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                                  TEA MARKET REPORT
                        SALE NO. 18 - OF 11TH / 12TH MAY, 2010


With the focus being more and more Industries going Green in the world in a bid to save planet
earth, tea has become an extremely ecologically friendly commodity. What comes from the earth is
indeed returned to the earth. In many teas growing countries inferior teas are not sold, but added to
the compost pile which ensures the enrichment of the soil. Clipping from the pruning fields are also
left undisturbed as it helps the soil to retain moisture, control the growth of weeds, and prevents soil
erosion. The remaining branches from heavy pruning are given to the workers for their food
preparation needs, and therefore nothing goes waste on the Tea Estates. Tea producing countries in
fact were very much aware of their responsibilities towards the environment much before the
developed countries began to focus their attention on Global Warming.

In the western world people are attracted to the inherent health benefit offered by Tea. Wellness is
therefore on the minds of consumers when they make their choices of tea in many and varied packs
as they are aware that the health benefits of teas will endure forever. The health benefits date back
to thousands of years as opposed to much of today‟s fast foods that will be remembered only until
they are replaced tomorrow.

Tea is an ancient commodity which has earned much respect in places like China and Japan in
particular, where consumption itself is almost a sacred ceremony. The future for tea is indeed
exciting than ever before. It is time that the challenge is taken to offer the end user, a tea with the
most enduring quality, with the enjoyable taste that is always associated with fresh teas. Our future
marketing strategy should be to get an almost garden fresh tea to the Consumer‟s Cup.


Quantity: This week‟s auction comprised of 10,337 lots with a total quantity of 6,822,172 kgs.
          The catalogue-wise breakdown was as follows:-

                                          LOTS       QUANTITY (KG)

       Low Grown – Leafy                  2,766          1,362,287
       Tippy / Small Leaf                 2,118          1,429,679
       Main Sale – High & Medium          1,386            827,406
       Off Grades                         1,789          1,151,708
       Dusts                                573            601,240
       Supplementary                        422             82,144
       Ex-Estate                          1,283          1,367,708
       Total                             10,337          6,822,172
                                         =====           =======
                                                                                      -/Cont‟d… (P2)

Quality:      Low Growns were irregular. A selection of High Growns teas were maintained, whilst others
              showed a decline.
Demand:       There was good demand at lower levels.

                                                                 Quotations (Rs/kg)
LEAFY                                                            Best          Below          Others
BOP1 Select best on offer tended irregular, whilst the balance   500-555      380-390         310-335
     was generally firm. Teas at the bottom gained Rs. 5/-.
OP1    Select best invoices maintained; balance tended irregular. 525-600     390-400         275-330
       A selection of cleaner teas in the secondary category advanced
       Rs. 5-10/-. Teas at the bottom on average gained Rs. 5-10/-.
OP     Best on offer which gained Rs. 5-10/- at the              425-485      375-385         275-330
       commencement, tended irregular and were mostly
       lower towards the close. Cleaner secondary types
       gained Rs. 5-10/-. Poorer teas were fully firm to
       Rs. 5/- dearer.
OPA Best on offer tended irregular specially towards           440-490        375-385         275-330
    the latter part of the sale. Cleaner teas in the below
    best category advanced Rs. 5-10/-, balance was fully firm.
    Teas at the bottom were fully firm to Rs. 5/- dearer.
PEK Well made shotty invoices were irregularly lower; balance 525-650         400-415         335-345
    which commenced Rs. 5-10/- dearer, tended irregular and lost
    Rs. 5-10/- towards the close. Bolder types too were irregularly lower
    particularly as the sale progressed. Teas at the bottom on average
    declined Rs. 5/-.

TIPPY / SMALL LEAF                                                Best        Below           Others
BOP/BOPS      Teas in the best category eased Rs. 10-15/- and    460-590      350-380         320-345
              at times more as the sale progressed, whilst below
              best teas eased Rs. 5-10/-.

BOPF          Were easier.                                       330-425      270-300         260-280

BOPFS         Were easier.                                       350-450      300-350         270-290

FBOP / FBOP1 The select best teas eased Rs.10-20/- and at        485-1000     350-420         320-345
           times more as the sale progressed, whilst below
           best teas eased Rs.5-10/-.

