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									Volume 2, Number 10                                      Newsletter                                      November 2007

                               Texas Chapter "U"
                              “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”
                                              in Eastern San Antonio
                           Including Bracken, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, Cibolo, Converse, Floresville,
                          Garden Ridge, Kirby, Live Oak, McQueeny, New Braunfels, Pleasanton, Poth,
                                   Sattler, Schertz, Spring Branch, Seguin & Universal City

                                                   From the CD’s
Just when things are going great, Chapter U surprises me again! We had 40 people for the last gathering and two more dropped by as
the gathering was ending! We did have 8 guests but we still surpassed the most ever at a gathering by 13 or 15 depending on how you
want to look at it! There were quite a few regulars missing as well! Thanks to everyone for supporting the chapter. It just makes it more
FUN when everyone participates! Also a big thanks to those who really make Chapter U work, the STAFF; Olin & Martha Gover,
Charlie & Candy Brown, Dave Weaver, Mike & Ako Mills and Tom & Nancy Byrd. Thank them for a job well done when you see them!

A tradition is beginning on our rally rides. For the third straight rally, a Chapter U member has won the grand prize! Tom & Nancy Byrd
were first at the Chapter X Rally in Corpus, then Bill and Jane Johnson at the Chapter T Rally in Killeen, and last weekend Mike and
Ako Mills won at the Chapter W rally in Smithville! To go along with that, we were second in attendance at both the Chapter X and T
rallies and 1st at the Chapter W rally! Go Chapter U!!!! It will probably be a few months now for the next rally!

Our first Christmas party will be December 1st at Clear Spring Restaurant, 606 W Afton Oaks. It is on the inside of 1604 between 281
and Stone Oak Parkway. We will have games, a White Elephant gift exchange (max $20) and lots of great FUN. Did I mention we will
have FUN?!! More information will be posted on the website as it becomes available!! (Soon I hope!) www.texaschapteru.org.

The ride coordination meeting was a great success, and Mike Mills will be getting the new ride schedule out as soon as he can get it
refined! I have seen the draft and everyone will just love what he has planned! Lots of new, some old but all great rides going in all
directions. Mike will be always looking for new ideas so send them to him at Mwmills15@aol.com. Thanks again Mike for taking on this
important staff position!

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                                                                                                 Inside this issue:
                                                                                      From The CD’s                               1
  Ride Meeting Location                                Chap "U"                       Rider Education                             2
   Unless otherwise specified,
  all rides depart from the Wal-
                                                      Gatherings                      Texas District Education Weekend            4

  Mart on the northwest corner                  3rd Wednesday of each                 Co-Rider Corner                             5

        of I-35 and FM 3009.                  month. Our next Gathering               New Members/Participants                    6
                                               will be 14 November 2007               Membership Enhancement Corner               6
                                                  at the Golden Corral
                                                                                      Member Article, MS 150                      7
                                                  Restaurant; 2301 Pat
                                                                                      Member Spotlight                            8
                                               Booker Road; Universal
                                               City. We "Meet-to-Eat" at              October Fun!!                               9

                                                 6:00 with "Information               Auto Insurance, Coverage for Injury       11
                                              Sharing" beginning at 7:00              Texas District Staff                      12
                                              pm. Hope to see "U" there!              Chapter U Staff                           13
                                                                                      Ride Schedule                             15
                                                                                      Sponsors & Rally Flyers                16-17
Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                                   November
                                                                                                             November 2007
From The CD’s Continued:
We had 4 members on 3 bikes participate as motorcycle marshals in the MS 150 Ride to The Beach on 20 October. Duke Thompson,
Buddy Todd and, I believe, both Glenn & Vincie Boswell rode together. Great job supporting a great cause guys!

Safety is a very important issue, and I know we make every effort to ride safe in Chapter U. Charlie Brown does a great job keeping us
aware of the many of the factors involved in motorcycling safety on a regular basis. All of this is working because I don’t believe
anyone has had an accident or gone down in Chapter U in the last 15 months! So congratulations to everyone!

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! There won’t be a Friday night ride on 23 November since many of us will still be eating

Just a reminder to please visit on sponsors. Both Joe Harrison Motor Sports and Cycle Rider support us with great gift
certificates every month. Tell them you are a proud Chapter U member when you drop by!

