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  Kyushu Electric Power
Environment Action Report

                             Glossary                                       How to
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                                                                                         P00        : page number in the Fiscal 2004 Kyushu Electric Power
                                                                                                      Environment Action Report (booklet version)
                                                                                         Basic term : other basic terms in environment-related field

                                                      Artificial zeolite                                         pollution and the responsibility of businesses,
 A                                                    Porous mineral consisting mainly of silicon and
                                                      aluminum and having excellent ion-exchange and
                                                                                                                 national and local governments and citizens with
                                                                                                                 a view to preventing pollution, in particular,
Acid rain                                             absorption properties. Artificial zeolite made of coal     types of pollution that have a direct impact on
Basic term                                            ash is superior to natural zeolite in terms of purity      the environment. In years to follow, social and
Defined as rain having a pH of 5.6 or lower.          and performance and its application is expected            economic activities based on mass-production,
Pollutants from factories such as sulfur oxides       to be diversified in agricultural, environmental           consumption and waste aggravated pollution in
or nitrogen oxides form a mist of sulfuric acid or    and industrial fields.                                     urban areas, and issues such as global warming
nitric acid in the atmosphere. When the mist                                                                     and ozone layer depletion emerged. To address
comes in contact with rainwater, the rain will be     Asbestos                                                   these issues, the Basic Environment Law was
strongly acidic. Acid rain damages the                Basic term                                                 enacted in 1993 to replace the Basic Law for
ecosystems of lakes, marshes and forests as           An extremely fine, fibrous mineral used widely as          Environmental Pollution Control.
well as architectural structures.                     an industrial material for its excellent heat and
                                                      chemical resistance and insulation properties. A           Basic Law for Establishing a Recycling-
Action Program to Arrest Global                       large intake can increase the risk of diseases             based Society
Warming                                               such as lung cancer.                                       Basic term
Basic term                                                                                                       A law providing a basic framework for a recycling-
A program established in 1990 by a cabinet            Award system for employees who devote                      oriented society in which few resources are
decision which presents the government’s              themselves to the local community                          consumed and in which the environmental load is
policies and the vision of overall actions for the    P35                                                        reduced. In order to reduce the volume of waste
future, proposing the systematic and                  Established by Kyushu Electric Power in 1984.              finally disposed, the following priorities have been
comprehensive promotion of global warming             Employees who have contributed to enhancing the            determined: (1) controlling (reducing) waste
measures. It sets emission reduction targets for      corporate image or company reputation through              generation, (2) reusing used goods as is, (3) recycling
carbon dioxide and establishes a wide range of        long-range activities in local communities are             used goods as raw materials, (4) heat recovery
measures for a 20-year period (1990-2010),            awarded. The objective is to encourage employees           (thermal recycling), and (5) proper disposal.
such as emission control over carbon dioxide          to be actively involved in social activities.
and other greenhouse gases including methane.                                                                    Beneficial organisms
It also aims to promote scientific study and                                                                     P36
research, observation, monitoring and R&D as                                                                     A collective term used for living organisms, such
well as environmental awareness and
international cooperation.
                                                        B                                                        as agricultural produce, fish and yeast, that are
                                                                                                                 useful in the daily life of people.

                                                      Bag filter                                                 Binary-cycle generation
Agenda 21
Basic term                                                                                                       P4, 21
                                                      A device to collect particulates in exhaust gas
A specific action plan to achieve sustainable                                                                    A method of power generation in which turbines
                                                      by the particle deposit on the surface of a filter
development, adopted at the United Nations                                                                       are rotated with the steam produced by heating
                                                      cloth. It is also called a filter dust collector.
Conference on Environment and Development                                                                        and evaporating liquids with a low boiling point. It
held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.                                                                          is called binary-cycle generation since electricity
                                                      Basel Convention                                           is produced with two heat cycles; the heat source
                                                      Basic term                                                 system and the medium system. It is used in
Air pollution
                                                      An international agreement adopted by the                  geothermal power generation and binary-cycle
P14, 27, 34, 45
                                                      United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)                geothermal generation uses low-temperature
Atmospheric pollution caused by the combustion
                                                      in 1989, officially called the Basel Convention on         steam and hot water, which were not usable in
of fossil fuel in economic and social activities.
                                                      the Control of Transboundary Movement of                   conventional methods, as the heat source by
Major pollutants are sulfur oxides, nitrogen
                                                      Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal. It imposes            utilizing a medium with a low boiling point.
oxides, carbon monoxide, suspended particulate
                                                      strict controls on trans-border transport and
matter and photochemical oxidants.
                                                      disposal of hazardous wastes by stipulating the            Biological diversity
                                                      obligation to get export permission and give               Basic term
Air Pollution Control Law
                                                      advance notice as well as to re-import in the              Diversity in the living organisms on earth and
Basic term
                                                      case of improper exports or disposals.                     the living environment. Intraspecific, interspecific
One of its purposes is to protect public health and
preserve the living environment with respect to air                                                              and ecosystem diversities are included.
pollution: by controlling emissions of soot, smoke    Basic Environment Law
and particulate from the business activities of       Basic term                                                 Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
factories and business establishments; by             Established by the government in 1993 to define            P57
controlling emissions of particulate in the           a basic policy for environmental issues. The law           The amount of oxygen consumed by
demolishing of buildings; by promoting various        provides fundamental principles for environmental          microorganisms during decomposition of
measures concerning hazardous air pollutants;         conservation and also defines the responsibilities         pollutants (organic matter) in river water or
and, by setting maximum permissible limits for        of the state, local governments, businesses and            industrial wastewater. It is a commonly
automobile exhaust gas, etc. The law is also          citizens, respectively, as well as basic matters to        applied parameter for river pollution under
focused on helping victims of air pollution-          be pursued by local governments, businesses                environmental standards and the most stringent
related health damage by defining corporate           and citizens.                                              limit is set as 1mg /liter or less.
liability for compensation of such damage.                                                                       Biomass
                                                      Basic Environment Plan                                     P37
Allowances for publicly recognized                    Basic term                                                 Organic materials of biological origin used as
licenses and qualifications                           Basic plan established by the government to                energy sources which include debris from
P35                                                   promote the comprehensive and systematic                   thinned woods, sawdust from lumbering, pruned
Rewarding system implemented by Kyushu                implementation of environmental conservation-              plants, construction waste, manure from the
Electric Power. Allowances or rewards are paid        related policies in accordance with the Basic              livestock industry, organic matter collected in
to personnel who have acquired a license or           Environment Law.                                           sewage treatment facilities and kitchen garbage.
qualification related to their jobs or for self-
development. It is aimed at motivating employees      Basic Law for Environmental Pollution Control              Bisphenol A epoxy resin
to educate themselves to deal effectively with        Basic term                                                 P30
diversified operations and tasks.                     A law established in 1967 for pollution                    An expoxide polymer used for adhesives, paints
                                                      control/prevention. It defines environmental               and electrical insulant. It has a strong adhesive

ability on bonded surfaces and excellent resistance    burned as a fuel and emit the absorbed CO2,               economists, educators and businessmen,
to chemicals and electrical insulating properties.     thereby offsetting the amount of CO2 in the               established in 1970 to search for a way to avoid
                                                       environment throughout their lifecycles.                  the crisis for humans caused by the depletion of
Blue tide                                                                                                        natural resources, aggregated environmental
Basic term                                             Carbon tetrachloride                                      pollution and population growth. It was named
Abnormal discoloration in seawater caused by           P23                                                       the Club of Rome since its first meeting was
the rise of hypoxic water mass due to the              Toxic and causes digestive or nervous-system              held in Rome in 1968 prior to its establishment.
decomposition of plankton sedimentation in             disorders when inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
eutrophic coastal waters, a process which              It is colorless liquid producing a chloroform-like odor   CO2 Absorption and Sequestration Method
consumes a significant amount of oxygen.               and is not combustible or explosive. Used as a fire-      P36
Dissolved oxygen depletion produces hydrogen           extinguishing agent or solvent and for dry cleaning.      The application of photosynthesis function of plants
sulfide that affects the aquatic ecosystem.                                                                      (trees) to absorb, fix and store CO2 in a solid form.
                                                       Cement admixture
Boron and boron compounds                              P18                                                       CO2 emissions intensity (end-use electricity)
P30                                                    Material mixed with cement in concrete                    P18, 19
An element occurring naturally only in combi-          production, enhancing the durability and heat             The amount of CO2 emitted in the generation or
nation, such as borax, and found in river water,       resistance of concrete. Cement to which coal              consumption of 1kWh of electricity. CO 2
groundwater, seawater and soil, particularly in        ash (fly ash collected in an electrostatic                emissions intensity for end-use electricity refers
volcanic zones. Boron and its compounds are            precipitator) has been added is called fly-ash            to CO2 emissions from 1kWh of electricity used
used as glass material, solvents for plating,          cement and is categorized into three types (A, B          by Kyushu Electric Power’s end-users. Since
preservatives, pesticides and a neutron                and C) under the Japanese Industrial Standards.           electricity sold to customers includes electricity
absorber for nuclear power plants.                     The maximum content of fly ash is 30%.                    purchased from wholesale suppliers, the
                                                                                                                 amount of CO2 emissions recorded by Kyushu
                                                       Cement material                                           Electric Power will contain emissions from
                                                       P18                                                       power generation by wholesale suppliers as well.

 C                                                     Coal ash, which may effectively substitute for
                                                       clay, used in the production of cement with other         Coal ash
                                                       cement materials, and limestone, clay, silica             P18, 24, 25, 36, 45, 59
Cadmium                                                stone, ferric oxide fuel and gypsum.                      Ash produced from the combustion of coal in
A heavy metal found in large amounts in zinc ore
                                                                                                                 coal thermal power plants, due to ash contained
used in plating and rechargeable batteries. High       Certification/Registration Organization                   in coals at a rate of about 5-30%. There are two
exposure to cadmium over long periods of time          An organization that assesses the conformity of           types of coal ash: fly ash collected in a
causes chronic poisoning, resulting in kidney          businesses to the standards for environmental             precipitator and cracked welded ash, called
disorders, calcium deficiency and osteomalacia.        management systems of the International                   clinker ash, collected at the bottom of a boiler.
                                                       Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Capacity factor                                                                                                  Combined cycle (combined power
P18, 19                                                Chemical oxygen demand (COD)                              generation method)
The ratio of average power generated, for a            P13, 15                                                   P20
period of time considered, to the total installed      The amount of oxygen consumed to oxidize                  A Power generation method that combines gas
supply capacity of power plants or substations         organic matter in water with the oxidizing agent. It      and steam turbines. Heat from gas turbines is
for the same period. It indicates the                  is often used as an indicator for water pollution         collected in a waste heat boiler, and the steam
effectiveness of facility utilization. The efficient   since water with more organic matter requires more        produced is used to rotate steam turbines.
use of facilities and improvement of the capacity      oxygen. The unit of COD is mg/liter, and 1mg/liter
factor must be pursued through load leveling           indicates that 1mg of oxygen is required for 1 liter      Communication promotion campaign
and rationalization of periodic inspections to         of water. COD is applied under environmental              P31
ensure efficient power supply.                         standards to indicate the pollution level of lakes,       A campaign organized by Kyushu Electric
                                                       marshes and seas. The most stringent limit for            Power every October. The company hosts
Car Sharing                                            lakes and marshes is 1mg/liter or less.                   community events such as community visits and
P5, 32, 33, 58, 60                                                                                               open office days to listen to customers’ opinions
The systematic shared use of automobiles               Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)                         and requests and help people understand the
owned by companies or groups. This new means           One of the Kyoto Mechanisms. A developed                  business activities of the company. A wide
of individual transportation is drawing attention as   country supports a developing country in                  variety of events are held to express
an alternative to privately owned cars.                completing an emissions reduction project and             appreciation to customers.
                                                       receives an achieved reduction amount. The
Carbon dioxide (CO2)                                   developed country is allowed to receive part of           Compliance
P5,11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32,     an achieved emissions reductions as credit to             P4, 11, 35, 41
33, 34, 36, 37, 45, 49                                 apply to their own reduction requirement.                 The observation of laws, rules and other
A colorless, odorless gas and one of the
                                                                                                                 arrangements that are reasonably imposed on
greenhouse gases that absorb infrared rays. It is      Clean energy cars                                         citizens by regulatory or similar organizations.
a greenhouse gas targeted for reduction under          P18, 23
the Kyoto Protocol.                                    Electric vehicles, hybrid cars, natural gas
                                                       automobiles and methanol cars.                            Compliance guidance
Carbon monoxide (CO)                                                                                             P4
P37                                                    Closed water area                                         Established for employees by Kyushu Electric
A colorless, odorless toxic gas produced by            Basic term                                                Power in December 2002 to guide employees in
the incomplete combustion of carbon-based              A body of water in an inland bay or sea, lake or          making decisions about what should or should
compounds. It combines with hemoglobin in the          marsh where water exchange rarely occurs                  not be done in daily operations. In order to
blood, thereby reducing oxygen delivery capacity.      for topographical reasons. Pollutants are likely          develop the current corporate culture, the
                                                       to accumulate making maintenance or improve-              company and its employees are expected to
Carbon neutral                                         ment of water quality difficult.                          review and correct their performance of duties
P37                                                                                                              or operations in line with societal norms and/or
Refers to a characteristic of CO2 equilibrium          Club of Rome                                              public opinion.
achieved when plants, which absorb atmospheric         Basic term
carbon dioxide (CO2) by photosynthesis, are            A private organization comprised of scientists,

