Math by hedongchenchen


               First, Last and Middle Name Numbers

Materials: pencil, paper, crayons or markers
-Write your first name. How many letters are in you first name?

-Write your middle name. How many letters are in your middle

-Write your last name. How many letters are in your last name?

-Write a number sentence to show how many letters are in your
first name and middle name altogether.

-Write a number sentence to show how many letters in you first
and last name altogether.

-Write a number sentence to show how many letters are in your
middle and last name altogether.

-Write a subtraction sentence using either your first, last or
middle name.

*Try answering these questions using another family member’s
name (i.e. mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, cousin)

*Who has the longest name in your family? Shortest?

*Draw a picture of you and your family. How many people are in
your family?

                          Newspaper Numbers
Materials: newspaper, pencil, marker or highlighter, paper, glue, scissors

Find these items in the newspaper. Circle or highlight them, cut
them out, glue them on paper and make a newspaper number

   1. The price of something to eat – 2 fruits, 2 vegetable, 1
      meat, 1 snack, 1 carbohydrate (bread, cereal pasta) and 1
      dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt)

   2. A street address

   3. A phone number

   4. A high temperature and a low temperature

   5. The score of 2 games (i.e. football, basketball, soccer,

   6. The date of the newspaper

   7. A number written in the word form

   8. Lottery numbers

   9. 2 movie times

* Try and find other examples of numbers in a newspaper and add
them to your collage.

                         Tooth Fairy Fun

Materials: paper, pencil, crayons

-How many teeth have you lost this year? Make a picture showing
your smile and the number of teeth you have lost.

-The tooth fairy leaves     (1 cent) for each tooth she collects.
How much money has she left for you? Draw the coins to show
the amount of money she has left you.
*Can you draw the same amount of money using different coins?

-Estimate about how many teeth you will lose by the end of first
grade. Show 2 ways to make this number by drawing different

                      Clothing Combinations

Materials: paper, pencil, crayons or markers

How many different outfits can be made using red, orange, and
yellow shirts, and green, blue and purple shorts? Draw a picture
showing the different combinations of outfits.

                              Roll Two Dice
Materials: 2 dice, pencil, Roll Two Dice recording sheet

     1. Roll two dice and record the addition sentence below the
        correct sum.

                             Roll Two Dice
 2       3     4       5      6     7      8         9     10   11   12
                       2+3           6+2            5+4

                                      Finish line

     2. Continue rolling the dice until one number reaches the finish
     3. Keep playing to see what number comes in second and third
                Roll Two Dice

2   3   4   5    6    7       8     9   10   11   12

                      Finish line
                         **Extra Problems**
Materials: paper, pencil, crayons

   1. Draw a picture of an object that is taller than you and a picture of
      something that is shorter than you. What is something that is about
      the same size as you?

   2. Draw a picture and write a math problem. A cat and a dog walked in
      the garden. How many paw prints would they leave behind?

   3. Draw a picture and write a math problem. Only 6 children can fit on a
      school bus. How many school buses are needed to take 12 students on
      a field trip?

   4. Make a pattern using squares, circles and triangles.

   5. Draw a picture and write a math problem. A monkey eats a banana
      each day. How many bananas can a monkey eat in one week? Two
      weeks? One month?

   6. Jack can buy 3 magic beans for 5 cents or 8 magic beans for 10 cents.
      Which one is the better deal? Why?

   7. Draw a picture showing the animals in the correct order. . The bee is
      first. The ladybug is last. The grasshopper is in between the bee and
      the ladybug.

   8. Sara planted 3 pumpkin seeds. Each seed can grow two pumpkins.
      What is the largest number of pumpkins that can grow from the 3
      pumpkin seeds?

   9. Jack put his stuffed animals in a line. The bear is not first nor is it
      last. It is in an odd numbered place. In which place is the bear?

   10. Draw a picture and write a math problem. There are 6 students in the
       class. There are 3 girls and the rest are boys. How many boys are in
       this class?

**Also included in this packet are the mad minute addition and
subtraction facts.**

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