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GRE PATTERN by sshanwaz


Compatative exams list like CAT,GATE,GRE,IELTS,TOFEL

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									26-09-2010                                               GRE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET

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    Department Home
    Head of the Department              GRE
    Laboratories                              Introduc ti on to GRE
       Electronic Devices and
                                             The GRE is a crucial test for a student who is aspiring to
       Circuits Lab
                                        pursue his graduate studies in the US. In light of its
       Electronic Circuit Analysis
                                        importance, students should pay close attention to cracking
                                        the test.
       Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab
       Linear IC Applications Lab             The GRE is short for Graduate Record Examination. This
       Electronics Computer Aided       exam is administered by the Educational Testing Service
       Design Lab                       (ETS), one of the worlds largest private educational testing
       Analog Communications Lab        and measurement organization. The ETS develops
       Digital Communications Lab       standardized examinations in the US and also conducts the
       Microprocessor and               TOEFL test in around 110 countries. The GRE is a computer-
       Microcontroller Lab              based test divided into three major sections. The test
       Digital Signal Processing Lab    measures the student verbal reasoning, quantitative
       Microw ave and Optical           reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills that
       Communications Lab               have been acquired over a period of time. The test is
                                        necessary for students who plan to pursue there Masters in
    Department Library
                                        the US, UK, Australia or Canada. The GRE test scores are used
    IEEE Student Branch                 by admissions or fellowship panels to supplement
    Go Greener Campaign                 undergraduate records and other qualifications that are
    Activities                          required for graduate study. The scores provide a common
    Advitiiya                           measure for comparing the qualifications of applicants and
       Advitiiya 2009                   also serve as a measure to evaluate grades and
       Advitiiya 2010
    Resources                                 Three Major Sec tions Of The GRE
       Lab Manuals                          The three major sections of the GRE include Verbal
       Previous Question Papers         Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.
       Lecture Notes                          In the Verbal Reasoning section : The skills measured
                                              include the test taker's ability to:
       Placement Papers
       Results                                       Analyze and evaluate
       Competitive Exams                             written material and
    Latest Updates                                   synthesize information         Essay Topics
    Contact Us                                       obtained from it               We Can Help
                                                     Analyze relationships          Improve Your
                                                     among component parts          Writing! First Page
    Notice Boards Inauguration                       of sentences                   Free
              Photos                                 Recognize relationships
             click here                              between words and

                                              In the Quantitative Reasoning
                                                                                    UKBA Tier 4 Visa
                                              section: The skills measured
                                                                                    Get a Cambridge
                                              include the test taker's ability
                                                                                    English Certificate
                                                                                    to get a UKBA Tier
                                                      Understand basic              4 student visa.
                                                     concepts of arithmetic,
                                                     algebra, geometry, and                              data analysis
                                                      Reason quantitatively         Planning Study
                                                      Solve problems in a

                                                     quantitative setting.          Get Admission in
                                                                                    Top Univ/Colleges.
            days until                        In the Analytical Writing section
                                                                                    Free Consultation.
          Advitiiya 2010                      The skills measured include the
                                                                                    Contact us Now!
                                              test taker's ability to:    

                                                     Articulate complex ideas
                                                     clearly and effectively        Lipid Analytical
                                                     Examine claims and             Services
                                                     accompanying evidence          MS/MS, NMR,
                                                     Reasons and examples           Reference
                                                     Sustain a well-focused,        Standards Stability
                                                     coherent discussion            Testing, Method
      Y ou are Visitor Number
                                                     Control the elements of        Dev.
                                                     standard written English.…/gre                                                                                    1/3
26-09-2010                                           GRE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET
                                                standard written English.

                                      The GRE test is structured in a
                                   unique manner. The number of questions in any given
                                   section is fixed, but the difficulty level and the score value
                                   of those questions varies according to the responses
                                   provided by the test-taker. Therefore, the questions that
   Complete GRE                    appear on the computer screen are largely determined by the
   Guide                           responses thatstudents provide. The test algorithm is to use
   Need help
                                   questions of varied difficulty in order to 'zero in' on the level
   preparing for the
                                   of question that represents the upper bound of the test-
   GRE? Get                        taker's ability. Due to intelligence that seems to be wired
   Practice Test &
                                   into the test algorithm, the score value changes over the
   Free GRE Prep.
                                   course of the test.

