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         Applied behavior analysis is the study is the study of behaviors by measuring problematic
behaviors and analyzing what changes in the environment will possibly influence behaviors in a positive
way. Applied behavior analysis seeks to understand, explain, describe, and predict behaviors of both
humans and animals. Some of the major studies in applied behavior analysis include learning
disabilities, health related severe disabilities, alcoholism addictive behaviors, management of pain,
learning and conditioning among a few. Behavior Analysis looks at the environment that provide
consequences to behavior, resulting in an increase or decrease in that behavior in similar circumstances.
The consequences of behavior influences the intensity, frequency of a behavior occurring. A major
theory behind behavior analysis is that it is operant in nature and changes as the environment changes,
resulting in different behavioral consequences. Behavior analysis also looks at genetics, physiology, and
brain chemistry better understand behavior. Behavior analysis understands that behavior laws exist in a
large part due to genetics. Behaviorists believe that past experiences change structures in the brain and
affect the way you behave and react today. Looking at different factors that may influence behavior is
important to learning and understanding a variety of circumstances that may lead to new innovative
treatments and learning techniques that can help many experiencing problematic behaviors.

        Research has been done to improve problematic behaviors in both animals and humans
alike, considering a wide range of factors that may influence behaviors. Behavior Analysis
journals cover research topics specific to animals, or specific to human behavior. Among the
most resourceful research journals for Behavior analysis in animal behavior is the Journal of
Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes. This journal covers an array of research
topics in all aspects of animal behavior. Looking at situations that may cause disorders in
animals such as the separation at birth in rats may cause anorexia in rats. Another Journal for the
behavior analysis for humans is the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, it publishes journals
that deal with experimental analysis of problematic behaviors of social importance. Such cases
may study reinforcement and response cost of behaviors in order to reduce disruptive behavior in
the classroom. These are only two journals within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, for a
broader and better understanding of the scope of study in behavior analysis it is important to
review a variety of sources such as research journals and professional associations.

        Professional Associations provide an excellent opportunity for students who are
interested in research to find out what is current in research, and dates for conferences. Joining a
professional association also allows for professional and educational networking within the field
of psychology. One popular association for psychology is the American Psychological
Association and one specific to Applied Behaviors is the Association for Behavior Analysis. The
American Psychological Association is a professional association that is based on the United
States. It is one of the largest Associations of psychologist worldwide with 150,000 members.
The association seeks to promote: professionalism, ethics, conduct, networking, research
publications. The Association for Behavior Analysis is dedicated to the science of behavior
analysis and promoting: research, education, and practice. They sponsor top regional conferences
in Behavior Analysis in the United States. These Associations are an important tool to the
research community expanding their knowledge, connections, and practice professionally. They
are an important tool for both students and professionals to learn and be a part of an active
research community.

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