Miscellaneous announcements:
  The Mid-Winter Roundup will be Jan 5, 2008 at the Inn of the Hills in Kerrville, TX. Call for reservations @ 1-800-292-5690 to get the special
room rates! Room rates were $75 when I called for most rooms! Regular price is $87-$97!! Lots of informative classes and fun. Designed
primarily for staff, everyone is invited and encouraged to come and find out what is going on in Texas District! Jill and I will be staying over
Saturday night if you want to join us!
                                                                                                            th                        th
  The Region H Rally will be held 17-19 April in Marshall Texas. Most of us will probably go up on the 18 and come back the 20 . Tom Byrd
found the cheapest rate for those with military ID’s. The La Quinta Inn is on $54!! Senior Rate is $67.49 and regular rate is $74.99.

  Dave Weaver has been trying to put together a contact list so everyone can have info on other members. It is purely voluntary so if you don’t
want your info shared, then there is no requirement. If you are interested in providing contact info and receiving a copy of the list, please email
Dave Weaver at dwwweaver@yahoo.com with your names, email address, phone and home address. If you have already submitted your info,
there is no need to send it again.

Ride Safe & Have Fun!!
Brad & Jill Severe

                                                   Rider Education
                                                  Riding with a Co-Rider
Watching motorcycles throughout the country as Candy, Harley and I travel, I am struck by the number of solo riders. That
seems to be the standard and the exception seems to be a cycle with rider and co-rider. Many motorcycles are not made for
two people comfortably. The Gold Wing is designed and manufactured to be a two-up touring bike and since most of us ride a
machine that is made to handle two riders in comfort, we should look at the dynamics of riding with a co-rider. It is one thing to
experience the exhilaration of carving a few challenging curves through our gorgeous, scenic countryside by yourself. It is
another thing entirely to share this experience with your significant other or close friend and experience it together.

Along with the pleasures of sharing the experience, there are risks involved. It is essential that you, the rider, be as prepared
and skilled as possible. A responsible rider will consider the risks and educate yourself and your co-rider with the risks and
techniques required to minimize the risks of riding. Working together as a team is one way of making the experience one of
pleasure rather than fear. Putting your loved one on behind you completely changes the dynamics and handling of the
motorcycle. Here are some tips for making the experience an enjoyable one.

Before you subject your passenger to the risks of riding through the mine field of motorcycling make sure you have successfully
completed a basic or experienced rider’s course. This is just the first step, just because you completed the course does not
mean that you have the skills or experience to ride with a passenger. New riders are tempted to invite someone to share the
experience, I know I was. I didn’t have the skills to handle common hazards even without the added weight of a passenger as a
beginner. Give yourself some time to master the bike before asking someone to go along for a ride.

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                        November 2007
Riding with a co-rider continued:

Many of us are used to climbing on the bike and taking off. When we add a passenger the handling and performance of the
bike are changed significantly. Before going out into traffic or even the curvy countryside, take some time to practice starts,
stops and swerves in the parking lot two-up to get a feel for the change in handling. Taking the MSF two up Experienced Rider
Courses will give the co-rider an appreciation for the team work aspect and the dynamics of riding as a team mate and co-rider.
This was hard for me, a real control freak, but taking a ride as a co-rider with a experienced trusted friend gave me more
appreciation for what it is like for the passenger.

The Gold Wing is designed and built, heavier and with a longer wheel base to eliminate a lot of the pit falls of a cruiser or sport
bike two-up. The addition of a passenger does increases the total weight and locates the mass higher and farther back thus
affecting the acceleration, braking and turning of even a Gold Wing. Smoothness is the secret to making the ride an enjoyable
experience for a co-rider. Increased use of the clutch’s friction or engagement zone while adding power (slipping the clutch) will
assist in making acceleration smoother and more controllable. Additional RPM may be required to maintain the acceleration in
an acceptable power zone. Smoother shifts will also aid in making a more comfortable and better experience. These tips will
aid the co-rider in maintaining their position thus making it easier to keep the shiny side up at slow speeds. Pre-loading the
shifting lever with a slight upward pressure will assist in smoother shifting.