Compost                                               utilization of genetic resources. The convention     Dibenzofurans     (PCDF)      and    Coplanar
Basic term                                            divides the diversities of all living organisms on   Polychlorinated Biphenyls (Coplanar PCB),
Fermented or decomposed waste, including              earth into three elements: ecosystem, species        which are categorized into 224 different types
kitchen garbage, fallen leaves, etc.                  and genes (intra-species).                           based on the level of toxicity related to the
                                                                                                           location and number of chlorine molecules.
Conference of Parties to the UN                       Corporate social responsibility (CSR)                Severe and acute toxicity have been proven
Framework Convention on Climate                       P61                                                  through animal testing. Dioxins are said to
Change (COP)                                          Operating style pursing both social and economic     cause cancer and deformation in humans and
Basic term                                            values. Companies should fulfill their social        are produced mainly in the combustion of waste.
                                                                                                                9             1                         9           1
Aimed to establish a framework for the                responsibilities, for example, by complying with
                                                                                                           8         O                 2            8                   2
prevention of global warming and the related          laws and/or social standards, being considerate
rules. The first session was held in March 1995       of the environment, protecting the shareholders’     7         O                 3            7           O       3
in Berlin by the parties to the United Nations        interest and participating in social activities.          6             4                         6           4
Framework Convention on Climate Change,                                                                             PCDDs                                   PCDFs
which was made effective in March 1994.                                                                                       3'           2'   2       3

                                                                                                                                            1' 1
                                                                                                                         4'                                 4

                                                       D                                                                          5'
                                                                                                                                           6'      6    5

                                                      Denitration facility
                                                      P14, 27, 46, 58                                      Dissolved oxygen (DO)
                                                      A facility to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from      Basic term
                                                      the flue gas generated by fuel combustion in the     The amount of oxygen dissolved in water.
                                                      boilers at thermal power plants before they are      It changes according to conditions including
                                                      released from chimneys into the atmosphere.          water temperature, atmospheric pressure and
                                                                                                           salt content. The level of DO is higher in clean
Confidential document                                 Deposit-refund system                                water than in polluted water where oxygen
P24, 25, 26, 41, 45, 47, 51                           Basic term                                           consumption increases.
Prohibited to be disclosed due to the secrecy or      A system in which deposits are collected when
confidentiality of contents. The term usually         goods are sold, in addition to the selling prices,   District heating and cooling projects
refers to corporate documents such as                 and refunded when the goods or containers are        Basic term
significant policies or human resources-related       returned.                                            Air conditioning business based on the supply of
documents.                                                                                                 cold water and steam (or hot water). Cold water
                                                      Desulfurization facility                             and steam are transported by pipes from large-
Constant cycling at rated electric                    P14, 24, 27, 46                                      scale heat-generating plants to buildings located
output                                                A facility to remove sulfur oxides (SOx) from the    within a certain distance from supplying facilities
In this operation method, the thermal output of       flue gas generated by fuel combustion in the         for air conditioning purposes.
nuclear reactors is reduced during winter to          boilers at thermal power plants before they are
maintain a stable electrical output without           released from chimneys to the atmosphere.            Dose evaluation value
overproduction (over 100% production) as                                                                   P18
thermal efficiency increases in winter due to the                                                          Evaluation value for radiation dose that
lower temperature of seawater. This method                                                                 represents the degree to which people may be
was once applied in operation.                                                                             exposed to radioactive materials released by
                                                                                                           a nearby nuclear power plant. The dose
Constant cycling at rated thermal output                                                                   evaluation value is controlled to be well below
P18, 19,                                                                                                   0.05mSv/year, a target dose established
In this operation method, nuclear reactors are                                                             under the guidelines of the Nuclear Safety
operated at the rated thermal output as                                                                    Commission in Japan.
approved by the national government (100%).
This increases electrical output to 101-104% in
winter due to the lower temperature of seawater.

Containers and Packaging Recycling                                                                             E
                                                                                                           Earth Day
Basic term
                                                                                                           Basic term
A law promulgated in 1995 and officially called       Diatom earth                                         Earth Day is April 22, and its founding dates back
the “Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and       P36                                                  to April 22, 1970 when large-scale demonstrations
Recycling of Containers and Packaging.” In            Fossil of diatom, a phytoplankton mainly used in     were organized throughout the United States for
order to reduce general waste and promote the         chinaware.                                           the purpose of appealing for the protection of the
utilization of reclaimed material, the law
                                                                                                           environment including pollution control and nature
stipulates the roles of various parties with regard   Dichloropentafluoropropane                           conservation. On this day, we celebrate the
to containers and packaging which make up a           P42                                                  international collaboration by declaring our
large portion of household waste: consumers           Chlorofluorocarbon-replacing       material          commitment to protect the global environment.
are to separate waste before disposal,                (HCFC225) and a clear and colorless liquid
municipalities are to collect garbage by type         that produces an ether-like odor and has a
and manufacturers of containers and those                                                                  Earth Summit
                                                      boiling point of 54 C. Used as detergent for         Basic term
responsible for packaging of products are to          various parts or components.
develop and produce recyclable products.                                                                   An informal name for the United Nations
                                                                                                           Conference on Environment and Development
                                                      Dioxins                                              held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992, aiming for
Convention on Biological Diversity
                                                      P30, 45, 48                                          global environment protection and sustainable
Basic term
                                                      General term for certain organic compounds           development. The conference resulted in the
Aimed at preserving biological diversity, the
                                                      containing chlorine, including Polychlorinated       adoption of the Rio Declaration on Environment
sustainable use of its components and fair and
                                                      Dibenzo-Para-Dioxins (PCDD), Polychlorinated         and Development, Agenda 21, and the State-
equitable sharing of benefits arising from the

ment of Forest Principles, setting forth rules for      Electric vehicle                                        Environment Impact Assessment Law
individuals and nations. At the conference, the         P12, 18, 23, 33                                         P27
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change               A vehicle which operates with battery-equipped          The law stipulates that environment impact
and the Convention on Biological Diversity were         electric motors. It emits no exhaust gas, so its        assessment should be conducted on large-scale
opened for signature.                                   emission level is low even when exhaust gas             projects that may have a serious impact on the
                                                        from power plants in power generation is taken          environment, for example, land development
Eco Ice                                                 into account. It also contributes to drastically        projects for roads, dams, railways, airfields,
Thermal storage air-conditioning systems that           reducing engine noise.                                  power plants, land reclamation and land
utilize less expensive nighttime power for                                                                      readjustment. The law has been in full force
thermal storage to provide daytime air-                                                                         since June 1999.
conditioning. Eco Ice is a general term used for
ice storage air-conditioning systems that use ice                                                               Environment Month
thermal storage in summer and warm-water                                                                         P14, 31, 32, 33, 34, 46, 47, 58
thermal storage in winter. The product name                                                                      June has been designated by the Ministry of
was coined by combining the terms, “ecology”                                                                     Environment as Environment Month in Japan.
(environmental friendliness), “economy” and                                                                      Various events or programs are launched to
“ice” (ice thermal storage).                                                                                     raise awareness and promote environmental
                                                                                                                 conservation activities during Environment
Eco Mothers                                             Emission Trading (ET)                                    Month. Kyushu Electric Power also names June
                                                        A solution adopted as one of the Kyoto                  “Environment Month” and organizes voluntary
P5, 31, 60, 61
                                                        Mechanisms, where CO2 emissions are traded               activities such as forestation, cleaning and other
The title of PR representatives who serve as
                                                        between countries or companies in order to               programs.
intermediaries between Kyushu Electric Power
                                                        achieve their CO2 emission reduction target.
and its customers regarding environmental
issues. Their main task is to visit kindergartens                                                               Environment PR
and children’s associations in the local                Emissions intensity                                     P5, 11, 31
community in order to read books about the              P18, 27
                                                                                                                Delivery or disclosure of environmental policies
environment and provide environmental                   The amount of substances, such as CO2, NOx and
                                                                                                                and/or activities through reports, brochures, TV,
information. They also seek the opinions of             SOx, emitted upon generation or consumption of
                                                                                                                newspapers and other forms of mass media.
parents concerning environmental issues and             1kWh of electricity.
the company’s environmental activities to relay                                                                 Environmental accounting
the opinions to the company.                            Endocrine disrupting substances (EDSs:
                                                                                                                P7, 12, 13, 41, 46, 58, 61
                                                        aka. environmental hormones)
                                                                                                                Management accounting enabling companies to
Eco Mothers’ Club                                       Basic term
                                                                                                                understand (measure), analyze and publish in a
P58                                                     A collective term used for certain chemicals that
                                                                                                                quantitative manner (expressed in monetary or
A two-way network between mothers in Kyushu             act like hormones once they enter the body and
                                                                                                                in material unit) the costs and effects of
and Kyushu Electric Power for sharing                   have the potential to disturb the endocrine
                                                                                                                environmental protection activities of their
environmental information and energy issues             (hormone) system in humans. Dioxins,
                                                                                                                business operation. It aims to effectively and
through Eco Mothers activities. It aims to enhance      polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and DDT are
                                                                                                                efficiently promote environmental conservation
environmental awareness and contribute to               suspected substances.
                                                                                                                among the companies in harmony with society
environment preservation society-wide.                                                                          in order to achieve sustainable development.
                                                        Energy Conservation Law
Ecocute (CO2 refrigerant heat pump-                     Basic term
                                                        Formally known as the Law Regarding the
                                                                                                                Environmental impact assessment
type water heater)                                                                                              P27, 58
P22                                                     Rationalization of Energy Use, promulgated in
                                                                                                                A technique used for identifying the environmental
Heat pump-type water heaters using a natural            1979 to promote rationalization (energy saving) by
                                                                                                                impact of a project that may be hazardous to the
refrigerant (CO2: carbon dioxide) that store hot        establishing specific standards for factories,
                                                                                                                environment before its implementation. The impact
water during the night as electric water heaters.       buildings, machines and equipment. The law
                                                                                                                of the project on the environment will be studied,
                                                        provides the Top Runners Approach in which
                                                                                                                estimated and evaluated in order to find and
Eco-friendly products                                   standards for automobile fuel economy and energy
                                                                                                                implement the appropriate precautional measures.
P26                                                     conservation in electric appliances must be higher
                                                                                                                In Japan, it is conducted in compliance with the
Products developed to reduce environment load over      than those found in currently available products
                                                                                                                Environment Impact Assessment Law for target
their lifecycle ranging from production to disposal .   that have the best energy efficiency. Also, factories
                                                                                                                projects undertaken by enterprises engaged in the
                                                        above a certain size are required to submit a plan
                                                                                                                operation of roads, dams, railways and power
                                                        for the rationalization of energy use.
EcoLeaf environmental labeling                                                                                  plants. The process requires the involvement of
P20                                                                                                             local residents, specialists and administrative
An environmental labeling program, in which the
                                                        Environment Action Plan
                                                                                                                agencies in charge of environmental matters. It is
                                                        P8, 9,10, 11, 58
quantitative data (calculated based on the Life                                                                 one of the most important measures for preventing
                                                        Kyushu Electric Power places environmental
Cycle Assessment (LCA) method) of                                                                               environmental pollution.
                                                        conservation at the top of its tasklist of
environmental       load     generated     from
                                                        management and has proactively engaged in
manufacturing to disposal of products is                                                                        Environmental Action Plan by the
                                                        tackling environmental issues including global
published, after the data is certified by third-                                                                Japanese Electric Utility Industry
                                                        warming. The Action Plan is a company-wide
                                                                                                                Basic term
                                                        implementation plan updated every year.
EcoMark                                                                                                         An action plan established in 1996 by 12
P26                                                                                                             participants of the Federation of Electric Power
                                                        Environment Day
An environmental label that                                                                                     Co. of Japan to state their goals to establish global
                                                        Basic term
helps consumers choose eco-                                                                                     warming measures, create a recycle-oriented
                                                        June 5th is designated in the Basic Environment
friendly products. EcoMark can be issusd to                                                                     society and manage chemical substances, as well
                                                        Law as Environment Day. The purposes of the
eco-friendly products, or “green products,”                                                                     as clarify the activities necessary to achieve these
                                                        day is to promote interest in and understanding
approved by the Japan Environment Association                                                                   goals. The plan is reviewed annually to ensure
                                                        of environment conservation among people and
under the guidance of the Ministry of Environ-                                                                  transparency and achieve its goals.
                                                        motivate participation in environmental activities.
ment since 1989.
                                                        June 5th is also World Environment Day, as
                                                        designated by the United Nations.

