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List of Panelists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees

All conference events will be held on 26 January 2008, Saturday at the Bryan Center.
Dr. Nancy Davenport, Physician and President of Capital Heart Associates, PC
MSN Nursing, 1969
PhD Cardiac Physiology, George Washington University

Panel: Careers in Health Care (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am an interventional cardiologist in private practice in Washington, DC. I began my career with undergraduate
and graduate degrees in nursing from Duke. After moving to Washington, DC, I was an instructor and finally a
full professor in nursing at American University. After 10 years at AU, I enrolled in George Washington University
and obtained a PhD in cardiac physiology, followed by several years of research at the National Institutes of
Health. After laboring in the shadows of physicians for the whole time, I decided to enroll in medical school at
George Washington, graduating in 1985. I have since obtained additional training in peripheral vascular
interventions, and can now open most blocked blood vessels in the body below the neck that are candidates for
non-surgical treatment. To prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, and occasionally save a human life, is the
greatest privilege I can imagine.
Mr. Michael Dombeck, Deputy Director of Market Research & Strategic Intelligence, Talecris
BS Biology, 1998
Masters in Public Policy, Duke University

Panel: Careers in Health Care (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I work for Talecris Biotherapeutics, with responsibility for the US market research for a $250 million a year
product, and advising on the value and strategic fit of business development opportunities. As a Duke Undergrad,
I had no idea such positions existed, much less that I would make a career of these positions. I double-majored in
biology and health policy, but struggled to find a way to combine these two areas. By focusing on what I loved
about both, I came across a job in a field of health care analysis called outcomes research, which models the
cost-effectiveness of health care interventions. The skills I learned in this role, and my enthusaism for it, led me to
study how it could be used in business development and strategy, and after returning to Duke for my MBA and a
Master of Public Policy, I have since worked for a number of biotech companies and consulting firms planning
corporate strategy and guiding multi-million dollar licenses and acquisitions.
Ms. Kristina Graff, Associate Director, Center for Health & Wellbeing, Princeton University
BA Psychology & Spanish, 1997
Masters in Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs,
Princeton University

Panel: Careers in Health Care (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I just began a job as the Associate Director of Princeton University's Center for Health & Wellbeing. Previously I
spent a decade working on international and domestic women's health programs. Nine months after graduating
from Duke I quit my cushy financial services job to be an assistant at a not-for-profit organization working on
international women's health. I found a mentor, developed specialties and clawed my way up the career ladder. I
visited many interesting places and loved my job, but eventually I needed a master's degree to move up in the
ranks. I did my graduate work at Princeton, and after a two-year stint at the NYC Health Department I returned
there to help run an academic research center.
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List of Panelists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees
Dr. Ge Wang, Assistant Professor, Stanford University, Stanford CA
BS Computer Science, 2000
PhD Computer Science, Princeton University

Panel: Engineering, Technology and Multimedia (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Music at Stanford University, where I conduct research in computer
music, software systems for audio, new performance ensembles, and education at the intersection of computer
science and music. I left Duke with a profound interest in computer science and music, and subsequently
pursued a doctorate in Computer Science at Princeton University (advisor Perry Cook). During my PhD, I was
primarily responsible for creating the ChucK audio programming language, and was a founding developer, co-
director, and principal conductor in the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk). In the Fall of 2007, I joined the
Stanford faculty, and I am continuing my work on ChucK and laptop orchestras, in addition to exploring new
directions in computer music.
Mr. Jason Cooper, Director of Analytics & Outcomes, Accordant (a CVS Caremark Company)
MS in Biomedical Engineering, Duke University, 2006

Panel: Engineering, Technology and Multimedia (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

As Director of Analytics & Outcomes, I lead a team of analysts and researchers at Accordant Health Services - a
disease management organization. After my graduate studies in Computer Science, I worked on manned and
unmanned spaceflight software for a NASA contractor. That focus on human safety led me to search for a
program linking scientific rigor, engineering, and medicine. Duke Biomedical Engineering bridged those gaps and
the School of Medicine offered me clinically immersive opportunities that engineers are rarely afforded. I led a
non-profit health and life sciences R&D division before deciding to pursue applied research in the for-profit
healthcare sector. I believe in leveraging advanced computational techniques to mine healthcare data for
improvement opportunities.
Ms. Melanie Shaw, Aerospace & Defense Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
BSE Mechanical Engineering, 2005
Masters in Systems Engineering & Engineering Management

