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Acer Iconia A500 Tablet Essay
By Ty Edwards

        If and when I get this tablet, some things that will change in my behavior are listed in

the following sentence. One of the first things is that I will be more open to what you have to

say and I will consider the things that you mention to me. I will truly know that you love me

even though I do now, just that it is cemented in my brain. I will help out with family housework

and I will try harder in school to get the best grades I can and I will set a goal to get a 4.0 GPA

for the remainder of the year. I will show lots of signs that I love you and I will give you lots of

hugs. I will try really hard to stop interrupting you and anyone else that I talk to. I will listen to

the best that I am capable of and work on trying to increase my attention span. My life will be

more complete and I will try harder at all the things that I do in my life that have great potential

and are righteous things. I will show more love to our animals and that also includes our dog. I

will take more care of myself in not only for things like getting laundry done but my mental

mind as well. Dad would understand this as Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation. The time I

spend on computers will be more monitored by me and I will make sure I do many other things

than just electronic related things. Even if I don't get the tablet I will make both an unconscious

and conscious decision to eat dinner as a family. That doesn't mean everyone including the

animals but without me, that means everybody. The animals are optional though. I will make

my best effort and more in keeping my room clean and picked up when I get the tablet.
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       If I get this tablet, I will not put anything on it that does not coincide with what heavenly

father wants. I will have the scriptures on it at all times, unless I am formatting it and then

when it is formatted I will immediately put them back on. I will keep a consistent journal,

though it may take some time before I get into a habit of doing this but I will still keep trying to

do this as I know not only from dad, but as my own experience that it is an important thing to

do. (Our church leaders have asked to do this I believe). In regards to using this at church, I will

only use this for scriptures and note taking when appropriate and nothing more unless the

teacher asks me to do so. I will only use the churches Wi-Fi for appropriate things that include

things like downloading Gospel Library Doctrine, LDS Music/Hymns, LDS Tools Updates, and

possibly critical tablet system and firmware updates. No torrents (even if they didn't have it

blocked), games (including flash games that are on my website), or any other online website

that if for entertainment. When I am at seminary, it will not come out of my backpack one

unless Sister Price says I can do so and only under the restrictions and instructions that she sets

(it is her house). When it comes time for Family Home Evening, I will use this tablet for the

scriptures and hymns, and also for any doctrine that one of the family members may be

teaching from. I will read when I am asked to and I will also try my best to read voluntarily.

       This tablet will not be used at our dinner table or anyone else's. If we are at a

restaurant, I will only use it before and after we eat (i.e.: Waiting to order, waiting for food,

waiting to pay). I will keep my tablet clean and free from debris so that it will last for a long time

and will maintain as new as possible for as long as possible.
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        My relationship with mom and dad will continually skyrocket in love, friendship, and

happiness. I will continually monitor my bandwidth usage and be ever so moderate in how

much I use. I will continually try to not rationalize anything. I will show continuous thanks for

this tablet. I will not expect you to buy any accessories from you at all and not even from your

pocket. It would be my responsibility to buy those things that I want, as well as things to keep

my tablet safe. As mentioned before, I would do more family chores which would in turn allow

me to earn money to buy accessories and apps. I will not use any pirated software on this tablet

at all. I will acknowledge that you have the right to take away the power and internet at

anytime while I am in your house or on your property. I will give you my router (black

Linksys/Cisco) even if I don’t get this tablet (unconditionally).

        I do not think that this tablet should be used in the car or truck except on any family

vacation, or anytime except if agreed upon (before or during ride). If I have a way to charge my

tablet in the vehicle, you have first right to use the car outlet. You also have the right to unplug

it at any time. If my charger does any damage to the car I will repair it with my own money or if

the insurance covers it minus if it drains the battery (that’s an easy, free fix). I would like to be

able to do homework on my laptop via your Virgin Mobile Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot. I would also

like to be able to listen to music any time I want unless you say so, but if you don’t say so I

would be able to listen when I want. I would also expect to be able to use it at Young Men's

when I want but I will still participate in the activities.

        The tablet that I am asking for will affect my schoolwork not only in the ways mentioned

before (Goal of 4.0 GPA, trying my hardest to get the best grades I can), but also by helping me
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learn the curriculum by things like what mom showed me (Spanish Hangman) and my letting

me type my essays and other English stuff on the tablet. I will not play games while school is in

session or while I am in seminary or at church/Family Home Evening.

       I believe that this tablet will make me smarter because I will be able to become familiar

with the device in ways that I would not even if someone let me use theirs. I will NOT take it

apart for any reason that I think (and I won’t be rationalizing because of a condition I

mentioned before). I will be able to use Google's new Android App Developer tool to be able to

create my own Android Apps. I will be able to use the knowledge I learn with this to help others

and my when I get a job.

       This tablet will make me much happier and I will feel like I am part of everyone else. I

will be able to go on Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail and stay up to date with my friends and the

world. Why? Because a tablet for me is like the SIM card of a smart phone, the phone works

without it, but what's the point of it as a phone if you can't call of text? The SIM card is like the

tablet for me. You give it to me and I can do the things I have always wanted to do because I

have motivation. I can feel happy with less need for female friends. I will also not talk about

just electronics because I have already been working on this at school and at church.

       The benefit you guys get out of this is that our family will be much happier and more

united. We will be more comfortable talking to each other and we can discuss our feeling with

one another. Why? Because that is another goal I made is to make us more united with one

another as well as all of the other things mentioned in this essay. You will not be nagged about

"Can I please have a tablet?" because I will already have one. I will also read books on this
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tablet, but I do not want to buy all of the books. I might buy some, but I do not want to buy all

of them. That may change as I start to read because I may find a hidden passion for this.

       The next thing that I will ask for after this tablet would be a really long hug and a big wet

kiss from both of you. I will feel loved for longer than I can imagine in the future.

New Additions to Essay:

      When it comes time for us [our family] to move, if I have the tablet I will help us [the

       family] move and pack up. I will monitor my time on the tablet and I will keep it

       moderate. If you ask me to do something during that time I will find a stopping point (in

       your definition) and I will help you with what you need. I will be cooperative and


      My Linksys Cisco Wireless Router is now officially yours, and not mine. You own

       everything that goes to it and you can change whatever settings you wish to. Feel free

       to ask me for advice about the router and you may use any backup files (settings) for the

       router (they are in the .BIN file format on your Backup drive and on my laptop).

Thank you for reading this essay.

Ty Edwards

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