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Nostisis aciduisi ese magniamcommy nos St Mary of the Angels by alicejenny



                      Office: 150 Yarra St., Geelong 3220    Ph: 5222 1977 Fax: 5229 0587
                                 Christ the King Church, 79 Wilsons Rd, Newcomb
                               St Margaret’s Church, 46 Lomond Tce, East Geelong
                                    St. Robert’s Chapel, Mervyn St., Newtown.
                                Deanery Website:
 Parish Priest:
 Fr. Kevin Dillon   Mobile: 0421 777 360                5229 4660(h) Pager No: 13 22 22 (ask for No. 11237)
 Fr. Maurice Barry oCarm
 Fr. Richard Rafter P.E; O.A.M.                  (currently residing at Rice Village)
 Pastoral Associate:     Sr. Anne Lourey         E-mail:                 EMERGENCY
 Business Manager        Mr Mark Bennett         E-mail:                  ATTENDANCE
 Pastoral Worker – St Margarets – Mrs Anna Demetriou            5222 1977                              OF A PRIEST
 Wing and a Prayer:                 Ms Kerrie Ryan              5221 4451                              0437 221 935

                     27TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (YEAR A) - 2nd OCTOBER, 2011
                                         By the time you read this, the Grand Final will be over. For ―The Cats‖ and their
Geelong coach Mark Thompson will
come under scrutiny after the Club       thousands of supporters, the game will have signalled the end of a magnificent
announced a review into its              season - whether the result is a win, a defeat, or (surely not!) a draw.
disappointing season. The Cats           With a ―rookie‖ coach and Gary Ablett off to the Gold Coast, many thought the 2010
currently sit in ninth position on the   Preliminary Final loss to Collingwood had signalled ―the end of the era‖. But it has
ladder with nine wins from 19            proved to be anything but.
matches, and are unlikely to make
the finals.                              Any analysis of Geelong‘s success over the past five years should really extend to
                                         seven years - that is, from 2005 onwards. In that year, several ―miracle goals‖ in the
    Their disappointing campaign
follows their charge to the AFL‘s
                                         final minutes by ultimate premiers Sydney Swans robbed the Cats of a Preliminary
pre-season title. Geelong Football       Final. Expectations were predictably high for 2006, but somehow the team ―fell in a
Club directors met recently to           hole‖ and failed to make the final eight.
discuss several areas of the club‘s      That ―failure‖ prompted an extensive review, initiated by the Club Board and CEO
business plan and admitted the           Brian Cook, into all elements of the Club - players, coaches, administration,
current season ―had fallen below         marketing. No-one was safe or spared the hard questions.
the expectations and objectives of
everyone associated with the Club‖.      After a shaky start in the first five rounds, Geelong thrashed Richmond by 157 points
The review was initiated by the          (35.12 to 9.11) - and it was ―onwards and upwards‖ for the next five years. Four
Board and will be co-ordinated by        Grand Finals, five Preliminary Finals. And two (three?) premierships.
Chief Executive Brian Cook.
                                         Without that review at the end of 2006, none of that success may have eventuated.
     It will look into administration, That‘s why the ―saga of success‖ should extend from 2005, not 2007. The failure of
 coaching, fitness, medical and sport 2006 and the review it initiated are an integral part of what has happened since.
 science, list management, player
 leadership, recruiting and welfare That‘s the value of a ―review‖. ―Re-view‖ means to take a second look, a re-
examination. And if it is a ―no-holds-barred‖ scrutiny, the results might be painful. But as Jesus told us, “Then you will
 and development.
know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Jn. 8:32).
   ABC News Online, Aug. 17,
Successful businesses and organisations attribute ongoing achievement to the revelations of constant and honest
reviews. Three of our Primary Schools were externally reviewed this year, with St. Margaret‘s scheduled next year. St.