Panel: Engineering, Technology and Multimedia (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I currently work at Booz Allen Hamilton as an Aerospace & Defense Senior Consultant. Previously, I worked at
Boeing as a Systems Engineer. With a longstanding interest in aviation and a degree in Mechanical Engineering
and Economics, the job at Boeing seemed like a great fit. I was part of an Analysis, Modeling & Simulation team
that supported Business Development. While I was there, I got a Masters degree in Systems Engineering and
Engineering Management. Between the management courses and my interactions with business development, I
realized that while I enjoyed engineering, I was more interested in business. I was lucky enough to find my
current job, allowing me to stay in Aerospace & Defense while exploring strategy work.
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List of Panelists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees
Mr. Theo Tam, Director, ImaGyn
Masters in Engineering Management, Duke University, 2007

Panel: Engineering, Technology and Multimedia (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am a social entrepreneur. My team, ImaGyn (, recently won the $100,000 CUREs Business
Plan Competition at Duke to develop a cervical cancer diagnostic device for the developing world. We are
currently launching our non-profit venture in partnership with our device inventor, Dr. David Walmer, and
Family Health Ministries. I started my career at Stanford, as part of the Product Design and Biodesign programs.
My first job was with Google, as part of their Froogle Germany team. I took my next job at Lockheed Martin as a
mechanical design engineer on a space systems development team. In 2006, I joined the Duke Master of
Engineering Management Program, where I became a CUREs Fellow with Engineering World Health.
Dr. Ed Venit, Consultant, The Advisory Board Company
BS Biology, 1998
PhD Biology, Duke University

Panel: Consulting (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am a Consultant with the Advisory Board Company. At ABC, we function as information brokers - our research
involves interviews with executives, literature searches, and data mining all for the purpose of finding the best
solutions to the most pressing problems facing hospital and university administrators.

Mr. David Chandler, Chief Operating Officer, Chandler 4 Corners
BS English & History, 1975
Masters in Education, Duke University

Panel: Entrepreneurship (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am currently the Chief Operating Officer for Chandler 4 Corners. It is a casual home furnishings company that
my brother and I started and run. Reaching this point in my career has been a journey. Because I studied English
and History at Duke, teaching seemed the logical direction. So I took my diploma and certification to Europe. I
taught for five years at American Schools in England and Greece. Wanting more management training, I went to
Yale School of Management. After working at a start-up insurance company in New Havaen, and with a political
consulting firm in Washington DC, I spent ten years doing relief and development work in Southeast Asia. This
was the realization of a long term goal of mine, i.e. to work in a cross cultural context on leadership and
management. The last five years were spent in Burma as the Country Director of a program I started mostly from
scratch. This was a dream job and an amazing experience. I started with a staff o two and had grown to 180 by
the time we left. My family and I returned to Vermont to take a break. During that time my brother asked me to
join him in the venture we had started ten years earlier. The chance to work with my brother was also a dream
come true. So far, in 6 years, we have quadrupled in growth, we remain very close as brothers and managers, and
as a company we are still going strong.
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List of Panelists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees
Mr. Marc Dreyfors, Manager, Carolina Biodiesel LLC
BS Environmental Studies
Masters in Environmental Management, Duke University, 1990

Panel: Environment (12:45 PM)

After graduate school, Mr. Dreyfors worked as Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer for Duke University's
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. In August of 1993, Mr. Dreyfors started Forests of the World, LLC.,
a U.S.-based import company designed to assist in the development and marketing of sustainable forest products
from around the world. In 2000, Mr. Dreyfors helped start The Forest Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), that
provides services in “green” business development to artisans in areas of high biodiversity, and environmental
education in the areas of fair trade, natural capitalism and sustainable development. The Forest Foundation
recently purchased Carolina Biodiesel, and Mr. Dreyfors is leading the effort to increase distribution of alternative
biofuels in the Triangle area by building a biodiesel plant and starting Bull City Biodiesel Cooperative. Mr.
Dreyfors serves on the Board of the Environmental Educators of NC (since 2004), The Alumni Council of the
Nicholas School of the Environment (since 2005). John Marc Dreyfors holds a Master of Environmental
Management degree from Duke University's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at
Mr. Edmund DeHoratius, Latin and Classics Teacher, Wayland High School
BA Classical Languages, 1995
Masters in Education, Boston College