Environmental activity costs                           UNEP which started its activities shortly after         mented in accordance with corporate
P12, 13, 14, 15, 46                                    World War II.                                           environmental policies and/or the PDCA Cycle
Costs incurred to recover environmental                                                                        (Plan: planning for environmental polices or
disruption and protect the environment. For                                                                    schemes, Do: implementation and operation of
example, environmental disruption leads to                                                                     the Plan, Check: evaluation and analysis, Action:
environmental damages. Various expenses such                                                                   countermeasures) to reduce environmental load
as compensation for environmental damages or                                                                   voluntarily and continuously.
victims or repairs for environmental damages
may be incurred. Usually, environmental                                                                        Environmental monitoring
protection activities require costs for the                                                                    P28
construction or development of environmental                                                                   Surveillance and recognition of impact on the
infrastructures and other investments.                                                                         environment. Air quality, noise, vibration and
                                                                                                               water quality are inspected while a power plant
Environmental administrator                                                                                    is being constructed and/or after the operation of
                                                       Environmental efficiency                                a power plant is started in order to measure,
P10, 35
Personnel responsible for managing compre-                                                                     evaluate and analyze the impact of smoke, noise,
                                                       Idea or concept of promoting both a reduction in
hensively environmental activities implemented in                                                              vibration and thermal wastewater produced by
                                                       environmental load and economic advantages
each relevant operational unit. In his manage-                                                                 power stations on the neighboring environment.
                                                       through energy saving, recycling of waste and
ment, emphasis is placed on the accurate,                                                                      Environmental monitoring is often conducted
                                                       production process using less energies.
complete and effective operation of the PDCA                                                                   when a new power plant is constructed or an
                                                       Environmental efficiency is assessed based on
cycle. The first Environmental Administrator was                                                               existing power plant facility is expanded.
                                                       indicators obtained by dividing the quantiy of
appointed in August 2001 for each office and
                                                       goods produced or services offered by the
department at the Head Office and operational
                                                       associated environmental load. Increasing
                                                                                                               Environmental NGOs
units of the branch office of Kyushu Electric Power.                                                           P31, 33, 58
                                                       environmental efficiency is considered essential
                                                                                                               Non-profit, non-governmental private groups
                                                       for realizing sustainable societies.
Environmental Affairs Department                                                                               and organizations that undertake environmental
Compliance Guideline                                                                                           protection endeavors, including the World Wide
                                                       Environmental labels
P11                                                                                                            Fund for Nature (WWF) and Greenpeace.
                                                       P20, 26
Standards established by Kyushu Electric Power
                                                       Providing environmental information about a
by stakeholders according to the purpose of the
                                                       product. Categorized into three types; labels
                                                                                                               Environmental organization(s)
Compliance Directives (established in December                                                                 P14, 15, 46, 53, 59
                                                       (such as EcoMark) certified by a third party
2002). Employees involved in environmental                                                                     Organization or group of people actively involved
                                                       based on established standards, labels showing
activities should observe the standards in                                                                     in environmental activities in local communities.
                                                       environmental information about a product
performing environmental activities.
                                                       provided by the manufacturer, and labels
                                                       displaying quantitative information based on
                                                                                                               Environmental pollution
Environmental audit                                                                                            Basic term
                                                       LCA (life cycle assessment).
P9                                                                                                             Defined by the Basic Environment Law as
Process of evaluation based on objective                                                                       significantly expanded damages from dirty air
                                                       Environmental Law Guideline
evidence obtained in order to determine if                                                                     and water, soil contamination, noise vibration,
environmental activities implemented by an entity                                                              ground subsidence (excluding excavations from
                                                       Summary of key issues in typical environmental
comply with the related laws or regulations and/or                                                             mining) and unpleasant odors. It is caused by
                                                       laws and regulations compiled by Kyushu Electric
the entity’s related standards or environmental                                                                business or human activities and results in
                                                       Power. The Company often creates a large-scale
conservation manual. Kyushu Electric Power                                                                     negative effects on human health and the living
                                                       environmental load in business activities, and
arranges an independent environmental audit to                                                                 environment (including properties, plants and
                                                       therefore, must control their business operations
be conducted regularly under the control of the                                                                animals closely connected to people’s lives and
                                                       taking into consideration their social responsibility
Management Administration Office company-wide                                                                  growing environment of these organisms).
                                                       related to environmental conservation.
in order to evaluate the performance of environ-                                                               Degradation of water conditions and bottom
mental activities.                                                                                             sediment is also defined as environmental
                                                       Environmental load
                                                       P12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 26, 27, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44,
Environmental conservation agreement                   45, 46, 48, 61
P11, 27                                                Any disturbance in ecological system caused             Environmental radiation
Agreement concluded between a local govern-            including items required for certain activities (e.g.   P28
ment and a factory or business of a certain size       energies, raw materials and parts), by-products         Radiation existing in the living environment of
in connection with pollution control.                  produced or generated from activities (e.g. wastes,     humans and other organisms.
                                                       effluent, gas emissions and noise) and beneficial
Environmental corporate management                     or valuable outputs (e.g. products and services).       Environmental standards
P7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 61                                                           Basic term
Operation pursuing sustainable development of                                                                  Referred to as “standards for conditions
                                                       Environmental management
an entity with attention paid to the environment.                                                              associated with air pollution, water pollution, soil
                                                       P8, 11, 39, 40, 41
It is a new operating style or strategy, in which                                                              contamination and noise, for which maintenance
                                                       Environmentally conscious corporate administration
businesses take advantage of friendly involve-                                                                 is desirable to protect human health and the
                                                       or management pursuing sustainable development.
ment in the environment, instead of regarding                                                                  living environment” in the Basic Environment Law.
                                                       It is a new management style or strategy, in which
environmental activities as negative factors due       businesses take advantage of friendly involve-
to increased costs. At Kyushu Electric Power,          ment in the environment, instead of regarding           Ethylbenzene
the environmental operation is being pursued in        environmental activities as negative factors due to     P30, 42
its overall business activities under the Kyushu       increased costs. At Kyushu Electric Power, the          A colorless liquid found often in paint and
Electric Power Environment Chapter.                    environmental management is being pursued in            varnish having a boiling point of 136.2ºC and a
                                                       its overall business activities under the Kyushu        melting point of -94ºC.
Environmental education                                Electric Power Environment Charter.
P5, 14, 31, 32, 41, 45, 46, 47, 58, 60, 61                                                                     Ethylene glycol
Intended to define, sustain and improve an ideal       Environmental Management System (EMS)                   P42
human environment. Environmental education             P4, 10, 14, 15, 35, 44, 45, 46, 47, 51, 61              A colorless viscous liquid, producing very little
was enthusiastically inspired by the World             Method of environmental management imple-               odor, having a boiling point of 197.6ºC and a
Conservation Union (IUCN), UNESCO and                                                                          melting point of -13ºC. It is used as a synthetic

