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					                                           Illegal Immigration
Why do people immigrate illegally?
Many illegal aliens leave Middle America because they are “pushed” out of their countries most often because of lack
of income and are “pulled” to the US for the opportunity of a better life and for job opportunities.

What are the numbers?
It is estimated that 11 million people have entered the US illegally. According to a 2005 Pew Hispanic Center report
57% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico while 24% were from other Latin American countries (primarily from
Central America), which is roughly 9 million illegal immigrants.

How do people enter illegally?
Some illegal immigrants enter the US without permission while others stay beyond the authorized period after legal
entry. One way to enter illegally is to hire a professional who finds a way to smuggle (sneak) illegal immigrants across
the border for an agreed amount of money. These professionals are called “coyotes”. Another way of entering illegally
is to use someone else’s social security card. The person with the social security card will return home and allow
another person to work in the United States in his or her place.

What are the effects?
In 2005, the World Bank reported that Mexico was receiving $18.1 billion in remittances (money sent from family in
one country to family in the home country). People risk death when they attempt to journey from their home across the
US border. The US government is spending large amounts of money to efforts to keep out illegal immigrants and to
secure the borders. The US government is also paying for the education of the children, health care, welfare (food
stamps), and to house illegals in prison and transport them back to their country. Illegal immigrants are getting jobs
while Americans are losing jobs. On the other hand, some Americans feel that illegal immigrants fill low-wage jobs
that Americans don’t want. Illegal immigrants pay sales tax, which in turn goes to the government. Illegal immigrants
often times rent homes in areas that are typically hard to find someone to rent.

                                                             What are the options to fix this problem?
                                                             There are differing opinions as to what should happen.
                                                             One idea is to give the illegal immigrants amnesty, or
                                                             forgive them for their illegal activity and allow them to
                                                             become residents and future citizens. Another option is to
                                                             continue to deport illegal aliens when they are discovered
                                                             to be illegal. A third option is to build a giant wall
                                                             between Mexico and the US. A four option is to create a
                                                             larger guest worker program where people are allowed to
                                                             legal enter the US in order to work and return home after a
                                                             given period of time.

What does the future hold?
The debate about illegal immigration is ongoing and will
continue to be an issue for many years. Currently almost 600
miles of a border fence has been built along the Mexico and
US (New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Texas) border.
Immigration is changing the dynamics of our country, both
legally and illegally. According to Pew Research the US
population in 2005 was 67% White, 14% Hispanic, 13%
Black, and 5% Asian. They project that by 2050 only 47% of
the population will be White while almost 30% will be

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