The most important consideration in braking is the fact that the co-rider will be forced forward into your back by the deceleration,
particularly problematic when braking hard. The additional weight will increase stopping distance. These facts will make
stopping short of an obstacle more of a challenge then when riding solo. You can minimize the passenger’s forward movement
by reducing speed and searching aggressively for potential problems before they reach emergency criteria. Slow down earlier
allowing you to make smoother and more controlled stops. The increased weight and distribution of mass with the addition of a
co-rider require a change in braking technique. Although the front brake still provides the majority of the braking power, the rear
brake takes on a more important role because the passenger’s weight is located over the rear wheel. The resulting increased
traction and contact patch provide the ability to increase the pressure on the rear brake without locking the rear wheel. Skillful
balance of both front and rear brakes can produce stopping distances that match one up motorcycles even with the additional

In cornering the increased bias of weight distribution on the rear wheel also can cause the front wheel to lose grip on the
pavement. A lighter front wheel can cause a wider than usual line in a corner because of less traction on the front wheel. Sharp
or quick handlebar movement in mid turn corrections can cause the front tire to lose grip on the road. Keep a light grip on the
handle bar grips to minimize abrupt mid-corner movement of the handlebars. Make sure that you increase the pre-load on the
rear suspension to maintain adequate ground clearance to compensate for increase in weight to keep hard parts from
contacting the pavement.

The ideas and information for this article were shamelessly lifted from Ken Condon’s Article “Passenger Protocol” in the
November 2007 edition of “Motorcycle Consumer News” If you would like to read the original and get a jump on next months
article which will be more detail on the preparation and dynamics of riding with a passenger. Till then, Remember Our Safety
is your Responsibility

Candy and Charlie Brown
Senior Chapter Educators

                    Rider Education Level Achievement
       No new levels achieved this month. Get with Charlie Brown and enroll now!

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                        November
                                                                                  November 2007
Military members please Note:
For our military members, Golden Coral Restaurants are conducting their seventh annual Military
Appreciation Monday on November 12, 2007. On this day, all 486 restaurants across the country will offer
a free "Thank You" dinner buffet and beverages from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. to any person who has served in the
U.S. military. A new component of this year's event is an essay contest open to anyone who has served or
has a parent who has served in the military. Essays of 1,000 words or less should explain why the entrant
is proud of their service or that of their parents. Three prizes, starting at $1,000 will be awarded to further
the winner’s education. For more information visit the Golden Corral Restaurants website

                                      GWRRA Texas District
                                       Education Weekend
                                            November 3rd & 4th
                                              In Lufkin, TX

                                           Courses Offered
                                        Texas District is pleased to offer the
                                       following courses for Rider Education
                                              and Leadership Training
                                          GWRRA’s Road Captain Course
                                            GWRRA’s Co-Rider Seminar
                                              GWRRA’s Trike Course
                                            GWRRA’s Trailering Course
                                               First Aid/CPR Courses
                                           MSF Experienced Rider Course
                                           Leadership Training Knowledge
                                               Enhancement Program

                                NOTE: EARLY ENROLLMENT IS REQUIRED
                                         ENSURE YOUR PLACE
                                       Chapter Structure & Organization
                                                Chapter Finance
                                        Your are an Officer, Now What?
                                        Officer Appointment Procedures
                                            Interviewing Techniques

                                 For more information go to:
                       or check our website at: www.texaschapteru.org
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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                       November 2007

                 Make Your Own Chapter Business Cards!!!
          It’s easy, just go to this link on our website and follow the instructions!


                                    Buddy Todd                        10 November
                                    Ken Jordan                        11 November
                                    Brent Lyon                        17 November
                                    Sal Pesta                         17 November
                                    Nancy Lewis                       18 November
                                    Felipe Martinez                   26 November
                              If we don’t have your birthday listed please let us know!

                                                Co-rider Corner
It is hard to believe that the holidays are approaching...and 2008! We have had a great time riding together this fall. Attending
the rallies, winning the grand prize, seeing all the red Chapter U shirts and hats, and spending time together on and off the bikes
and trikes has been a lot of fun! We have been glad for all the Co-rider turn-out and participation. Our Co-rider network seems
to be expanding and growing, and we are always glad to see old and new friends! I always appreciate that all our Co-riders are
so friendly to each other which makes Chapter U a friendly chapter to be part of. I think our Riders like it when their Co-rider is
along as well!

