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About Me - Bedford Area School District


									                   About Me

  They may forget what you said but they will never
    forget how you made them feel. – Anonymous

     Hello! My name is Jessica Strawn and I am
currently a middle school Family and Consumer
Sciences teacher at Bedford Middle School in Bedford,
Pennsylvania. It is great being part of the Exploratory
team at BMS as I get to teach sixth, seventh, and
eighth grade. Both the faculty and students have
made me feel welcome as part of the BMS staff and I
truly enjoy teaching here.

     I graduated from Somerset Area High School in
2000. In May of 2004 I received my Bachelor of
Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences
education from Seton Hill University in Greensburg,
Pennsylvania. I did my student teaching at Mount
Pleasant High School in Mount Pleasant,
Pennsylvania and Hempfield High School in
Greensburg, Pennsylvania. In my free time I like to
read and spend time with my friends and my mom.

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