FBOPF1        Teas in the best category eased Rs.10-20/- and     480-700      360-415         315-350
              at times more as the sale progressed.

FBOPF         Except for few bright Tippy teas, the balance eased 475-1410    310-350         250-310
              Rs. 25-50/- and at times more.

FBOPF SP / EXSP Allround showed and irregular market             2000-4950    1500-2000     300-1500
            and dropped Rs. 30-50/- on average.

                                                                                        -/Cont‟d… (P3)
BOP Best Westerns declined Rs.15-20/- per kg, whilst below best and plainer teas declined Rs. 10-15/-.
    Bottom level teas declined Rs. 20/- and more. Nuwara Eliyas eased Rs. 20-30/-.
    Uvas/ Uda Pussellawas declined Rs. 15-20/- and more for poorer leaf teas.

BOPF Coloury Best Westerns declined Rs. 30-40/-, whilst below best descriptions lost Rs. 20-30/- per kg.
     Nuwara Eliyas commenced firm, but were later lower up to Rs. 10/- per kg. Brighter Uda
     Pussellawas lost Rs. 20-30/-, whilst others declined more as the sale progressed.

       Quotations (Rs./Kg)                           BOP                        BOPF
                                          This Week        Last Week   This Week      Last Week
       Best Westerns                       380-400          400-425     385-430        395-425
       Below Best Westerns                 360-375          370-390     365-375        375-390
       Plainer Westerns                    320-340          350-365     350-360        355-370
       Nuwara Eliyas                       315-370          345-485     300-340        320-340
       Uda Pussellawas                     350-400          385-415     340-365        355-385
       Uvas                                350-430          365-435     300-380        340-395

BOP Declined Rs.10-15/- per kg.

BOPF Prices eased Rs. 20/- and more.
       Quotations (Rs./Kg)                    BOP                          BOPF
                                    This Week     Last Week      This Week     Last Week
                                     370-470       365-420        320-385       375-400
OFF GRADES : Bst liquoring FNGS/FNGS1‟s appreciated by Rs.10-20/-. Cleaner Low Grown
     FNGS/FNGS1‟s gained up to Rs.10/-, whilst below best teas maintained last levels.
     Cleaner well made BM‟s were fully firm to dearer.

DUST: Best liquoring D/D1‟s met with good demand and appreciated by Rs. 10-15/- and at times more,
     whilst poorer sorts also met with fair demand. Low Grown Cleaner D/D1‟s met with good demand
     and gained Rs. 10-20/-, whilst poorer sorts held last week‟s levels.


PF1    High & Medium Grown teas declined Rs.25-40/- per kg, whilst Low Growns lost Rs.20-30/- and at
       times more as the sale progressed.

BP1    High & Medium Grown descriptions declined Rs.10-15/- per kg. Low Growns were firm.

                    Quotations (Rs./Kg)              PF1                BP1

                                  This Week      Last Week       This Week     Last Week

             CTC High              310-385         355-410       320-380          320-355
             Medium                290-365         325-405       345-370          320-385
             Low Grown             370-590         350-600       410-440          300-440

