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          Unit English Word       n,   Dutch Flemish    English definition                   Example Sentence
    r     No.                     v,   Vlaams

    a      2   accent             n     accent          the way in which someone             an American accent
                                                        pronounces words, influenced by
                                                        the country or area they come
                                                        from, or their social class

    a      7   achieve            v     bereiken        to succeed in doing something        to achieve an ambition
                                                        good, usually by working hard

    a      1   adapt              v     aanpassen       to change your behaviour so that It takes time to adapt to a new
                                                        it is suitable for a new situation; to working environment.
                                                        change something so that it is
                                                        suitable for a different use or

    a      4   admire             v     bewonderen      to respect or approve of someone You have to admire him for
                                                        or something                     being so determined.

    a      5   adventurer         n     avonturier      someone who does difficult and    He was something of an
                                                        dangerous things in remote places adventurer, living most of his
                                                                                          life abroad.

    a      15 advertise           v     adverteren      to tell people about a product or    Companies are not allowed to
                                                        service, for example in              advertise cigarettes on
                                                        newspapers or on television, in      television any more.
                                                        order to persuade them to buy it

    a      4   advertisement      n     reclame         a picture, short film, song, etc     a newspaper/television
                                                        which tries to persuade people to    advertisement
                                                        buy a product or service

    a      4   advice             n     advies          suggestions about what you think     She asked me for advice about
                                                        someone should do or how they        writing a book.
                                                        should do something

    a      13 afro                n     afrokapsel      a type of haircut, often worn by     Afros were very popular in the
                                                        people of African origin             1970s.

    a      4   agent              n     tussenpersoon   someone whose job is to deal         The company has agents all
                                                        with business for someone else;      over the world.
                                                        someone who tries to find out
                                                        secret information, especially
                                                        about another country

    a      13 agree               v     het eens zijn   to have the same opinion as     I agree with you.
                                                        someone; to say you will do
                                                        something that someone asks you
                                                        to do

    a      9   agreement          n     overeenkomst    a promise or decision made           an international agreement
                                                        between two or more people;
                                                        when people have the same
                                                        opinion as each other

    a      10 alarming            adj   verontrustend   making you feel worried or           alarming news

    a      2   all right, mate?         alles goed?     a friendly greeting                  All right mate? How's life?

    a      7   alternative        n     alternatief     one of two or more things that you It's a low-fat alternative to butter.
                                                        can choose between

    a      11 although                  alhoewel        despite the fact that; but           She walked home by herself,
                                                                                             although she knew it was

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                      English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 1
    a   5   ambition           n     ambitie                 something you want to achieve in        My ambition is to retire at forty.
                                                             your life; a strong feeling that you
                                                             want to be successful or powerful

    a   4   ambitious          adj   ambitieus               wanting to be successful or             an ambitious young lawyer

    a   11 ambulance           n     ziekenwagen             a vehicle that takes people to          I broke my leg, and someone
                                                             hospital when they are ill or hurt      called an ambulance.

    a   14 amused              adj   vermakelijk             showing that you think something        an amused smile
                                                             is funny

    a   10 and besides               en bovendien            used to introduce another point         …and besides, he went to the
                                                                                                     beach last week.

    a   14 anger               n     woede                   a strong feeling against someone        There was a lot of public anger
                                                             who has behaved badly, making           at the rise in taxes.
                                                             you want to shout at them or hurt

    a   15 angle               n     hoek                    a space between two lines or            an angle of 90°
                                                             surfaces that meet at one point,
                                                             which you measure in degrees

    a   14 angry               adj   boos                    having a strong feeling against  He's really angry with me for
                                                             someone who has behaved badly, upsetting Sophie.
                                                             making you want to shout at them
                                                             or hurt them

    a   7   announce           v     aankondigen             to tell people about something          The company has announced
                                                             officially or with force or             plans to open six new stores.

    a   2   anyway                   in ieder geval          used to change the subject of a         Anyway, what were we talking
                                                             conversation                            about before?

    a   13 apologise for       v     excuses aanbieden voor say sorry for something                  I must apologise for my terrible
                                                                                                     behaviour yesterday.

    a   12 apparition          n     verschijning            a ghost                                 I saw a strange apparition when
                                                                                                     I was in the old house on the

    a   7   appeal             n     verzoek                 when a lot of people are asked to       The appeal raised over £2
                                                             give money, information, or help;       million for AIDS research.
                                                             to strongly request something,
                                                             often publicly

    a   3   apple pie          n     appeltaart              a sweet food made from fruit and        My mother makes delicious
                                                             pastry                                  apple pie.

    a   4   application form   n     aanvraagformulier       a form that you use to officially       I want a new job, but I hate
                                                             ask for something, for example a        filling in application forms.

    a   4   apply for a job          naar een baan           try to get a job by filling in a form   I've applied for a job.
    a   12 archaeologist       n     archeoloog              someone who studies archaeology Indiana Jones was an

    a   3   argue              v     ruzie maken             to speak angrily to someone,        Kids, will you stop arguing with
                                                             telling them that you disagree with each other?

    a   9   army               n     leger                   a military force that fights wars on the British Army
                                                             the ground

    a   5   arrive at          v     aankomen op/bij         to get to a place                       I arrived at the station in time to
                                                                                                     catch the train.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                              English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 2
    a   5   arrive in     v     aankomen in      to get to a place                      When he first arrived in New
                                                                                        York, he didn't speak a word of

    a   10 arson          n     brandstichting   the crime of intentionally burning     A house has burned down –
                                                 something, such as a building          police think it was arson.

    a   6   artificial    adj   kunstmatig       not natural, but made by people        an artificial flower/lake

    a   6   as soon as          zo gauw als      at the same time or a very short       As soon as I saw her, I knew
                                                 time after                             there was something wrong.

    a   13 ask            v     vragen           to say something to someone as Can I ask you a few questions?
                                                 a question which you want them
                                                 to answer; to say something to
                                                 someone because you want them
                                                 to give you something

    a   5   astronaut     n     astronaut        someone who travels into space         Neil Armstrong was the first
                                                                                        astronaut to walk on the moon.

    a   14 athletic       adj   atletisch        relating to athletes or to the sport   an athletic person
                                                 of athletics

    a   5   atmosphere    n     atmosfeer        the feeling which exists in a place    a relaxed/tense atmosphere
                                                 or situation; the air inside a room
                                                 or other place

    a   9   attack        v     aanvallen        to use violence to hurt or damage      He was attacked and seriously
                                                 someone or something                   injured by a man wearing a
                                                                                        leather jacket.

    a   3   audience      n     publiek          the people who sit and watch a    There were a lot of children in
                                                 performance at a theatre, cinema, the audience.
                                                 etc; the type of people who watch
                                                 a particular TV show, read a
                                                 particular book, etc

    a   15 audition       n     auditie          when someone does a short              Actors have to go to lots of
                                                 performance to try to get a job as     auditions.
                                                 an actor, singer, etc

    a   6   author        n     auteur           someone who writes a book,             J.K. Rowling is an author of
                                                 article, etc                           children's fiction.

    a   7   authority     n     autoriteit       the official power to make             a position of authority
                                                 decisions or to control other

    a   4   autograph     n     handtekening     a famous person's name, written        I've got Bono's autograph.
                                                 by that person

    a   2   avoid         v     vermijden        to stay away from a person, place, He's been avoiding me all week.
                                                 situation, etc

    a   8   awake         adj   wakker           not sleeping                           I'm usually awake at 6 o'clock
                                                                                        in the morning.

    b   3   background    n     achtergrond      sounds in the background that are background music/noise
                                                 not the main sounds you can
                                                 hear; a person's education, family,
                                                 and experience of life

    b   4   badly-paid    adj   slecht betaald   to get a small amount of money         People who work in shops are
                                                 for working                            often badly-paid.

    b   13 bad-tempered   adj   slechtgezind     to be often angry                      I don't like bad-tempered

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                 English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 3
    b   4   banking               n     bankwezen                 the business of operating a bank    People who work in banking
                                                                                                      often earn a lot of money.

    b   3   bark                  v     blaffen                   if a dog barks, it makes loud,      The neighbour’s dog was
                                                                  short sounds                        barking all night.

    b   12 be against (something) v     ertegen zijn              disagreeing with a plan or activity; Andrew wants to change offices
                                                                  touching something                   but I'm against it.

    b   12 be off (something)     v     geen zin hebben in (iets) not to like something you usually   I'm not feeling well – I'm off my
                                                                  like                                food.

    b   12 be onto                v     (iets/iemand) op het      to know that someone has done       Police think they are onto the
           (something/someone)          spoor zijn                something wrong or illegal          criminals who robbed the bank
                                                                                                      last week.

    b   13 beard                  n     baard                     the hair that grows on a man's      Are you growing a beard?
                                                                  chin (= the bottom of his face)

    b   13 beg                    v     bedelen                   to ask someone for food or          Young children were begging
                                                                  money, because you do not have      on the streets.
                                                                  any; to make a very strong and
                                                                  urgent request

    b   6   believe it or not           geloof het of niet        used to say that something is true He even remembered my
                                                                  although it seems surprising       birthday, believe it or not.

    b   13 best man               n     getuige                   a man who stands next to the      My brother was the best man at
                                                                  man who is getting married at the my wedding.
                                                                  marriage ceremony and helps him

    b   6   between you and me          onder ons                 said to indicate a secret between   Between you and me, I think
                                                                  two people                          Sarah's in love with Alan!

    b   14 bite (someone’s) head v      (iemand) afsnauwen        to speak very angrily to someone    I only said "hello", but she bit
           off                                                                                        my head off!

    b   13 bless                  v     zegenen                   to ask God to help or protect       The priest blessed their
                                                                  someone or something, or to         marriage.
                                                                  make it holy

    b   12 blessing               n     zegen                     something which is lucky or       Her father gave them his
                                                                  makes you happy; approval that    blessing to get married.
                                                                  someone gives to a plan or action

    b   6   blind                 adj   blind                     not able to see                     She went blind after an

    b   5   boarding card         n     instapkaart               a piece of paper you must show to Can I see your boarding card
                                                                  get on an aircraft                please?

    b   2   body contact          n     lichamelijk contact       touching another person             Rugby is a game with a lot of
                                                                                                      body contact.

    b   2   body language         n     lichaamstaal              the way you move your body, that You can often tell what people
                                                                  shows people what you are feeling are thinking from their body

    b   8   boiling               adj   kokend heet               very hot                            It's boiling in here!

    b   1   bond with             v     het goed kunnen vinden when two things or people              I bonded with Fred as soon as
                                        met                    become close                           we met.

    b   10 boredom                n     verveling                 when you are bored                  I nearly died of boredom.

    b   2   borrow                v     lenen                     to use something that belongs to    Can I borrow a pen please?
                                                                  someone else and give it back

    b   13 bossy                  adj   bazig                     always telling other people what to Linda is very bossy.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                               English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 4
    b   6   brain             n     hersenen                    the organ inside your head that        brain damage
                                                                controls your thoughts, feelings,
                                                                and movements

    b   15 brave              adj   dapper                      showing no fear of dangerous or        He died after a brave fight
                                                                difficult situations                   against cancer.

    b   10 break down         v     begeven                     if a machine or vehicle breaks         My car broke down on the way
                                                                down, it stops working                 to work.

    b   10 break the law            de wet overtreden           to do something illegal                I've never broken the law.

    b   2   break up          v     uitmaken                    if people break up, they stop          He's just broken up with his
                                                                having a relationship or stop          girlfriend.
                                                                working together

    b   13 bride              n     bruid                       a woman who is getting married         the bride and groom

    b   3   bridge            n     brug                        a structure that is built over a       to go across/over a bridge
                                                                river, road, etc so that people or
                                                                vehicles can go across it

    b   13 broad shouldered   adj   breedgeschouderd            with big, wide shoulders               Arnold Schwarzenegger is very
                                                                                                       broad shouldered.

    b   11 bulldozer          n     bulldozer                   a heavy vehicle used to destroy    A bulldozer destroyed the old
                                                                buildings and make the ground flat house.

    b   2   bump into         v     tegenkomen                  to meet someone you know when I bumped into an old school
                                                                you have not planned to meet  friend in town today.

    b   10 burglary           n     inbraak                     when someone gets into a               There is a lot of burglary in our
                                                                building illegally and steals things   town.

    b   12 buried             adj   begraven                    under the ground                       I have some money buried in
                                                                                                       the garden.

    b   6   burn              v     verbranden                  to destroy something with fire, or     I burnt all his letters.
                                                                to be destroyed by fire

    b   9   burner            n     Een technish, stÿlvol en a graffiti term meaning a                 Our school has asked a graffiti
                                    in felle kleuren          technical, stylish piece of graffiti,    artist to decorate the wall with a
                                    geschilderd graffitiwerk. done in bright colours                   burner.