material in dyes and perfumes or in air-               Federation of Economic Organizations’                  automotive fuel economy by 21.4% from the
conditioning refrigerants (anti-freeze).               Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment               1995 average of gasoline-fueled automobiles).
                                                       Basic term
Eutrophication (adj. eutrophied,                       A long-term scheme established by the Federation
eutrophicated)                                         of Economic Organizations (Keidanren) in 1997 to
The increase in the level of nutrient salts
                                                       pursue environmental activities effectively and
                                                       continuously in all business segments of Japan.          G
(nitrogen, phosphorus etc.) in certain areas of        Targets are set and performance is assessed
seas, lakes and marshes, likely caused by an           yearly,     which    enhances        accountability.   General waste (municipal solid waste)
inflow of wastewater from factories and                Participating companies are expected to                 P14, 24, 25, 46, 51, 58
households. It may cause red tides and the             voluntarily make the maximum effort in regarding       “Waste other than industrial waste” as defined in
consequent death of marine life in seas, or            the Plan as an incentive for social promise.            the Waste Management and Public Cleansing
water blooms in lakes and marshes, which                                                                       Law. Specifically, this includes kitchen garbage
result in odorous water.                               Final disposal sites                                    and wastepaper from households, restaurants,
                                                       Basic term                                              stores and offices.
Exhaust gas recirculation combustion                   Disposal sites for general and industrial waste
method                                                 approved under the Waste Management and                Glass cullet
P27                                                    Public Cleansing Law. There are three types of         P36
A method that enables combustion at a low              sites: non-leachate controlled landfills for stable    Crushed pieces of used glass, including bottles
temperature and low oxygen level to reduce             industrial waste, leachate-controlled landfills for    for recycling materials.
NOx emissions. A portion of the exhaust gas is         domestic and industrial waste and isolated
either mixed into the combustion air or supplied       landfills for hazardous industrial waste.              Global environment issues
into the combustion zone.                                                                                     P11, 17, 18, 19, 32, 41, 45, 48, 60, 62
                                                       Flue gas                                               Environmental issues that go beyond national
Extended producer responsibility (EPR)                 P14, 15                                                borders such as ozone layer depletion, acid rain
Basic term                                             A mixture of gases or smoke emitted from               and global warming, and the issues faced by
An approach in which manufacturers are held            factory and power plant chimneys.                      developing countries including loss of tropical
liable for the disposal, treatment and recycling of                                                           forests and endangered species of wild animals
their products in addition to their production and     Forest Management Certification                        which require international efforts led by
distribution. It is anticipated that the approach      P33                                                    developed countries. These problems must be
will promote the development of products that          A system to certify the proper management of           addressed from a global point of view.
are easy to recycle or have low environmental          forests from environmental, social and economic
load upon disposal.                                    perspectives, the labeling of corporate standards      Global warming
                                                       aimed at ensuring the use of products originating      P8, 13, 14, 15, 31, 32, 34, 36, 46, 48, 60, 61, 62
                                                       solely from certified forests through the entire       Rising of the surface temperature of the earth due
                                                       process from production to processing to               to greenhouse gas emissions. Concentrations of
  F                                                    distribution, and the validity of such standards.      green house gases (such as carbon dioxide,
                                                                                                              methane and nitrous oxide) in the atmosphere
                                                       Forestry’s contribution to the environment             increase due to economic or social activities, and
Factory Location Law                                   P49                                                    in turn the greenhouse effect is intensified.
Basic term
                                                       Forestry contributes to the environment by
Enacted in 1973 to regulate site selection for
                                                       providing recyclable resources (wood) and              Global Warming Potential (GWP)
and construction of factories above a certain
                                                       maintaining functions (headwater conservation          P15, 23
size (in the manufacturing and power supply
                                                       in forests; fallen leaves rot and turn to humus        An index used to calculate the level of
industries) from an environmental protection
                                                       over the years; humus-rich soils store and purify      greenhouse effect. It uses a relative scale based
standpoint. Construction of a new factory and
                                                       rainwater) for the benefit of the public.              on the greenhouse effect of the reference gas,
additions to an existing factory must be reported
to authorities. The ratio of production facility                                                              carbon dioxide, which has a GWP of exactly one.
                                                       Freons / Fluorocarbons                                 This potential is stipulated in the enforcement
area to the area of the whole site and the ratio
                                                       P14, 15, 23, 43, 46                                    ordinance to promote global warming measures.
of environmental facility space, such as
                                                       A group of chemical compounds containing
greenery areas, to the area of the whole site are
                                                       carbon and fluorine. Some Freons, such as              Global Warming Prevention Headquarters
regulated by the Law.
                                                       chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydro-                    Basic term
                                                       chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), have been found to          An organization established by a cabinet
Fast breeder reactor (FBR)                             cause ozone layer depletion. Their production
 Nuclear power reactor, using high-speed                                                                      decision following the adoption of the Kyoto
                                                       and use have been regulated since the adoption         Protocol to comprehensively promote measures
 neutrons (fast neutrons), able to produce more
                                                       of the Montreal Protocol in 1987.                      both effective and specific to prevent global
 nuclear fuel than power generation consumes.
 This is a feature of the reactor likened to                                                                  warming in line with the steady implementation
                                                       Fuel cells                                             of the Kyoto Protocol. It is headed by the Prime
“breeding” (i.e. uranium-238 is changed to
                                                       P20                                                    Minister.
                                                       A device that utilizes the electrochemical
                                                       reaction of hydrogen and oxygen that is a              Green consumers
Federation of Economic Organizations’                  reverse reaction of water electrolysis, to             Individuals with high environmental awareness
Charter for a Global Environment                       produce water and electricity. This method of          who do not hesitate to purchase low environ-
Basic term                                             power generation theoretically has a high              mental load products at a higher price.
Declaration announced by the Federation of             efficiency since fuel is directly converted into
Economic Organizations (Keidanren) in 1991. The        electricity through a chemical reaction and is
charter states that the tackling of environmental
                                                                                                              Green Electric Power System
                                                       characterized by low air pollutant emissions.          P21, 59
issues is essential to member companies for their
                                                                                                              A system established by a power company in
existence and in their business activities and
                                                       Fuel-efficient vehicles                                cooperation with their customers and independent
declares its commitment to implementing
                                                       P15, 18, 23                                            power generators with an aim of expanding the
environmental activities voluntarily and proactively
                                                       Low-emission vehicles and motor vehicles that          use of natural energies nationwide.
for environmental protection.
                                                       meet the fuel economy standards as set in the
                                                       Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy
                                                       (FY2010 fuel economy standard: to improve

Green helper                                                     Gross thermal efficiency                                                                 and a zinc layer 70-100         m thick.
P32, 62                                                          P18, 20
The title granted to individuals who completed                   A ratio of gross output obtained by assuming                                             Household eco-account book
forestation-related training classes offered by the              that all electricity generated in the power plant                                        P58, 60
Interchange Association for Promoting Forestation                becomes electric power effectively.                                                      An account book designed for family use. An
(NPO) to foster leadership for the “Forestation of                                                                                                        environmental account of their everyday life
Communities” program among local people.                         Gypsum                                                                                   shows their impact on the environment. Primary
                                                                 P24, 25, 45                                                                              items listed in the book include consumption of
Green mark                                                       Mineral composed of calcium sulfate. In order to                                         energy (electricity and gas) and water, trash and
Basic term                                                       remove sulfur oxides, limestone (calcium carbonate)                                      living, shopping and transportation.
The mark established by the Paper Recycling                      and exhaust gas are contacted in the desulfurization
Promotion Center in 1981 and printed on                          equipment of a thermal power plant to create gypsum.                                     Hybrid car
products manufactured from used paper. The                       Reaction formula (Wet limestone - Gypsum method)                                         P18, 23
purpose of the mark is to help                                   Absorption process:                                                                      A car that runs on a combination of different
consumers easily recognize the                                   SO 2    CaCO 3 1/2H 2 0 CaSO 3 1/2H 2 O CO 2                                             power sources, such as an internal combustion
                                                                 (Sulfur dioxide gas) (Limestone slurry)   (Calcium sulfite)      (Carbon dioxide gas)
use of used paper and encourage                                                                                                                           engine and batteries or an electric motor.
used paper collection and use.                                   Oxidation process:
                                                                 CaSO 3 1/2H 2 O 1/2O 2                    3/2H 2 O            CaSO 4 2H 2 O              Hydrazine
                                                                 (Calcium sulfite)                                             (Gypsum)
Green Power Certificate                                                                                                                                   P30
Political incentive measure launched by the                                                                                                               A colorless fuming unctuous liquid having an ammonia-
government to promote the use of renewable                                                                                                                like odor. It emits smoke in the air and reacts vigorously
energies. It is awarded according to the amount of                                                                                                        to metal, metallic oxides and porous substances that
electricity generated using renewable energies and
the green power may be sold to other companies.
                                                                    H                                                                                     may cause a fire or explosion. It is used as a feed water
                                                                                                                                                          treatment agent to remove dissolved oxygen from the
                                                                                                                                                          boiler during power generation.
Green procurement                                                P14, 43, 45, 46
P11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 24, 26, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 58, 61
                                                                 A group of FKW-containing compounds such as                                              Hydrocarbons
Priority purchasing or procurement of low                                                                                                                 Basic term
                                                                 bromine-containing bromodifluoromethane and
environmental load products or services.                                                                                                                  General term for organic compounds consisting of
                                                                 bromotrifluoromethane. Halons are widely used in
                                                                 fire extinguishers because they are non-flammable                                        carbon and hydrogen. Organic compounds
Green Procurement Guideline                                      and non-explosive, and have an excellent ability to                                      containing oxygen and nitrogen together with
Kyushu Electric Power’s guidelines, in which its                                                                                                          hydrocarbons are generally called hydrocarbon
                                                                 extinguish fire. They are also safe from electrical
concept of or directions for the procurement of                                                                                                           substances. Major hydrocarbon substances, alcohols,
                                                                 fires and less hazardous than asphyxiating gases
eco-friendly products are stated. It sets a                                                                                                               aldehydes and esters, are believed to cause
                                                                 such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas.
framework that encourages suppliers as well as                                                                                                            photochemical smog along with nitrogen oxides.
Kyushu Electric Power to actively participate in
                                                                 Heat pump water heater
environmental activities                                                                                                                                  Hydrochlorofiuoro carbon(Alternative Freons)
                                                                 A water heater that utilizes surrounding air to heat                                     P23, 43
Green products                                                   the refrigerant. The refrigerant is compressed,                                          Manufactured by adding hydrogen partially or
P45, 46                                                          thereby raising their temperatures and the heat is                                       entirely, instead of the chlorine usually
Products such as plastic containers easily degraded              transferred to cold water to supply hot water. It                                        contained in specific Freons. HCFC
by microorganisms developed to lessen impact on                  reduces power consumption to about 1/3 of that                                           (hydrochlorofluorocarbon)          and      HFC
the environment while manufactured or used.                      of electric heaters, making it an economical                                             (hydrofluorocarbons) are alternative Freons that
                                                                 choice for hot water supply.                                                             contribute less to ozone layer depletion than
Greenhouse gas(es)                                                                                                                                        specific Freons (ozone depletion potential of
P11, 19, 23, 37, 45, 58, 60, 61                                  Heat storage system                                                                      HCFC is 1/20 - 1/60 of that of CFC while that of
Any of the atmospheric gases that absorb infrared                P22, 58                                                                                  HFC is zero). However, they still pose a threat in
rays and contribute to the greenhouse effect. The                A system that stores energy in the form of cold                                          terms of global warming.
surface temperature of the earth is determined by                or warm water produced at night in a heat
the balance between the energy from solar                        storage tank for daytime use.
radiation and the heat emitted from earth to space.
Most incoming solar radiation is visible and
absorbed by the earth’s surface after passing
                                                                 High magnetic property
through the atmosphere. The surface heated by                    Quality of producing high magnetic force.
solar radiation emits infrared heat, which is                                                                                                            “Idling stop” (Engine idling control)
retained by the “greenhouse gases.” Some                         High-level radioactive waste                                                             Basic term
retained thermal radiation is reflected onto the                 P29                                                                                      This refers to avoiding unnecessary engine
ground, while some is radiated to the upper                      Waste, including wastewater or highly radioactive                                        idling of automobiles while stopped and parked.
atmosphere. Together the incoming solar radiation                vitrified-form wastewater, that cannot be reused                                         This measure can help reduce the emission of
and the downward thermal radiation from the                      as fuel at reprocessing plants where uranium and                                         global warming substances and air pollutants.
atmosphere raise the temperature of the earth’s                  plutonium are collected from spent nuclear fuel.
surface. This mechanism is called the greenhouse                                                                                                          Industrial waste
effect. The Kyoto Protocol designated six                        High-pressure vacuum forming                                                             P4, 13, 14, 18, 24, 25, 41, 43, 45, 46, 49, 58, 61
greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2),                P36                                                                                      Waste produced from business activities and
methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluo-                   A method of forming thermoplastic resin such as                                          categorized into 19 kinds of waste such as
rocarbons (HFC), perfluorocarbons (PFC), and                     plastic. Forming is completed in a vacuum state                                          cinders, sludge, oil, acid, alkali, plastic, etc. It is
sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), to be reduced.                        that is created by removing the air between sheet-                                       usually produced in large quantities and
                                   Atmosphere                    typed materials softened by heat and a mould.                                            requires the use of special technologies in
                                    e   s       Incoming solar                                                                                            treatment. Treatment is controlled by the Waste
                               ga s             radiation
                      u   se                                                                                                                              Management and Public Cleansing Law.
                   ho                                            Hot dip galvanization
                   Infrared rays                                 P42