                                                                                        -/Cont‟d… (P4)
                                   TOP PRICES – (RS/KGS) – SALE OF 11TH/12TH MAY, 2010
Western High                                 Uva High                                   Low Growns
Weddemulla        BOP1              425      Craig               BOP1             475   Hiniduma SH        BOP1          555
Somerset          BOP               440      Bandara Eliya       BOP              395   *Sithaka           OP1           600
Strathspey        BOPF / BOPF SP    430      MT.Uva              BOP SP           435   Sihara             OP            485
Weddemulla        FBOP / FBOP1      475      Bandara Eliya       BOPF / BOPF SP   370   *Arbour Valley     OP            475
Weddemulla        FBOPF / FBOPF1    465      Uvakellie           FBOP / FBOP1     470   *Bogoda Group      OP            470
Labookellie       PEK / PEK1        460      Oodoowerre          FBOPF / FBOPF1   460   Gunawardane        OPA           490
Weddemulla        OP1               480      Craig               PEK / PEK1       455   Tea Bank           PEKOE         650
Tymawr            OP / OPA          385      Craig               OP1              435   Kurunduwatte       PEKOE1        630
Tymawr /                                     Craig /                                    *Andaradeniya Sup PEKOE1         600
Torrington        OP / OPA          365      *Poilakanda         OP / OPA         375   Hidellana       BOP              590
*Mount Harrow OP / OPA              360                                                 *Kehelwala         BOPF          425
                                             Uva Medium                                 Kelani             BOPF          390
                                             Sarnia Plaiderie   BOP1              475   *Coolbawn          BOPF          355
Western Medium                               Aigburth           BOP               475   Stream Line        BOPSP         570
Kenilworth /                                 Halpewatte Uva     BOP SP            445   Kelani             BOPSP         520
Imboolpitiya      BOP1              520      El Teb             BOPF / BOPF SP    380   *Andaradeniya Sup BOPSP          510
Doombagastalawa   BOP               500      Dickwella / Meddekanda                     Wewelkandura Sup BOPFSP          450
Imboolpitiya      BOP SP            520      Pettiagalla        FBOP / FBOP1      485   New Vithanakanda BOPFSP          445
Rilagala          BOPF / BOPF SP    435      Sarnia Plaiderie /                         *Kehelwala         BOPFSP        440
Craighead /                                  Glen Alpin         FBOP / FBOP1      475   *New Sunils        FBOP          700
Doombagastalawa   FBOP / FBOP1      530      *Halpewatte Uva     FBOP / FBOP1     465   *Manikkanda        FBOP1         1000
Imboolpitiya /                               Meddekanda          FBOPF / FBOPF1   510   Magedara           FBOPF         1410
Craighead         FBOPF / FBOPF1 520         Sarnia Plaiderie    PEK / PEK1       465   Daduwngala         FBOPF1        700
Craighead         PEK / PEK1     465         Dickwelle           OP1              480   *Arbour Valley FBOPF1             690
Imboolpitiya      OP1            465         Shawlands           OP / OPA         460   *Andaradeniya Sup FBOPF SP       1700
*Dartry           OP1               420                                                 Etambagahawila FBOPF SP          1700
Craighead         OP / OPA          405      Uda Pussellawa                             Galaxy          FBOPF EX SP      1820
Monte Cristo      OP / OPA          390      Gonapitiya          BOP              400   *Yalta             FBOPF EX SP   1770
*Dartry           OP / OPA          380      *Ragalla            BOP              390
                                             Ragalla             BOPF             365   Supplementary
                                                                                        New Falcon Lanka   FBOP          1460
                                                                                        Kellapatha         FBOP1         1320
                                              Nuwara Eliya                              Singhe Valley      FBOPF         1010
                               CTC TEA
                                                                                        Mulatiyana Hills   FBOPF1        2060
                                             Mahagastotte /
                                                                                        Kurunduwatte       FBOPF SP      3400
                                             Lovers Leap         BOP              370
                                                                                        Brombil            FBOPF EX SP   4950
                                             Mahagastotte        BOPF             340

                                      CTC Teas
                    HIGH                 MEDIUM                   LOW GROWN
   PF1         *Florence 385          *Carolina 365             *Kalubowitiyana 590
   OF                  -                      -                          -
   BP1          Florence     380       Madulkelle     370       Kalubowitiyana 440
   BPS         *Florence     380      *Carolina       340                -

  * Sold by Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd.            ++ All Time Record
                                                       - 5-


                                      Sale No. 17 of 05th May, 2010

                                                      2010                                   2009
                                     Weekly         Month          Year             Weekly       Year
                                                    To-date        To-date                      To-date
 Uva High Grown                      330.86         330.80         336.09           265.14      243.19
 Western High Grown                  353.86         354.31         369.32           270.95      274.68
 High Grown                          346.59         346.91         359.94           268.40      265.30
 Uva Medium                          357.74         358.14         353.97           323.26      278.61
 Western Medium                      326.81         328.04         345.10           277.77      257.41
 Medium Grown                        339.94         340.86         348.43           299.12      265.78
 Low Grown                           401.01         401.07         396.27           405.76      333.92
 Total                               377.73         377.77         380.94           358.04      307.13
                           =====      =====       =====      ====     =====
                              DETAILS OF TEAS AWAITING SALE
                                    Sale of 17th/18th May’10                Sale of 21st/24th May’10
                                     Lots            Qty (Kgs)              Lots          Qty (Kgs)