Panel: Teaching, International and Domestic K-12 (12:45 PM)
Up before 5, at school by 6.15. Get organized, grade some tests or papers, get ready for the day. First period at
7.30: anything from Latin 2 (the passive voice this week) to Medieval Literature (Milton's Paradise Lost; ok, not
Medieval, but provides a nice foil to Dante's Inferno). I'd wanted to teach Latin since high school, and so looked
at colleges based on their Classics Departments. While at Duke, I branched out into Medieval Renaissance
Studies, and, after conducting research at the Vatican Library while studying in Rome as a junior, I wrote a senior
thesis on a 15th century manuscript in Duke's Special Collections. I took a job teaching Latin and coaching
soccer at a private school in Worcester. Four years later, I moved to a public school outside of Boston, where I
have taught Latin, Classical Literature, Medieval Literature, and Archaeology for the last nine years. In the interim
I received two Master's degrees from Boston College, which I pursued part time while teaching.
Dr. Doris Rouse, Vice President – Global Health, RTI International
BS Chemistry, 1970
PhD in Physiology & Pharmacology, Duke University, 1980

Panel: Global Health (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am the Vice President of Global Health Technologies at RTI International. After I graduated from Duke with a
Chemistry degree, I served in Peace Corps in Liberia teaching science. This experienced exposed me to the need
for better treatments for neglected diseases. When I returned to the U.S., I worked for a pharmaceutical company
and went back to grad school. Then, working on NASA projects to transfer aerospace technology to medical
applications I developed a wide biomedical network. A chance discussion with an NIH researcher led me to an
opportunity in tuberculosis drug development that has been successful and led to my current position.
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List of Panelists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees
Ms. Xing Hu, Change Manager, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
Masters in Public Policy, Duke University, 2005

Panel: Non-profit / Social Responsibility (12:45 PM & 3:15 PM)

I am currently a Change Manager with Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, managing the Operations Department
for Youth Venture: An Ashoka Initiative. Coming from China, I established Dream Corps, a non-profit, while
doing graduate studies at Sanford Institute. Dream Corps recruits, trains and sends international Chinese
descendants as volunteers to Chinese villages to set up libraries for children. I had run it for two annual programs
by the time I graduated from Duke, and decided to work to expand it to a professional non-profit. I applied to
become Ashoka's social entrepreneur fellow. I was eventually offered the opportunity to join Ashoka as a staff
member to promote the social entrepreneurship. Today, Dream Corps continues to inspire more and more
Chinese national youths outside of China, and I have the chance to promote the spirit of social entrepreneurship
which made me start Dream Corps to youths in the rest of the world by working at Ashoka's Youth Venture.
Dr. Lynn Ennis, Curator of Collection, Gregg Museum of Art & Design NCSU
MA in Liberal Studies, Duke University, 1989
PhD in American Studies, Union Institute

Panel: Visual & Performing Arts (3:15 PM)

I am currently the curator of the collection at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design. NCSU. I get to work with
objects, donors and artists every day. But I came by this career is a round about way. With an undergraduate
degree in history I knew how to research and for the next ten years I worked in a variety of jobs. My biggest issue
was that after I learned the job I was ready to move on. This is when I applied for and was accepted to Duke's
Masters in Liberal Studies.It was here that I began to focus on objects and their meaning. With encouragement
from Duke I went to the Union Institute and pursed a PhD with a focus on American Studies. My master's thesis
became the beginnings of my dissertation which focuses on the Penland School of Crafts.
Mr. Viswa Subbaraman, Artistic & Music Director, Opera Vista
AB Music, 1998
Masters in Music, Texas Tech University

Panel: Visual & Performing Arts (3:15 PM)

I am currently the Artistic/Music Director as well as the co-founder of Opera Vista, an innovative chamber opera
company in Houston, TX. When I left Duke University, I left with only the idea that one day I wanted to be a
conductor. I stayed in the triangle for a year when I worked as the assistant to William Henry Curry, then I went
on to earn a master's degree from Texas Tech University. Following my master's degree, I won a Fulbright Grant
to study in Paris, France. Shortly after arriving in Paris, I won the assistant conductor position with the Orchestre
National de France. When I returned to the US, Opera Vista was born!
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List of Panelists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees
Mrs. Joanna Catherine Scott, Literary Novelist
AM Philosophy, Duke University, 1977

Panel: Writing for a Living (3:15 PM)

I am a literary novelist. After Duke, I worked in nuclear safety, then as a White House appointee to FEMA. My
husband became ambassador to the Asian Development Bank and we went to live in Manila, where we
witnessed the demise of the Marcos regime. On a visit to a refugee camp in Bataan, I was given a painting of boat
people. The back had this inscription: “A people forced to go a dangerous drama across feats of darkness and
turbulent seas in favor of freedom.” I wept. The next two years I spent sitting in the dust with refugees from
Indochina, recording their stories. All my books since then have been inspired by the true stories of the voiceless.

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