    b   13 bushy              adj   dik                         if hair or a plant is bushy, it has    bushy eyebrows
                                                                grown very thick

    c   12 call off           v     aflassen                    to decide that a planned event or      The game has been called off
                                                                activity will not happen because it    because of the weather.
                                                                is not possible, useful, or wanted

    c   14 calm               adj   kalm                        relaxed and not worried,               a calm voice/manner
                                                                frightened, or excited

    c   7   campaign          n     campagne                    a series of organised activities or an advertising/election
                                                                events intended to achieve a result campaign

    c   12 cancel             v     annuleren                   to say that an organised event will The meeting has been
                                                                not now happen; to stop an order cancelled.
                                                                for products or services that you
                                                                do not now want

    c   4   career            n     carrière                    a job that you do for a long period    he had a successful career in
                                                                of your life and that gives you the    marketing.
                                                                chance to move to a higher
                                                                position and earn more money

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 5
    c   8   cave               n     grot                     a large hole in the side of a cliff (= Thousands of years ago,
                                                              straight, high rock next to the        people lived in caves.
                                                              sea), mountain, or under the

    c   8   celebrity          n     beroemdheid              a famous person                       My favourite celebrity is Robbie

    c   13 centre parting      n     scheiding in het midden a hair style, where your hair is       I don't think centre partings are
                                                             divided in the middle                  very fashionable.

    c   13 ceremony            n     ceremonie                a formal event that is performed      a wedding/marriage ceremony
                                                              on important social or religious

    c   4   challenging        adj   uitdagend                difficult to do in a way that tests   This has been a challenging
                                                              your ability or determination         time for us all.

    c   5   check in           v     inchecken                to go to the desk at an airport or  We have to check in two hours
                                                              hotel in order to say that you have before the flight leaves.

    c   5   check-in desk      n     incheckbalie             place at an airport where you go      You need to get your boarding
                                                              to get your boarding pass             card from the check-in desk.

    c   3   cheer              v     juichen                  to shout loudly in order to show      The crowd stood up and
                                                              your approval or to encourage         cheered at the end of the
                                                              someone                               concert.

    c   15 circular            adj   rond                     shaped like a circle                  a circular rug

    c   13 clean shaven        adj   gladgeschoren            for a man to have no hair on his      Most businessmen are clean
                                                              face                                  shaven.

    c   11 coconut palm        n     kokospalm                a tree on which coconuts grow         There are lots of coconut palms
                                                                                                    in Jamaica.

    c   12 come across         v     toevallig vinden         to meet someone or discover           I came across an old photo of
                                                              something by chance                   my mother when I was cleaning
                                                                                                    the house.

    c   11 come back to it           erop terugkomen          to return to a situation or problem   I won't do that work now – I'll
                                                                                                    come back to it later.

    c   11 come up             v     zich voordoen            if a problem comes up, it appears     The next time the problem
                                                                                                    comes up, you will know what
                                                                                                    to do.

    c   11 come up with        v     verzinnen                to think of a plan, an idea, or a     We need to come up with a
                                                              solution to a problem                 good scheme to make money.

    c   10 commit a crime            een misdrijf begaan      to break the law                      I've never committed a crime.

    c   2   communicate        v     communiceren             to share information with others      We can now communicate
                                                              by speaking, writing, moving your     instantly with people on the
                                                              body, or using other signals          other side of the world.

    c   10 community           n     gemeenschap              the people living in a particular     a rural/small community
                                                              area; a group of people with the
                                                              same interests, nationality, job, etc

    c   10 community service   n     taakstraf                work that someone who has             He had to do 3 months
                                                              committed a crime does to help        community service – but it's
                                                              other people instead of going to      better than going to prison!

    c   15 companion           n     gezelschap               someone who you spend a lot of        a travelling companion
                                                              time with or go somewhere with

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                             English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 6
    c   4   company            n     bedrijf                an organisation which sells goods a software/telephone company
                                                            or services

    c   9   compare            v     vergelijken            to examine the ways in which two     The teachers are always
                                                            people or things are different or    comparing me to my sister.

    c   14 compassion          n     medeleven              a feeling of sympathy for people     Mother Teresa of Calcutta
                                                            who are suffering                    always showed a lot of

    c   5   compete            v     strijden               to take part in a race or            She's competing for a place in
                                                            competition                          next year's Olympics.

    c   8   complaint          n     klacht                 when someone says that               I wrote a letter of complaint to
                                                            something is wrong or not            the supermarket.

    c   6   compose            v     componeren             to write a piece of music            Mozart composed over 40

    c   6   computer chip      n     computerchip           electronic circuits inside a         Computer chips are faster than
                                                            computer                             they were 2 years ago.

    c   16 concentrate         v     concentreren           to think very carefully about        Be quiet – I'm trying to
                                                            something you are doing and          concentrate.
                                                            nothing else

    c   6   conclude           v     eindigen               to end something such as a          The concert concluded with a
                                                            meeting, speech, or piece of        firework display.
                                                            writing by doing or saying one last

    c   11 confident           adj   zelfverzekerd          certain about your ability to do     a confident grin
                                                            things well

    c   6   consciousness      n     bewustzijn             when someone is awake and can        He lost consciousness
                                                            think and notice things              (=stopped being conscious) for
                                                                                                 several minutes.

    c   3   considerate        adj   welgemanierd           kind and helpful                     She is a polite and considerate

    c   11 conspiracy theory   n     samenzweringstheorie   an explanation of a mysterious       There are many conspiracy
                                                            event                                theories about the murder of
                                                                                                 President Kennedy.

    c   1   contemporary       adj   modern                 of the present time; modern          I prefer contemporary music.

    c   8   contestant         n     deelnemer              someone who competes in a            I was a contestant in a TV quiz
                                                            contest                              show.

    c   1   continent          n     continent              one of the seven main areas of       Asia is the biggest continent.
                                                            land on the Earth, such as Asia,
                                                            Africa, or Europe

    c   4   contract           n     contract               a legal agreement between two        David Beckham has signed a
                                                            people or organisations,             contract to play for Real Madrid.
                                                            especially one that involves doing
                                                            work for a particular amount of

    c   10 convicted           adj   veroordeeld            when a court of law has decided      He was convicted of murder,
                                                            that someone is guilty of a          and sent to prison for life.
                                                            particular crime

    c   11 coral reef          n     koraalrif              large underwater mass of plants      There is a big coral reef off the
                                                            and animals                          coast of Australia.

    c   5   cosmonaut          n     kosmonaut              an astronaut                         The cosmonauts are from

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                          English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 7
    c   9   council           n     gemeenteraad           a group of people who are elected Edinburgh City Council
                                                           to control a town, city, or area

    c   5   courage           n     moed                   the ability to deal with dangerous The soldiers fought with great
                                                           or difficult situations without being courage.

    c   6   crash             n     ongeluk                an accident in which a vehicle hits There was a car crash on the
                                                           something; a sudden, loud noise M42 last night.
                                                           made when something falls or
                                                           breaks; when a computer or
                                                           computer system suddenly stops

    c   11 crater             n     krater                 the round, open part at the top of    There are many craters on the
                                                           a volcano                             moon.

    c   4   create            v     creëren                to make something happen or           The project will create more
                                                           exist                                 than 500 jobs.

    c   9   creation          n     creatie                something that someone has            The museum contains some of
                                                           made                                  his best creations.

    c   15 creepy             adj   griezelig              strange and frightening               He told me a creepy story.

    c   9   crew              n     bemanning; een         the people who work together on a crew member
                                    georganiseerde groep   a ship, aircraft, or train; a graffiti
                                    graffitikunstenaars    term meaning an organised group
                                                           of graffiti artists

    c   10 criminal           n     crimineel              someone who has committed a           A dangerous criminal has
                                                           crime                                 escaped from Newcastle prison.

    c   7   criticise         v     bekritiseren           to say that something or someone The film was criticised for being
                                                           is bad                           too violent.

    c   13 cropped            adj   gemillimeterd          cut short                             He has cropped hair.

    c   14 cross              adj   boos                   annoyed or angry                      Don't be cross with me!

    c   2   cross your arms         je armen over elkaar   to put one of your arms over the      She sat down and crossed her
                                    slaan                  top of the other                      arms.

    c   3   crowd             n     menigte                a large group of people who are       A large crowd had gathered to
                                                           together in one place                 wait for the princess.

    c   9   cruel             adj   gemeen                 extremely unkind, or causing          a cruel joke
                                                           people or animals to suffer

    c   12 cruelty            n     wreedheid              cruel behaviour or a cruel action     There are laws to prevent
                                                                                                 cruelty to animals.

    c   5   cruise            n     cruise                 a holiday on a ship, sailing from     We went on a cruise around
                                                           place to place                        the Caribbean.

    c   5   cruise            v     cruisen                to sail from place to place on        We cruised the waters of the
                                                           holiday                               Mediterranean.

    c   1   culture           n     cultuur                the habits, traditions, and beliefs   Sarah has a degree in
                                                           of a country, society, or group of    Japanese culture.
                                                           people; music, art, theatre,
                                                           literature, etc

    c   4   current           adj   huidig                 happening or existing now             What is your current address?

    c   12 curse              n     vloek                  magic words which are intended        to put a curse on someone
                                                           to bring bad luck to someone

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                          English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 8
    c   5   customs            n     douane              the place where your bags are    customs officials
                                                         examined when you are going into
                                                         a country, to make sure you are
                                                         not carrying anything illegal

    c   15 cute                adj   schattig            attractive, often refers to          She was a very a cute baby.
                                                         something small, like a baby

    c   4   CV                 n     cv                  a document which describes your Your CV is very impressive –
                                                         qualifications and the jobs you    the job is yours!
                                                         have done, which you send to an
                                                         employer that you want to work for

    d   3   damage             v     beschadigen         to harm or break something           Many buildings were damaged
                                                                                              in the storm.

    d   3   darkness           n     donker              when there is little or no light     He stumbled around in the
                                                                                              darkness looking for the light

    d   2   deaf               adj   doof                unable to hear                       Many deaf people learn to lip

    d   11 decisive            adj   beslissend          making decisions quickly and         You need to be more decisive.

    d   13 decorate            v     versieren           to make something look more           They decorated the room with
                                                         attractive by putting things on it or balloons for her party.
                                                         around it; to put paint or paper on
                                                         the walls or other surfaces of a
                                                         room or building

    d   12 decorative          adj   decoratief          making something or someone          decorative objects
                                                         look more attractive

    d   8   degrade            v     vernederen          to treat someone without respect     They think the advert degrades
                                                         and as if they have no value         women.

    d   4   degree             n     diploma             a qualification given for            I have a degree in Business
                                                         completing a university course; a    Studies.
                                                         unit for measuring temperature

    d   4   delicatessen       n     delicatessewinkel   a shop, or a part of a shop which    I bought some salami from the
                                                         sells cheeses, cooked meats,         delicatessen.
                                                         salads, etc

    d   5   depart (from)      v     vertrekken (van)    to leave a place, especially to      The train to Lincoln will depart
                                                         start a journey to another place     from platform 9.

    d   5   departure lounge   n     vertrekhal          place in an airport where you wait   We waited for our flight in the
                                                         before getting on the aeroplane      departure lounge.

    d   15 deposit             n     waarborg            a payment that you make              They've paid a deposit on a
                                                         immediately when you decide to       house.
                                                         buy something, as proof that you
                                                         will really buy it

    d   15 deposit             v     storten             to put money into a bank or          She deposited £150,000 in a
                                                         valuable things into a safe place    Swiss bank account.

    d   9   depressed          adj   depressief          very unhappy, often for a long time She has been feeling very
                                                                                             depressed since her marriage
                                                                                             broke up.

    d   11 deserted            adj   verlaten            if a place is deserted, it has no    a deserted street
                                                         people in it

    d   13 desire              n     verlangen           a strong feeling that you want       There is a strong desire for
                                                         something                            peace among the people.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                       English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 9
    d   11 despite                ondanks                used to say that something           I'm still pleased with the house
                                                         happened or is true, although        despite all the problems we've
                                                         something else makes this seem       had.
                                                         not probable

    d   12 destiny          n     lot                    the things that will happen to       At last she feels in control of
                                                         someone in the future                her own destiny.

    d   5   determination   n     vastberadenheid        when someone continues trying to He'll need great determination
                                                         do something, although it is very and skill to win this match.

    d   13 determined       adj   vastbesloten           wanting to do something very      He's determined to win this
                                                         much, and not letting anyone stop match.

    d   9   detest          v     een hekel hebben aan   to hate someone or something         They used to be friends, but
                                                         very much                            now they absolutely detest
                                                                                              each other.