Mary‘s Parish itself has commenced an external review which will be assisted by the wide-ranging National Church Life
Survey to be conducted at all Masses on a week-end in November. This will help us, as a parish community, to
generate a realistic vision for the challenges of the next five to ten years. Central among them must be: How do we
live out best our mission as followers of Jesus - as individuals, as a parish, and as part of a wider community?
Some of the questions in the Review might be disconcerting. And some of the answers might be difficult to absorb. But
as the Cats discovered before Season 2007, a thorough and honest review can generate extraordinary benefits. Let‘s
hope - and pray - that our St. Mary‘s Parish Review will lead us to find and achieve our most worthwhile and important
goals for the future.
POLE POSITION (first time notices)
                                                                     FETE DONATIONS TO HALL: Donations for Clothes,
                                                                     Books, Woodwork (including small items of furniture), Bric a
ECUMENICAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE: In the                              Brac, Toys, DVD‘s and CD‘s, and Collectables can be
(happy for most) event that Geelong wins the 2011 Grand              delivered on Saturdays between 9am and 11am, and on
Final, there will be an Ecumenical Service of Thanksgiving           Sundays from 10am to 12noon. and will be gratefully
in St. Mary‘s Basilica NEXT WEDNESDAY, October 5, at 7.30            received. It is important to use ―common sense‖ to donate
p.m. The Service will include an address by Club President           items which are truly ―sellable‖.
Colin Carter, and an opportunity to see (up close) the               “LET’S TALK JUSTICE” - FORUM ON ASYLUM
Premiership Cup In both 2007 and 2009, the Grand Final wins          SEEKERS AND REFUGEES. Friday October 14, 6.45pm to
brought great happiness to many people throughout the                9.30pm at Geelong Trades Hall, 127 Myers St., Geelong. A
Geelong region, including many who were sick, struggling or          project of the Geelong Young Vincentians. Guest speaker from
challenged on many fronts. Similar services were held in both        Amnesty International. E-mail:
years, reflecting the sense of genuine thanksgiving to God for, or phone 0432 596 647, or
all that had been received and achieved. Everyone welcome.           0425 886 883.
In the event of the ―unthinkable‖, kindly disregard this notice!     INTERNET STREAMING OF MASS: Each Sunday, the
CAFÉ LIGHT COFFEE MAKERS: The provision of                           11am Mass from St. Mary‘s is streamed ―live‖ on the internet .
espresso coffee (cappuccino etc.) at Café Light would add a          To access the Mass, either ―live‖ or ―delayed‖, go to:
special dimension to our menu. We have the machine, and an  or you can access this
offer to donate the coffee. But we need people who either            site through the Parish Website/ Masses. The ―User‖ code
already have the skills or are willing to learn how to operate it.   is: ―sunday‖, followed by the month then the day. This week‘s
If we can have 12 people who would give one hour per month,          Mass is: sunday1002 next week‘s: sunday1009 then:
this can be achieved. If you could assist (for one shift of one      sunday1016, etc. The Password is: idostream.
hour per month) please contact Fr. Dillon (5222 1977).               CAFÉ LIGHT—Volunteers are still urgently needed for Café
ST. MARY’S DERBY DAY FETE—Sat. October 29                            Light to help after the 9.30am & 11.30am Masses. This simply
Can you help in any of the following areas?                          involves serving food & clearing of tables, and general
CLIPBOARD SEARCH FOR HELP: The ―Clipboard‖ will be                   socialising with patrons! Please contact the Parish Office (5222
passed around at all Masses this week-end and next week-             1977) if you can help.