                                                                 An anti-corrosion method to protect steel
                                                                 products. The products are dipped in melted
                                                                 metallic zinc to form a steel and zinc alloy layer

Industrial Waste Final Disposal Site                    of a corporate organization, such as production,        Kyoto Protocol
Engineering Controller                                  sales and recycling. The registration is issued to      Adopted in the Third Conference of Parties to the
P35                                                     the organization that is judged to meet the standard.   UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Personnel appointed for industrial waste disposal                                                               (COP3) held in Kyoto in December 1997. Six kinds
facilities based on Article 21 of the Waste             ISO-based system                                        of gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4),
Management and Public Cleansing Law. Disposal           P10, 14, 44, 45, 46, 61                                 nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFC),
sites covered by Article 7 of the Enforcement           An environmental management system that                 perfluorocarbons (PFC), and sulfur hexafluoride
Ordinance must designate a Controller.                  meets the requirements of ISO14001 though the           (SF6), are regulated under the Kyoto Protocol. It
                                                        system is not officially registered.                    declared that developed countries including Russia
Industrial Waste Intermediate Treatment                                                                         and Eastern Europe are required to reduce total
Facility Engineering Controller                                                                                 emissions by at least 5% on average from 1990
P35                                                                                                             average emissions records in the five-year period
Personnel appointed for industrial waste                                                                        starting 2008 (as for HFC, PFC and SF6, 1995
                                                        An international standard for quality control. An
treatment facilities based on Article 21 of the                                                                 average level may be used as a base). Japan
                                                        external certification authority evaluates a
Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law.                                                                      needs to reduce by 6%, the U.S. by 7%, the EU by
                                                        system that systematically controls the quality of
The Controller is responsible for technologies                                                                  8%, and certain countries may increase by 10%.
                                                        products and services that an organization
related to the maintenance and control of facilities.   offers. The registration is issued to the
                                                        organization that is judged to meet the standard.       Kyushu Electric Power Group
In-furnace desulfurization                                                                                      P4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 24, 26, 34, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43,
P27                                                                                                             44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 61
A technology using a desulfurizing agent to                                                                     Companies whose decision-making units are
absorb and remove SOx produced in fuel
combustion from exhaust gas in the combustion              J                                                    controlled by Kyushu Electric Power or which are
                                                                                                                substantially affected by Kyushu Electric Power
equipment. Inexpensive limestone is often used                                                                  in financial, operating and other matters. As of
as the desulfurizing agent.                             Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited                              April 1 2004, 59 companies belong to the Group.
In-house power consumption                              A company located in Rokkasho-mura Village in           Kyushu Industrial Advancement Center
P12, 43                                                 Aomori Prefecture that engages in four                  (KIAC)
Power consumed in the operation of power                undertakings: uranium enrichment; low-level             P21
plants using equipment such as pumps, fans and          radioactive waste disposal; intermediate storage        Foundation committed to stimulating industries
lighting appliances.                                    of high-level radioactive waste; and the                in Kyushu. The center is involved in the study
                                                        reprocessing of nuclear fuel.                           and research of grand designs, the development
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate                                                                              or exploit of projects and related feasibility
Change (IPCC)                                           Joint Implementation (JI)                               studies and the provision of support for projects.
Basic term                                              One of the Kyoto Mechanisms. If a country invests
Established by the United Nations Environment           in a project related to reducing carbon dioxide in
Program (UNEP) and the World Meteorological             the host country, the investing country is granted
Organization (WMO) in 1988 to serve as a place
for government discussions. Global warming
                                                        credits for emission reduction units in return.
issues as well as global warming-related
scientific findings and socioeconomic effects are                                                               Law Concerning Special Measures
                                                                                                                against Dioxins
discussed or assessed by governments from a
scientific viewpoint. Countermeasures for global          K                                                     Basic term
                                                                                                                Designed to prevent and eliminate dioxin-related
warming are now being discussed at IPCC.
                                                                                                                environmental pollution. It regulates exhaust gas,
                                                        Kenaf                                                   wastewater and waste disposal, provides
Internal environmental audit (auditors)                 Basic term
P35                                                                                                             measures on soil contamination, determines the
                                                        An annual plant in the Malvaceae family,
A regular audit of the environmental management                                                                 allowable daily intake of dioxins and establishes
                                                        Hibiscus genus (Hibiscus cannabinus). Considered
system to determine whether the system meets                                                                    environmental criteria.
                                                        to be an alternative material for making paper as
the ISO14001 standard and is operated and               a wood replacement from a forest protection
maintained properly. Internal environmental
                                                                                                                Law Concerning Special Measure
                                                        viewpoint. Also thought to be beneficial for            against PCB
auditors are those who implement such audits.           preventing global warming due to its high               P30
                                                        absorption of carbon dioxide.                           The law establishes a framework of obligations
International Organization for
                                                                                                                and responsibilities that national and local
Standardization (ISO)                                   Kyoto Mechanism (Flexible Mechanism)                    governments, businesses and citizens should
Basic term                                              P23, 34, 36                                             jointly assume and fulfill in tackling global
A non-governmental international organization           Scheme launched for the Kyoto Protocol and              warming in response to the adoption of the Kyoto
located in Geneva, Switzerland which consists           aiming to achieve emissions reduction targets set       Protocol. It prescribes an action plan for the
of standardization institutes from approximately        forth in the Kyoto Protocol through international       achievement of the Kyoto Protocol commitments
100 countries, and establishes world-wide               cooperation. It consists of the following:              and encourages citizen efforts by proposing the
standards for networks and industrial matters.          1) Emissions trading: governments are allowed           establishment of local councils, etc.
ISO is not technically an abbreviation; however,           to trade allocated allowances between
it is used because “isos,” which means “equal”             developed countries.                                 Law Concerning the Promotion of the
in Greek, well represents the organization. The         2) Joint Implementation (JI): developed countries       Measures to Cope with Global Warming
Japanese Industrial Standards Committee                    collaborate to complete an emissions                 Basic term
(JISC) has been a member since 1952.                       reduction project and receive emissions              The law establishes a framework of obligations
                                                           reductions in proportion to the amount of            and responsibilities that national and local
ISO14001                                                   contribution.                                        governments, businesses and citizens should
P10, 14, 15, 44, 45, 46, 47                             3) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): a                 jointly assume and fulfill in tackling global
An international standard for environmental                developed country supports a developing              warming in response to the adoption of the Kyoto
management. An external certification authority            country in completing an emissions reduction         Protocol. It prescribes an action plan for the
evaluates whether a system provides systematic             project and receives an achieved reduction           achievement of the Kyoto Protocol commitments
management to determine, valuate and improve               amount.                                              and encourages citizen efforts by proposing the
environmental impacts resulting from the activities                                                             establishment of local councils, etc.

Law Concerning the Recovery and                       London Convention                                       inappropriate disposal of industrial waste. The
Destruction of Fluorocarbon                            Basic term                                             system requires the producer of industrial waste
(Fluorocarbons Recovery and                            An international convention officially called the      to check the disposal process of the waste from
Destruction Law)                                      “Convention on the Prevention of Marine                 collection and transportation to final disposal if
Basic term                                             Pollution by Dumping Wastes and Other Matter.”         such disposal is entrusted to other entities.
A law officially called the Law for Ensuring the       It regulates the deliberate disposal at sea from
Implementation of Recovery and Destruction of          vessels, aircraft or platforms or by incineration.     Material safety data sheet (MSDS)
Fluorocarbons Concerning Specified Products.                                                                  Basic term
The law stipulates measures for recovery and          Low NOx burner                                          A printed form containing data regarding the
destruction of Freons in specific products (e.g.      P27                                                     properties and handling of a certain chemical
commercial air conditioners, refrigerating            A burner that incorporates a NOx reduction method       substance which is provided prior to or at the time
equipment and automobile air conditioners) in         or a combination of such, such as lowering the level    of trading such substance between companies.
order to reduce Freons emissions in the               of oxygen supply in combustion zones or lowering
atmosphere.                                           the maximum flame temperature, or shortening gas        Melia azedarah tree
                                                      retention times in high temperature ranges.             P28
Law for the Promotion of Nature                                                                               Deciduous tree of the Meliaceae family known
Restoration                                           Low-emission vehicles                                   for its excellent CO2 absorption and found
Basic term                                            P18                                                     throughout East Asia and Japan.
A law designed to protect, restore and create a       Vehicles certified as meeting the emission
natural environment and to minimize                   standards under the “Low Emission Vehicle               Mecenat activities
environmental damage. Such efforts will be            Certification Procedure (Ministry of Environment),”     Basic term
pursued by various groups, including state and        certified in three levels of 25, 50 or 75%-             A company’s cultural activities. Mecenat is a
local governmental agencies, local residents,         reductions from the latest regulation level).           French word derived from the name of a politician,
NPOs and intellectuals.                                                                                       Maecenas, who supported art and literature during
                                                      Low-level radioactive waste                             the reign of Emperor Augustus in Ancient Rome.
Law on Promoting Green Purchasing                     P13, 15, 29                                             At present, the term represents cultural support
The Law Concerning the Promotion of                   Waste from nuclear power plants containing a            without expecting any return. It is different from
Procurement of Eco-friendly Goods and Services        low level of radioactive material, such as used         sponsorship (advertisement and publicity) in that
by the State and Other Facilities established by      work clothes, gloves and replaced equipment.            the purpose of Mecenat is for social contribution.
the Japanese government on May 24 2000 and
enacted on April 1 2001. State government and         Low-level Radioactive Waste                             Methane
agencies are required to procure goods with           Disposal Center                                         The greenhouse gas second to carbon dioxide in
lower environmental load. The Law aims to             P29                                                     its greenhouse effect. It is produced through
widen the range of green purchasing to local          A facility where low-level radioactive waste            decomposition of organic matters by microorganisms
governments and private organizations and to          generated in the course of nuclear power plant          under anaerobic conditions, such as those found
promote the use of eco-friendly products              operation is disposed. The waste is stored until        in marshes, rice paddies and soil or during enteric
nationwide to protect the global environment.         the level of radioactivity attenuates to a level at     fermentation of herbivores, as well as excavation
                                                      which it poses no safety threat. The center             for natural gas or coal.
Lead and its compounds                                started its operation in Rokkasho-mura Village,
P42                                                   Aomori Prefecture, in December 1992.
An odorless tasteless bluish gray metal often                                                                 P18, 28
used in batteries, pigments, plating and soldering.   Low-pollution vehicles                                  One milli-sievert is 1/1000 sievert (Milli- means
                                                      P14, 18, 23, 33, 46
                                                                                                              1/1000). The sievert (Sv) is an SI derived unit to
Life cycle assessment (LCA)                           As defined by Kyushu Electric Power, this refers
                                                                                                              measure the biological effect of radiation on a
P20                                                   to fuel-efficient vehicles and clean energy vehicles,
                                                                                                              human body.
A method of environmental impact evaluation which     though the definition is not universally endorsed.
addresses, in a quantified and objective manner,                                                              More stringent prefectural standard
the whole process from collection of resources,                                                               Basic term
production and use through disposal or recycling.                                                             A more stringent standard, in addition to the