    d   6   develop         v     ontwikkelen            to grow or change and become         The baby develops inside the
                                                         more advanced, or to make            mother for nine months.
                                                         someone or something do this

    d   7   developer       n     ontwikkelaar           a person or company that buys        My uncle is a property
                                                         land and builds houses, factories,   developer.
                                                         shops, etc

    d   7   development     n     ontwikkeling           when someone or something            The nurse will do some tests to
                                                         grows or changes and becomes         check on your child's
                                                         more advanced; something new         development.
                                                         that happens and changes a

    d   1   dialect         n     dialect                a form of a language that people     He spoke a strange dialect – I
                                                         speak in a particular part of a      couldn't understand a word!

    d   9   difference      n     verschil               the way in which two people or       What's the difference between
                                                         things are not the same; when        an ape and a monkey?
                                                         two people or things are not the

    d   9   disadvantage    n     nadeel                 something which makes a              One disadvantage of living in
                                                         situation more difficult, or makes   the country is the lack of public
                                                         you less likely to succeed           transport.

    d   3   discover        v     ontdekken              to find something; to be the first They came to California hoping
                                                         person to find something important to discover gold.

    d   12 discovery        n     ontdekking             when someone discovers               The discovery of bones in the
                                                         something; something or              garden was reported in the
                                                         someone that is discovered           local paper.

    d   11 discuss          v     bespreken              to talk about something with         Have you discussed this matter
                                                         someone and tell each other your     with anyone else?
                                                         ideas or opinions

    d   14 discussion       n     bespreking             when people talk about something They were having a discussion
                                                         and tell each other their ideas or about football.

    d   6   disease         n     ziekte                 an illness caused by an infection    heart disease
                                                         or by a failure of health and not by
                                                         an accident

    d   9   display         v     uitstallen             to arrange something somewhere There were some family
                                                         so that people can see it; to show photographs displayed on his
                                                         something electronically such as desk.
                                                         on a computer screen

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                      English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 10
    d   12 disturb               v     storen                to interrupt what someone is          Don't disturb him, he needs to
                                                             doing by making noise or              sleep.
                                                             annoying them

    d   7   do (a lot of) good   v     (heel) goed doen      to be of help                         A holiday will do you good.

    d   7   do your best         v     je best doen          to try as hard as possible            You should always do your best.

    d   13 double chin           n     onderkin              an area of skin hanging under the My dad's a bit fat – he's got a
                                                             jaw                               double chin.

    d   12 doubt                 v     betwijfelen           to feel uncertain about something     I doubt that I'll get the job.
                                                             or think that something is not

    d   6   download             v     downloaden            to copy computer programs or          You can download this software
                                                             information electronically, usually   free from their website.
                                                             from a large computer to a small

    d   15 dozen                 n     dozÿn                 twelve, or a group of twelve          There were about a dozen
                                                                                                   people at the party.

    d   2   drive-thru           n     drive-in restaurant   a place where you buy things          I bought a hamburger at the
                                                             without leaving your car              drive-thru.

    d   6   drug                 n     drug                  an illegal substance that people      He started taking/using drugs
                                                             take to make them feel happy; a       such as heroin and cocaine.
                                                             chemical substance used as a

    d   15 dwarf                 n     dwerg                 an imaginary creature like a little   Snow White and the Seven
                                                             man, in children's stories            Dwarves

    e   1   earn                 v     verdienen             to get money for doing work           She earns more than £40,000 a

    e   7   effect               n     effect                a change, reaction, or result that    We don't know the long-term
                                                             is caused by something                effects of this drug.

    e   6   electronic           adj   elektronisch          Electronic equipment consists of      I have an electronic dictionary.
                                                             things such as computers,
                                                             televisions, and radios

    e   15 elf                   n     elf                   a small person with pointed ears      I love the elves in The Lord of
                                                             who has magic powers in               the Rings .
                                                             children's stories

    e   2   emergency service    n     hulpdienst            police, ambulance or fire brigade     The emergency services
                                                                                                   arrived quickly to the scene of
                                                                                                   the crash.

    e   1   emigrate             v     emigreren             to leave your own country to go       We're thinking of emigrating to
                                                             and live in another one               New Zealand.

    e   1   emotional            adj   emotioneel            showing strong feelings, or           Her father gave an emotional
                                                             making people have strong             speech at the wedding.

    e   2   employee             n     werknemer             someone who is paid to work for a How many employees does the
                                                             person or company                 firm have?

    e   4   employer             n     werkgever             a person or company that pays         My employer is very good.
                                                             people to work for them

    e   4   enclose              v     bijsluiten            to send something in the same         I enclose a map of the area.
                                                             envelope or parcel as something

    e   7   endangered           adj   bedreigd              animals or plants which may soon Tigers are one of the world’s
                                                             not exist because there are very most endangered animals.
                                                             few now alive

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                           English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 11
    e   9   enjoyment              n     plezier              when you enjoy something              She gets a lot of enjoyment
                                                                                                    from music.

    e   8   enormous               adj   enorm                extremely large                       This living room is enormous.

    e   1   entertainment          n     amusement            shows, films, television, or other    popular entertainment
                                                              performances or activities that
                                                              entertain people

    e   6   entire                 adj   volledig             whole or complete                     She spent her entire life caring
                                                                                                    for other people.

    e   1   environment            n     omgeving             the situation that you live or work   We are working in a very
                                                              in, and how it influences how you     competitive environment.

    e   15 epic                    n     heldhaftig           a story or film which is very long    I watched Gladiator – what an
                                                              and contains a lot of action          epic film!

    e   8   episode                n     aflevering           one programme of a series shown Did you see last week's
                                                              on television                   episode of The X-Files ?

    e   5   equipment              n     benodigdheden        the things that are used for a        kitchen/office equipment
                                                              particular activity or purpose

    e   12 eternal                 adj   eeuwig               continuing forever, or seeming to     eternal youth
                                                              continue forever

    e   11 even though                   ook al               although                              He still smokes, even though
                                                                                                    he's got asthma.

    e   2   event                  n     gebeurtenis          something that happens,           Local people have been
                                                              especially something important or shocked by recent events in the
                                                              unusual                           town.

    e   13 exchange                v     uitwisselen          to give something to someone          It's traditional for the two teams
                                                              and receive something similar         to exchange shirts after the
                                                              from them                             game.

    e   5   exhausted              adj   uitgeput             very tired                            I'm too exhausted to take the
                                                                                                    dog for a walk tonight.

    e   3   explain                v     uitleggen            to make something clear or easy       Can you explain why you did
                                                              to understand by giving reasons       this?
                                                              for it or details about it

    e   11 extinct                 adj   uitgestorven         if a type of animal is extinct, it    The dodo became extinct in
                                                              does not now exist                    1681.

    e   2   eye contact            n     oogcontact           if two people make eye contact,       We made eye contact across
                                                              they look at each other at the        the crowded room.
                                                              same time

    e   13 eyebrows                n     wenkbrauwen          the thin line of hair that is above   She has big eyebrows.
                                                              each eye

    e   13 eyelashes               n     wimpers              one of the short hairs that grow      false eyelashes
                                                              from the edge of your eyelids

    f   3   faithful               adj   trouw                if your husband, wife, or partner is a faithful husband
                                                              faithful, they do not have a sexual
                                                              relationship with anyone else

    f   13 fall in love with       v     verliefd worden op   to start loving someone, who you I fell in love with John.
           (someone)                     (iemand)             did not know or did not love before

    f   3   fall out with (someone) v    ruzie hebben met     to argue with someone and stop        I fell out with my best friend
                                         (iemand)             being friendly with them              when she talked about me
                                                                                                    behind my back.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                            English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 12
    f   4   fame                    n     bekendheid                 when you are known by many           fame and fortune
                                                                     people because of your
                                                                     achievements, skills, etc

    f   8   fantastic               adj   fantastisch                very good                            He looks fantastic in that suit.

    f   4   fascinating             adj   fascinerend                extremely interesting                I found the movie fascinating.

    f   3   fast-flowing            adj   snel stromend              when water is moving quickly         The river is fast-flowing and

    f   12 favour                   n     plezier                    something that you do to help        Could you do me a favour
                                                                     someone                              please?

    f   16 feel confident                 zich zelfverzekerd         feel sure that you can do            I felt very confident when I went
                                          voelen                     something                            for the job interview.

    f   16 feel fine                      zich goed voelen           feel well                            I feel fine.

    f   1   feel left out                 zich buitengesloten        fell that other people know          I always feel left out because I
                                          voelen                     something that you do not; feel      don't like football.
                                                                     that other people are having a
                                                                     good time, and you are not

    f   16 feel lonely                    zich eenzaam voelen        feel sad because you are alone       Don't feel lonely – I'm here now!

    f   16 feel sorry for                 medelijden hebben met      feel sad because someone else is I felt sorry for Fred – he was
                                                                     unhappy or having a bad time     really ill.

    f   16 feel strange                   zich vreemd voelen         feel that something is not normal    I feel a bit strange – I think I'll
                                                                     or not right                         go to bed.

    f   16 feel stupid                    zich stom voelen           feel that you are not intelligent    I felt really stupid when forgot
                                                                                                          your name!

    f   16 feel the need                  behoefte hebben aan        feel you must do something           I don't feel the need to drink

    f   16 feel up to (something)         (ergens) toe in staat zijn feel that you are able to do         I don't feel up to going to the
                                                                     something                            party – sorry!

    f   8   fictional               adj   verzonnen                  existing only in fiction             a fictional character

    f   4   fill in a form                een formulier invullen     complete a form by writing on it     I had to fill in a form when I
                                                                                                          applied for the job.

    f   1   find out                v     uitzoeken                  to get information about             I must find out the train times.
                                                                     something, or to learn a fact for
                                                                     the first time

    f   7   fingerprint             n     vingerafdruk               the mark made on something by        The police found fingerprints all
                                                                     the pattern of curved lines on the   over the murder weapon.
                                                                     end of someone's finger

    f   1   fit in                  v     zich aanpassen aan         to feel that you belong to a      He doesn't fit in with the other
                                                                     particular group and are accepted pupils in his class.
                                                                     by them

    f   5   flight                  n     vlucht                     a journey in an aircraft; when       Have you booked your flight
                                                                     something flies or moves through     yet?
                                                                     the air

    f   16 flow                     n     stroom                     when something such as a liquid      the flow of information
                                                                     moves somewhere in a smooth,
                                                                     continuous way

    f   11 forbid                   v     verbieden                  to order someone not to do           I forbid you to see that boy
                                                                     something, or to say that            again.
                                                                     something must not happen

    f   1   foreign                 adj   buitenlands                belonging to or coming from          I really like foreign films.
                                                                     another country, not your own

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                  English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 13
    f   13 freckles             n     sproeten              very small, brown spots on your       She has lots of freckles on her
                                                            skin from the sun                     face.

    f   16 freedom              n     vrijheid              the right to live in the way you      religious freedom
                                                            want and make your own
                                                            decisions; when someone is no
                                                            longer a prisoner

    f   8   freezing            adj   ijskoud               very cold                             It's absolutely freezing in here.

    f   14 frighten             v     bang maken            to make someone afraid or             It frightens me when he drives
                                                            nervous                               so fast.

    f   13 fringe               n     ponyhaar              hair that is cut short and straight   I have a long fringe.
                                                            at the top of someone's face

    f   9   frustrated          adj   gefrustreerd          annoyed because things are not        I'm very frustrated at/with my
                                                            happening in the way that you         lack of progress.
                                                            want, or in the way that they

    f   4   full-time           adj   voltijd               happening or working for the          I work full-time.
                                                            whole of the working week and
                                                            not only part of it

    f   7   fund                n     fonds                 an amount of money collected,         a pension fund
                                                            saved, or provided for a purpose

    f   14 furious              adj   woedend               extremely angry                       He's furious at the way he's
                                                                                                  been treated.

    f   3   furiously           adv woedend                 in a very angry way                   "Get out of here!" she shouted
    g   9   gang                n     bende                 a group of young people who           a member of a gang
                                                            spend time together, usually
                                                            fighting with other groups and
                                                            behaving badly

    g   6   gene                n     gen                   a part of a cell that is passed on    Scientists have discovered the
                                                            from a parent to a child and that     gene responsible for causing
                                                            controls particular characteristics   this disease.

    g   6   genetic             adj   genetisch             relating to genes                     a rare genetic disorder

    g   3   gentleness          n     zachtaardigheid       not violent or aggressive             Gentleness is a wonderful thing.

    g   5   geomagnetic North   n     geomagnetische        one of the earth’s four North Poles David Hempleman-Adams was
            Pole                      noordpool                                                 the first person to walk solo to
                                                                                                the Geomagnetic North Pole.

