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December 09, 2010

          America needs a comprehensive immigration reform not the Senate Bill 1070

        Immigration is quickly becoming one of the most controversial topics over the last few

years. Its development has produced an array of emotions and much division between

Americans. Currently, many states are insisting on setting their own laws on immigration due to

the lack of enforcement through the federal government. The state of Arizona is one of the first

states to approach this matter by proposing the Senate Bill 1070. It requires all people living in

the state of Arizona to be of legal status, or they will be punished for violating the law and

committing a state crime. In addition, it allows state officers to inquire about the legal status of a

person if there is suspicion that they are in the country illegally.

        Instead of promoting state laws such as the Senate Bill 1070, a comprehensive

immigration reform needs to be created and enforced. Illegal immigrants who work, pay taxes,

and are contributing members to society shouldn‟t be punished, but should be able to reside in

the United States legally. On the contrary, those who are in the country illegally and are involved

in disruptive behaviors such as drug cartels, gangs and commit crimes must be penalized

according to the law.

        Recently, the Obama administration served the state of Arizona with a lawsuit in regards

to the Senate Bill 1070. This states that immigration is an internal federal affair and states should

not be involved in dictating laws on such an issue.
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       The administration also commented that the Senate Bill 1070 gives way for racial

profiling and discrimination. Although an amnesty hasn‟t been proposed yet by the Obama

administration, they have reiterated the importance of securing the borders and businesses being

held accountable for exploiting illegal workers. Furthermore, they have suggested that illegal

immigrants should take accountability by acknowledging that they have broken the law. Also,

illegal immigrants should declare their taxes and also pay a fine for entering the country illegally.

In addition, the administration proposed that illegal immigrants must learn English in order to

obtain citizenship in the United States (Organizing for America).

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       The Obama administration claims that they are still trying to create an immigration

reform. But stalls such as these are what bring states to consider the alternatives such as the

Senate Bill 1070, also known as attrition through enforcement. According to the Chicago

Tribune, there are about 11 million people living illegally in the United States. These people live

off of minimum wages and aren‟t offered any types of benefits whatsoever. For years on end,

these people have helped build the economy with their labor. They have provided America with

a variety of multi-cultural facets. Most of these people are here to provide a better means for

their family and aren‟t “drug mules” as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer would like Americans to

believe. If the Senate Bill 1070 was to be approved, these families would have to return to their

native countries. Many of them would travel back with their American children. Families would

be divided, and it would influence stricter laws to come into effect.

       Some Arizona legislators have even proposed a law to deny American birth certificates to

the children of illegal immigrants born in the United States. The Justice Department says a law

like this would contradict the Constitution. As the 14th Amendment in the Constitution states,

“[All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are

citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce

any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…]”

       There have also been many public protests held by human rights activist leaders to make

the public conscious of the problems these families are now facing. Consequently, these rallies

are also made to address the unfair laws like the 1070 Senate Bill.
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One of the first marches took place on May 01, 2006. It was a nation-wide march; nearly more

than 1 million people were present.

       These were held in several of the largest cities in the United States, varying from Los

Angeles to Chicago and from New York to Florida. Since then, every year there have been

protests which have been felt around the country. This issue affects the whole nation. Utah is

presently taking part in the discussion on immigration. Many of its lawmakers want to crack-

down on illegal immigration. There is also a proposition for a law similar to Arizona‟s, the SB

81. This law would allow officers to question and ask for proper identification of a person‟s legal

status. The Salt Lake Police Department is against implementing such a law. The Chief of the

Salt Lake Police Department Chris Burbank is troubled by SB 81 because he believes that many

people will opt out of seeking help from fear of deportation. He also commented, “When you

start wondering into the area that law enforcement should take bias, racially motivated

enforcement actions, there are 10 other places in the law that we shouldn‟t do that. This one

contradicts that. That‟s not right.”

       Recently, religious churches in Utah have made several publications regarding

immigration. One of the most prominent entities in Utah is the LDS church or Latter Day Saints.

They gave out a communication addressing immigration. They ask for the Federal Government

to partake in an adequate solution and to do so with compassion. The Church also added, “We

follow Jesus Christ by loving our neighbors. The Savior taught that the meaning of „neighbor‟

includes all of God‟s children, in all places, at all times” (LDS Church issues strong statement on

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       The battling issue on immigration is controversial. However, there must be involvement

from the Federal Government in order to create and enforce a suitable comprehensive

immigration reform. One that will value what immigrants have done for this country and at the

same time exclude those who aren‟t respecting the morals this country was founded on.

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