Limits to Growth                                        M                                                     Japanese national government’s uniform
                                                                                                              standard for emission of particulates or
Basic term                                                                                                    discharge of waste-water, provided through a
Research report published in 1972 by the Club of      Magnetic separation
                                                      P37                                                     prefectural ordinance, in order to more fully
Rome. It warns that if current trends in population                                                           achieve protection of human health or the living
growth and environmental degradation continue,        One of separating methods using magnetism
                                                      (magnetic force) including those using filtration,      environment in the region.
economic growth on earth will reach a limit within
100 years. In order to avoid global collapse, the     distillation and centrifugal separation.
                                                                                                              Mixed oxide (MOX) fuel
report emphasizes the necessity of shifting
                                                      Manganese and its compounds                             A mixed fuel consisting of the plutonium and
priorities from growth to worldwide balance.
                                                      P42                                                     uranium oxides recovered in the reprocessing of
                                                      A system set forth in the Waste Disposal and            spent fuel.
Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
P12, 15, 19, 27, 42, 45, 62                           Public Cleansing Law aiming to prevent
                                                      environmental pollution resulting from illegal          “My cup” campaign (“Bring your
Natural gas converted to liquid form by cooling
                                                      dumping and inappropriate disposal of industrial        own cup” campaign)
methane (CH4)- and ethane (C2H6)-based
                                                      waste. The system requires the producer of              P45
natural gas to minus 162ºC. It is transported on
                                                      industrial waste to track the waste disposal            The company’s campaign to promote the usage
special tankers called LNG carriers and is
                                                      process using a manifest sheet from the origin          of reusable cups (ceramic, metal, plastic etc.)
regasified to use as fuel for power generation.
                                                      of the waste to its final destination when such         among employees instead of using disposable
                                                      disposal is consigned to a waste service company.       paper cups.
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Liquefied mixture of gases, chiefly propane and       Manifest system
butane, generated in crude oil drilling or            Basic term
petroleum refinery.                                   This is a system set forth in the Waste Disposal
                                                      Law. The system prevents environmental
                                                      pollution resulting from unlawful dumping and

                                                     Nuclear fuel
  N                                                  P12
                                                     Uranium fuel consisting of approx. 4% fissile
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)             uranium-235 and approx. 96% non-fissile               Park & Ride
Basic term                                           uranium-238. MOX fuel used in plutonium-              Basic term
A law established in the United States to urge       thermal projects is a type of nuclear fuel.           A system designed to reduce the number of
administrative organizations to consider the                                                               privately-owned cars in congested downtown
environment in the decision-making process.          Nuclear Waste Management                              areas in which suburban commuters are prompted
This law, which is the first law in the world        Organization of Japan                                 to drive to the nearest station, park at outlying
legislating environmental impact assessment,         Basic term                                            parking lots and take public transportation to their
encouraged other countries to introduce their        An organization established under the Specified       final destinations. The system contributes to the
own environmental assessment system.                 Radioactive Waste Final Disposal Act (pro-            reduction of exhaust gas emission and the
                                                     mulgated in June 2000). Based on the Act, the         conservation of energy sources.
Natural energy                                       final disposal of high-level radioactive waste will
P19, 21, 58                                          commence in the second half of the 2030s. The         Particulate
Energy generated from natural phenomena,             selection of a site for and the construction of       P14, 15, 27
such as polar, geothermal, hydro and wind            disposing facilities will be pursued in the near      A generic term for soot and solid particles (e.g.
energy and tidal power.                              future.                                               ash) produced by combustion. Once emitted
Because of its smaller                                                                                     from chimneys, they are mixed with aerosols,
environmental load,                                                                                        which are also called particulates, or settled
it is regarded as                                                                                          dust or suspended dust.
clean energy when
compared with                                         O                                                    PDCA Cycle
fossil fuel and                                                                                            P9, 40, 44
nuclear energy.                                      Optimal combination of power sources                  A management method that uses the following
                                                     P19, 58                                               process: 1) Plan (preparation of policies and
                                                     This refers to a well-balanced combination of         schemes); 2) Do (implementation and operation);
Natural parks                                                                                              3) Check (inspection and correction; and 4)
                                                     power sources, such as hydro, thermal, nuclear
Basic term                                                                                                 Action (review by the management). The cycle
                                                     and geothermal power, determined by
Park designated by the Natural Parks Law,                                                                  aims for the betterment of a system so that
                                                     comprehensive analysis of the reliability of the
which is focused on protecting and preserving                                                              higher goals and targets are reached through
                                                     supply and the economical and environmental
beautiful natural scenery for outdoor activities                                                           the repetition of the cycle.
                                                     impact of each power source.
and education. National Parks and Quasi-National
Parks designated by the national government                                                                Periodic inspection
and prefectural Nature Parks designated by           Outline for Promotion of Efforts to                   P18, 19
local governments are included.                      Prevent Global Warming                                Inspections carried out systematically at nuclear
                                                     Basic term                                            power stations in compliance with the Electric
                                                     A package of over 100 measures and policies to        Utilities Industry Law in order to maintain the
Net thermal efficiency
                                                     promote the achievement of commitments under          safety of facilities, prevent problems, and ensure
P18, 20
                                                     the Kyushu Protocol (reduction in greenhouse          safe operation of the plants.
A ratio of net output to the electricity actually
                                                     gas emissions during 2008-2012 by 6% from the
generated in the power plant obtained by
subtracting the electric energy that is consumed
                                                     1990 level).                                          Photochemical oxidant
by facilities necessary for power plant operation                                                          Basic term
                                                     Ozone hole                                            Substances having a strong acidity such as
(in-house power consumption for pumps, fans
                                                     Basic term                                            ozone (O3) and PAN (peroxyacetyl nitrate).
and lighting, etc.).
                                                     An area of the ozone layer located at the             Photochemical oxidants are produced when
                                                     heights of about 20-25km depleted of ozone. An        nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons emitted from
New energy
                                                     ozone hole formation over Antarctica has been         factories or cars react to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
P14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 46, 48, 58, 61
Clean energy having a low environmental load
that originates from less controlled or restricted                                                         Photochemical smog
resources. It includes natural energies, including   Ozone layer                                           Basic term
solar and wind, recycled energy from waste           P11, 14, 15, 23, 36, 46, 60                           Photochemical oxidants concentrated in one
incineration and sewage heat; and highly-            An atmospheric layer about 20km thick existing        location. Caused by the combination of unusual
efficient energy from co-generation (system in       at heights of approximately 20-25km from the          meteorological factors such as strong sunlight,
which the excessive steam or hot water produced      earth’s surface containing relatively high ozone      high temperatures, and lack of wind. Responsible
in fuel combustion for power generation is used      concentration. The ozone layer absorbs most           for direct damage to our health such as eye and
for air conditioning).                               harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight.                 throat irritation.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)                               Ozone Layer Protection Law                            Plutonium
                                                     Basic term                                            An artificial atom with the atomic number 94,
Basic term
                                                     It refers to the Law concerning the Protection of     which does not exist in nature. Its pure form is
A reddish brown irritant gas produced through the
                                                     the Ozone Layer through the Control of                metal, and its specific gravity changes depending
reaction of nitrogen monoxide and oxygen. It is
                                                     Specified Substances and Other Measures               on crystal structures, ranging from about 16 to
hazardous when inhaled since it does not easily
                                                     issued in 1988. The purpose of this Law is to         20. It was discovered by G. T. Seaborg in 1942.
dissolve in water and can reach the deep part of
                                                     ensure the smooth implementation of the
the lungs without causing severe discomfort.
                                                     Vienna Convention for the Protection of the           Plutonium-thermal project
                                                     Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on              (Plutonium use in light water reactors)
Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
                                                     Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer,              P59
P13, 15, 18, 20, 27, 42
                                                     which work together to contribute to the              Utilization of MOX (mixed oxide) fuel in nuclear
Any of several oxides of nitrogen such as
                                                     protection of the ozone layer on an international     power plants. MOX is a mixed oxide of plutonium
nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide
                                                     level. It stipulates measures for the production      and uranium, which are obtained by reprocessing
(NO2). Nitrogen oxides are generated when fuel
                                                     and emission of specified substances such as          the spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants.
containing nitrogen is burned or when nitrogen
                                                     Freons as well as rationalization of their
in the air is oxidized during combustion. They
are subject to regulation under the Air Pollution
Control Law as hazardous substances.

Polluter-Pays Principle (PPP)                              Potential of Hydrogen (pH)
Basic term
A principle stating that those discharging
                                                           Basic term
                                                           Concentration of solutions indicating the level of acidity
pollutants should bear the cost for the prevention         and alkalinity. A pH of 7 indicates neutrality, while a pH
                                                                                                                            Qualified Person for Energy Management
of environment pollution they caused. It was               above 7 indicates alkalinity, and below 7, acidity.              of Type1 Designated Factory
proposed by the Organization for Economic                                                                                   P18, 35
Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 1972.                Pressurized Fluidized Bed                                        A licensed energy manager in designated plants of
                                                           Combustions (PFBCs) plants                                       a certain size or larger and whose con-sumption of
Pollution Control Manager                                  P36                                                              electricity reaches the amount determined by a
P18, 35                                                    A combined power generation method using steam                   government ordinance, appointed in compliance
Qualified personnel appointed under the Law                turbines rotated by high-temperature, high-pressure steam        with the Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy.
Concerning the Improvement of Pollution                    from a PFBC boiler and gas turbines rotated by exhaust           These managers are responsible for improving and
Prevention Systems in Specific Factories. Factories        gas from the boiler. It is highly efficient and achieves the     supervising facility maintenance and energy usage.
of a certain size are required to retain a Pollution       downsizing of facilities by using a gas turbine air
Control Manager responsible for the technical              compressor and reduces in-house power consumption
duties of controlling pollution caused by smoke,           while increasing the sent-out (net) thermal efficiency, by
wastewater, vibration and noise from factories.            about 2%, as compared to conventional pulverized coal