I know all the Chapter U Co-riders have lots to do this time of year! I hope that all you Co-riders are able to join us on as many
rides and chances for FUN as schedules permit. The Chapter ride schedule has a few opportunities for crossing names off
Christmas lists plus picking up a thing or two for the listmaker! The rides also go to some of the more off-the-beaten track
locations where the crowds aren't as hectic! Chapter U Co-riders sure appreciate the Riders taking us to such a variety of fun
places...and putting up with our shopping along the way! There always seems to be room in the saddlebags, trunks and trailers
to fit everyone's purchases in somewhere. It sure pays to travel with a bunch of Gold Wings!

Our Christmas party will be the first special Chapter U function, and I hope that we will have more special functions for Chapter
U in 2008. Send any special ideas along the Co-riders' network (sounds better than a bunch of women talking doesn't it?) and
we'll see what plans we can put into action! Co-riders can always email me directly at Majsevere@aol.com.

Hope to see you soon!

Jill Severe
Co-Riding Chapter Director
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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                             November 2007
                                     New Members this Month!!

                                       Welcome!!!! John & Lydia Harris

                            Membership Enhancement Corner
                                      CHAPTER MEETING OR GATHERING?
Dale Wingrove, Region H Trainer wrote in a recent district newsletter - “Consider the word “meeting.” It can be a little misleading.
“Meeting” sometimes implies business, minutes, politics, reports, no-fun, dryness, rigid structure, speeches, and is capable of being
BORING, BORING, BORING!! Obviously, this is not what a GWRRA chapter gathering is or should be! Our immediate goal is to try
and entice our Members to come to a monthly activity a gathering with their “family.” We do this by making our chapter gathering
FUN! We make it a relaxed, non-political, nonreligious, friendly place where there are No Strangers...good food, interesting people and
educational programs. This is not as difficult as it sounds…..If we can motivate our Members to attend a chapter gathering, our job is
half done. We must then insure that the gathering is so good, so interesting, so entertaining, so rewarding and so much FUN that they
will return each and every month. They will also “talk it up” with their friends, thereby helping GWRRA receive the positive publicity that
goes a long way in attracting new Members into our “family.” Good, FUN, chapter gatherings cannot be overemphasized. They are
the backbone of a successful chapter.”

I, for one, believe we have a gathering, and we need to edify our chapter staff at every opportunity for the simply outstanding job they
do. Least we forget that it is our members who are the driving force in the success of “Chapter U” a recent, shining example of this is
when Maria De Laughter emailed me with a fabulous idea to spotlight a Chapter U member in each monthly newsletter! At the speed in
which we are growing, it is difficult to get to know everyone and our new members have twice as much catching up to do! A piggyback
to this monthly spotlight would be to have the new members in their second month (two months to get their feet wet) to tell us a little
about themselves. At our current size we should have everyone in the spotlight in two years! Well, I guess we may want to shorten that
plan some? Think back to when you were a new member…it would have been nice to know a little about our membership before that
first meeting, wouldn’t it?

Where did Maria come up with this idea? It was from another chapter she belonged to. I was recently in Pennsylvania and had the
opportunity to visit with friends from PA-H. They do mystery rides and also have a state traveling plaque. I am not saying that every
idea brought up will be adopted but indeed every one bears consideration. As I thought about what I would write this month I
remembered an email from the MED inviting everyone to come to their website and get ideas and to leave your story on what’s going
on in our chapter. I also remembered speaking with Ken and Barbie Petersen our district MEC (now District Directors!) who told me to
visit the district newsletter to keep up with what’s going on. Brad has conveniently listed these links on our web page. The national
MED site is http://med.gwrra.org/

Why did I take the time to point these links out you ask? It is simple, we would like you to go out and find those things that will help us
make Chapter “U” yours! Look back at where we began just a few short months ago; WOW, have we come a long way! Our staff is
growing; (thanks Mike), our first Christmas party, and even talk of a Rally next year. There are many things we can do, for example:
high mileage awards and let’s not forget the Couple of the Year! We should have a little something for everyone! If you feel like we
have meetings then we need to fix that! Fun and knowledge should be our main goals!

See ya at the next gathering!