    g   2   gesture             n     gebaar                a movement you make with your         He made a rude gesture at the
                                                            hand, arm, or head to express         crowd.
                                                            what you are thinking or feeling

    g   2   gesture             v     gebaren               to move your hand, arm, or head       He gestured towards the
                                                            to express what you are thinking      window.
                                                            or feeling

    g   10 get (someone) down   v     (iemand) deprimeren   to make someone feel unhappy          It really gets me down

    g   10 get away with        v     (iets) kunnen maken   to succeed in doing something         He shouldn't treat you like that.
           (something)                                      bad or wrong without being            Don't let him get away with it.
                                                            punished or criticised

    g   13 get back together    v     weer samen zijn       stop being separated                  He got back together with his
                                                                                                  wife after 2 years apart.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                          English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 14
    g   10 get caught                   v   betrapt worden             be discovered doing something          The burglar got caught as he
                                                                       wrong                                  was leaving the house.

    g   13 get divorced                 v   scheiden                   to officially stop being married       My parents got divorced when I
                                                                                                              was seven.

    g   13 get engaged                  v   zich verloven              to promise to get married              My brother has just got
                                                                                                              engaged to his girlfriend.

    g   5   get in (the car / a taxi)   v   (de auto / een taxi)       to enter                               We got in the car.

    g   10 get into trouble             v   in de problemen komen be discovered doing something               My brother often gets into
                                                                  wrong                                       trouble at school.

    g   13 get married                  v   trouwen                    to begin a legal relationship with We got married last year.
                                                                       someone as their husband or wife

    g   5   get on (a plane / train / v     op (een vliegtuig / trein / to enter                              We got on the plane to Brazil.
            bus / bike)                     fiets) stappen

    g   3   get on (well) with          v   het (goed) kunnen          to have a good, friendly               I get on well with my teachers.
            (someone)                       vinden met (iemand)        relationship with someone

    g   6   get ready for (school)      v   zich voorbereiden op       prepare to go (to school)              I get ready for school at 7:30am.

    g   12 ghost                        n   geest                      the spirit of a dead person which      Do you believe in ghosts?
                                                                       appears to people who are alive

    g   4   gig                         n   optreden                   a performance of pop or rock           I went to a great gig last night.

    g   2   give a warm smile               een vriendelijke           smile in a friendly way                She gave me a warm smile
                                            glimlach geven                                                    when we met.

    g   16 give up                      v   stoppen met                if you give up a habit such as         I gave up smoking two years
                                                                       smoking or alcohol, you stop           ago.
                                                                       doing it or having it; to stop doing
                                                                       something before you have
                                                                       completed it, usually because it is
                                                                       too difficult

    g   11 go away                      v   weggaan                    to leave a place; to leave your        Go away – I'm busy.
                                                                       home in order to spend time in a
                                                                       different place, usually for a

    g   6   go into                     v   in detail treden over      to describe, discuss, or examine       She didn't go into any detail
                                                                       something in a detailed way            about the job.

    g   12 go out                       v   uitgaan                    to leave a place in order to go    Are you going out tonight?
                                                                       somewhere else; if two people go
                                                                       out together, they have a romantic
                                                                       relationship with each other

    g   13 go out (together)            v   (met elkaar) samen zijn    to have a romantic relationship        They'd been going out together
                                                                       with someone                           for years before they got

    g   2   got to be going                 ik moet ervandoor          something you say when you       "… got to be going."
                                                                       have to leave a place or someone "Me too, bye."

    g   9   graffiti                    n   graffiti                   writing or pictures painted on         There's some graffiti on the wall
                                                                       walls and public places, usually       of my school.

    g   13 groom                        n   bruidegom                  a man who is getting married           The groom looked happy.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                      English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 15
    g   15 guilty           adj   schuldig               having broken a law                  The jury found her guilty
                                                                                              (=decided that she was guilty of
                                                                                              a crime).

    h   1   half of               de helft van           one of two equal parts of            Rice is eaten by half of the
                                                         something; ½                         world's population.

    h   7   halfway         adj/ halverwege              at an equal distance between two     the halfway point
                            adv                          places, or in the middle of a
                                                         period of time

    h   9   hang out with   v     tijd doorbrengen met   to spend a lot of time in a           I hang out with my friends on
            (someone)             (iemand)               particular place or with a particular Sundays.
                                                         group of people

    h   8   harm            n     kwaad                  hurt someone or damage               We had a car crash, but there
                                                                                              was no harm done, luckily.

    h   14 have a tantrum         een driftbui hebben    when a small child cries           My two-year-old sister had a
                                                         uncontrollably for no good reason, tantrum in the supermarket – it
                                                         often in a public place            was so embarrassing!

    h   8   health          n     gezondheid             the condition of your body           to be in good/poor health

    h   13 highlights       n     highlights             when some of your hair is dyed a     Sarah's got new blonde
                                                         different colour, usually blonde     highlights.

    h   9   hip-hop scene   n     hiphopscene            the community of people who          There's a great hip-hop scene
                                                         make, or are interested in, hip-     in New York.
                                                         hop music

    h   12 holy             adj   heilig                 very religious or pure               a holy man

    h   6   homepage        n     homepage               a page in the World Wide Web         I've just built a new homepage
                                                                                              for my website.

    h   10 honest           adj   eerlijk                sincere and telling the truth        If you want my honest opinion, I
                                                                                              think your hair looks awful.

    h   9   hook up with    v     (iemand) ontmoeten     meet someone                         I hooked up with an old friend
            (someone)                                                                         when I visited Glasgow.

    h   14 horrified        adj   geschokt               shocked                              I was horrified when I saw the
                                                                                              phone bill.

    h   14 hot-headed       adj   opvliegend             someone who becomes angry            Terry is very hot-headed – he's
                                                         very easily                          always getting angry.

    h   2   How’s life?           Hoe staat het leven?   question you ask when you want       Hi Harry, how’s life?
                                                         to know if someone is well -
                                                         similar to "How are you?"

    h   11 however                echter                 used when you are about to say       He has always been a
                                                         something which is surprising        successful businessman.
                                                         compared with what you have just     However, things have not been
                                                         said                                 going well for him this year.

    h   3   hug             v     omhelzen               to put your arms around someone They hugged and kissed each
                                                         and hold them tightly, usually  other.
                                                         because you love them

    h   6   human           adj   menselijk              relating to people or their          The accident was caused by
                                                         characteristics                      human error (=a person's

    h   8   humiliation     n     vernedering            when someone is extremely            She suffered the humiliation of
                                                         embarrassed                          being criticised in public.

    h   16 humour           n     humor                  the quality of being funny, or       His speech was full of humour.
                                                         things that are funny

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                      English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 16
    h   11 hypnotic                adj   hypnotiserend            placing someone in a mental state This music is very hypnotic!
                                                                  like sleep, in which their thoughts
                                                                  can be easily influenced

    h   11 hypnotise               v     hypnotiseren             to place someone in a mental        I hypnotised my friend to help
                                                                  state like sleep, in which their    him give up smoking.
                                                                  thoughts can be easily influenced

    h   11 hypnotist               n     hypnotiseur              someone who hypnotises people       I want to be a hypnotist so I can
                                                                                                      help people.

    i   6   I know what you mean         Ik weet wat je bedoelt   something you say when you          "Sarah’s really pretty."
                                                                  agree with someone                  "I know what you mean."

    i   7   identify               v     identificeren            to recognise someone or             The gunman in Wednesday's
                                                                  something and say or prove who      attack has been identified as
                                                                  or what they are                    Lee Giggs, an unemployed
                                                                                                      truck driver.

    i   14 idiot                   n     idioot                   a stupid person or someone who      Like an idiot, I believed him.
                                                                  is behaving in a stupid way

    i   6   if                           als                      used to say that something will     We'll have the party in the
                                                                  happen only after something else    garden if the weather's good.
                                                                  happens or is true; used to talk
                                                                  about something that might
                                                                  happen or be true

    i   11 ignore                  v     negeren                  to pay no attention to something    They just ignored him and
                                                                  or someone                          carried on with the game.

    i   15 illegal                 adj   illegaal                 not allowed by law                  illegal drugs/weapons

    i   15 illogical               adj   onlogisch                not based on careful thought        It would be illogical for them to
                                                                                                      stop at this stage.

    i   9   imagination            n     verbeelding              the part of your mind that creates There's nothing out here – it's
                                                                  ideas or pictures of things that are just your imagination.
                                                                  not real or that you have not seen

    i   13 imaginative             adj   vindingrijk              something which is imaginative is   an imaginative use of colour
                                                                  new or clever and often unusual

    i   11 immediate               n     onmiddellijk             happening or done without waiting The government has promised
                                                                  or very soon after something else; to take immediate action.
                                                                  important now and needing

    i   1   immigrant              n     immigrant                someone who comes to live in a      My grandfather was an
                                                                  different country                   immigrant to England.

    i   1   immigrate              v     immigreren               to come to live in a different      My grandparents immigrated to
                                                                  country                             England in 1941.

    i   1   immigration            n     immigratie               when someone comes to live in a     immigration policy
                                                                  different country

    i   6   immortality            n     onsterfelijkheid         when something or someone lives I don't believe in immortality.

    i   15 impatient               adj   ongeduldig               wanting something to happen as      We were up early, impatient to
                                                                  soon as possible                    make a start.

    i   16 imply                   v     suggereren               to suggest or show something,       Are you implying that I'm fat?
                                                                  without saying it directly

    i   15 impolite                adj   onbeleefd                not polite                          Don't be impolite to your

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                              English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 17
    i   15 impossible      adj   onmogelijk              if an action or event is impossible, an impossible task
                                                         it cannot happen or be done

    i   11 in spite of           ondanks                 although something exists or         He still smokes, in spite of all
                                                         happens                              the health warnings.

    i   14 in that case          in dat geval            therefore                            "I'm sorry, we've no pizzas."
                                                                                              "In that case, I’ll have a burger

    i   1   increase       v     verhogen                to get bigger or to make             Eating fatty food increases the
                                                         something bigger in size or          risk of heart disease.

    i   11 incredible      adj   ongelofelijk            very good, exciting, or large        We had an incredible time that

    i   13 independent     adj   onafhankelijk           not controlled or ruled by anyone    an independent state/company

    i   4   industry       n     industrie               all the companies involved in a      the entertainment industry
                                                         particular type of business

    i   15 inexpensive     adj   goedkoop                cheap but of good quality            inexpensive children's clothes

    i   15 informal        adj   informeel               relaxed and friendly                 an informal discussion/meeting

    i   4   Information    n     informatietechnologie   the study of computers and           I'm studying Information
            Technology                                   technology                           Technology at university.

    i   11 inhabitant      n     inwoner                 someone who lives in a particular    a city with 10 million inhabitants

    i   3   injure         v     bezeren                 to hurt a person, animal, or part of She injured her ankle when she
                                                         your body                            fell.

    i   9   inner-city     n     binnenstad              the centre of a city, often the      I live in the inner-city. It's
                                                         poorer areas                         exciting, but noisy.

    i   12 inscription     n     inscriptie              words that are written or cut in     The inscription on the
                                                         something                            gravestone was almost illegible.

    i   13 insensitive     adj   ongevoelig              not noticing or not caring about     an insensitive remark
                                                         other people's feelings

    i   7   inspector      n     inspecteur              someone whose job is to check         a factory inspector
                                                         that things are being done
                                                         correctly; a police officer of middle

    i   7   install        v     installeren             to put a piece of equipment          The school has installed a
                                                         somewhere and make it ready to       burglar alarm.
                                                         use; to put software onto a

    i   6   intelligence   n     intelligentie           the ability to learn, understand,    She is a child of high
                                                         and think about things               intelligence.

    i   4   intention      n     intentie                something that you want and plan I have no intention of resigning.
                                                         to do

    i   4   interview      n     sollicitatiegesprek     a meeting in which someone asks I had an interview last week for
                                                         you questions to see if you are a job in London.
                                                         suitable for a job or course; a
                                                         meeting in which someone is
                                                         asked questions for a newspaper
                                                         article, television show, etc

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                      English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 18
    i   4   interview              v     ondervragen                  to ask someone questions in an         Police are interviewing a 43-
                                                                      interview                              year-old man in connection with
                                                                                                             the murder.

    i   3   introduce              v     introduceren                 to tell someone another person's He took me round the room
                                                                      name the first time that they meet; and introduced me to everyone.
                                                                      to tell an audience who is going to
                                                                      speak to them or perform for them

    i   1   invade                 v     een invasie uitvoeren        to enter a country by force in         Portugal was invaded by the
                                                                      order to take control of it            French in 1807.

    i   6   invention              n     uitvinding                   something that has been                A lot of great inventions have
                                                                      designed or created for the first      come from America.

    i   5   invest                 v     investeren                   to give money to a bank,               He's invested over a million
                                                                      business, etc, or buy something,       pounds in the city's waterfront
                                                                      because you hope to get a profit       restoration project.

    i   6   investigate            v     onderzoeken                  to try to discover all the facts       He has been questioned by
                                                                      about something, especially a          detectives investigating
                                                                      crime or accident                      Jenkins' murder.