Pollution load levy
                                                           fired thermal power generation. The pressurized
                                                           combustion of fuel allows downsizing of boilers.
P14, 15, 46                                                Infurnace desulfurization                                        Radioactive waste
Compulsory annual levy collected from                      also contributes to facility                                     P14, 29, 58
applicable smoke and soot emitting facilities as           downsizing as fuel gas                                           Waste containing radioactive materials generated
set forth in the Air Pollution Control Law. It             desulfurization equipment                                        in various nuclear power facilities. Such waste is
covers the damages related to impairments to               is not required.                                                 divided into two types according to the level of
health caused by significant air pollution                                                                                  radioactivity. One is low-level radioactive waste that
attributable to business operations as prescribed                                                                           includes used work clothing from nuclear power
by the Law Concerning Pollution-Related Health
                                                                                                                            plants and the water used to wash them. The other
                                                           P27, 48
Damage Compensation and Other Measures.                                                                                     type is high-level radioactive waste that is produced
                                                           Equipment for collecting particulates in combustion gas.
                                                                                                                            after extracting unburned uranium and plutonium
Pollution Session of the Diet                              There are two types of collection: mechanical and electrical.
                                                                                                                            from spent fuel at the reprocessing plants.
Basic term
Extraordinary session of the Diet held at the end of       Pretreated water                                                 Ramsar Convention
November 1970 (64th session), where fourteen bills         P37
                                                                                                                             Basic term
were approved in areas including waste disposal,           Water that has been pretreated for purification. In
                                                                                                                             An international treaty officially called the
water pollution prevention and partial amendments to       magnetic separation, water impurities are magnetized in
                                                                                                                            “Convention on Wetlands of International
laws on noise regulation, air pollution prevention and     advance so that they may be collected by magnetic force.
                                                                                                                             Importance, Especially as Waterfowl Habitat.”
nature parks. This implementation was prompted by                                                                            It aims to protect wetlands of
requests from the public for countermeasures and           PRTR system                                                       inter-national importance and
the concern of pollution in society.                       P14, 30, 42                                                       the fauna and flora inhabiting
                                                           A governmental system to calculate and publish                    those areas, as well as
Pollution-related Health Damage                            the amounts of toxic chemical substances that are                 promote sustainable utilization
Compensation Law                                           released into the environment (atmosphere, water                  of wetlands.
P14, 46                                                    or soils) and transported in waste based on reports
A law stipulating the payment of medical costs and         from businesses and their estimates. PRTR stands
                                                                                                                            Ratio of recycled paper utilization
compensation for officially recognized victims             for Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.
                                                                                                                            P43, 44
designated by a responsible party. The Law covers                                                                           The ratio of recycled paper usage to total paper
areas with a high incidence of asthma due to air           PRTR Law                                                         usage. Recycled paper is generally referred to paper
pollution and areas with a high incidence of specific      P30, 46
                                                                                                                            partially or completely made of used paper. To
diseases such as Minamata disease, itai-itai disease       A law promulgated in July 1999 and officially called
                                                                                                                            acquire the EcoMark, various requirements, such as
and arseniasis due to environmental pollution.             the “Law Concerning Reporting, etc. of Releases to
                                                                                                                            containing 70% or more recycled paper or having a
                                                           the Environment of Specific Chemical Substances and
                                                                                                                            whiteness level of 70% or less, have to be met.
Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)                             Promoting Improvements in Their Management,”
P30, 42, 46                                                which mandates notifications for the emission of
                                                                                                                            Raw water
Any organic chlorine compounds consisting of carbon,       environmental pollutants. It requires users of toxic
hydrogen and chlorine, with chlorine (Cl) replacing        substances to exercise voluntary management for
                                                                                                                            Water from lakes, marshes or dams, which has not
hydrogen (H) in two joined hexagonal benzene rings.        such substances that were conventionally subject to
                                                                                                                            been processed, treated or purified in any way.
PCB was first introduced in industrial products in 1929    control based on the regulatory standards.
and widely used for insulating oil and impact papers for                                                                    Reactor thermal power
its superior heat resistance and insulation property.      Pumping
                                                                                                                            Thermal energy produced from fission in nuclear reactors.
However, PCB was found to be difficult to break down in    P19
the environment and could accumulate in living             Pumping is to raise water to a higher location. In pumped-
                                                           storage hydropower generation, reservoirs are built at the       Reclaimed material
organisms and have chronic toxicity. The production
                                                           upper and lower parts of the power plant. Water is               P49
and import of PBC has been prohibited in principle since
                                                           pumped up at night utilizing surplus power and is released       Recyclable materials such as used (or non-
its 1974 designation as a specified chemical substance
                                                           to produce electricity during the daytime peak or in case of     used) goods abandoned or collected and
under the Law Concerning the Examination and
                                                           an emergency such as the failure of other power plants.          byproducts from factories (secondary goods
Regulation of Manufacture etc. of Chemical Substances
                                                           The system utilizes its ability to store energy in the form of   from production, processing or repair of goods).
(presently designated as a Type 1 Monitoring Chemical
Substance), after being subject to an administrative       water since electricity cannot be stored easily.
directive for the suspension of its production and use.
                                                                                                                            Recycling Law
                                                                                                                            Basic term
                                                           Purified water
                                                                                                                            A law promulgated in 1991 as the “Law for the
Precipitator                                               P37
                                                                                                                            Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources,” and
P27, 48                                                    Water that is cleaned to remove impurities. For
                                                                                                                            revised in 2000 as the “Law for Promotion of Effective
It is equipment that collects particulates in              water purification by magnetic separation, purified
                                                                                                                            Utilization of Recyclable Resources.” The law enforces
combustion gases. The collection method is                 water is obtained by removing magnetized
                                                                                                                            recycling to create a recycle-oriented society, which
either mechanical or electrical.                           impurities attracted to a magnet, and then filtering.

include: reinforced recycling measures such as product        Regulatory control                                                layer of water of dams as needed to prevent flooded turbid
collection and recycling by business entities; reduction      Basic term                                                        water from staying in dams too long or keeping the
measures to decrease waste generation by conserving           Establishes a limit for wastewater, substances and                temperature of water from dropping for irrigation purposes.
resources and prolonging the service life of products;        noises emitted or discharged from factories. The impact
reuse measures to utilize parts from collected products;      on human health and agricultural products is considered           Sludge
and industrial waste reduction measures to reduce or          for establishing the limits. Limits are provided in the Air       P24, 25, 36
recycle the byproducts of industrial waste.                   Pollution Control Law, the Water Pollution Control Law            An organic or inorganic muddy deposit or sediment
                                                              and other laws or regulations.                                    produced in the treatment of industrial wastewater and
Recycling rate                                                                                                                  sewage as well as in various manufacturing processes.
 P4, 18, 24, 25, 41, 43, 44, 45, 58                           Renewable energy
 The rate of recycling calculated by dividing the amount of   P11, 12, 19, 20, 37, 58                                           Smoke
 recycled waste by the amount of total waste generated.       Repeatedly usable energy including solar, photovoltaic,           P27
“Recycling” refers to collecting waste that otherwise         hydro, wind, geothermal and biomass energies. This energy         The Air Pollution Control Law defines smoke as follows and
 would have been subject to final disposal and then           is not at risk of depletion unlike fossil or uranium fuels.       sets forth its emission standards:
 utilizing such waste as a material for useful products.                                                                        (1) sulfur oxides generated through the combustion of fuel
                                                              Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)                                     and other materials;
Refuse derived fuel (RDF)                                     P20, 21                                                           (2) dust generated through the combustion of fuel and other
Basic term                                                    The law officially called the “Law on Special Measures                 materials, or the use of electricity as a heat source; and
A fuel produced by compressing and molding                    Concerning New Energy Use by Electric Utilities.” It aims to           of the substances generated by the combustion,
combustible waste, such as kitchen garbage, waste             protect the environment through the promotion of new              (3) synthesis, decomposition or processing (others than
plastic and used paper after crushing and sorting it.         energy utilization by requiring power companies to generate            mechanical ones) of materials, including cadmium and
                                                              or purchase a certain percent or more of electricity from              chlorine, those that might be hazardous to human health
Recycling-oriented society                                    new energy sources depending on their electricity sales.               or the living environment and are designated as such by
P8, 11, 17, 18, 24, 26, 36, 40, 41, 45, 47, 49, 56                                                                                   the law or ordinances.
A society having a low environmental load                     Reprocessing
thanks to the minimization of waste. Such a                   P14                                                               Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law
society can be achieved by reflecting on the                  Safe processing of fission products separated from spent          Basic term
state of an economic society based on mass-                   nuclear fuel from which uranium and plutonium have                A law that enforces soil contamination measures to
production and mass-consumption with an eye                   been extracted in advance using chemical products.                protect health by setting measures to monitor the
towards maintaining, recycling and reusing our                                                                                  state of soil contamination for specific pollutants to
limited resources as long as possible. In fiscal              Return on Assets (ROA)                                            prevent health threats caused by such contamination.
2000, the Basic Law for Establishing a Recycling-             P54
Based Society, which provides a basic                         An indicator of profitability determined by dividing a            Space radiation
framework for a recycling-oriented society, and               company’s income after tax (profit for the current term) by       P28
other individual recycling laws were established.             the total amount of assets. It indicates how efficiently assets   Radiation existing in the atmosphere such as gamma
                                                              or managerial resources are utilized to produce profit.           rays and cosmic rays emitted from space and the earth.
Red Data Book
Basic term                                                    Return on Equity (ROE)                                            Specific chemical substances
A collection of the available information related to          P54                                                               P30
endangered species which explains their ecology,              Ratio of net income for the current term to the                   Chemical substances designated by the PRTR Law
distribution and level of threat of extinction.               shareholders’ equity, expressed in percentage. It is              (or the Law Concerning Reporting, etc. of Releases
                                                              the indicator most often used to comprehen-sively                 to the Environment of Specific Chemical Substances
Red tide                                                      measure the company’s profitability and efficiency by             and Promoting Improvements in Their Management)
P28                                                           examining the amount of profit achieved with equity.              that are hazardous to human health and the
Reddish or dark brown discoloration of seawater                                                                                 ecosystem. There are 354 Class 1 Chemical
surface caused by the presence of an excessive                                                                                  Substances and 81 Class 2 Chemical Substances.
                                                              Risk management
growth of plankton. A high concentration of
                                                              Basic term
plankton consumes a large amount of oxygen in
                                                              A technique of determining and analyzing potential risks so       Specified Chlorofluorocarbon(Freons)
the water and causes marine life to die from                                                                                    P23, 43
                                                              as to prevent or minimize the damage caused by such risks.
oxygen deficiency. One possible cause is the                                                                                    Freon is a term used for any chemical compounds
progress of eutrophication due to nutritive salts,                                                                              containing hydrocarbons such as methane and ethane
                                                              Rocky-shore denudation
such as nitrogen and phosphor, flowing into the                                                                                 combined with fluorine and chlorine. Specified
water. Discoloration in lakes, marshes, dams                                                                                    Chlorofluorocarbon refers to the five Freons, CFC11,
                                                              Destruction of seaweed community such as kelp
and reservoirs caused by an increase in fresh-                                                                                  CFC12, CFC113, CFC114 and CFC115, which have high
                                                              and Undaria pinnatifida, which bleaches
water plankton is called fresh-water red tide.                                                                                  ozone layer depletion properties among about 20 Freons.
                                                              shoreline rocks with lime.

Regulated freons                                                                                                                specified nonprofit activity
P18, 44                                                                                                                         corporation (NPO corporation)
Prohibited to manufacture and use due to their                                                                                  P31, 32
ozone layer depletion properties. The Montreal
Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone
                                                                S                                                               NPO (Non-Profit Organization or Not-for-Profit
                                                                                                                                Organization) refers to non-profit, private organizations
Layer was adopted in 1987 on a global level,                                                                                    in various fields, such as health care, welfare,
and the Law Concerning the Protection of the
                                                              Seedlings obtained by tissue culture                              environment, culture, art, sports, community
                                                              P36                                                               development, international cooperation, human
Ozone Layer through the Control of Specified
                                                              Seedlings grown under the method of tissue culture.               exchange, human rights, peace, education and other
Substances and Other Measures was
established in Japan in 1988.                                                                                                   support activities. NPO corporations are those certified
                                                              Selection of superior family lines                                under the Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit
                                                              P36                                                               Activities(NPO Law) and are an active part of NPOs.
 Regulation of total emission                                 Family and line selection for seeds in which individual
 Basic term                                                   organisms are selected to create a superior variety,              Spent fuel storage
 Restriction of the total sum of all emissions or             such as those having an excellent growth rate.                    P15
 discharges from factories to a certain level of                                                                                Temporary storage of spent fuel removed from
 concentration in a specified area devised in addition        Selective water intake                                            nuclear reactors. The spent fuel is stored in
 to the conventional emissions control of air                 P28                                                               water to protect it from decay heat and provide a
 pollutants and waste water in terms of concentration.        A method of selectively removing the surface or bottom            shield for radiation.