Dave Weaver
Membership Enhancement
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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                       November 2007

                                      2007 MS150 Ride to the Beach
                    th                                                      th
On Saturday the 20 of October I had the privilege of participating in my 6 Bike-To-The-Beach, MS150 event as a Motorcycle
Marshal. The 2 day event is held annually in October and thousands of bicyclists (over 3000 this year and growing) make their
way from the AT&T center in San Antonio to Corpus Christi in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. While the event has
grown over the years the tasks of the Motor Marshals (motorcycle escorts) have evolved as well. In the past we have performed
duties ranging from traffic control (now a strict no-no) to basic first aid and even bicycle mechanic. Because support for the
event has grown and improved over the years we now serve primarily as traffic buffers between the motorized traffic and the
cyclists. Anyone familiar with HWY 187 to Corpus knows that this can be a challenge in many areas with the small towns and
heavy weekend traffic, especially where it narrows to two lane and has no shoulder over some of the bridges.

  Planning for the event is extensive and goes on all year. Fellow Gold-Winger and (former) Chapter U Chapter Director Ray
McLeaird is the Motorcycle Safety Coordinator and our fearless leader. His efforts for the last two years have greatly improved
our numbers (we had about 60 bikes this year) and our effectiveness. I encourage all of you (for safety reasons trikes are not
permitted) to consider participating in next years event. I will try and remember to put info out to the chapter in the meetings or
newsletter as I get it.

Buddy Todd, Chapter U Member

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                          November 2007

                                     New!!! Member Spotlight
                                        Brad & Jill Severe
                                         Brad’s motorcycling goes back to about 1970 with an old Honda 90. This quickly moved
                                         to a 90 Suzuki dirt bike in 1971. After joining the army in 1973, several bikes were soon
                                         to follow: a 175 Honda, a 250 Suzuki and then a 500 Suzuki in 1975. Brad’s first long
                                         trip was from Chicago to Myrtle Beach, SC in the summer of 1976, about 2200 miles
                                         round trip! Next bike was a Honda 750 full dressed with fairing, bags and an AM/FM
                                         Cassette in 1979. In 1981 Brad met Jill but she never rode on the 750. Her dad called
                                         motorcycles “Donor Cycles”! Besides, she was happy in Brad’s Triumph Spitfire! Things
                                         got serious between them in 1983, the Honda 750 had gone away. Thus began the big
                                         void, 13 years without a motorcycle! In 1996 and living in Hawaii, Brad decided it was
                                         time again and went out and bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 (without Jill’s permission of
                                         course!) Hawaii is wonderful riding so this time Jill gave in. After a few required add ons
                                         such as a sissy bar, bags and a windshield, she jumped on and began to have fun! A
                                         friend of ours in Hawaii had 2 Gold Wings and they looked great and comfy! Since it
                                         wasn’t far to anywhere on Oahu, comfort was not really a factor there.

Upon arriving in Texas in January of 1999, we quickly discovered the Vulcan was not going to make it in the comfort area driving
the distances in Texas! Soon we found a 1983 1100 Aspencade and we were on our way again. We also found GWRRA about
that time and signed up. But with lots of things going on and other priorities, not to mention a few bike problems, winging it took
a second priority. In November of 2004, we got the urge to ride again and found a 1998 SE with only 29,000 miles on it, and we
were hooked once more. We rejoined GWRRA in March of 2005 and began with Chapter U with its restart in February of 2006.
Jill began riding in September 2005 with a Honda 250. She quickly progressed to a Yamaha V-Star 650 and then last December,
a 1997 Gold Wing trike named “Black Pearl”! The rest is history!

Brad was born in Niles Michigan but grew up in West Chicago, IL about 30 miles west of Chicago. Jill is from the same area!
Born in Elmhurst IL, she grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL. Even though they were only 7 miles apart growing up, they didn’t meet until
1981 at Ft Bragg, NC. Brad was, however, a recruiter in the Chicago area and did frequently visit Jill’s high school. Brad of
course doesn’t remember Jill from all the students, but Jill remembers seeing someone who fit Brad’s description (tall, broad
shouldered and wearing an red airborne beret and boots)! Brad & Jill are 4 years apart in age. Jill graduated from Wheaton
College in 1980 and was commissioned in the Army the same year. She also has 2 master’s degrees (paid for by the U.S. Army)
in Latin American Studies and Management. In the first five years of our marriage, we lived together less than 2 years due to
our military assignments. Jill’s anniversary ring at 5 years had 2 diamonds and 3 rubies! (She has since upgraded bands and
diamonds big time since then!) At one point Jill was teaching history at West Point while Brad was stationed in Germany and
deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm! We were happy to turn in our frequent flier numbers when Brad finally retired from
the army in 1993. Brad has a bachelor’s in business from St. Leo University. Jill now teaches history to 10 graders at Saint
Mary’s Hall. Brad had his own business (web-based…can you guess?) for 10 years after retiring from the Army then moved in to
real estate. He still keeps his real estate license current and is a referral agent. Brad is currently looking for a new job direction!

