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Newsletter Sept 12 2011


									       First Grade Newsletter September 12th
                                               Mrs. Hediger
       Other                                  817-744-4859

◊ Thanks to our awesome                       Our Week At A Glance
grandparents who were
                            Language Arts:
able to attend the                  - How to pick a Good Fit Book – IPICK
Grandparents breakfast,             - Practice reading to build our stamina
we appreciate you.                  - Reviewing comprehension strategy
                                    - Word Work: short vowel a words, ABC order
◊ Please make sure your             - Introducing level appropriate sight words
                                    - Blending onsets and rimes, isolating phonemes
child wears tennis shoes
                                    - Identifying characters, events, and setting
on PE Days. Our class PE            - Writing simple complete sentences
days are every Monday,      Social Studies:
Wednesday and rotating              - Texas: symbols, customs and celebrations,
Fridays.                            - Discussing the American Pledge and Texas Pledge
◊ We are collecting Box             - Introducing Properties of Matter
Tops. Please help support   Math:
our school.                         - Review numbers on a 100’s chart, addition to 10, number
                                      sentences, creating additions problems, and rocket math
                                      (timed math facts)
◊ Please support our PTA
by becoming a member.
                                                                       Good Fit Book
◊ Spelling and sight word
homework begins this
week.                                                         I – I choose a book
                                                              P – Purpose (Why do I want
                                                              to read it?) Am I reading for
                                                              fun or to learn something?
            Dates to Remember                                 I – Interest (does it interest
                                                              me?) Does it have my favorite
September 12th - PTA Meeting- Cabela’s & Pizza
                                                              character in it? Is it about the
September 20th - Watch Dog Kickoff @ 6-7:30                   type of pet I have?
September 20th – Pay it Forward Fundraiser Ends               C – Comprehend (Am I
September 20th - Running Club Starts 3pm-4pm                  understanding what I am
September 22nd - Fall Pictures/Yearbook Pictures              reading?) Can I answer
                                                              questions about it? Can I
October 3rd - 7th – Book Fair
                                                              retell the story?
October 7th - Early Release-Parent Conferences                K – Know (I know most of
October 10th - Student Holiday-No School                      the words) Five Finger Rule –
October 14th - Fundraising Party                              Miss more than 5 words on a
                                                              page then the book is too hard.

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