 Low Grown Leafy                     3,529          1,916,906               2,758            1,471,700
 Low Grown Tippy                     2,781          2,031,990               2,090            1,455,178
 High & Medium                       1,460            902,249               1,017              625,668
 Off Grades                          1,875          1,212,871               1,584            1,032,521
 Dusts                                 473            499,795                 471              472,110
 Supplementary                         361             67,057                 285               52,878
 Ex-Estate                           1,278         1,364,316                1,285            1,373,362
 Total                              11,757         7,995,184                9,490            6,483,417
                               =====        =======         ====       =======
 Weekly Private Sale Figures (From 03/5/2010 – 08/05/2010)  - 80,439.00 kgs
 Cumulative                                                - 868,767.55 kgs
The Main Sale catalogues are now closing well ahead of the scheduled dates of closing, in view of the
increased crop intakes.
Producers are therefore advised to ensure that their teas are forwarded to our Colombo Stores as
quickly as possible, in order to avoid teas from being shut-out from weekly closing catalogues.

                                FUTURE CLOSING CATALOGUES

Sale No. 21 of 1st /2nd June, 2010
The Main Sale catalogues are scheduled to close on 14th May, 2010, but are expected to close ahead of
schedule, whilst the Ex- Estate catalogue will close on 13th May, 2010.

Sale No. 22 of 8th/9th June, 2010

The Main Sale catalogues are scheduled to close on 21st May, 2010, but is likely to close ahead of schedule,
in view of increased arrivals, whilst the Ex- Estate catalogue will close on 20th May, 2010.
                                                                                             -/Cont‟d … (P6)
                                                             - 6-

                                             BROKERS’ ORDER OF SALE

     Auction of 17th May, 2010                              Auction of 18th May, 2010
            Main Sale                                             Ex-Estate Sale

Asia Siyaka Commodities (Pvt) Ltd         Eastern Brokers Ltd
John Keells Ltd                           Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd
Mercantile Produce Marketing (Pvt) Ltd    Mercantile Produce Marketing (Pvt) Ltd
Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd    John Keells Ltd
Eastern Brokers Ltd                       Ceylon Tea Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd
Ceylon Tea Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd             Bartleet Produce Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd
Lanka Commodity Brokers Ltd               Asia Siyaka Commodities (Pvt) Ltd
Bartleet Produce Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd     Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd
                        LCBL APPROXIMATE SELLING TIMES – SALE NO.19

Monday 17th May, 2010                                                        Tuesday 18th May, 2010
Low Grown Tippy                          :    5.00 p.m.                      Low Grown Leafy            :    8.00 a.m.
High & Medium                            :    12.45 p.m.                     Off Grades                 :   11.15 a.m.
Supplementary                            :    4.15 p.m.                      BOP1A                      :     3.15 p.m.
                                                                             Dust                       :     4.00 p.m.
                                                                             Ex-Estate                  :     8.30 a.m.

                                      “WHAT FOR THE TELLING!”- Interview
In ‟those‟ days.. the sixties, estate schools were managed by the estate. On El Teb Group we had the one and only
teacher who acted as Principal/Vice – Principal all rolled into one. We advertised for an Asst. Teacher to cope with
the increasing number of kids. We cannot forget one talkative but bubbly applicant whose English was obviously
„Book Learnt‟. He was interviewed by my Manager Michael Clarke. The interview went like this:
Good morning young man, I hope you are aware that if you are selected we might post you to a remote
“Apoi Sir, don‟t post me, I can go by van.”
I see you have a credit in English, you must have had a good teacher.
“Oh yes, all at the tutory told same thing.”
“Yes Sir, he was our school English teacher, taking leave all the time to teach at the tutory, so we had to cut school to
go there and learn English.”
What a state of affairs!
“Sir, how do you know that?”
Know what?
“That he had affairs at the tutory? Aiyo sir, it wasn‟t his fault. Some of the girls were very fast.”
Only those who came by bicycle. The CTB girls were slow.”
Young man, are you familiar with Gandhi or Nehru?
“Aiyo Sir, I don‟t want to be familiar with anyone. Must keep the distance.”
My dear young man, I am afraid you are not the type……
“Don‟t be afraid sir, I can type.”
Thank you young man, if we need you we will write to you.
“Alright Sir, I also will write to you, then I will go and come.”
                                                                                                        May 12, 2010.

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