Mr. Baker attended Sartorette’s Walkathon recently and said it was very impressive. It was well
      organized and brought in many parents and community members.

11.   CLOSED SESSION                                                                                        Closed Session

      There was no further closed session.
                              October 14, 2010

12.   ADJOURNMENT                                                                                        Adjournment

      There being no further business, the October 14, 2010, regular meeting of the Governing Board of
      Trustees was adjourned at 10:02 p.m. on a motion by Mrs. Chung, seconded by Mr. Chronert
      and carried unanimously.

                                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                                          Deborah L. Blow, Ed.D.
                                                          Secretary to the Governing Board

                                                          Approved and ordered entered into
                                                          the proceedings of the Cambrian
                                                          School District on October 24, 2010


                                                          Governing Board of Trustees

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