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                                Green Jobs Advisory Committee
                                      Meeting: 3/15/11

Attendees: Everton Scott Chair, Marcia McNeel, Ira Nelson, Charles Featherson Director, Jamila
Jendayi, Lou Capadona, Jennifer Gonzalez, Brenda Minnella, Davidene Alpart, Hank Mackowiak,
Kate Muldoon, Gloria Martini, Tim Luing, Arleen Barcenas, Don Escue, Natalie Provenzale,
Cynthia Miller, Lawrence Ghiorse, Rosa Williams-Hopkins, Bernadette Tiernan

Everton Scott called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.

Everton Scott introduced himself and gave a brief overview about Green Jobs. He introduced
the WIB Director Charles Featherson. Charles explained that as he travels around we are
starting to see the changes such as the solar panels on light post and how businesses can be a
part of this new trend. The first step is to understand how we are going to roll this out.

Everton Scott Introduced Green Job presentation (REDI GREEN) by: Mr. Matt Alcalde
Coordinator, Green Jobs/Technology Training County of Middlesex. Mr. Alcalde gave overview
of his power point (See Packet) he explained:

What is REDI Green Grant?

      Regional, Economic, Development Initiative
          o Identify Green Jobs
          o Connecting Skills in demand Training
          o Strengthen Business Pipelines
      Defining Green: Trends in Employment – ACS Careers Chemistry for Life
          o American Chemical Society
                  a. Report on Green Jobs Families
                  b. Online Workshop for One-Stop Career Professionals
      What is the “Green” Sector?
          o The most comprehensive (and least well defined) of New Jersey’s sectors.
          o “Green” offers both the greatest potential for immediate employment as well as
              for short and long term growth.
          o “Green” jobs are those that involve
                   a. Protecting wildlife
                   b. Reducing pollution
                   c. Lowering emissions (carbon especially)
      “Green” Job Families
           o Environment – Energy – Infrastructure – Support which would include the
              following jobs:
                  a. Environment - Agriculture forestry, Environment protection, Recycling&
                      Waste reduction
                  b. Energy - Energy & carbon capture, Energy trading, Renewable energy
                      generation – electrical engineers, auditors, power plant operators
                  c. Infrastructure – construction, Manufacturing , Transportation – truck &
                      tractor operators, insulation worker, logistic manager or engineer
                  d. Support - Government and Regulatory administration, Research, design
                      and consulting services – Urban regional planner, Civil engineer,
                      Inspectors, sorters, samplers, weighers, Electrical repairer
      Five Trends in “Green” Jobs
                  1. Energy efficiency creates the larger number of jobs.
                  2. Utility industry preparing for retirements and generating technologies.
                  3. Community colleges provide excellent access to clean-tech jobs for
                      economically disenfranchised.
                  4. Clean-tech manufacturing moves closer to end-user markets.
                  5. Deployment of smart grid technologies will require enormous amount of
                      skilled workers.
      “Green” in New Jersey
           o Hiring short and long term training needs are still evolving – Expected job
              demands: commercial energy efficiency, residential energy efficiency, solar
              projects and wind and biofuels. New York, Northern New Jersey, Long Island
              area currently number 3 among top U.S. metro areas for clean job activity.
      Online Workshop
           o Career Counselors e-Learning Module
           o Go to:
           o Click on the “Useful Tools” Tab
           o Under “Resources For” click “Educators/Trainer”
           o Click the e-Learning Module link under ACS

Matt explained that the website is not like the REDI-BIO website. You can’t list your resume
and it does not have job listings or the capability to match people with jobs. This is still an area
of development.
Everton Scott mentioned that we are asked often how many jobs have we provided and the
answer is not many, but we do take people that are under employed and train them and put
them to work by creating a few jobs not necessarily new jobs.

Matt discussed the Defining Green: Trends in Employment:
The Occupational Information Network
The Green Economy Resource Center – Green Economy Sectors – Connection to Bright Outlook
Occupations, Green Enhanced Skills Occupations : these jobs remain the same, there is a new
level of certification 50% of the positions are newly identified and new to the O*net taxonomy.

           o The Bureau of Labor Statistics - 3 Reports
               BLS: Measuring Green Jobs
                 1. Data on jobs is based on North America Industry Classification System
                    (NAICS) & SOC
                 2. Can compare green job data with these exciting measures of
                    employment and wages

                 More Precise and Objective
                 Does not designate a company as green and count all its jobs as green jobs.

           o Recognizes some of an industry’s good/services might not be green oriented and
             analyzes employment trends accordingly,

Matt discussed BLS Green Job definition, Green Goods and Services, Company examples of
Output & Process, Trends in Employment, Sustainability Occupations, Sample of Career Profile
Database that shows real time jobs and skill seekers and gives a better idea of what trainings
are required before you enter into a particular job. He explained what are the skills, Stackable
Career Ladder, How to connect skills with education, Overview of the NJ Greenhouse website
which will eventually have a link to OSOS Job site bank, Green Occupational Training, Green in
Higher Education (County by County Information), Green in Government Database which is a
job Seekers Incentive Program, Challenges, Supply Chain Analysis, 16 Segments of the Green
Economy, Business Development and Helpful Resources.


Everton Scott introduced Deborah Hoffman, Director of Economic Development. She invited
the committee to join her at William Paterson University 1600 Valley Road Wayne, New Jersey
07470 for Contractors and Real Estate Developer- Strategies for Financing, Insurance, Bonding
and Contract Review will be held on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 8:00a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

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