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					Michael Heminger
P.O. Box 605
Hoopa, CA 95546


IT Operations Technical/Training/Support

    Assisted students and instructors during scheduled classes and all times the Lab was in operation
    Provided instruction or training for students, instructors or Staff in use of Lab resources, from general
       computer-related questions to advanced instruction in the use of application software
    NT system administrator, responsible for security best practices and investigating LAN and WAN
       connectivity, latency and status conditions
    Point person for hardware and software problems in all Hoopa Tribal Education Association programs and
       departments, primarily the College of the Redwoods Klamath-Trinity Instructional Site, HYVTEP Computer
       Lab and Distance Education video-conferencing system between HYVTEP and Shasta College in Redding, CA

Network Operations Engineer/Manager

      Monitored Hosted Networks and provided Hosted customer support
      Ticketed and documented tasks and procedures using Remedy Help Desk
      Responsible for resolution of all hardware and software problems in the NOC/CS departments
      Managed NOC and SOC staff, represented the NOC/SOC Department in daily Operations Staff Meetings
      Drafted, defined and implemented NOC policies and procedures and maintained documentation on internal
       operating procedures and technical documentation web site

Broadcast Studio Engineer

    Design, construction and installation of analog and digital recording and broadcast equipment in control
       rooms and production studios
    Installation, maintenance and programming of various full and live assist automation hardware and software
    Installation and maintenance of digital and analog satellite receivers and switching systems as well as
       emergency repair of VHF, UHF, AM and FM tr ansmitters and remote control systems
    Fluent in FCC broadcast Rules and Regulations through August, 1998

Broadcast Producer/Air/Voice Talent

    Creative Director for last three stations , go to person for Imaging and creative production as well as short
       form and long form program production
    Produced, engineered and hosted news, public affairs and sports talk shows in the studio and on the road
    Specialized in voice direction of Talent and Client, creative copy writing and Analog and Digital Recording,
       Editing and Production for radio and TV commercial agencies
    Worked all day parts, primarily Swing and Grave in AOR, AAA, COR, CHR, Alternativ e, Classic Rock and
       Public Radio formats
    Voice talent for Willamette Pass Ski Area and various TV and Radio spots in Eugene, OR market and Oregon

            Michael Heminger ● ● 530-784-8490

  NT/Windows Vista System Administrator, with a working knowledge of Linux Command Line, OS
installs and configuring firewalls and DNS in Free BSD and on Cisco routers

  Installed and configured hardware through Athlon 64 and Intel Dual-Core systems and Pentium III
and Xeon Servers

  Installed and configured Operating Systems from DOS 6.22 through Windows Vista and Windows
Server 2003

  Expert in the installation, configuration, admini stration and usage of various software, including
Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Utility software from Symantec and McAfee (Network

  Installation, configuration and administration of Remedy ticketing application

  Fluency in HTML design and coding, including cascading style sheets, JavaScript, IE specific tags and
active server pages

  Rebuild, repair and upgrade of Macintosh computers from the 128K t hrough Macbooks and G4s;
Complete install and configuration of System 6.0.8 - 9.22 and OSX through Leopard

  System setup, maintenance and recording, mixdown and playback of a variety of proprietary digital
audio broadcast hardware and software and Codecs

  Installation, repair and maintenance of broadcast aut omation system hardware and software, both
proprietary and PC based

  TCP/IP, LAN/WAN and Wi-Fi 802.11A-N networking

  Setup and teardown of a variety of A/V, Live sound and remote broadcast equipment ; Installed and
administered video teleconfer encing hardware and software for College-level Interactive TV site


      Digital Media Program, Student                                          August 2009-Present
      College of the Redwoods, Klamath-Trinity, Hoopa, CA

      IT Contractor/Audio Producer/Voice Talent                              January 2007-Present
      Self-Employed, Hoopa, CA

      Computer Lab Tech and ITV Services                             February 2002-February 2007
      Hoopa-Yurok Vocational Technical Education Program , Hoopa, CA

      Hosting Operations Engineer                                        December 2000-July 2001
      eGain Communications , Sunnyvale, CA

      Service Operations Center Supervisor                              August 2000-October 2000 , San Francisco, CA

      Network Operations Center Manager                                  August 1998-August 2000
      MSN Hotmail , Mountain View, CA

      Michael Heminger ● ● 530-784-8490

    KZEL/KNRQ, Eugene, OR                                            Imaging Director & Air Talent
    October 1995-August 1998

    KRVM FM, Eugene, OR                                               Studio Engineer & Air Talent
    December 1994-August 1998

    KLCX/KDUK AM & FM, Eugene, OR                   AM Operations Manager, Engineer & Air Talent
    October 1989-October 1995

    KOTY/KTCR/KUTI/KXDD, Kennewick/Yakima, WA                       Director Of Group Engineering
    November 1988-September 1989

    KXLE AM & FM, Ellensburg, WA                   Programming/Production/Engineering/Air Talent
    March 1987-November 1988

    KIQY, Lebanon, OR                                              Station Technician & Air Talent
    January 1985-March 1987

    KGAL, Lebanon, OR                                       Part-Time Air Talent & Board Operator
    January 1984-January 1985

    KXGO, Arcata, CA                                              Production Director & Air Talent
    June 1982-January 1983

    KIDE, Hoopa, CA                             Station Technician, Producer & Operations Manager
    Mar 1980-May 1982/Feb 1983-Oct 1983

    Logan Hawkes, QA Automation Engineer                (408) 507-7639
    Hitachi Data Systems

    Michael Miller, Application Engineer                  (408) 568-7348

    Colleen McCullough, Board Member                 (530) 629-3341
    Hoopa Tribal Education Association

    Ali Chan, HBU Lead Supervisor                             (650) 230-7434
    eGain Communications

    Carl Sundburg, Station Manager, Retired              (541) 461.2324

    Ken Martin, Program Director                                   (541) 687-3370

    Mark Raney, Mid-Days/Program Director                      (541) 342-7096

           Michael Heminger ● ● 530-784-8490

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