    i   2   invite                 v     uitnodigen                   to ask someone to come to a            They've invited us to the
                                                                      social event                           wedding.

    i   15 irregular               adj   onregelmatig                 irregular actions or events happen an irregular heartbeat
                                                                      with a different amount of time
                                                                      between each one

    i   15 irresponsible           adj   onverantwoordelijk           not thinking about the possible        an irresponsible attitude
                                                                      bad results of what you are doing

    i   1   It is (un)common for         Het is (niet) gebruikelijk   it doesn't happen often                It's uncommon for English
                                         dat                                                                 people to get up at 6am.

    i   8   item                   n     onderdeel                    a single thing in a set or on a list   It was the last item on the list.

    j   14 jogger                  n     jogger                       someone who runs for exercise          There's a jogger in the park.

    j   1   join in                v     meedoen                      to become involved in an activity      We're playing cards. Would you
                                                                      with other people                      like to join in?

    j   5   journey                n     reis                         when you travel from one place to a car/train journey

    j   10 joyriding               n     joyrijden                    stealing cars and driving them fast Joyriding is a big problem in my
                                                                      and dangerously                     town because young people
                                                                                                          have nothing to do.

    j   1   just over                    iets meer dan                a little bit more                      There are just over 1 million
                                                                                                             people in Manchester.

    j   1   just under                   iets minder dan              a little bit less                      There are just under 8 million
                                                                                                             people in London.

    k   14 keep your cool                het hoofd koel houden        stay calm                              You need to keep your cool –
                                                                                                             calm down!

    k   2   kindergarten           n     kleuterschool                in the UK, a school for children       My little brother is only 4 – he's
                                                                      under five                             still in kindergarten.

    k   9   kindness               n     vriendelijkheid              when someone is kind                   Thanks for all your kindness
                                                                                                             this morning.

    k   2   knowledge              n     kennis                       information and understanding          He will easily find a job with his
                                                                      that you have in your mind             knowledge and skills.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                     English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 19
    l   1   (a) lot (of)            n     veel                      a large number or amount of           There were a lot of people
                                                                    people or things                      outside the building.

    l   11 landscape                n     landschap                 the appearance of an area of        The cathedral dominates the
                                                                    land, especially in the countryside landscape for miles around.

    l   14 launch                   v     lanceren/te water laten   to send a spacecraft or bomb into     to launch a rocket/satellite
                                                                    the air, or a ship into the water

    l   2   lean forward            v     zich vooroverbuigen       move your body towards                Lean forward, so you can hear
                                                                    someone or something                  me.

    l   2   learning disabilities   n     leerstoornis              problems with learning                Someone in my class has
                                                                                                          learning disabilities.

    l   10 leave school             v     school verlaten           finish studying                       I left school when I was 18.

    l   9   legal                   adj   legaal                    allowed by law                        Is it legal to carry a handgun?

    l   15 legend                   n     legende                   an old story or set of stories from   the legend of King Arthur
                                                                    ancient times; a famous person

    l   10 lend                     v     uitlenen                  to give something to someone for      She lent me her car for the
                                                                    a period of time, expecting that      weekend.
                                                                    they will then give it back to you

    l   3   let (someone) down      v     (iemand) teleurstellen    to disappoint someone by failing      You shouldn't let people down.
                                                                    to do what you agreed to do

    l   6   lifestyle               n     levensstijl               the way you live your life            You have a very healthy

    l   8   limit                   n     beperking                 the largest amount of something       a time limit
                                                                    that is possible or allowed

    l   11 live life to the full          volop van het leven       always try to have a good time        You should live life to the full.
    l   2   long time, no see.            lang niet gezien.         something you say when you            Hi! Long time no see. How are
                                                                    meet someone who you have not         you?
                                                                    seen for a long time

    l   2   look (nervous)          v     (nerveus) eruitzien       to appear nervous                     You look nervous – what's

    l   2   look (someone) up       v     (iemand) opzoeken         to look at a book or computer in      I looked up an old friend.
                                                                    order to find information

    l   6   look into               v     onderzoeken               to examine the facts about a          They are looking into the
                                                                    situation                             causes of the accident.

    l   9   look up to (someone)    v     bewondering hebben        to respect and admire someone         I look up to my father.
                                          voor (iemand)
    l   2   lose touch with         v     contact verliezen met     to stop communicating with            We've lost touch over the years.
                                                                    someone, usually because they
                                                                    do not live near you now

    l   14 lose your temper               je geduld verliezen       become angry                          You lose your temper very
                                                                                                          easily – are you stressed?

    l   13 love                     n     houden van                when you like someone very            He's madly in love with (=he
                                                                    much and have romantic or             loves) her.
                                                                    sexual feelings for them; when
                                                                    you like a friend or person in your
                                                                    family very much

    l   11 luxurious                adj   luxueus                   very comfortable and expensive        a luxurious hotel

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                  English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 20
    m 15 madness                  n     krankzinnig             stupid or dangerous behaviour;        It would be madness to give up
                                                                mental illness                        your job when you've just
                                                                                                      bought a house.

    m   7   make a difference           een verschil maken      change things, usually for the        It'll make a big difference if you
                                                                better                                study every day.

    m   7   make a mess                 rommel maken            make things untidy                    Why do you always make a

    m   7   make an effort              moeite doen             try hard                              Make an effort to do your
                                                                                                      homework – it's important!

    m   7   make fun of (someone) v     (iemand) uitlachen      make a joke about someone or          Don't make fun of your little
                                                                something in an unkind way            sister!

    m   7   make money                  geld verdienen          earn money by working                 You've made a lot of money
                                                                                                      since you became a Formula 1

    m   7   make progress               vooruitgang boeken      move forward                          We're not making any progress.

    m   7   make room                   ruimte maken            create space                          Can you make room for one
                                                                                                      more person in the car?

    m   7   make sense                  logisch zijn            understand something                  That doesn't make sense!

    m 10 make up an excuse              een excuus verzinnen    think of a reason to explain why      I don't want to go to the party –
                                                                you did something wrong               I'll have to make up an excuse.

    m 11 make up your mind              een besluit maken       decide                                Make up your mind – are you
                                                                                                      coming to cinema or not?

    m   5   mast                  n     mast                    a tall pole on a boat that supports   The ship has a 100m mast.
                                                                its sails; a tall metal pole that
                                                                sends out television, radio or
                                                                mobile phone signals

    m   9   masterpiece           n     meesterwerk             a painting, book, or film that is     Mona Lisa is widely regarded
                                                                generally considered to be of         as Leonardo da Vinci's
                                                                excellent quality                     masterpiece.

    m 12 meaningless              adj   nietszeggend            without any meaning or purpose        He produced yet another set of
                                                                                                      meaningless statistics.

    m 13 medium height            n     van gemiddelde lengte   of average height                     Fred is medium height – about
                                                                                                      1.8 metres.

    m   2   meet up               v     ontmoeten               to meet another person in order to I met up with a few friends
                                                                do something together              yesterday.

    m   6   memory                n     geheugen                your ability to remember;             John has an amazing memory
                                                                something that you remember           for historical facts.

    m   3   microphone            n     microfoon               a piece of electrical equipment for Speak into the microphone.
                                                                recording or broadcasting sounds,
                                                                or for making sounds louder

    m   3   mile                  n     mijl                    a unit for measuring distance,        The nearest station is two miles
                                                                equal to 1609 metres or 1760          from here.

    m   5   minor                 adj   klein                   not important or serious              a minor offence

    m   5   miss (the flight)     v     (de vlucht) missen      to arrive too late to get on a bus,   I missed the plane, and had to
                                                                train, or aircraft                    wait 6 hours for the next one!

    m 12 misunderstand            v     verkeerd begrijpen      to not understand someone or          He misunderstood the question
                                                                something correctly                   completely.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                              English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 21
    m   9   mixture            n     mengsel                   a substance made of other             Add milk to the mixture and stir
                                                               substances that have been             until smooth.

    m 13 mole                  n     moedervlek                a small, dark mark on the skin        He has a mole on his nose.

    m 11 monsoon               n     moesson                   the season when there is heavy        A monsoon has caused terrible
                                                               rain in Southern Asia                 damage in China.

    m 11 moon buggy            n     maanwagentje              a small car designed for driving      The best way to travel on the
                                                               on the moon                           moon is in a moon buggy.

    m   1   more and more            steeds meer               an increasing number                  It's becoming more and more
                                                                                                     difficult to pass the exam.

    m 13 mosque                n     moskee                    a building where Muslims say          I go to the mosque every Friday.
                                                               their prayers

    m   1   most                     de meeste                 almost all of a group of people or    Most people think he's guilty.
                                                               things; a larger amount than
                                                               anyone or anything else

    m   7   motorway           n     autosnelweg               a long, wide road, usually used by There's a noisy motorway
                                                               traffic travelling fast over long  outside my house. It’s terrible!

    m 13 moustache             n     snor                      a line of hair that some men grow     He has a huge moustache.
                                                               above their mouths

    m 14 mugger                n     overvaller                someone who mugs people               He was hit over the head by a
                                                                                                     mugger who stole his mobile

    m 12 mummy                 n     mummie                    a dead body covered in cloth,         an Egyptian mummy
                                                               especially from ancient Egypt

    m   7   murder             n     moord                     the crime of intentionally killing    to commit murder

    m 15 mythical              adj   mythisch                  existing in a myth; imaginary or      a mythical character
                                                               not true

    n   5   nation             n     natie                     a country or the people living in a   African/Asian nations

    n   11 native              adj   geboorte-                 your native town or country is the    It was a custom in his native
                                                               place where you were born; your       Algeria.
                                                               native language is the first
                                                               language you learn
    n   2   nice seeing you.         leuk je gezien te hebben. something you say when you            Goodbye Joe, it was nice
                                                               finish seeing someone                 seeing you.

    n   2   nod your head            met je hoofd knikken      move your head up and down to         He nodded his head in
                                                               mean "yes"                            agreement.

    n   7   nomadic            adj   nomadisch                 nomadic people move from place        I'd like to live a nomadic
                                                               to place                              lifestyle.
    o   13 offer               n     aanbod                    a promise to give something to        They decided to offer the job to
                                                               somebody                              Jo.

    o   4   official           adj   officieel                 approved by the government or         the official language of
                                                               someone in authority                  Singapore

    o   16 on and on                 aan één stuk door         not stopping                          He was talking on and on for

    o   8   on holiday               op vakantie               away from home or work, visiting      I'll be away on holiday for 3
                                                               a place for pleasure                  weeks.

    o   8   on offer                 in de aanbieding          available for a cheaper price than    I bought this computer on offer
                                                               usual                                 – it was really cheap!

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                             English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 22
    o   8   on strike                   staken                 when people are not working          The workers are all on strike.
                                                               because they want more money,

    o   8   on the phone                aan de telefoon        when someone is talking on the       She was on the phone for
                                                               telephone                            hours!

    o   16 on the up and up             steeds beter gaan      getting better                       My job is going very well – I'm
                                                                                                    on the up and up!

    o   8   on time                     op tijd                not early or late                    I got to school on time.

    o   8   on TV                       op tv                  in a television programme            There's never anything good on

    o   2   opportunity           n     kans                   a situation in which it is possible a wonderful opportunity
                                                               for you to do something, or a
                                                               possibility of doing something; the
                                                               chance to get a job

    o   10 option                 n     optie                  a choice                             That's an option you might like
                                                                                                    to consider.

    o   13 order                  v     bevelen                to give someone an instruction       He ordered them to leave.
                                                               that they must obey

    o   12 ornament               n     ornament               an attractive object that is used as My mother has a beautiful
                                                               a decoration in a home or garden ornament from China.

    o   10 owe                    v     schuldig zijn          to have to pay money back to         You still owe me money.

    o   8   paranoid              adj   paranoïde              when you have paranoia               Stop being so paranoid – no
                                                                                                    one's talking about you.

    p   6   Parkinson's disease   n     ziekte van Parkinson   a disease that usually affects old   My grandfather is very ill with
                                                               people, and which causes             Parkinson's disease.
                                                               problems with the memory and

    p   4   part-time             adj deeltijd                 working or studying only for part    a part-time job/student
                                  /adv                         of the day or the week

    p   12 pass away              v     overlijden             to die                               She passed away peacefully in
                                                                                                    her sleep.

    p   12 passageway             n     gang                   a path through a building or ship    Walk along the passageway to
                                                                                                    get into the garden.

    p   5   passport              n     paspoort               an official document, often a small a British passport
                                                               book, that you need to enter or
                                                               leave a country

    p   3   pat                   v     aaien                  to touch a person or animal with a She stopped to pat the dog.
                                                               flat hand in a gentle, friendly way

    p   10 pay a fine                   een boete betalen      to pay money because you have        I parked the car illegally, and
                                                               done something illegal               now I have to pay a fine.

    p   12 pay off                v     afbetalen              to pay all of the money that you     I must pay off my credit card bill!

