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					                                                                             Whitesides PTA Board Meeting Agenda
Logistics          Date:                 Time:                       Location:                            Facilitator:                      Recorder:

               10/26/2010              3:00 pm            Whitesides Conference Rm               Mandy Corgill, President              Shannon Ravenel

Members      Present: Lynda Angelakos, Carla Campbell, Mandy Corgill, Janice Fallon, Susan Fedor, Ann Free, Missy Hunter, Lea Moore, Elizabeth Newton, Cynthia Perez, Lona Pounder, Sharon Sottile, Rebecca Stanton,
To Attend    Debbie Stroman

  Agenda Item/Presenter                                                                                              Key Decisions
Approval of Minutes                    Approval of minutes from September 26, 2010

Financial Update: Ann Free             Financial Summary : (distributed)
                                       Yearbook fees are due November 1st

                                       Collection of money forms: (attached to minutes from 9/26 meeting) - board to approve.

                                       Reimbursement Voucher: (attached to minutes from 9/26 meeting) - board to approve.

                                       Temporary Office Position: Approved. Stacy Newton has accepted this position. The PTA will reimburse CCSD for funds associated w/this front office position. This position
                                        will be covered by workman’s compensation through CCSD with an invoice payable at year-end.

Ways & Means Committee                 Yearbook Committee:
                                         Deadline for orders:
                                         Personal ads in Yearbook – material being distributed next week

                                       Inaugural Year Promotional Items:
                                         T-shirts – front will remain the same and the back will have rendering of the new school and phrase.
                                         Catalogs are available for other items to order – these options will be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting.
                                         All items will be sold by order and advance payment
                                         Existing stock will be sold at Mamie Marketplace and orders for new orders can be placed at that time as well.
                                         Susan Fedor will work on a flyer.

                                       Mamie Marketplace: December 7th, 6:00 – 8:00
                                         So far there are 12 people who want a table but I have not received any money yet.
                                         The Vendor signup form is available online through our website. I will print some and put them in the office for pickup too.
                                         Do we still have the fold away tables that we had at the old school under the stage? If so, do we know how many there are? I will need to get the size of those too. I
                                           can measure and count them if someone tells me where they are.
                                         I am attaching a flyer I would like to go out in next Monday’s folder once approved.
                                         I have placed the info in the Moultrie News Calendar and I am working on the news and courier. I have posters that will be up this week in the school and at local stores,
                                           etc. Wherever they will let me put one.
                                         Please ask the teachers to announce it in their newsletters.
                                         Sing-along at 7:00 p.m.
  Agenda Item/Presenter                                                                                Key Decisions
                             Charleston Wraps – Fundraiser complete
                               Items have arrived, currently conducting distribution
                               BMX bike show 11/4 , 9:00 a.m. – location TBA

                             Wellness Walk and Family Fun Carnival- event summary
                               The event was a huge success. Many thanks to the teachers and volunteers supporting the event. In total, the event made $2,600.

                             Children’s Day Festival – event summary
                               Thank you Ed Blackstock for chairing this event and Suzanne Psara for running the game booth. Approximately $500 in profit from this event.

Important Dates              Yearbook orders due:
                             Mamie’s Marketplace: December 7th, 6:00 – 8:00

Next Meeting                 PTA Board meeting: November 30, 2010

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