end to ask for assistance both ―on the day‖ and prior to Fete        ―ST MARY’S SOCIAL CLUB:
Day. If you are not already involved, your help would be greatly     Mon Oct 3:           Line Dancing - Pioneer Room - 9.30am
RAFFLE TICKETS have been sent to many parishioners                   Mon Oct 10:       Line Dancing - Pioneer Room - 9.30am
who have sold them in the past. More books are available after       Mon Oct 17:       Line Dancing - Pioneer Room - 9.30am
                                                                                       Euchre - Hibernian Hall - 1.30pm
1st Prize: $2,000 in Coles Myer vouchers, donated by
Gartland Real Estate, 2nd Prize: $1,000 in Westfield                 Wed Oct 26:          Trip to Kyneton. Bus will leave Skilled
vouchers, donated by L. Bisinella Developments. 3rd Prize:           Stadium carpark 9am. Morning tea on arrival, guided tour of
$500 Tyre voucher, donated by Geelong Tyre & Wheels.                 local area, visit historical ―Piper St‖ with 2 course lunch at
Tickets only $1. Drawn at 3.45pm on Fete Day.                        Kyneton Football Club. Cost of $30 p.p. is based on minimum
Show Bag Stall: We shall be very grateful for more snack-            of 30 people. Please book asap Phone Margaret McTernan
sized packs of potato chips and chocolate. Donations can be
left at the Parish Office.
Collectables Stall: Closets and garages full of items you don‘t                       THOUGHTS OF FR. VIN:
really care much for, but know they are worth something to
                                                                       The Kingdom of Heaven becomes visible where people
someone?? The Collectables Stall is in high need of donated
items that are beyond bric-a-brac level. This would be antique
                                                                         love one another and keep forgiving one another. It is
and modern items that are popular collecting pieces, such as            there where people appreciate one another and where
tea-sets, good quality decorator items, fine china, collectible        people begin to live in Jesus‘ name. This is how Heaven
toys. Please bring items to the Parish Office during office                         on Earth grows and spreads.
hours. Queries ph Angie Purtill 0466 458 840.                        5298 1114
Jewellery: We have skilled people who can ―re-model‖
                                                                     OUR SECOND “THREE-IN-ONE” COLLECTION will be
donated jewellery. Donations to be left at the Parish Office.
                                                                     taken up THIS week-end, to support (a) CatholicCare
MUSIC AT THE BASILICA presents SOUL FRIENDS’ 4                       (counselling and family support services - 70% of contribution);
BENEFIT CONCERT for ANAM CARA HOUSE: on                              (b) Apostleship of the Sea (15%) and (c) Work of the Holy
Sunday October 9 at 3pm. Local musicians present an                  Father (Peter‘s Pence - 15%). Your support for these
afternoon of beautiful music for all to enjoy. Tickets are $20 at    important causes is most appreciated.
the door. All proceeds to Anam Cara House.
     THE SHIRLEY MILLS “PLAZA” THEATRE:                           October 4 at 12noon.
     A minimum offering of $3 per head to assist in               ST. VINCENT DE PAUL - This week we would gratefully accept
     defraying equipment costs and maintenance is                 donations of CEREAL at St Margaret‘s & Christ the King
                    requested for all                             Churches. At St Mary‘s, parishioners are asked to contribute to
                                                                  our pantry supplies staple foods like UHT milk, cereal, baked
Sun Oct 2, 1.30pm “LETTERS TO GOD” Starring Jeffrey               beans, spaghetti, pasta sauce, etc. would be gratefully accepted.
Johnson, Robyn Lively. Tyler is an extraordinary 8 year old,      These can be placed in two green containers in the Parish Office
surrounded by a loving family. Armed with the courage of his      Foyer at 150 Yarra St or Café Light (Sunday mornings).
faith, he faces a battle against cancer. He treats God as his     ST JOHN OF GOD HOSPITAL AUXILIARY - ANNUAL
friend and pen-pal. His letters to God find their way into the    SPRING LUNCHEON on Wednesday October 5 at Barwon
hands of a caring but troubled postman. An inspiring and          Edge. Guest Speaker: Harpist Peter Roberts. Tickets $40 Jan
uplifting story. PG                                               Kinloch 5244 2724; Maureen Koch 5244 1346 RSVP Sep 27
Fri Oct 7, 7.30pm “THE LINCOLN LAWYER” Starring                   ANNUAL RETREAT DAY Led by Rev. Paul Sanders
Matthew McConaughey. Mickey Haller is a Los Angeles               ‗Uncovering the timeless, unhurried in the midst of busyness‘ A
criminal defence lawyer who operates out of the back of his       day of contemplative meditation on Saturday Oct 8 9.30am-4pm
Lincoln. He mostly defends small time criminals until he lands    at Wesley Congregational Hall, 100 Yarra St, Geelong.