    p   7   peaceful              adj   vreedzaam              without violence; quiet and calm     a peaceful protest

    p   1   percentage            n     percentage             an amount of something, often    The percentage of women who
                                                               expressed as a number out of 100 work has risen steadily.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                            English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 23
    p   15 performance            n     opvoering               acting, singing, dancing, or            I’ve never seen a performance
                                                                playing music to entertain people       of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

    p   5   personality           n     persoonlijkheid         the way you are as a person             She's got a lovely, bubbly

    p   3   persuade              v     overhalen               to make someone agree to do             We managed to persuade him
                                                                something by talking to them a lot      to come with us.
                                                                about it

    p   10 pick-pocketing         n     zakkenrollen            the act of stealing things out of       Pick-pocketing is one of the
                                                                pockets or bags, especially in a        oldest and most widespread
                                                                crowd                                   crimes in the world.

    p   9   piece (masterpiece)   n     werk (meesterwerk)      an amount of something, or a part In the graffiti world, pieces are
                                                                of something; a graffiti term     actually quite rare.
                                                                meaning a painting by a graffiti
                                                                artist (short for masterpiece )

    p   5   pity                  n     medelijden              a feeling of sympathy for someone It's not pity she needs, it's
                                                                                                  practical help.

    p   14 plain-looking          adj   er gewoontjes uitzien   not especially attractive               Jane is plain-looking, but
                                                                                                        everyone likes her.

    p   2   plan                  v     plannen                 to think about and decide what          We're just planning our
                                                                you are going to do or how you          holidays.
                                                                are going to do something

    p   6   planet                n     planeet                 a large, round object in space that Jupiter is the largest planet in
                                                                moves around the sun or another our solar system.

    p   5   platform              n     perron                  the area in a railway station where The train for London,
                                                                you get on and off the train        Paddington, will depart from
                                                                                                    platform 12.

    p   13 plump                  adj   mollig                  quite fat; pleasantly round or full     a plump child

    p   1   poem                  n     gedicht                 a piece of writing, especially one      love/war poems
                                                                that has short lines and uses
                                                                words that sound the same

    p   1   poet                  n     dichter                 someone who writes poems                I enjoy writing – I want to be a

    p   1   politics              n     politiek                ideas and activities relating to how He has little interest in local
                                                                a country or area is governed        politics.

    p   13 ponytail               n     paardenstaart           hair tied at the back of your head      I think ponytails look really good
                                                                so that it hangs down like a            on men.
                                                                horse's tail

    p   8   popularity            n     populariteit            the quality of being liked by many      the increasing popularity of
                                                                people                                  organic produce

    p   1   population            n     bevolking               all the people living in a particular   a 9% rise in the prison
                                                                area, or all the people or animals      population
                                                                of a particular type

    p   9   portrait              n     portret                 a painting, drawing, or photograph a portrait of the princess
                                                                of someone

    p   9   possibility           n     mogelijkheid            a chance that something may             a distinct/real possibility
                                                                happen or be true

    p   13 powder                 n     poeder                  a dry substance made of many            curry powder
                                                                small, loose grains

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 24
    p   13 pray             v     bidden                  to speak to a god in order to show Let us pray for all the sick
                                                          your feelings or to ask for        children.

    p   1   prefer          v     de voorkeur geven aan   to like someone or something      I prefer cats to dogs.
                                                          more than another person or thing

    p   9   preference      n     voorkeur                when you like something or           personal preferences
                                                          someone more than another
                                                          person or thing

    p   9   preparation     n     voorbereiding           the things that you do or the time   Did you do much preparation
                                                          that you spend preparing for         for your interview?

    p   8   presenter       n     presentator             someone who introduces a radio       I'm a TV presenter – I present a
                                                          or television programme              quiz show.

    p   13 priest           n     priester                someone who performs religious       I want to be a priest – I'm very
                                                          duties and ceremonies                religious.

    p   10 prison           n     gevangenis              a place where criminals are kept     He's spent most of his life in
                                                          as a punishment                      prison.

    p   8   privacy         n     privacy                 when you are alone and people        I hate sharing a bedroom – I
                                                          cannot see or hear what you are      never get any privacy.

    p   10 probation        n     voorwaardelijk in       a period of time when a criminal     to be on probation
                                  vrijheid gesteld        must behave well and not commit
                                                          any more crimes in order to avoid
                                                          being sent to prison

    p   8   producer        n     producent               someone who controls how a film, a film/record producer
                                                          play, programme, or musical
                                                          recording is made

    p   12 profession       n     beroep                  a type of work that needs special    What's your profession?
                                                          training or education

    p   3   programmer      n     programmeur             someone who writes computer          I'm a computer programmer.
                                                          programs as a job

    p   3   promise         v     beloven                 to say that you will certainly do    She promised to write to me
                                                          something or that something will     every week.
                                                          certainly happen

    p   9   prove           v     bewijzen                to show that something is true       They knew who had stolen the
                                                                                               money, but they couldn't prove

    p   9   provide         v     bieden                  to supply something to someone       This booklet provides useful
                                                                                               information about local services.

    p   8   psychological   adj   psychologisch           relating to the human mind and       psychological problems

    p   8   psychologist    n     psycholoog              someone who has studied the          My uncle, Sigmund, is a
                                                          human mind and feelings              psychologist in Vienna.

    p   10 punishment       n     straf                   when someone is punished             He had to stay in his bedroom
                                                                                               as a punishment for fighting.

    p   13 purity           n     zuiverheid              the quality of being pure            air purity

    p   12 pyramid          n     piramide                a shape with a square base and       I've always wanted to go to
                                                          four triangular sides that meet to   Egypt to see the great pyramids.
                                                          form a point at the top

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                       English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 25
    p   4   qualification         n     kwalificatie          what you get when you pass an         legal/medical qualifications
                                                              exam or a course

    q   1   (a) quarter (of)      n     (een) kwart (van)     one of four equal parts of            A quarter of the island's
                                                              something; ¼                          residents speak English.

    q   7   quality               n     kwaliteit             how good or bad something is          good/high quality

    q   14 queue up               v     in de rij staan       to stand in a row in order to wait    They're queuing up to get
                                                              for something                         tickets.

    q   8   quiz show             n     quizprogramma         a type or TV programme in which       I won £50,000 on a quiz show!
                                                              people answer questions to try
                                                              and win money or prizes

    q   13 Qur’an                 n     Koran                 the holy book of Islam                I read the Qur'an every day,
                                                                                                    because I am a Muslim.

    q   2   raise                 v     verhogen              to lift something to a higher         I need to raise my chair – it’s
                                                              position                              too low.

    r   2   raise your eyebrows         je wenkbrauwen        move your eyebrows up, to show        She raised her eyebrows when
                                        optrekken             that you are surprised                I told her I was moving to

    r   12 reach                  v     bereiken              to arrive somewhere; to stretch       We won't reach Miami till five or
                                                              your arm and hand to touch or         six o'clock.
                                                              take something

    r   9   reaction              n     reactie               something you say, feel, or do        What was his reaction to the
                                                              because of something that has         news?

    r   8   reality TV            n     reality-tv            television programmes that show       Big Brother is a reality TV show.
                                                              real people in real situations

    r   8   reasonable            adj   redelijk              fair and showing good judgment        It's not reasonable to expect
                                                                                                    people to work those hours.

    r   6   recognise             v     herkennen             to know someone or something          I recognised her from her
                                                              because you have seen or              picture.
                                                              experienced them before

    r   4   record                n     aantekening           information that is written on        My teacher keeps a record of
                                                              paper or stored on computer so        my absences.
                                                              that it can be used in the future

    r   5   recover               v     herstellen            to become healthy or happy again It takes a long time to recover
                                                              after an illness, injury, or period of from surgery.

    r   8   reflect               v     reflecteren           if a surface reflects heat, light,    She could see her face
                                                              sound, etc, it sends the light, etc   reflected in the car's
                                                              back and does not absorb it           windscreen.
    r   13 refuse                 v     weigeren              to say that you will not do or        I asked him to leave but he
                                                              accept something                      refused.

    r   14 regret                 v     spijt hebben          to feel sorry about a situation,      If you don't tell her the truth
                                                              especially something that you         you'll regret it later.
                                                              wish you had not done

    r   9   relate to (someone)   v     goed overweg kunnen   to understand how someone feels Most teenagers find it hard to
                                        met (iemand)                                          relate to their parents.

    r   2   relationship          n     relatie               a connection between two or           Scientists have discovered a
                                                              more things; a sexual or romantic     relationship between sunburn
                                                              friendship                            and skin cancer.

    r   9   relaxation            n     ontspanning           the feeling of being relaxed          I go fishing for relaxation.

    r   15 release                v     loslaten              to stop holding someone or            Release the handle.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                            English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 26
    r   11 remote                adj   verafgelegen           far away in place or time               It was a remote mountain
                                                                                                      village with no electricity supply.

    r   5   repair               v     repareren              to fix something that is broken or      I must get my bike repaired.

    r   1   report               n     rapport                a description of an event or            a police report

    r   1   report               v     verslaggeven           to describe a recent event or           Jo Smith reports on recent
                                                              situation, especially on television,    developments.
                                                              radio, or in a newspaper

    r   1   representation       n     representatie          the way someone or something is The programme is an accurate
                                                              shown                           representation of country life.

    r   6   rescue               v     redden                 to save someone from a            Fifty passengers had to be
                                                              dangerous or unpleasant situation rescued from a sinking ship.

    r   6   research             n     onderzoek              when someone studies a subject          There has been a lot of
                                                              in detail in order to discover new      research into language
                                                              information                             development.

    r   6   research             v     onderzoeken            to study a subject in detail in order He spent several years
                                                              to discover new information about researching a rare African
                                                              it                                    dialect.

    r   4   resign               v     ontslag nemen          to officially tell your employer that   She resigned as headteacher.
                                                              you are leaving your job

    r   11 resort                n     oord                   a place where many people go for a ski resort
                                                              a holiday

    r   10 responsibility        n     verantwoordelijkheid   something that it is your job or        The head of the department
                                                              duty to deal with                       has various additional

    r   8   reveal               v     bekendmaken            to show somebody something or           It was revealed in this
                                                              give someone a piece of                 morning's papers that the
                                                              information that is surprising or       couple intend to marry.
                                                              that was previously secret

    r   6   revise for (exams)   v     studeren voor          to study a subject before you take I can't go out tonight – I have to
                                       (examens)              a test                             revise.

    r   4   rewarding            adj   lonend                 making you feel satisfied that you      Teaching is hard work but it's
                                                              have done something well                very rewarding.

    r   1   rhythmical           adj   ritmisch               regular or characterised by rhythm Their dancing was very

    r   8   risk                 n     risico                 the possibility of something bad        There is a risk of heart disease
                                                              happening                               if you continue smoking.

    r   13 rosy cheeks                 blozende wangen        a healthy, red-coloured face            Tara has rosy cheeks.

    r   10 rubbish               n     vuilnis                things that you throw away              Our rubbish gets collected on
                                                              because you do not want them            Thursdays.

    r   15 ruined                adj   verwoest               destroyed or spoilt                     an ancient ruined castle

    r   12 runway                n     start-/landingsbaan    a large road that aircraft use to       It can take as long as 45
                                                              land on or to start flying from         minutes to check a runway in
                                                                                                      between flights.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                              English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 27
    r   13 sacred                 adj   heilig                 relating to a religion or considered sacred music
                                                               to be holy; too important to be
                                                               changed or destroyed

    s   5   sailor                n     zeeman                 someone who sails ships or boats My uncle is a sailor.
                                                               as their job or as a sport

    s   4   salary                n     salaris                a fixed amount of money that you    My salary is very small!
                                                               receive from your employer,
                                                               usually every month

    s   4   sales assistant       n     verkoper               someone whose job is selling        I work as a sales assistant in a
                                                               things in a shop                    department store.

    s   11 sand                   n     zand                   a substance that is found on        a grain of sand
                                                               beaches and in deserts, which is
                                                               made from very small grains of

    s   13 say                    v     zeggen                 to speak words                      "I'd like to go home" she said.

    s   2   say (something) again v     (iets) herhalen        to repeat yourself                  Could you say that again? I
                                                                                                   didn't hear you.

    s   2   say (something) out   v     (iets) hardop zeggen   to increase the volume of your      Oh sorry! Did I say that out
            loud                                               voice                               loud?

    s   2   say a prayer          v     bidden                 to speak to your God                I always say a prayer before

    s   2   say goodbye           v     gedag zeggen           said when leaving a place or        Say goodbye to your friends!

    s   2   say sorry             v     sorry zeggen           to apologise                        Say sorry if you hurt someone.

    s   2   say thank you         v     dankjewel zeggen       to show your gratitude in words     Say thank you to the nice lady!

