Harley Ingleby Competitor Profile by stariya


									                                            Harley Ingleby

Nickname: -

Date of Birth: 21/7/83

Family: Mark (dad), Linda (mum), Samantha (sister)

Hometown: Emerald Beach

Birth Place: Coffs Harbour

Height: 6’1

Stance: Natural

How many boards: A lot

Length range: 5’9 – 10’

Shaper: Billy Tolhurst

Sponsors: Golden Breed, Robert August surfboards, Gorilla Grip, FCS

Years Surfing: 20

How did you start surfing: Dad shaped me a board when I was 4

Years surfing competitively: I think I did my 1st contest late in primary school

Competition strategy: Not telling

Career highlight: 3rd in the WLC “06”

Ambitions: World Champion

Main surf breaks: Home

Favourite surf break: Home, Indonesia

People you surf with the most: The local crew from home

Occupation: Surfer/ surf shop

Other interests: Golf, Skateboarding

Surfing heroes: Slater

Favourite food: Mango’s

Favourite moves: Barrels n Airs

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