the case of his career, defending a playboy accused of            Contemplation which means ―to look‖ is a gift to our world, a gift to
murder. The case suddenly develops into a case of survival for    ourselves and a gift to all beings we share this earth with. This
Haller. M language/violence                                       simple day of practices and reflection will prepare and open our
                                                                  hearts for being deeply in the midst. Please bring a book for
                                                                  recording. Cost $30/concession $20 (if you can afford) Bookings
starring Reba McEntire, Alec Baldwin, Brian Stokes Mitchell.
                                                                  or inquiries to Wendy 5222 4101 or
Outstanding performance of this popular Rodgers &
                                                                  “YOU BETTER BLOODY BELIEVE IT” - Author John Gilfoyle
Hammerstein musical filmed at Carnegie Hall in 2005. G
                                                                  & John Robbins. A series of good fun Australian stories written by
Fri Oct 14, 7.30pm “REAR WINDOW” Starring James                   blokes who know and who have lived in Outback Australia. Cost is
Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey. A magazine                   $30 - $15 donated to the Kinja Centre for Homeless Boys in
photographer , housebound on account of his broken leg,           Manila & $15 for Fr. Mick‘s Mates (Cluster Relay for Life Team). If
becomes voyeur to the apartment building facing his rear          you would like a copy please contact David Lunn 0408 378 982.
window. He witnesses a murder, then involves his girlfriend to    ACCOMMODATION NEEDED: Single mature gentleman,
help expose the killer. PG                                        non-drinker, non-smoker and with good references, is seeking
             SCHOOL HOLIDAY MOVIES:                               inexpensive accommodation in Geelong—perhaps Granny Flat
Tues Oct 4, 10.30am & 2pm “RANGO”: Rango is a                     etc. or a self-contained area in a house. Needed for several
                                                                  months, possibly longer term.
chameleon living as an ordinary family pet that dreams of
being a fearless hero, and is challenged to become just that      FETE SPONSOR OF THE WEEK: We acknowledge with
when he inadvertently becomes the sheriff of a lawless desert     gratitude our Sponsors for the 2010 Fete: W E McFarlane
town called ‗Dirt‘. Welcomed as the last hope the town has        Accountants, 155 Yarra St, Geelong Ph 5229 7572.
been waiting for, Rango is forced to play his role to the hilt,   QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ―Gratitude is the most exquisite
until he becomes the hero he once pretended to be. PG             form of courtesy.‖      - JACQUES MARITAIN.
Thurs Oct 6, 10.30am & 2pm “RIO” : Blue is a                      HOW ABOUT THAT!!: The following excerpts are actual
domesticated Macaw who has never learned to fly, and enjoys       answers given on history tests and in Sunday school quizzes
a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda, in the   by children between 5th and 6th grades.
small town of Moose Creek. Blue and Linda think he is the last        Ancient Egypt was old. It was inhabited by gypsies and
of his kind, but when they learn of another Macaw who lives in    mummies who all wrote in hydraulics. They lived in the Sarah
Rio de Janiero, they go there to find Jewel, Blue‘s female        Dessert. The climate of the Sarah is such that all the
counterpart. After they arrive Blue and Jewel are kidnapped by    inhabitants have to live elsewhere.
bungling smugglers. Blue will have to find the courage to learn
                                                                     Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea where they
to fly in order to escape back to his home. PG
                                                                  made unleavened bread, which is bread made without any
INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CHOIR performing on                       ingredients. Moses went up on Mount Cyanide to get the ten
stage at Belmont Seniors Theatre Hall, 52 Thomson St,             commandos. He died before he ever reached Canada but the
Belmont on October 3 at 1.30pm. Entry is free - no need to        commandos made it.