    s   13 scar                   n     litteken               a permanent mark left on the body I've got a scar on my face.
                                                               from a cut or other injury

    s   9   scheme                n     regeling               a plan or system, often for making an insurance/savings scheme
                                                               money in a dishonest way

    s   14 score                  v     een doelpunt maken     to get points in a game or test     He scored just before half-time
                                                                                                   to put Liverpool 2–1 ahead.

    s   15 scream                 v     schreeuwen             to make a loud, high noise with     She screamed for help.
                                                               your voice, or to shout something
                                                               in a loud, high voice because you
                                                               are afraid, hurt, or angry

    s   10 secondhand             adj tweedehands              if something is second-hand,        second-hand books/clothes
                                  /adv                         someone else owned or used it
                                                               before you
    s   7   self-sufficient       adj   zelfvoorzienend        having everything that you need     We grow all our food in the
                                                               yourself and not needing help       garden – we're self-sufficient.
                                                               from others

    s   13 sensible               adj   verstandig             showing good judgment               a sensible decision

    s   13 sensitive              adj   gevoelig               able to understand what people      I want a man who's kind and
                                                               are feeling and deal with them in a sensitive.
                                                               way that does not upset them;
                                                               easily upset by the things people
                                                               say or do

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                           English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 28
    s   8   series            n     reeks                     several things or events of the   a series of lectures / television
                                                              same type that come one after the programmes

    s   1   settle in         v     gewoon worden             to begin to feel relaxed and happy Are you settling in OK?
                                                              in a new home or job

    s   7   settlement        n     nederzetting              a town or village which people         a Jewish settlement
                                                              built to live in after arriving from
                                                              somewhere else

    s   11 shadow             n     schaduw                   a dark area made by something          The tree had cast (=made) a
                                                              that is stopping the light             long shadow.

    s   7   shave             v     scheren                   to cut hair off your face or body      I didn't have time to shave this

    s   11 shock              v     schokken                  to surprise and upset someone          Many people were shocked by
                                                                                                     the violent scenes in the film.

    s   10 shoplifting        n     winkeldiefstal            stealing things from a shop            My friend was arrested for

    s   9   shyness           n     verlegenheid              when someone finds it difficult to     Shyness can make life difficult.
                                                              talk to new people

    s   16 siesta             n     middagdutje               a short period of rest or sleep in     Some people in southern Spain
                                                              the afternoon                          still have a siesta after lunch.

    s   2   sign              v     ondertekenen              to write your name on something        He signs his letters "Prof.
                                                              to show that you wrote/painted,        James D. Nelson"; My sister
                                                              etc it or to show that you agree to    can't hear so we sign.
                                                              it; to communicate with someone
                                                              who cannot hear using your

    s   4   sign a contract         een contract tekenen      to write your name on an official      The band signed a contract
                                                              document to show that you agree        with Virgin Records.
                                                              to it

    s   2   sign language     n     gebarentaal               a system of communication using My sister can't hear, so we
                                                              hand movements, used by people speak in sign language
                                                              who are deaf (=cannot hear)

    s   6   similar           adj   gelijk                    something which is similar to          The two houses are remarkably
                                                              something else has many things         similar.
                                                              the same, although it is not
                                                              exactly the same
    s   5   single-handed           helemaal alleen           on your own, without help from         He caught the burglars single-
                                                              anyone                                 handed!

    s   2   sit back          v     gemakkelijk gaan zitten   to relax in a chair so that your       Just sit back and enjoy the
                                                              back is against the back of the        show.

    s   15 sit for            v     poseren voor              to be a model for an artist or a   Elizabeth Siddal sat for many of
                                                              photographer and stay in the       the Pre-Raphaelite painters.
                                                              same position while they paint you
                                                              or take photographs of you

    s   15 sit out            v     niet meedoen              to not do an activity such as a        I think I'll sit out the next dance.
                                                              game or dance because you are
                                                              tired or have an injury; to wait for
                                                              something unpleasant to finish
                                                              before you do anything

    s   15 sit through        v     uitzitten                 to stay until the end of a meeting,    We had to sit through two
                                                              performance, etc that is very long     hours of speeches.
                                                              or boring

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                             English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 29
    s   8   sitcom           n     komische tv-serie    a funny television programme that Friends is my favourite sitcom.
                                                        is about the same group of people
                                                        every week in different situations

    s   4   skills           n     vaardigheid          the ability to do an activity or job You need good communication
                                                        well, especially because you have skills to be a teacher.
                                                        practised it

    s   11 sleep on it       v     een nachtje erover   to wait until the next morning       I'd sleep on it if I were you.
                                   slapen               before dealing with a problem

    s   13 slim              adj   slank                someone who is slim is thin in an    You're very slim! Are you on a
                                                        attractive way                       diet?
    s   10 slow down         v     langzamer gaan       to become slower or to make          Slow down, Claire, you're
                                                        something become slower              walking too fast!

    s   5   smooth           adj   glad                 having a regular surface that has    soft, smooth skin
                                                        no holes or lumps in it

    s   8   soap opera       n     soap                 a television programme about the     I watch soap operas for 2 hours
                                                        lives of a group of people that is   every day.
                                                        broadcast several times every

    s   10 society           n     maatschappij         a large group of people who live in Unemployment is a problem for
                                                        the same country or area and        society.
                                                        have the same laws, traditions,
                                                        etc; an organisation for people
                                                        who have the same interest or aim

    s   4   software         n     software             programs that you use to make a      educational software
                                                        computer do different things

    s   5   solo             n     solo                 a piece of music for one person or There's a great guitar solo in
                                                        one instrument                     this song!

    s   10 solution          n     oplossing            the answer to a problem              There's no easy solution to this

    s   11 sort it out       v     oplossen             to solve a problem                   It will all sort itself out in the
    s   4   soul             n     ziel                 the part of a person which is not    There was a feeling of
                                                        their body, which some people        restlessness deep in her soul.
                                                        believe continues to exist after
                                                        they die

    s   11 source            n     bron                 where something comes from           a source of income/information

    s   5   spaceship        n     ruimteschip          a vehicle which can travel outside There's a spaceship in the sky!
                                                        the Earth and into space,
                                                        especially one which is carrying

    s   15 special effect    n     speciaal effect      used in films to make amazing        The new films has amazing
                                                        things look real                     special effects.

    s   8   spectator        n     toeschouwer          someone who watches an event,        They won 4–0 in front of over
                                                        sport, etc                           40,000 cheering spectators.

    s   6   speech pattern   n     manier van praten    the way someone speaks               He has an interesting speech

    s   13 spiky             adj   stekelig             covered with spikes or having that spiky hair

    s   5   sponsorship      n     sponsoring           when someone gives money to          Football clubs make a lot of
                                                        support something                    money from sponsorship.

    s   13 spots             n     puistjes             an unpleasant, small, red mark on He suffered badly with spots as
                                                        your skin                         a teenager.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                     English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 30
    s   9   spray                 v     spuiten             to force liquid out of a container in She sprayed a little perfume on
                                                            many small drops                      her wrists.

    s   9   spray                 n     spray               liquid in a container which forces it hair spray
                                                            out in small drops

    s   3   stand by (someone)    v     (iemand) bijstaan   to continue to support someone         She stood by him throughout
                                                            when they are in a difficult situation his troubled career.

    s   12 start out              v     beginnen            to begin your life or the part of    My dad started out as a sales
                                                            your life when you work, in a        assistant in a shop.
                                                            particular way

    s   1   statistic             n     statistiek          a fact in the form of a number that Statistics show that skin cancer
                                                            shows information about             is becoming more common.

    s   12 statue                 n     standbeeld          a model that looks like a person     There's a statue of Madonna
                                                            or animal, usually made from         outside my house.
                                                            stone or metal

    s   3   stick up for (someone) v    het opnemen voor    to support someone or something I always stick up for my little
                                        (iemand)            when they are being criticised  brother.

    s   11 stressful              adj   veeleisend          making you stressed                  a stressful job

    s   9   style wars            n     stijloorlog         competition between people who style wars between two fashion
                                                            like different fashions; a graffiti designers
                                                            competition between two artists to
                                                            design the most creative piece

    s   9   stylish               adj   stijlvol            fashionable and attractive           a stylish, black suit

    s   1   suburban              adj   voorstedelijk       relating to a suburb                 a suburban area/home

    s   9   subway                n     voetgangerstunnel   a passage under a road or railway There's a subway under the
                                                            for people to walk through        main road.

    s   4   success               n     succes              something that has a good result     His first film was a great
                                                            or that is very popular              success.

    s   13 suggest                v     voorstellen         to express an idea or plan for   I suggest that we park the car
                                                            someone to consider; to say that here and walk into town.
                                                            someone or something is suitable
                                                            for something

    s   7   suicide               n     zelfmoord           when you intentionally kill yourself He committed suicide after a
                                                                                                 long period of depression.

    s   3   suitcase              n     koffer              a rectangular case with a handle     to pack your suitcase
                                                            that you use for carrying clothes
                                                            when you are travelling

    s   5   sunburn               n     verbrande huid      when your skin becomes painful       You've got bad sunburn. You're
                                                            and red from being in the sun too    all red!

    s   5   sunrise               n     zonsopgang          when the sun appears in the       I saw the sunrise this morning –
                                                            morning and the sky becomes light it was beautiful.

    s   3   supper                n     avondeten           a meal that you eat in the evening What are we having for supper?

    s   7   supporter             n     voorstander         someone who supports a               He is a strong supporter of
                                                            particular idea, group, person or    Manchester United.
                                                            sports team

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                         English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 31
    s   3   surf the Internet        op het internet surfen    to use a computer to access the          I surf the Internet for two hours
                                                               World Wide Web                           every day.

    s   5   surface              n   oppervlak                 the top or outside part of               the Earth's surface

    s   15 suspense              n   spanning                  the feeling of excitement that you       What's your answer then? Don't
                                                               have when you are waiting for            keep me in suspense.
                                                               something to happen

    s   13 sweetness             n   zoetheid                  the quality of being sweet               The air was filled with the
                                                                                                        sweetness of roses.

    s   13 symbolise             v   symboliseren              to represent something                   The lighting of the Olympic
                                                                                                        torch symbolises peace and
                                                                                                        friendship among the nations of
                                                                                                        the world.

    t   9   tag                  n   Een graffiti-uidrukking   a graffiti term meaning a graffiti       The school wall is covered with
                                     voor een naam of          artist’s name or signature               tags.
                                     handlekening van een

    t   9   tag                  v   taggen                    a graffiti term meaning to write a       It is illegal to tag private
                                                               graffiti signature                       property.

    t   3   take a deep breath       diep ademhalen            to fill your lungs with air              Take a deep breath and relax.

    t   2   take care                uitkijken                 to give a lot of attention to what       The roads are very icy so take
                                                               you are doing so that you do not         care when you drive home.
                                                               have an accident or make a

    t   5   take off             v   opstijgen                 if an aircraft takes off, it begins to   The plane took off.

    t   9   talent               n   talent                    a natural ability to do something        She showed an early talent for
    t   12 talk (someone) into   v   (iemand) overhalen om     to persuade someone to do                He talked her into committing
           (something)               (iets) te doen            something                                the crime.

    t   11 talk it over          v   bepraten                  to discuss a problem                     Let's talk it over.

    t   13 tattoo                n   tatoeage                  a design on someone's skin that          I've got a tattoo on my arm.
                                                               is put on using ink and a needle

    t   15 technique             n   techniek                  a particular or special way of           Scientists have developed a
                                                               doing something                          new technique for taking blood

    t   1   teen                 n   tiener                    teenager                                 Modern teens download a lot of
                                                                                                        music from the Internet.

    t   11 telescope             n   telescoop                 a piece of equipment, in the             You can see the moon really
                                                               shape of a tube, that makes              well with my new telescope.
                                                               things which are far away look
                                                               bigger or nearer

    t   13 tell                  v   vertellen                 to say something to someone,             He told me about his new
                                                               usually giving them information          school.

    t   2   tell (someone) off   v   (iemand) een standje      to speak angrily to someone              She told him off for not doing
                                     geven                     because they have done                   his homework.
                                                               something wrong

    t   2   tell a joke              een grap vertellen        to say something funny                   He told me a really funny joke.

    t   2   tell a lie               een leugen vertellen      not to say the truth                     It's bad to tell a lie.

    t   2   tell a secret            een geheim vertellen      to disclose private information          Let me tell you a secret.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 32
    t   2   tell a story               een verhaal vertellen    to describe a series of events          The teacher told the children a

    t   3   tell on (someone)      v   (iemand) verraden        to report somebody to the               I'm going to the teacher to tell
                                                                authorities                             on you!

    t   2   tell the difference        het verschil zien        to see what is not similar between Can you tell the difference?
                                                                different things

    t   2   tell the time              klok kijken              what we do when we look at a            I could tell the time when I was
                                                                watch                                   four.

