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Online Depression Test (DOC)


									Online Depression Test
Are you suffering from depression? Would you even know if you are depressed? One way to find out is to take a
depression test. If you feel sad once in a while that is normal. But if you have feelings of loneliness, feel that life is
hopeless or are irritable all the time then you may suffer from depression. If these feelings get in the way of your
everyday life then there is a good chance you have some form of clinical depression.

Taking a depression test is a simple and painless thing. There are hundreds if not thousands of web sites that offer
free depression tests. Now these aren't the most in depth of tests but they will give you an idea of why you may be
feeling the way you do.

These online depression test are confidential and do not require you to divulge your name or any other personal
information. These tests in no way give definitive diagnosis of depression, but they will give you a good idea of what
you may be suffering from and whether you need to seek a professional opinion.

Most depression tests are multiple choice questions concerning your mood, behavior and habits. These questions
and the answers you provide help identify depression symptoms you may be experiencing and give
recommendations as to the next step for getting help for you condition.

According to national statistics only 1 in 10 people suffering from depression will receive treatment for their
condition. The reasons for this are varied. Some people simply do not know they have a depression disorder while
others do not want the stigma of depression attached to themselves.

A simple depression test could help most of these people on the road to recovery and the chance to live healthy
happy lives. A report by the American Psychiatric Association states that 80% to 90% of all depression can be treated
successfully with proper medication and counseling.

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