                                         What D oes the GRE Measure?
   analytical testing
   GMP/GLP                            The GRE General Test measures the skills that you've
   compliant services              acquired over the high school and college years. It is an
   for                             aptitude test because it is meant to measure your potential
   biopharmaceutical               to succeed in graduate school. While the GRE is only one of
   drugs                           several criteria that graduate schools use to evaluate your                   application, it is one of the most important. This is
                                   particularly true if your college GPA is not as high as you'd
                                   like. Exceptional GRE scores can open up new opportunities
   GRE Test                        for grad school.
   Need Assistance                   The GRE General Test contains sections that measure
   Preparing for                   verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills.
   GRE? Join us to
   Get Practice Test                            The verbal section tests your ability to
   & More                                       understand and analyze written material through                           the use of analogies, antonyms, sentence
                                                completions, and reading comprehension
   Heavy Metals -
                                                The quantitative section tests basic math skills
   Water Test
                                                and your ability to understand and apply
   Test for Lead &
                                                quantitative skills to solve problems. Types of
   Other Metals Fast
                                                questions include quantitative comparisons,
   Field testing in
                                                problem solving, and data interpretation.
   under 30 seconds                             The analytical writing section tests your ability
                                                to articulate complex ideas clearly and
                                                effectively, examine claims and accompanying
                                                evidence, support ideas with relevant reasons
                                                and examples, sustain a well-focused, coherent
                                                discussion, and control the elements of
                                                standard written English. It consists of two
                                                written essays: 45-minute "Present Your
                                                Perspective on an Issue" task and a 30-minute
                                                "Analyze an Argument" task.

                                      The verbal and quantitative subtests yield scores ranging
                                   from 200 to 800. Most graduate schools consider the verbal
                                   and quantitative sections to be particularly important in
                                   making decisions about applicants. The analytical writing
                                   subtest yields a score ranging from 0-6.

                                         GRE Facts:

                                                The GRE General is administered by computer
                                                Schedule an appointment with a center near you.
                                                Arrive at the test center 30 minutes early to
                                                complete any paperwork. If you arrive late, you
                                                may not be admitted and will not be refunded.
                                                Bring identification to the test center.
                                                The fee for the GRE is $99 in the US and US
                                                Territories, $125 in all other locations
                                                The GRE General Test will take two and a quarter
                                                hours to complete, but allow an extra hour and
                                                a half for reading instructions and taking
                                                Structure of the test:
                                                Verbal Section, 30 minutes, 30 questions
                                                Quantitative Section, 45 minutes, 28 questions
                                                Analytical Section, 60 minutes, 35 questions.
                                                Unofficial scores appear on the computer screen
                                                following your test. Official scores are mailed to
                                                you and the institutions you choose 10 days to
                                                two weeks afterward.

                                         Exam Format:

                                     The new GRE will have:                      Lipid Analytical
                                                Two 40 Minute Verbal             MS/MS, NMR,
                                                Sections – approximately…/gre                                                                  2/3
26-09-2010                                               GRE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET
                                                     28 questions per section           Standards Stability
                                                     Two 40 Minute                      Testing, Method
                                                     Quantitative Sections –            Dev.
                                                     approximately 25         
                                                     questions per section
                                                     Two 30 Minute Writing              Education Loan
                                                     Exercises – One requiring          MBA/MS etc
                                                     the analysis of an issue           Education loans
                                                     and the other requiring            for studying in
                                                     the analysis of a an               India & going to
                                                     argument                           USA (100%
                                         Every section of the GRE has always  
                                       had the same number of answer
                                       choices (either four or five).
                                                                                        CEED & NID 2011
                                         On the new GRE:
                                                     Different questions may            CEED & NID 2011
                                                     have different numbers of          Online Live
                                                     answer choices;                    classes Study
                                                     There may be more than             Material + Online
                                                     one acceptable answer              Live classe
                                                     choice for any question.
                                                     (See the discussion of the
                                                     question types below.)             Social Work
                                                                                        Licensing Exam
                                          The GRE has always been scored on
                                                                                        Test Preparation
                                       a scale of 200 – 800. The new GRE
                                                                                        Masters, Adv
                                       Verbal and Quantitative will be
                                                                                        Generalist, Clinical
                                       reported on a scale of 40 to 50 points
                                       ranging from approximately 120 –
                                       179. (The exact scale will be
                                       announced closer to the
                                       implementation of the test). This is exactly like the LSAT

                                                     began with a 200 – 800 scale
                                                     changed to a 10 - 48 scale
                                                     and then changed to a 120 – 180 scale.

                                         The Writing exercises will continue to be scored on the
                                       current 6 point scale.

                                             For further Details on GRE, visit the

                   RRS College of Engineering and Technology
                     Muthangi(V), Patancheru(M), Medak(D), A.P-502300
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