    t   2   tell the truth             de waarheid vertellen    to say what is right                    You should always tell the truth.

    t   1   ten percent (10%) of   n   tien procent (10%) van   10%                                     10% of British people live in

    t   1   tend to                v   geneigd zijn             what usually happens                    English people tend to read a
                                                                                                        lot of magazines.

    t   5   terminal               n   terminal                 a building where you can get onto International flights leave from
                                                                an aircraft, bus, or ship         terminal 3.

    t   9   territory              n   territorium              land that is owned or controlled by Spanish territory
                                                                a particular country

    t   15 terrorise               v   terroriseren             to make someone feel very               A gang of young men with
                                                                frightened by saying that you will      knives have been terrorising
                                                                hurt or kill them                       local people.

    t   10 that’s a good point         daar heb je gelijk in    used to show your agreement with "I don't think we’re going to
                                                                someone else                     have enough money."
                                                                                                 "That’s a good point."

    t   6   the fact is                het feit is              phrase used to add emphasis to          I can't go with you to the
                                                                what follows                            cinema. The fact is, I haven't
                                                                                                        got any money.

    t   1   The majority of            De meeste                most                                    The majority of people in
                                                                                                        London use public transport.

    t   14 the thing is                het probleem is          used to introduce a problem             I'd love to go out tonight, but
                                                                which relates to something that         the thing is, I've got to finish my
                                                                you have just said                      report.

    t   10 the way I see it            als je het mij vraagt    something you say before saying         The way I see it, you should do
                                                                your opinion                            what I say!

    t   14 there’s something I         ik wilde even iets zeggen you say this when you want to          "There’s something I want to
           want to say                                           speak                                  say. Darling, will you marry

    t   6   think about            v   nadenken over (iets)     to consider a situation or problem      What are you thinking about?

    t   11 think it over           v   erover nadenken          to consider a situation or problem      You should think it over before
                                                                                                        you decide.

    t   7   threat                 n   bedreiging               when someone says they will kill   a death threat
                                                                or hurt you, or cause problems for
                                                                you if you do not do what they

    t   9   threaten               v   bedreigen                to tell someone that you will kill or   He threatened the staff with a
                                                                hurt them, or cause problems for        gun and demanded money.
                                                                them if they do not do what you

    t   16 through and through         door en door             complete, thorough                      Her mother is Spanish through
                                                                                                        and through.

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                                English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 33
    t   9   throw up             n     een graffiti-uidrukking   a graffiti term meaning a             The side of the train was
                                       voor een handtekening     developed tag (signature) using       covered in throw-ups
                                       met twee of meer          two or more colours

    t   12 tie in with           v     combineren met            when events tie in with each          We're trying to tie our holiday in
                                                                 other, they are closely connected     with Simon's lecture tour.
                                                                 or happen at the same time

    t   5   timetable            n     dienstregeling            a list of times when buses, trains,   a train timetable
                                                                 etc arrive and leave

    t   8   tiny                 adj   piepklein                 extremely small                       a tiny baby

    t   13 token                 n     munt/tegoedbon            a round piece of metal or plastic     You need a token to get out of
                                                                 that you put in some machines         the car park.
                                                                 instead of money; a piece of
                                                                 paper that you give someone
                                                                 which they can exchange for a
                                                                 book, CD, etc

    t   5   touch down           v     landen                    when a plane touches down, it         After a difficult flight, we
                                                                 lands                                 touched down in Nepal.
    t   5   tour                 n     rondreis                  a visit to and around a place,        a tour of Europe
                                                                 area, or country

    t   7   townspeople          n     stadsbewoners             the inhabitants of a town             the townspeople of Cambridge

    t   1   traditional          adj   traditioneel              following the customs or ways of traditional Hungarian dress
                                                                 behaving that have continued in a
                                                                 group of people or society for a
                                                                 long time

    t   4   trainee              n     stagiair(e)               someone who is learning how to        a trainee accountant/teacher
                                                                 do something, especially a job

    t   5   transatlantic        adj   trans-Atlantisch          crossing the Atlantic                 a transatlantic flight/phone call

    t   5   travel               v     reizen                    to move from one place to             I spent a year travelling around
                                                                 another; to make a journey            Asia.

    t   1   trend                n     trend                     a general development or change There's a trend towards more
                                                                 in a situation                  locally produced television

    t   7   tribal               adj   van een stam              relating to a tribe                   a tribal dance

    t   7   tribe                n     stam                      a group of people who live           Native American tribes
                                                                 together, usually in areas far away
                                                                 from cities, and who share the
                                                                 same culture and language and
                                                                 still have a traditional way of life

    t   5   trimaran             n     trimaran                  a ship with three hulls               I sailed across the Atlantic in a

    t   5   trip                 n     reisje                    a journey in which you visit a        a business trip
                                                                 place for a short time and come
                                                                 back again

    t   11 tropical              adj   tropisch                  from or in the hottest parts of the   a tropical climate

    t   8   tuition              n     onderwijs                 the teaching of one person or of a French tuition
                                                                 small group of people

    t   10 turn (something) down v     (iets) afwijzen           to refuse an offer or request; to     They offer me the job, but I
                                                                 reduce the level of sound or heat     turned it down.
                                                                 that a machine produces

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                               English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 34
    t   6   turn into       v     maken van       to change and become someone There are plans to turn his
                                                  or something different, or to make latest book into a film.
                                                  someone or something do this

    t   2   turn up         v     komen opdagen   to arrive; if something that you       Fred turned up late again.
                                                  have been looking for turns up,
                                                  you find it
    t   8   TV regulator    n     tv-criticus     the person or organisation             The TV regulator said that the
                                                  responsible for the quality of TV      new quiz show was too violent.

    t   8   TV studio       n     tv-studio       a place where TV programmes            The new quiz show is made in
                                                  are made                               a TV studio in London.

    t   8   twilight zone   n     schemerzone     used to describe a time or place  the twilight zone between life
                                                  in which things are strange and   and death
                                                  mysterious, or where things are
                                                  kept secret and do not seem to be
                                                  part of the real world

    t   1   two thirds of         tweederde van   two out of three parts; 2/3            Two thirds of the Earth is
                                                                                         covered in ocean.

    t   15 unafraid         adj   niet bang       not feeling any fear, or anxiety       I’m unafraid of flying.
                                                  about the possible results of a
                                                  particular situation

    u   15 uncomfortable    adj   oncomfortabel   not feeling comfortable and            I've eaten so much, I'm really
                                                  pleasant, or not making you feel       quite uncomfortable.
                                                  comfortable and pleasant; slightly
                                                  embarrassed, or making you feel
                                                  slightly embarrassed

    u   11 undo             v     opendoen        to open something that is tied or      I took off my hat and undid my
                                                  fastened; to get rid of the effects    coat.
                                                  of something that has been done

    u   4   unemployed      adj   werkloos        not having a job                       I've been unemployed for six

    u   11 unfortunate      adj   ongelukkig      unlucky                                One unfortunate person failed
                                                                                         to see the hole and fell straight
                                                                                         into it.

    u   15 unhelpful        adj   onbehulpzaam    not improving a situation; not         an unhelpful remark
                                                  wanting to help someone, in a
                                                  way that seems unfriendly

    u   8   uniform         n     uniform         a special set of clothes that are      a school uniform
                                                  worn by people who do a
                                                  particular job or people who go to
                                                  a particular school

    u   6   unless                tenzij          except if                              I won't call you unless there are
                                                                                         any problems.

    u   8   unpleasant      adj   onplezierig     not enjoyable or pleasant; rude        an unpleasant experience/smell
                                                  and angry

    u   15 unrealistic      adj   onrealistisch   not thinking about what is likely to   She has a totally unrealistic
                                                  happen or what you can really do       view of life.

    u   11 unspoiled        adj   ongerept        an unspoiled place is beautiful        We stayed on an island with
                                                  because it has not been changed        clean, unspoiled beaches.
                                                  or damaged by people
    u   2   unsure          adj   onzeker         not certain or having doubts           I'm a bit unsure about what to

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                 English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 35
    u   6   until                   tot                continuing to happen before a       The show will be on until the
                                                       particular time or event and then   end of the month.
                                                       stopping; as far as

    u   16 up and about             weer op de been    to be active                        I was up and about two days
                                                                                           after breaking my leg.

    u   16 up and down              op en neer         if something or someone moves       The children were constantly
                                                       up and down, they move              running up and down the stairs;
                                                       repeatedly in one direction and     I’m feeling a bit up and down
                                                       then in the opposite direction
    u   6   upset             adj   verdrietig         unhappy or worried because          They'd had an argument and
                                                       something unpleasant has            she was still upset about it.

    u   3   valley            n     vallei             an area of low land between hills   I live in a valley between two
                                                       or mountains                        big mountains.

    v   9   vandalise         v     vernielen          to intentionally damage things in   Someone has vandalised the
                                                       public places                       bus stop.

    v   9   vandalism         n     vandalisme         the crime of intentionally          Vandalism is a growing
                                                       damaging things in public places    problem in our big cities.

    v   8   viewer            n     kijker             someone who watches a               The new quiz show had 15
                                                       television programme                million viewers.

    v   8   viewing figures   n     kijkcijfers        statistics that show how many       The TV programme finished,
                                                       people watch TV                     because the viewing figures
                                                                                           were so bad.

    v   6   virtual hostess   n     virtuele hostess   a computer generated hostess        Their company has a virtual
                                                                                           hostess who appears on a
                                                                                           screen in the entrance hall.

    v   6   visible           adj   zichtbaar          able to be seen                     The fire was visible from five
                                                                                           kilometres away.

    v   6   vitamin           n     vitamine           one of a group of natural           Oranges are full of vitamin C.
                                                       substances in food that you need
                                                       to be healthy

    v   12 volcanic           adj   vulkanisch         relating to a volcano               volcanic ash

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                   English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 36
    v   8   vote            v     stemmen                to show your choice or opinion in Who did you vote for?
                                                         an election or meeting by writing a
                                                         cross on an official piece of paper
                                                         or putting your hand up

    v   15 wardrobe         n     keerenkast             a large cupboard for keeping          I keep all my clothes in a big
                                                         clothes in                            wardrobe.

    w   1   war-torn        adj   door de oorlog verwoest damaged by war                       a war-torn country

    w 16 waste time         v     tijd verspillen        to do things of no use                I'm always working – I hate to
                                                                                               waste time.

    w 13 wavy               adj   golvend                with slight curves                    wavy hair

    w 13 wealthy            adj   rijk                   rich                                  a wealthy businessman/nation

    w   4   web designer    n     webontwerper           someone who makes websites            I'd like to be a web designer.

    w 13 well-built         adj   goedgebouwd            having a large, strong body           My brother is very well-built.
                                                                                               He's a rugby player.

    w   4   well-paid       adj   goed betaald           earning a lot of money                Lawyers are very well-paid.

    w 14 what I mean is           Wat ik bedoel is       said before you explain the last      What I mean is, I don't feel
                                                         thing you said                        alone anymore.

    w   6   when            adv wanneer                  used to ask at what time              When's your birthday?
                                                         something happened or will

    w 11 whisper            v     fluisteren             to speak extremely quietly so that    She whispered something to
                                                         other people cannot hear              the girl sitting next to her.

    w 13 witness            n     getuige                someone who sees an accident or Police are appealing for
                                                         crime                           witnesses to the shooting.

    w   3   wonder          v     zich afvragen          to want to know something or to       I wonder what he's making for
                                                         try to understand the reason for      dinner.

    w 11 wooden             adj   houten                 made of wood                          a wooden chair

    w   2   work out        v     goed komen             if a problem or difficult situation   Don't worry – everything will
                                                         works out, it gradually becomes       work out in the end.
                                                         better; to do exercises to make
                                                         your body stronger

    w   6   worry about     v     zich zorgen maken over to be anxious or concerned            Jenny gets stressed easily –
            (something)           (iets)                                                       she's always worrying about

    w   5   worthwhile      adj   de moeite waard        useful and enjoyable, despite         It's a difficult course but it's very
                                                         needing a lot of effort               worthwhile.

    w 13 wrinkles           n     rimpel                 a small line on your face that you    My Grandfather has lots of
                                                         get when you grow old; a small        wrinkles on his face.
                                                         fold in a piece of cloth

    w   9   writer          n     schrijver; graffiti-   someone whose job is writing            Charles Dickens was a famous
                                  kunstenaar             books, stories, articles, etc; a        writer.
                                                         graffiti term meaning a graffiti artist

    y   5   yacht           n     jacht                  a large boat with sails used for      a luxury yacht
                                                         pleasure or in races

    y   10 you never know         je weet maar nooit     used to say that something could      You never know – you might
                                                         be possible although it does not      win the lottery.
                                                         seem likely

ABCDEFGHI                                                                                       English in Mind 3 Wordlist - FLEMISH 37

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