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									      Lisarow High School P&C Association
                                  General Meeting
                                   7th June, 2011

Meeting Opened:         7:00pm

Attendees:              George Gray, Narelle Wotton, Michelle O'Connor, Sheryl Tanner,
                        Barbara Kostava,Tracey Curtis, Lyn Pennington, Sherry Denton,
                        Molly Gill, Carol Reid, Lea Hampson, Karen & Samantha Sutton-
                        Ward (Guests)

Apologies:              Lyn Gulpers

               Minutes are not official until passed at the next P&C meeting

Agenda Item                Comments                                                  Action Item

Presentation               Meeting suspended for presentation from Karen
                           Sutton-Ward owner of 'The Little Stray Cafe' mobile
                           coffee van. Proposal to sell cafe/coffee items (hot
                           beverages) to senior students and staff at lunch
                           time. 20% of net profit would be given to the
                           school. Karen has two chn at LHS. Doesn't require
                           any electricity/services. Public Liability Insurance is
                           current. Would need Working With Children Check.
                           Committee will discuss proposal later in meeting
                           and advise Karen of their decision.
Minutes from previous             Accepted : Sheryl Tanner
meeting:                          Seconded: Sherry Denton

Business Arising:                 David Cullen unable to attend our meeting.
                           Narelle will reschedule.
Correspondence                    In:
                               P&C Journals
                               DEET-Nutrition in Schools Policy
                               S.Tanner-letter of resignation from position
                              of Minutes Secretary due to new guidelines for
                              P&C paid employees.

                                Canteen Volunteers appreciation letters to
                               volunteers leaving the canteen roster

Principal’s Report –              Jeff bromage returns next week and will
                           review David Cullen's report on his return. To date
                           noone has had any insight to what's in the report.
                                  Yr 10&11 will need to return their laptops
                           for upgrading over next few weeks.
                                  Demountables remain. Yr12 are using one
                           as a rec room in cold weather.
                                  Uniform-Surf Shop does not stock brown
                           pants and Lowes are out of stock.
                               Lisarow High School P&C Association
                                Minutes of Meetings 7th June, 2011

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Agenda Item          Comments                                                Action Item

                              Library leaks are being repaired and are in
                     process of repair.
                              Yr12 interviews being conducted regarding
                     their future plans. They have been very positive.
                              Commendation medallions-brochures from
                     suppliers have been hard to source. Secretary           MICHELLE
                     offered to follow up with a contact.
                              Dux of School-LHS Dux is awarded to
                     highest achieved ATAR recipient, therefore is
                     announced in Jan/Feb of following year. George
                     will followup on an announcement of 2010 recipient.

President’s Report          No report
Treasurer’s Report          P&C General @ May - $46,263.17
                            P&C LSL @ May - $21,255.72
                            Canteen @ May - $15,182.51

Canteen Report               Loss of 7 volunteers in past 2 weeks.
                     Recruitment drive needed.                               JEFF
                             Two hospitality students have done work
                     placement in the canteen.
                             Canteen Committee approved transfer of
                     $8000 to the P&C
                             Takings for past 3 weeks are down. Unsure
                     of reason.
                             NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy is
                     to be legislation from 18 July 2011 in ALL schools.
                     Its observance is to be monitored by the principal
                     every 2 years.
                             New Security system to be installed. PIN
Finance Report               Sheryl attended a meeting 11/5/11.
                     Meetings are to occur twice per term to review
                             Office Mgr explained how the reports
                             Low receipt of school/subject fees is
                     affecting income.
                             George may address P&C regarding them
                     funding for Library equipment and/or whiteboards

                         Lisarow High School P&C Association
                          Minutes of Meetings 7th June, 2011

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Agenda Item              Comments                                                Action Item

General Business                  Lyn Pennington reported on Welfare &
                         Discipline Policy review meeting. Parent input was
                         welcomed and appreciated. Extremely high N
                         mentions for ALL years except Yr 12 is alarming.
                         Some minor amendments made to the new policy
                         and more kids are moving up in the higher levels.
                         Consistency amongst teachers remains a problem
                         and executive are continuing to correct this.
                                  Uniform policy states black or brown scarf.
                         The new “LHS” scarf has not gone through Uniform
                         Committee for approval.
                                  Coffee Van Proposal – Lengthy discussion
                         with many points for and against. Vote taken for
                         acceptance of proposal which was not carried. A         NARELLE
                         letter will be forwarded.
                                  For the rest of 2011 the positions of
                         Minutes Secretary will be merged with the
                         Secretary position. Michelle O'Connor nominated
                         and accepted the merged positions.
                                  Award boards in hall need updating.           GEORGE
                                  School Photos- delay due to machinery
                         breakdown. George is continually in contact with
                                  Damaged seating in Senior area needs
                         repair. Maintenace will occur over next few weeks
                                  P&C Executive attended a special meeting
                         with George Gray regarding the loss of a Head
                         Teacher due to student numbers decrease.
                         Decision to combine HT Ind Arts with HT Home Ec
                         into HT TAS (Technology & Applied Science). This
                         position is held by Daryl Irvine who is currently at
                         Menindee. Position will be suspended for 6 terms
                         pending final review.
                                  Curriculum Meeting held and attended by
                                  Assessment & Reporting- Reports will issue
                         to all students prior to Parent/Teacher Interviews.
Meeting Closed:       8.35pm
Next meeting: Tuesday 1 March, 2011. will be Annual General Meeting.

                             Lisarow High School P&C Association
                              Minutes of Meetings 7th June, 2011

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