Our hobbies have changed over the years. Initially it was antiques and collectibles but then moved to travel and golf in Hawaii.
We still have a lot of old furniture, dust-catchers, and golf clubs hanging around the house. We both still enjoy traveling but
never seem to be able to do enough of it! The last two years our summer vacations have been long-distance Gold Wing trips
with our first Wing Ding last summer. Brad collects watches and Jill enjoys the hot tub year round and the pool in the summer.
Since becoming the Chapter CD’s, Chapter U is our primary hobby!

                            Who wants to be next in the spotlight?

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                      November 2007

                                         October Fun!!
                             13 October T-Fest in Killeen

                  Just Arrived!                                      Chapter U members having fun!

     Bill won the grand prize, $750 gift certificate!            Jane & Bill won farthest distance!

                                     17 October Meeting

             40 members & guests turned out for the October meeting! Every seat was taken!

                                                                                         Page 9
Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                     November
                                                                               November 2007
                        More October Fun!!
            20 October Ride Coordination Meeting and Ride!

                     Great Turnout!                              Mike Mills ran the meeting!

        Rode the River Road and on to Canyon Lake Dam.         Baskin & Robins afterward!!!

                     27 October Chapter W Rally, Smithville

  Smiling Faces of Millie and Jane!    Rice, Beans, & Sausage For Lunch!     Mike Mills won the Grand Prize

                                                                                        Page 10
Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                             November
                                                                                                       November 2007
                               AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE
                                                    J. R. Williams, Licensed Agent

This is the second in a series of articles I was asked to prepare for your newsletter. My goal is to provide information you can
use to review your current coverage and make educated decisions on coverage appropriate to your individual situations. These
articles are for information purposes only and subject to the terms and conditions of your Texas insurance policy.

Today’s article will discuss coverage that protects anyone injured in your vehicle and damage to your vehicle caused by
uninsured, underinsured or hit-and-run motorists. This coverage is divided into four areas, Personal Injury Protection, Medical
Payments, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) pays medical, dental, hospital, funeral and related expenses, 80% of lost income, and loss of
services for you, household relatives and passengers injured in a motor vehicle accident. This also covers you and household
relatives in other vehicles or if struck as pedestrians. The coverage limits are expressed as $2.500, $5,000 and $10,000. The
coverage pays up to the limit selected for each person injured in each accident. Unless you reject or increase PIP limits in
writing, your insurance company is required by law to include $2,500 PIP coverage on your policy.

Medical Payments pays medical, dental, hospital, funeral and related expenses for you, household relatives and passengers
injured in a motor vehicle accident. This also covers you and household relatives in other vehicles or if struck as pedestrians.
This coverage may be selected in writing to replace PIP. However, some companies allow PIP and Medical Payments
coverage at the same time. The coverage limits are expressed as $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000. The coverage
pays up to the limit selected for each covered person.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI) coverage pays for damages you, household relatives and passengers in
the insured vehicle are legally entitled to recover because of bodily injury or death caused by uninsured/underinsured or hit-
and-run motorists. Coverage limits are expressed in thousands of dollars as 20/40, 25/50, 50/100, etc. Coverage pays up to
the first limit for one person and, subject to the first limit for any one person, up to the second limit for all persons injured or killed
in one accident. Unless you reject or increase UMBI limits in writing, your insurance company is required by law to include limits
or 20/40 on your policy.
UMBI coverage limit may not exceed Liability Bodily Injury limit.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) coverage pays up to the limit selected for loss in excess of $250
you are legally entitled to recover because of property damage caused by uninsured/underinsured or hit-and-run motorists.
Coverage limits are expressed in thousands of dollars as 15, 20, 25, etc. Unless you reject or increase UMPD limits in writing,
your insurance company is required by law to include 15 on your policy. UMPD coverage limit may not exceed Liability Property
Damage limit. If your insurance company allows, you should select a UMPD limit that approximates the actual cash value of
your vehicle. The minimum limit is 15.