book - just come early to get a seat. Tea & coffee after the
show. A great start to 2011 Seniors Festival.                         Solomon had three hundred wives and seven hundred
                                                                  porcupines. He was A actual hysterical figure as well as being
ST MARY’S TENNIS CLUB: Saturday Summer Pennant
                                                                  in the bible. It sounds like he was sort of busy too. The Greeks
commences Oct 15 for Junior and Senior teams. Juniors to
                                                                  were a highly sculptured people, and without them we wouldn't
meet beforehand on Tuesday October 11 at 4.15pm in
                                                                  have history. The Greeks also had myths. A myth is a young
                                                                  female moth.
CROSS: next meeting will be held at White Eagle on Tuesday
RECENTLY DECEASED: George Bell, George Carmody, Leonie Palumbo, Philip Bates.
CURRENT ANNIVERSARIES OF DEATH: Sharmaine Connoley, Roy Shephard, Henry Kondzior, Charles
  Robertson, Anthony & Patrick McNamara, Margaret O‘Donohue.
                 St Mary’s Basilica, 136 Yarra St., Geelong
       MON Oct 3       27th Week in Ordinary Time   7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
       TUE Oct 4       St Francis of Assisi         7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
       WED Oct 5       27th Week in Ordinary Time   7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
       THU Oct 6       27th Week in Ordinary Time   7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
       FRI Oct 7       Our Lady of the Rosary       7.00am, 10.00am, (1.05pm - Wing & a Prayer)
       SAT Oct 8       27th Week in Ordinary Time  9.00am, 6.00m (Vigil)
       SUN Oct 9       28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.00am, 12.15pm (Polish), 5.30pm.
                   Christ the King Church, Wilsons Rd., Newcomb
        FRI Oct 7      Our Lady of The Rosary       9.15am
        SAT Oct 8      28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 5.00pm (Vigil)
                 St Margaret’s Church, Lomond Terrace, East Geelong (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays at 9.45am)
        SUN Oct 9       NO MASS                        SUN Oct 16            9.45am
                 St. Robert’s Chapel, Mervyn St, Newtown (2nd & 4th Sundays at 9.45am)
        SUN Oct 9      9.45am                   SUN Oct 16        NO MASS.
              Radio Mass: Sunday 10am on The Pulse 94.7 FM, and 7 a.m. on Light FM, 89.9 FM
                        ROSARY: usually recited before each Mass on Weekdays
                       RECONCILIATION AT ST MARY’S - Saturday 9.30am
               NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP: Mondays after 10.00am Mass

    ROSTERS FOR NEXT SUNDAY October 9, 2011 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
       Readings for next week: Isaiah 25:6-10;               Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20; Matthew 22:1-14
                          Readers           Special Ministers

 Christ the King     5pm Gerard Robertson   Gifts: John & Dot Hilder     Special Ministers: Sr Lesley, Pat Brooks
                          James Liddell
St Mary’s            6pm Brendan Sullivan   Margot Jarman, Bernard Lewis, Paul Mora
                 7.30am Nola Schwidlewski Patrick Redden, Lorraine Cotter, Michael Keenan
                 9.30am Kevin Roache        Erminia Ficca, Clarel Duhau, Lena Franzese, Rob Robertson, Barry Leith
                11.00am Linda Looney        Sr Christine, Linda Looney, Deb Anderson, Anna Armistead, Nilda Gilmore
  Children’s Liturgy of the Anna Kong

                 5.30pm Peter Mackinlay     John Morton, Marita Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Fleming
St Robert’s        9.45am Mary Roache       Bill Guy

                             Committee Meetings
                             Tuesday October 4 at 7.30pm               Parish Council
                             Tuesday October 6 at 7.30pm               ―A Journey of Faith‖
                             Monday October10 at 7.30pm                Fete Committee
                             Tuesday October 11 at 7.30pm              St. Margaret‘s School Board
                             Wednesday October 12 at 10.30am.          Liturgy Committee

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