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					2011-2012 Senior Design Projects

CEE 12.1    Pierce County                    Performance of Porous Pavement
CEE 12.2    Seattle City Light               Roof retrofit for Newhalem Sickler Building
CEE 12.3    Seattle City Light               Babcock Creek Crossing Design
CEE 12.4    Seattle University/King County   Storm Water Re-use at Champion Field
CEE 12.5    Snohomish County Public Works    Pavement Management Report
CEE 12.6    US Bureau of Reclamation         Detailed Notching Design for Removal of Glines Canyon Dam in Elwha River
CEE 12.7    US Bureau of Reclamation         Elwha River Sedimentation Impacts Assessment System
CSSE 12.1   Alstom Grid                      openPDC Historian Retrieval Tool
CSSE 12.2   Microsoft                        Kinect Gadget Design
CSSE 12.3   PACCAR                           PivotView Project
CSSE 12.4   SignalSet                        Truck Fleet App Development
ECE 12.1    IEEE                             Appropriate Technology Wind Turbine
ECE 12.2    Kenworth Truck Company           Truck Noise Cancellation
ECE 12.3    MicroMouse Competition           MicroMouse Competition
ECE 12.4    PATH                             Pulse Oximeter Design
ECE 12.5    Seattle University               Broadway Parking Garage sign/entry control redesign
ECE 12.6    Seattle City Light               Creston-Talbot Fiber Optic Project
ME 12.1     The Boeing Company               Nanofiber Laced Polymer Composite Hydraulic Transport Elements
ME 12.2     Kenworth Truck Company           Energy Efficient Lighting for Manufacturing Facility
ME 12.3     Photon Machines                  Backpack-portable LIBS system
ME 12.4     PSF Mechanical                   Trash to Biomass Fuel System
ME 12.5     Saint James Cathedral            St. James Cathedral Energy Audit
ME 12.6     Seattle University               Cooking Exhaust Fans Systems Project
MSE 12.1    REI                              Electronic Kanban Board Development
MSE 12.2    Washington Publishing Company    Publishing Automation Project
MSE 12.3    Yuan Spa                         Spa App Development

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