Ask your agent to review your coverage and discuss your individual needs. Get quotes for different levels of coverage and
purchase the limits that are a good balance between the cost and your personal comfort level. If you have any questions,
contact your agent, call me at 658-6268 or email me at jrwilliams@geico.com.

Next month, we’ll discuss coverage for loss or damage to your vehicle.

                                                                                                                  Page 11
Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                November 2007

                                           Texas District Staff
    District Director                                        Ken & Barbie Peterson        TexasDD@gwrra-tx.org

    District Treasurer/Newsletter Editor                     Pamela Meyer                Treasurer@gwrra-tx.org

    District Educator                                       John & Lydia Bourg                 TxED@gwrra-tx.org

    Assistant District Educator                              Collen Campbell                AsstED@gwrra-tx.org

    District Trainer                                         Ron & Magaly Griffis         TxTrainer@gwrra-tx.org

    Assistant Membership Enhancement Coordinators           John & Lena Bryant            TxadMED@gwrra-tx.org

    Assistant Membership Enhancement Coordinators            Carolyn Barton            TXaddMED2@gwrra-tx.org

    Vendor Coordinators                                      Jim & Ruby Seale             TxVendor@gwrra-tx.org

    Couple of the Year 2006-2007                            Gene & Carolyn Tice              TxCOY@gwrra-tx.org

    Chief Advisor                                            Dieter Meyer                         ca@gwrra-tx.org

                                            US Foreign Policy
                                      Submitted by Court Van Sickler & Tom Byrd

When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if
our plans for Iraq were just an example of 'empire building' by George Bush.

  He answered by saying, "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and
women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever
asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return."

      It became very quiet in the room.


  A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S. , English,
Canadian, Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large
group of Officers that included personnel from most of those countries. Everyone was chatting away in
English as they sipped their drinks but a French admiral suddenly complained that, 'whereas Europeans
learn many languages, Americans learn only English.' He then asked, 'Why is it that we always have to
speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?'

 Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied 'Maybe its because the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and
Americans arranged it so you wouldn't have to speak German.'

       You could have heard a pin drop!

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                      November 2007

                                               Chapter “U” Staff
                                             Lots of Job Opening!!!!
    Chapter Director: Brad & Jill Severe phone: 210-386-0507 email:cd@texaschapteru.org

    ACD: Open

    Chapter Educator: Open Acting: Brad Severe phone: 210-386-0507 email:cd@texaschapteru.org

    Senior Chapter Educator: Charlie Brown phone: 210-497-3900 email: ace@texaschapteru.org

    Treasurers: Olin & Martha Gover phone: 210-494-7410 email: treasurer@texaschapteru.org
    Couple-Of-The-      Open!
    Couple-Of-The-Year: Open!                Want to be our Couple Of The Year?

    Ride Coordinators: Mike & Ako Mills phone: 830-214-6868 email: mwmills15@aol.com

    Ride Captains: Need More!! Charlie Brown phone: 210-497-3900 email: ace@texaschapteru.org, Brad
    Severe phone: 210-386-0507 email:cd@texaschapteru.org

    Membership Enhancement: Dave Weaver phone: 210-945-0575 email: mec@texaschapteru.org

    Webmaster: Open Acting Webmaster: Brad Severe phone: 210-386-0507 email:cd@texaschapteru.org

    Newsletter Editor: Open Acting: Brad Severe phone: 210-386-0507 email:cd@texaschapteru.org

    Game Meister: Olin Gover phone: 210-494-7410 email: karsatgover@aol.com

    Chapter Photographer/Historian: Tom & Nancy Byrd phone: 210-655-2566 email: mertweety@yahoo.com

     New Staff member!!! Tom & Nancy Byrd are our new Chapter Photographers!!!