Stakeholders                                             water. Such material causes turbidity of water and        Transmission/distribution loss factor
Basic term                                               is used as one of the indicators for water quality.       P14, 15, 18, 22, 58
All individuals and entities related to or involved in                                                             The rate of power lost based on an initial
the operations of a company, such as customers,          Sustainable society (development)                         quantity of power transmitted from a power plant.
shareholders, investors, local communities, business     P11                                                       The loss occurs in the course of transmission or
partners (customers or affiliates) and employees.        A society in which the consumption of natural             distribution.
                                                         resources and environmental pollution are properly
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)                                managed and in which economic activities and              Tris phosphate (dimethylphenyl)
P14, 15, 18, 23, 44, 46                                  social welfare will be sustainable into the future.       P30
This is a compound of fluorine and sulfur. It does                                                                 A pale yellow transparent liquid consisting of
not exist in nature and is industrially produced. It                                                               hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and phosphorus. It is
is chemically stable and has an excellent                                                                          not defined as a combustible; however, it burns
insulating ability, and is used for insulating gas
for circuit breakers and other purposes. Sulfur            T                                                       and degrades in flame, emitting toxins. When
                                                                                                                   the flame source is removed, tris phosphate
hexafluoride is said to have a greenhouse effect                                                                   ceases to burn on its own. It is often used as
23,900 times larger than that of CO2.                                                                              control oil for turbines in power plants.
                                                         Thermal discharge
Sulfur dioxide (SO2)                                     Nuclear power plant thermal discharge. Seawater is        Two-stage combustion method
Basic term                                               used to cool the steam driving turbine-generators, so     P27
Sulfur dioxide is a pungent-smelling, colorless          its temperature is higher when it returns to the ocean.   A combustion method which controls NOx
gas produced when fuel containing sulfur is              The rise in temperature is about 7ºC in Japan.            emissions by adjusting combustion air supply in
combusted. It irritates the mucus membranes of                                                                     two stages. First, combustion air is controlled to
the respiratory organs and may cause coughing,                                                                     a level below theoretical air. Then additional air
                                                         Thermal efficiency
asthma and bronchitis.                                                                                             is supplied to supplement the shortage for
                                                         P14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 46
                                                                                                                   complete combustion through the whole process.
                                                         A ratio of power output to the original input produced
Sulfur oxides (SOx)                                      by the combustion of fuel in thermal power plants.
P13, 15, 18, 20, 27, 42                                                                                            Type 1 Monitoring Chemical Substances
Any oxide of sulfurs, such as sulfur dioxide                                                                       P30
(SO2) and sulfur trioxide (SO3). They are formed
                                                         Thermal recycling                                         354 substances covered by the Law Concerning
                                                         Basic term                                                Reporting, etc. of Releases to the Environment
primarily from fossil fuel combustion in which the
                                                         Recovery and utilization of thermal energy from           of Specific Chemical Substances and Promoting
sulfur content in fuel is oxidized. They are
                                                         waste.                                                    Improvements in Their Management. The 354
subject to regulation under the Air Pollution
Control Law as they are hazardous to human                                                                         substances are specified in ordinances based on
health and the living environment.                       Tissue culture                                            the opinion of governmental organizations such
                                                         P36                                                       as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the
                                                         Technology to clone in a culture a portion of a           Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the
Superconducting magnetic energy
                                                         plant in a sterile test tube or under other conditions.   Ministry of Environment regarding toxicity to
storage system (SMES)
                                                                                                                   human health, fauna and flora.
A system where electrical energy is stored by            Tolerable daily intake (TDI)
taking advantage of superconducting properties           Basic term
(zero electric resistance). Unlike batteries,            Daily maximum intake, per 1kg of body weight,
electric energy can be stored directly, therefore
a large current may be utilized instantly.
                                                         which is considered to have little significant
                                                         effect on health when a person consumes a
                                                         certain substance throughout their lifespan.
                                                                                                                   United Nations Conference on the
                                                         Toluene                                                   Human Environment
                                                         P30, 42                                                   Basic term
Objects made of materials with superconductivity,
                                                         A colorless flammable liquid used in explosives,          The first UN conference held in Stockholm,
for which electric resistance becomes zero at an
                                                         perfume and synthetic resin.                              Sweden in 1972 to discuss general environmental
extremely low temperature.
                                                                                                                   issues under the slogan “Only One Earth.”
                                                                                                                   Developed countries were urged to shift their
Surplus power                                            Total life cycle
                                                                                                                   priorities from economic growth to environmental
P20, 21                                                  A series of stages for products from the
                                                                                                                   protection while economic development and
This refers to excess power from non-utility             collection of resources, production, distribution
                                                                                                                   assistance were emphasized for developing
generators of electricity in private power               and use through the disposal of products.
                                                                                                                   countries. The Declaration of the United Nations
generation facilities such as those utilizing new                                                                  Conference of the Human Environment was
energy sources (e.g. photovoltaic or wind power)         Total solution service
                                                                                                                   announced and the International Action Plan for
or heat exhausted from waste incineration                P.4
                                                                                                                   the Environment was adopted to promote
facilities. General electric utilities (power            Services offered by Kyushu Electric Power and
                                                                                                                   protection of the irreplaceable earth.
companies) purchase surplus power to effectively         its group companies. It applies their experience
utilize such private generation facilities and to        and expertise to provide solutions in response to
                                                         the customers’ requests. Such services include            United Nations Environment Programe
promote the diffusion of new energy sources.
                                                         suggestions concerning energy cost reductions,            (UNEP)
                                                         advice on energy conservation and environmental           Basic term
Suspended particulate matter (SPM)                                                                                 An organization aimed at implementing the
                                                         measures, the maintenance and management
Basic term                                                                                                         Declaration of the United Nations Conference on
                                                         of facilities and technical support.
SPM refers to particulate matters that are                                                                         the Human Environment and the International
suspended in the air, such as fine particles and                                                                   Action Plan for the Environment adopted at the
dust, and that have the particle diameter of             Toxicity Equivalency Quantity (TEQ)
                                                                                                                   United Nations Conference on the Human
10µm or less. SPM can build up in various parts          P30
                                                                                                                   Environment in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. It is
of respiratory organs thereby affecting health.          An index to express a level of dioxins (toxicity
                                                                                                                   responsible for comprehensively coordinating the
                                                         level). Since dioxins have different toxicity levels
                                                                                                                   activities of various existing UN organizations and
                                                         by type, the amount of dioxin is converted into
Suspended solid (SS)                                     the most toxic 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-
                                                                                                                   addressing environmental issues that have not
Basic term                                                                                                         been attended to through international cooperation.
                                                         dioxins (2,3,7,8-TCDD).
SS refers to the amount of material suspended in

United Nations Framework Convention                     Voluntary Plan for the Environment                     companies) in the greenhouse gas reduction-
on Climate Change                                       Basic term                                             related projects of the developing or former East
Basic term                                              Abbreviation of the action plan of companies to        European countries and allocate greenhouse
Aimed to achieve the stabilization of greenhouse        voluntarily address global environmental issues.       gas reduction outcome to investors.
gas concentrations in the atmosphere, which             Kyushu Electric Power established the
should be maintained at a level that would prevent      Environment Voluntary Plan in 1992 and                 World Summit on Sustainable Develop-
dangerous anthropogenic interference with the           changed its title to the Environment Action Plan       ment
climate system. Through inter-governmental              in 1998.                                               Basic term
discussions started in February 1991, the                                                                      Summit hosted by the United Nations to discuss
convention was adopted at the INC                       Volunteer leave system                                 matters concerning further implementation of
(Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee) on            P35                                                    Agenda 21 and new issues, ten years after
May 9 1992, and was put into force in March 1994.       The name of a special leave system which               Agenda 21 was adopted by the United Nations
                                                        Kyushu Electric Power offers to support                Conference on Environment and Development.
Uranium                                                 employees’ participation in activities that            High-level discussions resulted in a comprehensive
P12                                                     contribute to society, such as social welfare          and specific plan for implementing Agenda 21
A metallic element [symbol U, atomic number 92]         activities organized by local governments.             and the Johannesburg Declaration, which lists
also found in the natural environment. Among                                                                   the political intentions of world leaders towards
uranium isotopes, the readily fissionable uranium-                                                             sustainable development.
235 is a major resource of nuclear power generation.
Most of the naturally occurring radioisotopes are
non-fission uranium-238 and natural uranium              W
contains only about 0.7% of uranium-235.
                                                        Washington Convention
                                                         Basic term
Urban heat island phenomenon
Basic term                                               An international treaty officially called the         Xylene
A phenomenon in which a metropolitan area               “Convention on International Trade in Endangered       P30, 42
becomes significantly warmer than its suburbs.           Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES),” which       Transparent and colorless liquid with a boiling
Major reasons are anthropogenic heat                     seeks to ensure, with the efforts of both exporting   temperature of approx. 140ºC. It is fragrant and
emissions from industrial activities and loss of         and importing countries, that international trade     is contained in paints. paint and varnish.
greenery due to artificial environments, which           does not threaten the survival of any endangered
reduce temperature drop by evapotranspiration.           species of wild animal or plant.

Used paper
P13, 15, 18, 24, 25, 41, 43, 44, 45, 47, 58
                                                        Water pollution
                                                        P14                                                      Y
Paper used once that may be used again as a             Polluted state of water in seas, rivers, lakes and
                                                        marshes due to human influence. Caused by mixing       Yokkaichi pollution case
material for paper instead of trees. Old or used
                                                        of harmful substances into water having a harmful      Basic term
newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard
                                                        affect on living organisms. Organic materials          The suit filed in 1967 by the residents of
and copy paper are included.
                                                        attributable to daily human activities such as BOD,    Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture against the
                                                        COD and oil are examples of harmful substances.        companies operating within the Yokkaichi
                                                                                                               Industrial Complex concerning the air pollution
                                                        Water-soluble zinc compound                            that occurred in the 1960s. In 1972, the case

 V                                                      P42
                                                        A shiny blue-tinged silvery white metal used for
                                                                                                               concluded in favor of the plaintiff.

Vacuuming                                               metal finishing such as galvanization.
Creation of a high vacuum state by removing
gases from a certain place using a vacuum pump.
                                                        Wildlife Protection Area
                                                        Basic term
                                                        Areas designated by the Minister of Environ-ment       Zero emissions
Valdez Principle                                        of Japan, governors of prefectures or other             P11, 24, 47, 58, 60, 61
Basic term                                              administrative divisions where hunting is               A goal of producing no waste. Aimed at creating
A set of ten guiding principles of corporate            prohibited under the Wildlife Protection and            a production system using waste generated from
responsibility established as a measure to solve        Hunting Law for the protection and propagation of       the production process in other industries as
environmental problems. Its establishment was           wildlife. Areas that require special attention for      reclaimed material in order to realize a no waste
triggered by the crude oil leaked from the oil tanker   these purposes are reserved as special wildlife         society. It was proposed by the United Nations
Exxon Valdez off the coast of Alaska. The principles    protection areas and any activities that might have     University in response to the adoption of
were announced by CERES, an American group              a negative impact on the wildlife are controlled.      “sustainable development” at the Earth Summit.
promoting environmental conservation.                                                                           The United Nations University dispatches
                                                        World Bank                                              qualified personnel to companies desiring the
Vienna Convention for the Protection                    General term for the International Bank for             realization of zero emissions. The Ministry of
of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal                     Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)                   Economy, Trade and Industry is actively involved
Protocol on Substances that Deplete                     (established in 1946, 183 member countries),            in widespread/prevalent efforts and introduced
the Ozone Layer                                         the International Finance Corporation (IFC)             the Eco-Town Concept based on the idea of
Basic term                                              (established in 1956, 174 member countries)             zero emissions. An increasing number of
They provide the framework for international            and the International Development Association           companies want to introduce the zero emissions
measures for ozone layer protection. The                (IDA) (established in 1960, 161 member                  concept in production activities.
Vienna Convention was adopted in 1985, and              countries), all of which fund governments and
the Montreal Protocol in 1987. To facilitate their      private enterprises in developing countries.
accurate and smooth implementation in Japan,
the Law concerning the Protection of the Ozone          World Bank’s Prototype Carbon Fund                     P24
Layer through the Control of Specified Sub-             (PCF)                                                  The 3Rs refer to “Reduce” “Reuse” and “Recycle”
stances and Other Measures was established              P14, 15, 23                                            of waste in this order and the order expresses
in 1988 to control the manufacturing of Freons          Established by the World Bank in January 2000          the priority in waste disposal endeavors.
and other substances.                                   to invest funds from investors (countries or

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