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					The business ownership structure for a limited liability (LLC) is
somewhat like that of a corporation. Unlike a partnership or a business
owned by a sole proprietor, an LLC much like a corporation will protect
its owners from being personally responsible for the any debts that the
business owes. There are only two easy steps to set up a Pennsylvania,
which are selecting a name for your LLC and filing the formation
document. When you select a name for your new LLC, that name must be
different than that of any other business that is currently filed with
the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania. You can make sure that your
proposed business name is different than those that have been filled by
searching the business name database for Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania
your LLC name must have the words Limited Liability Company, Limited
Liability, or Company in it or any of the three selections may be
appropriately abbreviated. For example, you can't use the abbreviation
Liab, but you can use Co., and Ltd. For an LLC in Pennsylvania the
document that forms the company is known as the Certificate of
Organization. After you have prepared this document, you must file your
Certificate of Organization with the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania.
The Certificate of Organization needs to include the name of your LLC,
the name and address of your registered agent, the LLCs address, and the
LLCs purpose. You can check with the form your own Liability Company if
you need some help to file the Certificate of organization for your LLC.
You can also form your LLC on the Internet immediately by using the LLC
formation service that is available on the Internet.It does make good
sense to create an operating for your LLC to help the owners of your LLC
to operate the company, although not required under Pennsylvania law. If
you need help to create an operating agreement for your LLC you can check
with the Form Your Own Limited Liability Company. Remember that the
operating agreement for your LLC doesn't have to be filed with the
Secretary of State of Pennsylvania.Members of your LLC have to observe
some formalities including maintaining the minutes of major decisions and
financial records in order to retain the status of your LLC as a separate
entity. For everything else that you might need to know about to operate
your LLC effectively and legally including such things as more than 80
resolutions, consent forms and minutes forms you can check An Operating
Manual for Your Limited Liability Company.

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