                               HONDA RIDERS CLUB, SUPER VALUE
Some of you may remember back in September while on a trip I had the Rear Drive unit on the 04 1800 come apart on me. I
had it repaired In Wichita and had some hic-cups with the repair. Honda America took care of the repair and in all honesty did a
superb job of making sure that everything got taken care of including follow-ups with myself and the dealer. I really couldn't ask
for better service once everyone got on board. I submitted all of my receipts to Honda Riders club for reimbursement when I
returned, and didn't think much more about it. Today I got a check in the mail from Honda Riders Club for $500.00. For
reimbursement of all my expenses plus. I have always felt like HRCA was a super deal because of the fact that they paid for the
ERC course once a year. But this feature is really a bonus. Sure am glad I stayed with HRCA after the free year was up. Their
towing benefits are better than GW also. They will tow you to the nearest dealer instead of a fixed mileage.

Charlie Brown

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                November
                                                                          November 2007

                            2008 Texas District Rally

                     Registration Form at the back of this newsletter.

The 2008 Texas District Rally will be held in Corpus Christi May 8th - 10th. Join us Friday night for
a once in a life time evening, we'll start with a parade down the sea wall then over to the USS
Lexington where we'll board for a special dinner. Oh and don't worry about where to park your bike
during dinner, we'll be parking on the deck of the USS Lexington and to prove you did it, we'll have
a special fly-by picture taken. Space is limited so please pre-register now!

The Chapter hotel is the Drury Inn 2021 N Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi TX 78408,
(361) 289-8200. It is located across the street from the rally site, the Holiday Inn!
Reservations are going fast so make yours today! Most reservations can be cancelled
up to the day of arrival. Make sure you check the cancellation policy before you
reserve your room. There are only 450 slots for the Lexington and dinner!

     Here is the URL for more info! http://www.region-h.org/08rally/RallyFlyer.pdf

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter                                                                    November 2007
                                             Ride Schedule
                         Schedule is subject to change so check the website for updates.

                                                   November 2007
3-4 November - 2d Annual Texas District Training Weekend, Lufkin. No chapter ride is planned. Contact Charlie Brown,
cbx2@satx.rr.com if you want to ride up with someone!

Friday 9 November - Friday Night ride 6:15pm, Wal-Mart at 3009 & IH35

Saturday 10 November - Lunch at the Stagecoach & Shopping in Salado. Meet at 8am at Wal-Mart @3009 & IH 35. We will do
a pickup at the Exxon @46 & 281 at 8:30. We should get to Salado about 11 in time for an early lunch! This will be about a 300
mile day!

Sunday 11 November - Veteran's Day

Wednesday 14 November - Chapter "U" Meeting, Golden Corral Restaurant; 2301 Pat Booker Rd; Universal City. "Meet-to-
Eat" at 6:00 pm. Information Sharing begins at 7:00pm. Please note this is a change!!!!

Saturday 17 November - No chapter ride scheduled

Thursday 22 November - Thanksgiving

Friday 23 November - No Friday night ride due to Thanksgiving

Sunday 25 November - Brunch ride to Wimberly and shopping for the ladies. Meet at 8:30 at the Wal-Mart @3009 & IH 35.

                                                   December 2007
Saturday 1 December – Chapter Christmas Party at Clear Spring Restaurant, 606 W Afton Oaks.

Saturday 8 December - Ride to Goliad Market Days & Goliad State Park

Friday 14 December - Friday Night ride 6:15pm, Wal-Mart at 3009 & IH35

Saturday 15 December – No chapter ride scheduled

Wednesday 19 December - Chapter "U" Meeting, Golden Corral Restaurant; 2301 Pat Booker Rd; Universal City. "Meet-to-
Eat" at 6:00 pm. Information Sharing begins at 7:00pm.

Saturday 22 December - No chapter ride scheduled

Tuesday 25 December - Christmas

Friday 28 December - Friday Night ride 6:15pm, Wal-Mart at 3009 & IH35

                           Recommended Riding Apparel for all Chapter U Rides:
       1. Safety approved helmet.
       2. Proper eye protection
       3. Boots, jeans or leather pants, riding suit, rain gear, gloves. (Shorts and tennis shoes are not proper clothing
when riding a motorcycle. Do so at your own risk and preferably not on a chapter ride.) This protocol is only a
suggestion and for your safety in an activity that is inherently risky.

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Texas Chapter U Newsletter             November 2007

 Support our Sponsors!!!! When you visit, tell them
       you are a GWRRA and Chapter U member!!!

                                 Other Businesses

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   “Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge”

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      Region H, Texas District, Chapter U

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