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									Angelica Guerrero


                                          The Immigration Reform

         In the Unites States, legislators have periodically tried to pass a law regarding immigration, more

specifically against Hispanic immigrants. Recently states within the United States have made new

immigration reform laws and they have been ruled constitutional by a federal judge. In my mind this

reform is unconstitutional and unfair. It violates our basic human right and our civil rights. It is incorrect

for a law enforcer to stop or detain some people because of the way they look. Our parents taught us to

treat others as we would like to be treated. This new reform is just an excuse to discriminate and

stereotype an entire race. In my opinion, some of the legislators need to take time from their busy

schedules and read the Constitution; after all, they are sworn to act by it. The reform doesn’t only affect

immigrants, but it also effects the economy, agriculture in Georgia, as well as the American citizens.

         The reform is unfair to the immigrants. The only thing they desire is a place to work, somewhere

they can be productive and put all their knowledge and hard effort to good use. They don’t mean any

harm by coming to the United States to look for a better life where they can be free and work as hard as

they possibly can and want. Yes, they should try to enter this Country legally and have their papers in

order. But sometimes some government employees and even people who don’t work for the

government make it seem impossible for an illegal alien to try to begin the process of getting a green

card, and when they gather the courage to invest their money in applying for legal residency, they get

turned down so fast, and their dreams are completely destroyed.

                 The new law is an excuse for non-Hispanics to discriminate more openly against

Hispanics. Why is it so hard for others to treat their peers equally? We are all the same under God’s

eyes, for he made us all equal. There is so much discrimination here, and some people decide to make it

impossible for immigrants to become legal aliens. Some Caucasians and also some Hispanics who have
lived in this country for so long they consider themselves Caucasians, honestly think we are here

wrongfully and that we are taking their land when in reality we are all occupying Native American land.

If they believe we don’t belong here, then neither do they. While some American citizens don’t

discriminate and could care less about another person’s aspect, race, ethnicity, or nationality; others act

is if they fear this group of people could cause them great harm. All immigrants want is to work. They

won’t mess with ordinary citizens. They are the ones who build our houses and pick our crops. I mean

really, when are we going to actually going to get up before the sun rises and go out to the fields to pick

crops all day? When I say all day, I mean from sunrise to sundown. During the summer the heat is

excruciating, and the days are long. The sun may come out at 7 in the morning and not go down until 8

p. m.

        This reform is also a violation of our human and civil rights. It is incorrect to treat some people

like animals just because they are here illegally; they are still human beings. A law enforcer shouldn’t be

able to detain brown-skinned people just because of their aspect, or because they may suspect the

person is in the country illegally. If a police officer decides to detain me because he may think I am an

illegal alien, how am I going to prove to him that I am actually an American citizen? I don’t carry my birth

certificate, passport or Identification card with me everywhere I go. Am I supposed to have a label or

sign somewhere on my body that says I am an American citizen, and if you don’t believe me, check the

birth record in California from November 25, 1992? Or check my finger prints? I know this is just my

opinion, but some legislators really do need to rethink and read everything they write in the bills. Do

they not have enough sense inside them? Or are they just that unhappy with their lives that they want

to make others feel miserable in their lives as well?

        In Georgia this immigration reform is called HB 87. What people that support this bill refuse to

realize is that this state needs the immigrants to do well economically and agriculturally. Georgia is an
agricultural state and therefore depends on the hard labor of the immigrants in the fields. Like I said

previously, we are not going to get up before sunrise and work on the fields until sundown. Some of us

are simply too lazy to do all that work, and if we actually do the work of an immigrant we complain all

day. There is actually a movie that came out several years ago called A Day Without A Mexican. This

movie somewhat relates to what would happen if the immigrant population disappeared from the

United States. It may be that I take this bill too personally because it affects my race and ethnicity, but I

will stand up for what I believe and voice my opinion whenever it is possible for to do it. If people did

not stand up for what they believed, where would this world be? What has this country come to? I had

honestly always believed that it truly was “the melting pot”. What happened to this country motto, “E

Pluribus Unum”, “Out of many, one”? Have we forgotten how to be one big family, sharing the same

land and becoming a united nation?

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